3/6 Instance: Doggie Date Care

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3/6 Instance: Doggie Date Care

Post by Slarti » Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:17 am

Current timeline

<Jamie> Jamie smoothed his hair in the reflection of the glass topped table in the hall, plucked the flowers from the vase, checked his shoelaces, then skipped down the hall, avoiding the doorways. He took a deep smell of the flowers as he stood in front of the choice door. The moment of truth. Would she have thought it was a date?

<Jamie> No slaughterhouse talk. No detectiving. No hide and seek. He cleared his throat and raised his hand slowly to the door. Jamie hummed an action theme in his head as he knocked, trying to give himself confidence.

<Jean> Jean finished spraying the air freshener and nodded to herself. That'd get the goth germs out! Hearing the knock, she stared at the door for a second before seeming to realize what it was.

<Jean> Instead of walking through her just-deployed cloud of floral goodness, she used her teke to open the door while at the same time using her telepathy to check the identity of who was on the other side. "How many of you are there this time?"

<Jamie> Jamie jumped a little by having the door opened with no one on the other side. "Um..." He realized his breathing was getting heavier and he made himself calm down. "J--just me..." Jamie swallowed and rocked on his feet a bit, wondering if she was going to come closer. He surely would not enter the room without being invited. It was a girl's room!

<Jean> "Oh." That was kind of a disappointment, but one was okay too. That's when she noticed the flowers. "Weren't those in the hallway?"

<Jamie> Jamie opened his mouth to lie, then closed it, cheeks getting red at having been caught. "Yes," he mumbled. "I didn't know what kind you liked..."

<Jean> "You brought me hallway flowers?" Jean cocked her head, then scratched it.

<Jamie> Just go with it! "I did. I brought you hallway flowers!" He held them out to her, even though she was across the room. "Do you like them?"

<Jean> "Oooookay." She lifted the flowers from his hands with her teke, turned them in a full circle, then giggled. "Thanks! They're very pretty hallway flowers." Jean nodded, then realized he was just hovering in the doorway. "Waaas that it? Or did you want to come in? Are you, like, a vampire?"

<Jamie> "No!" He cleared his throat and tried to sound less frantic, "No... I just... My mom taught me to never go into a girl's room uninvited..." He took a hesitating step in the doorway and smiled at her. "Smells nice in here..."

<Jean> She giggled again and shook the can of air freshener, spritzing it in his direction. "Mountain flowers! Got to smell better than goth and zombie mama.” The flowers followed her to the sink where she stared at a stack of discarded fast food cups, then grabbed one and filled it with water.

<Jamie> Jamie inhaled the smell and immediately coughed and flailed. Up his nose! Up his nose! He rubbed at it and hopped around a bit. It burned!

<Jamie> Once he was able to get the burn to succumb to his will, he moved a bit closer to her. "So... Do you remember the last time we hung out?"

<Jean> Jean turned back around just in time to see the ending flail. She giggled and the flowers dropped into the cup with a bit of slosh. "Yep. There were a whole lot of you making a sandwich and you didn't know what teke was."

<Jamie> Giggling. Was that a good thing? Or was she laughing at him? Crap! He would never know! Heh. Whole lot of me. Heh heh. He smirked at his thoughts then shook his head to bring him back to reality. "Right... Then we went to get a burger...?" If she didn't think that was a date, he was going to shoot himself. ...With a pop gun. A real gun would hurt!

<Jean> "Yep! Well, there were two burgers." What was the smirk for? Well, whatever. It looked cute.

<Jamie> "Oh, right! Yeah, I mean... We did each have one..." Duh, Jamie! Be smart! "Then we went to get burgers," he corrected himself. "So... I had fun. You're really nice. And pretty."

<Jean> She cocked her head, reaching up to play with a lock of hair. "I'm nice?"

<Jamie> ...She didn't think she was nice? "I mean... You were to me..." He frowned, "Are you not normally?"

<Jean> "Well not if you ask my cousin. Or that Cecilia girl. But if you ask me I think she's a few fries short of a Happy Meal."

<Jamie> "Your cousin or Cecilia?" He frowned, "Cecilia's alright, I guess... Fabian's the only person who doesn't really like me... And that's just because I call...ed him a terrorist." He shoved his hands in his pockets and toed the ground. "Well, I think you're nice. And that's all that matters to me. And pretty." Had he said pretty already? "Really pretty."

<Jean> Jean giggled again, the lock of hair now almost completely wound around her index finger.

<Jamie> He wanted to play with her hair too... Jamie took a step closer to her. "So, like I was saying... I had fun... Did... Did you have fun?"

<Jean> "I did." He was so cute! Like a puppy! ... he even had the eyes! And she really missed her dog...

<Jamie> Jamie floated his hand in the air a bit, hovering between them before finally reaching up to take her finger and curl the hair off of it and onto his own. He grinned. Soooft. "Do y-," his voice cracked and he cleared his throat, "Do you want to have more fun?"

<Jean> "I do like fun." She watched him play with her hair and her grin grew. "You're kind of pretty too."

<Jamie> Jamie blushed and tried very hard to not smile. "I was told to not ask you to play hide and seek..."

<Jean> "Why not? Depending what you're hiding and seeking that could be lots of fun."

<Jamie> "...Bodies?" He frowned. What else was there to hide and seek? "Anyway... Um... Since I was told no hide and seek... Even though you sound like you'd like to play, I already planned for us to go play mini golf." He wrinkled his nose, "If you want, of course. NopressureoranythingbutIthoughtitwouldbefunforarealdate..." He coughed a bit as he caught his breath after that run-on.

<Jean> "...bodies?" That tripped her up a little, but then she had to concentrate on that giant word he'd spit out. "Sure! Warning though. I totally cheat." Jean nipped at the tip of that finger he had her hair around.

<Jamie> Jamie jumped in surprise, but also was not able to hold back the giggle that came out as she nipped at his finger. She liked him! ...Or it was a warning sign. He didn't care though. Contact! Female contact! His eyes went a little wide and he blinked then immediately let her hair fall and turned around. "Um..." Embarrassing. "I can cheat too?"

<Jean> "How? I have teke. I win." His jump was funny, but the retreat really made her giggle.

<Jamie> "I can make... lots of me?" He looked at her over his shoulder, hoping she wouldn't come around to the front of him. He looked down for a second and wrinkled his nose at his pants. Darn it. "Can... Canwecallitadate?"

<Jean> "Lot of you could be really fun, especially for hide and seek." Jean of course skipped around to face him, and she totally noticed. She grinned. "We can, and we're totally playing hide and seek after I win."

<Jamie> Jamie's eyes got gigantic with excitement and he wanted to bounce up and down. It felt like Christmas! "We can?! It's not," he frowned. What word did Fabian use? "Ped.. Pediatric?"

<Jean> "....huh?" He lost her there, but the eyes were great. Now she really missed her dog.

<Jamie> He shrugged and waved a hand, dismissing it. "I don't know. He's weird." He held his arm out to her, "Want to go now?" A date! I have a date! With the hottest girl in schoooooool! He bobbed his head a bit to the sing-song voice in his head.

<Jean> "Sure, I'm done making the room smell good so I'm good to go." Now he was doing some kind of little dance to music in his head and that was very cute. "Let's go!" With a giggle, she took his arm.

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