3/5 Instance: Alien Cockblock

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3/5 Instance: Alien Cockblock

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:14 am

timeline: current

Rogue: Rogue felt like an utter badass as she strafed a corner and pegged an alien in the face. "Yes! Got one!" ...And there was Rachel. "Fuck!" She ran the opposite way and tried to duck behind a tank. "Ah suck at this! Ah thought Ah was gettin' better!"

Rachel: As Rogue attempted to run, Rachel fired at her back and scooted closer to the edge of the couch, leaning forward a bit more. She slid back around the corner once she had to reload, laughing as she assured her friend, "You are. You're just not as good as me."

Rogue: Rogue gave Rachel a mock glare and popped up over the tank, shooting at the wall Rae was hiding behind. "Ah'm not as good as anybody." She ran away again, looking for a hiding spot. "Gosh dangit! Aliens!" She fired at them and ran the other way.

Rachel: Rachel slunk back further to avoid the shots possibly coming through the wall, turning quickly to dispose of the aliens that had come up behind her, meleeing the closest one. Halo wasn't a game she was that good at, but she was still kicking ass. "Well, you haven't died again yet, so that's improvement."

Rogue: "Bein' regenerated one minute ago ain't much o' an improvement." She button-mashed on the controller to try and throw grenades and shoot the rifle at the same time. "Where'd ya go?!"

Rachel: "Behind you," Rachel said as she unloaded into the back of Rogue's head, having snuck around the map to her hiding spot.

Rogue: "Ack!" Rogue bounced up and down on the couch, irritated as she died again. She huffed and put her chin in her hand as she watched the timer countdown until she regenerated. "Y'all suck. Ain't ya ever learned it's cowardly ta shoot somebody in tha back?"

Rachel: "It's called smart," Rachel scoffed, moving through the map and picking off grunts as she went, "Why would I want to run at someone with a gun when they could see me?"

Rogue: "Hey, it's someone who sucks at least..." She watched herself regen on the screen and walked in circles trying to figure out where it had dumped her. "Where tha hell am Ah?!"

Rachel: "I don't want to risk you getting a lucky headshot," she protested. While she could afford being killed once, she still didn't want to die. Glancing to the other screen at the question, she laughed, "You're not in my area, if it makes you feel better."

Rogue: "Vaguely," she muttered. "Ah still don't know where it put me though an' that's super frustratin'." Rogue ran this way and that, trying to figure out if she knew the area. "Did tha game glitch?!"

Rachel: "No, it's just you," she shook her head, "If the game was glitching, I'd be pissed because I'm slaughtering you."

Rogue: "That ain't a fair statement, sugah." Rogue finally found something she recognized and relaxed a minuscule amount. "Y'all're massacrin' me."

Rachel: "Not for much longer though. The time limit's about up," Rachel grinned, easily maneuvering, making her way toward Rogue's location. "You going to be done after this, or am I going to have to play until you win?"

Rogue: "Ah think beatin' me five times in a row means Ah sufficiently suck an' cain't get better... It's like y'all tryin' ta beat me in a cookin' competition. It ain't possible."

Rachel: "Sounds about right." In an effort to make things more fair, Rachel refrained from coming up behind her again and ran up, shooting.

Rogue: "Ack!" Rogue ducked around a corner, but had been hit and she cursed under her breath at Rachel. She popped out and shot at her, then threw a grenade for good measure. "Die!"

Rachel: "Nooooooo!" Rachel dramatically cried as she did just that, the clock running out by the time she'd re-spawned, leaving her no time to retaliate.

Rogue: "Ah ha! One," Rogue triumphantly cried. "Ah got ya one time!" She held up her hand to silence Rachel before she even started, "Don't tell me how many times y'all got me. Let me have mah tiny victory."

Rachel: She shut her mouth and huffed a bit, rolling her eyes as she let Rogue have her moment. After turning the console off, Rachel placed the controller on the coffee table and flopped back into the cushions of the couch, "Now that you've beaten me once, what do you want to do? Besides bask in your glory."

Rogue: "Ah wanna know how ya date went... We ain't really discussed it." She leaned back on the couch as well. "An', o' course, gush 'bout Ripley," she beamed.

Rachel: "My date was fantastic, as was Valentine's Day... Meeting my mom though..." Rachel pulled a face, the look somewhat applying to the gushing about a baby as well, "They made me hold her. I guess it wasn't so bad..."

Rogue: "...She met ya mom?! Why not dad? He's so much better 'bout that kinda thing..." She wrinkled her nose up at the thought of her introducing Paige as her girlfriend. "She's a doll! She's tha best lil angel this planet's seen."

Rachel: "I'm not really... cut out for babies. Apparently, you're not suppose to hold them all the way out here," Rachel gestured, arms as far from her body as possible. "I couldn't invite both of them without it being more of a disaster, and I've sort of been talking to my mom since I got out... I figured that parents weekend could be a nice, short visit..."

Rogue: Rogue laughed at everything Rachel had said. From the baby business, to the parent weekend. "Y'all should know better. On all o' it."

Rachel: Shifting slightly, Rachel carefully leaned against her friend, resting her head on her shoulder with a sigh, "I know, I know... I was, like, half an hour late meeting her, which she bitched about. I introduced Paige, she called her a phase, we ended up fighting, I stormed off, and I guess Paige had words with her."

Rachel: She smirked up at her, "The best part was getting drunk afterward and spending the next day in bed."

Rogue: "Mmm. Loungin' in bed is definitely tha best." She leaned her head over on Rachel's and stared at the blank screen. "Ah'm sorry ya mom said that, sugah. Ah'd say that ain't right an' she shouldn't, but it's ya mom... She always does that kinda stuff."

Rachel: "Well, in response, I probably shouldn't have asked which of her phases my dad and I were," she shrugged a shoulder, "Anyway, back to baby gushing because I find Ripley far more enjoyable than my family..."

Rogue: Rogue laughed, "Ah'm glad ya did though. Wish Ah'd been there ta see that." She grinned, "Ripley is tha most precious creature ever. An' Lorna is hilarious when high."

Rachel: "Oh, the look on her face. She pretty much told me I wasn't too old to be slapped upside the head for my smart mouth," Rachel snorted, "And Lorna is always hilarious, though especially when drunk. We had rum while Paige and Bobby dealt with the baby."

Rogue: "...Is she breast feedin'? 'Cause then Ripley'd get drunk. An' that'd not be so good..."

Rachel: "I'm going to say no, but it's not like I asked when she offered the rum..."

Rogue: Rogue shrugged the shoulder Rachel wasn't resting on. "She's more responsible than that, so Ah'm gonna agree with ya on that. Did ya even hold Ripley f'r longer'n five seconds?"

Rachel: "I held her long enough that I started to think she was cute... and, by that point, I was done. Plus, Paige was going to die if I didn't hand her over."

Rogue: Rogue chuckled about that, "Ah c'n just see Paige bouncin' an' squealin' an' such if tha baby's kept from her f'r too long." She closed her eyes and grinned, "Ah'm real happy f'r 'em though. They finally have tha life they always wanted. Still hard ta imagine Bobby as a dad though…"

Rachel: "Exactly. Then, she remembered she wants a baby, and that's about where I hid in the kitchen with Lorna and the rum..." Rachel laughed, "Sort of. I mean, they'll be perfect. Can you imagine the Star Wars reenactments and such?"

Rogue: Rogue laughed at all of those mental images. "Ah think she might just get dressed as an Ewok f'r her first Halloween."

Rachel: "I think I'd find her more appealing as an Ewok."

Rogue: "'Course ya would. Ya don't think ya can break a teddy bear."

Rachel: "Well, because you can't?" Rachel commented, considering it, "Not easily, anyway."

Rogue: "Don't be silly, Rae. Both o' us can snap a teddy bear in half without even battin' an' eye. Me with mah hands, y'all with ya mind." She stood up and offered a hand, "C'mon. It's time Ah have a chat with Paige."

Rachel: Rachel gave her a wary look as she accepted the help up, "Why are we chatting with Paige? Because I don't want you to scare her off."

Rogue: "Ah ain't gonna scare her off. But she's gonna get tha same talk that Josh got. Only a bit nicer 'cause Ah don't wanna see her cry."

Rachel: "I'm pretty sure she doesn't need any talk though... She's far, far nicer and more sensitive than Josh," Rachel shook her head, "I don't think she'd handle a bit nicer."

Rogue: "Well she's gonna get a talk, damnit. Anybody who wants ta date my best friend-slash-adopted lil sister, gets a talk."

Rachel: She heaved a sigh, fairly certain there was no way she could talk Rogue out of this, "You're totally going to scare her."

Rogue: "That's tha whole point."

Rachel: "Yeah, but you won't have to deal with the crying -- I will," she pushed a hand through her hair, reasoning, "And if I'm dealing with crying, I'm not getting laid, so all you're doing is cockblocking me."

Rogue: "...That argument is invalid... Seein' as how neither o' y'all have one o' those..."

Rachel: "Technicality," Rachel rolled her eyes. "I'll also just feel bad if she's crying."

Rogue: "Ah promise ta try ta not make her cry."

Rachel: "Or you could just skip talking to her," she tried.

Rogue: "Not gonna happen."

Rachel: "Ugh, c'mon... You could at least wait until she's recovered from meeting the horror that is my mother."

Rogue: "No, this is tha perfect time. 'Cause if she's not over it yet, then this'll be a cake walk!"

Rachel: "Rogue!"

Rogue: "Hey! It's true!"

Rachel: "This is going to go so poorly," she muttered.

Rogue: "Ah don't care what way it goes, but it's goin'."

Rachel: "Of course you don't. You don't live with her."

Rogue: "Nope."

Rachel: Rachel finally asked, "Is there any way to talk you out of this?"

Rogue: "Nope."

Rachel: "What if I say please?"

Rogue: "Try it."

Rachel: "Pleeeeeaaaaase," Rachel practically whined.

Rogue: "Nope." She grinned, "Ah just wanted ta hear ya say it."

Rachel: "...You totally suck."

Rogue: "Yep!"

Rachel: "Just..." Rachel started, relenting with another sigh, "Be really nice, or I'll kick your ass."

Rogue: "Ah really do promise Ah'm gonna be nice." She laughed, "An' y'all could try ta kick mah ass."

Rachel: She decided she wasn't going to argue that point and nodded, "You better be."

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