3/6 Instance: Triple X Paige

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3/6 Instance: Triple X Paige

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Thu Mar 07, 2013 2:47 am

timeline: before Alien Cockblock

Rachel: Rachel had taken over the bathroom for a shower, which also involved inflicting her choices in music on others. Loud was the only volume to listen to music, especially while showering. She was pretty sure Paige likely didn't enjoy the metal filtering through the bathroom door, but her girlfriend could deal. Rachel lived in a pink world for her.

Paige: After Bobby was zero help, Paige had become desperate. She hit google and did some searches to try and get better at love making. She had headphones on to block out the noise from the bathroom, but the sounds from the video she was watching were not any better. She frowned at it, wondering how it was a how to video.

Rachel: While she could sing along with the lyrics, she wasn't all that motivated to because it was effort, so she stuck to mouthing the words that were likely indecipherable to most. She reluctantly reached to shut the water off and groped around for the towel, wiping her face once she had a hold on it.

Paige: Oh. Oh dear. It was not advice at all! It was porn! Paige flailed in her seat, trying to hide her face as she let out a shriek, trying to get the headphones off too.

Rachel: Wrapping the towel around herself, Rachel heaved a sigh as she stepped out of the shower, deciding she needed a change of music. Beastie Boys. She hadn't even tried to get Paige to listen to them yet, so she made a mental note to do so. She caught the scream in the brief moment of silence between songs and blinked, debating whether she'd actually heard that before quickly pulling clothes on.

Rachel: Once she was out of the bathroom and realized there wasn't actually anything wrong with Paige, she asked, "What the hell are you doing?"

Paige: "Make it stop, make it stop!" Paige shrieked, still trying to curl up into a ball and hide from her computer screen.

Rachel: She rolled her eyes, moved to see what was so horrifying while mumbling along to the song under her breath, and abruptly repeated once she saw the screen, "..I've got a license to kill, I think you know what time it is, it's time to ge-- What the hell are you doing?!"

Paige: "Make it stop, make it stop!" Paige wailed at her, flailing at the screen with one hand, the other firmly pressed across her eyes.

Rachel: Rachel looked between Paige and the laptop, slowly shaking her head. She could hardly believe what she was seeing. With a deep breath, she simply reached over and closed the laptop, rolling her eyes as she headed back to the bathroom. Her hair was dripping down the back of her neck, and it was cold.

Paige: Hugging her knees to her chest, Paige just sat in her chair and listened to the noises of Rachel in the bathroom. What was she supposed to say or do after that? Very slowly, she eased her feet down toward the floor and turned her body to peek over the back of the chair at the redhead.

Rachel: She took up her towel and dried her hair as well as she could with it, deciding to skip straightening it for the moment. Instead, she somewhat straightened the bathroom, turned the music off, and slipped back into the bedroom, raising an eyebrow at Paige. She was also going to skip speaking because she was only going to end up repeating her question again.

Paige: Shame and guilt took over. Paige sank lower into her chair to hide behind the back of it once more.

Rachel: Rachel actually dumped the dirty clothes in the hamper and moved to sit on the arm of the chair, smirk spreading across her face as she considered Paige, "So..."

Paige: "...please don't judge me." Paige squeaked out, hiding under her hands again.

Rachel: Oh, there was no resisting the teasing at that... "Of course not. I mean, if that's what you want to do in your free time..."

Paige: "It's not what I do!" She squeakily yelled at Rachel, grabbing a pillow to bury herself under. "Can I just... fall through the floor now?"

Rachel: "Not unless you develop a second mutation," she answered, far more amused than she probably should be as she asked, "What were you doing then?"

Paige: "I...." Paige paused. The truth was even more humiliating than what she was being teased about! "Trying to find tips." She added in finally, quickly.

Rachel: Rachel eyed her, "...Why?"

Paige: She did not want to talk about this. She did not want to talk about this. She did NOT want to talk about this! She shrugged.

Rachel: Sighing when she realized she'd have to be serious, she reached to pry the pillow from Paige's hand and gave her a look.

Paige: Face as pink as her room, Paige refused to make eye contact, though she did relinquish the pillow.

Rachel: Tossing the pillow aside, Rachel slid an arm around her shoulders and pulled Paige against her, deciding the smart thing to do would be to remain silent.

Paige: "For you..." Paige finally got out, snuggling into Rachel.

Rachel: She leaned into the cushions of the chair, letting her head fall to the back in order to stare up at the ceiling as she spoke, "Um, well... I don't know why..."

Paige: "You... don't?" Paige gently stroked Rachel's leg, a bit absentmindedly with her fingers.

Rachel: Biting down on her lip, Rachel shook her head before she realized they weren't looking at each other, "No...?"

Paige: Paige could feel her bottom lip quiver a bit. She shifted so she she could kiss Rachel softly. "Ok." She sniffled a bit.

Rachel: After returning the kiss, Rachel twisted around to sprawl across Paige's lap, resting her head on one arm while her legs hung over the other. The smirk returned as she looked up at her, but she couldn't quite bring herself to voice the comment with Paige looking that pathetic.

Paige: Giggling, Paige tickled Rachel a bit. "Comfy, cutie?" She smiled more easily, relaxing from her complete embarrassment.

Rachel: She tried not to squirm overly much as she caught Paige's hands, "I would be if you stopped that."

Paige: After more giggling, Paige kissed Rachel's hands and gazed down at her. "What about now?"

Rachel: "Very," Rachel grinned, eventually deciding that she couldn't resist now that Paige wasn't all embarrassed, "Y'know, I could just give you tips..."

Paige: Hiding her face one more with her hands, Paige mumbled out, "I didn't want to talk about it!"

Rachel: "Why not? It's true, and it would've saved you... Well, no. You're still all embarrassed..."

Paige: Nodding her agreement, Paige managed to peek out. "I'm a chicken?" she offered for explanation.

Rachel: She opened her mouth and shut it. Agreeing would not help.

Paige: She let her hands fall, giving Rachel a pitiful look. "Are you mad?"

Rachel: Rachel snorted, "Not even close."

Paige: Relaxing again, Paige smiled and settled into her chair. She exhaled a sigh and closed her eyes. "This is why you're so amazing."

Rachel: "Because I'm not upset over you watching porn?" she teased.

Paige: "I wasn't watching it! I was hiding from it!"

Rachel: Rachel laughed, "It wasn't even anything that scary!"

Paige: "I wouldn't know... I don't watch it. And I didn't watch that one." Her face was already turning pink again, despite her efforts to the contrary.

Rachel: "Clearly. I mean, I thought you were dying or something." Well, that was probably a bad joke considering the body found in the woods, but meh.

Paige: "Well... it was horrifying, Rachie! And when can we pretend that it never happened?"

Rachel: "Did it ever occur to you to just ask me?" she questioned as she considered an answer for Paige's request, "When we're done talking about this, I suppose."

Paige: "I tried... I just... couldn't."

Rachel: "On the bright side, I guess you don't have to now." If that could be considered a bright side. Still grinning, Rachel reached to retake a hand, giving it a squeeze, "Though, you could skip the tips and just practice..."

Paige: "I'm ok with this. I'm very ok with this." Paige squeezed her hand back, then nuzzled it gently with her cheek. "But I need lots of practice."

Rachel: Rachel gave a bit of a shrug, "Then, why are you still just sitting there?"

Paige: Giggling again, Paige leaned in for a kiss. Oh, lots of practice it would be!

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