3/7 Instance: Count Your Last Blessings

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3/7 Instance: Count Your Last Blessings

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:29 pm

timeline: after Alien Cockblock

Paige: Paige smiled as her fingers slid gently over the strings of the violin in the music room. She couldn't remember the last time she had played. She picked up the bow and slid it gently across the strings. She smiled as it made the sound she wanted, causing her to sigh a bit. She flipped through the book of music in front of her, looking for an easy song.

Rachel: Rachel had reluctantly located Paige to save her and Rogue the time of searching, even though she didn't particularly want to be around for this conversation. She was slightly surprised to find her in the music room and paused in the doorway, watching with a smile. After a moment, she glanced over to Rogue, gesturing for her to go ahead because she wasn't about to interrupt.

Rogue: Rogue gave Rae a smirk, then knocked on the doorjamb as she walked in. "Hey there, sugah. Didn't know y'all played."

Paige: Dropping the bow like it was on fire, Paige carefully set the violin down before turning to Rachel and Rogue. "I don't..." she gave them a smile though.

Rogue: "Oh." She smiled and went to sit on a stool nearby. "Learnin', then?"

Paige: "Entertaining the idea... I used to play, but it's been several years." Paige closed the music book and put it away carefully. "I'll um, just get out of the way."

Rachel: Rachel rolled her eyes as she moved to take a seat on the piano bench. Paige had also said she couldn't sing, but she totally could. "You're fine," she insisted, "We were looking for you."

Rogue: "No, no. Don't go." She smiled at Rae, "Yep. Just tha gal Ah wanted ta see, actually."

Paige: "But... why?" Paige picked up her water bottle, taking a sip.

Rogue: "'Cause Ah hear things're movin' from crush ta relationship..."

Rachel: Rachel cringed. Visibly.

Paige: "Some time ago.... but what does that have to do with anything?" Paige looked to Rachel a bit puzzled.

Rogue: "Ya met her mom..." Rogue wrinkled her nose at the thought of that again. "Sorry 'bout that..."

Paige: Paige giggled a bit. "I'm not. We had a wonderful talk."

Rachel: "I am," she muttered, "Even with the talk."

Rogue: Rogue blinked at Paige, then looked over at Rachel. What? Wonderful talk? Her mom? She shook her head and looked back at Paige, "Well, alright then... Point bein'... Things're startin' ta get serious. Now, Ah never in a million years thought Ah'd hafta have this conversation with a gal, so f'rgive me if it's a bit brash... Ah'm used ta guys."

Paige: Blinking, Paige looked back to Rachel, then to Rogue again. "What conversation?"

Rachel: Oh, this was so awful. It was almost worse than Paige meeting her mother. She was sure she looked pained to even be around for this.

Rogue: "Rae means a lot ta me..." She looked at Paige and considered how to word things better than 'treat her right or Ah'll kill ya'... Finally, she took a deep breath. "She's like tha lil sister Ah never had. An' Ah don't want her ta get hurt."

Rachel: "Even though that's highly unlikely..."

Paige: "And do you plan on hurting her then?" Paige was so confused.

Rogue: Rogue blinked at Paige, "Um... No." She shook her head and tried again, "Ah want what's best f'r her. An' right now, y'all make her happy, so that's what's best f'r her." Dang it, she wasn't making this easy. "But if in tha event y'all ever stop makin' her happy by y'all's actions," she trailed off, hoping Paige would get it without her having to be mean.

Paige: Now her head hurt. She took another drink of water. "I don't understand... What are you trying to say?"

Rachel: Rachel had known she wouldn't get it, and... Ugh. She shot Rogue a look. This was why she'd been opposed to this.

Rogue: Rogue shot a look right back. She sighed and tried again. "Don't hurt her. Ah know y'all've both been through a lot an' Ah like y'all, Paige, so Ah'm alright with y'all bein' tagether. Once Ah got used ta tha idea o' it anyhow... But.. Just... Ah cain't stand ta see her hurtin'." She didn't want to say it, but she mentally added on that she killed Essex because he'd hurt her.

Rogue: Just for Rachel's benefit.

Paige: A mixture of hurt and anger washed over Paige. She shot Rachel a look, then glared at Rogue. "I didn't ask for your 'approval' nor do I need it. If Rachel has a problem, Rachel can deal with it. I can see how well you can't stand to see her hurting as I'm the one who pulled her out of the bottle of alcohol when you were nowhere to be found." She threw her water into her bag and picked it up. "Have a fantastic day." She headed for the door.

Rogue: Rogue frowned and shook her head, completely confused, "Wait, what? Approval?"

Paige: "You said you are ok with us being together now that you've gotten used to it."

Rachel: If she could, Rachel would've sank in her seat. This was bad... and not in a way she'd expected.

Rogue: "Yeah... 'Cause it took a minute f'r me ta process that mah best friend who's liked guys tha whole time Ah've known her all of a sudden likes girls." She shrugged, "Truth be told, outta all tha gals 'round, Ah'm glad she picked y'all."

Rachel: She shrugged, managing to find her voice, "No one else was awesome enough."

Paige: Paige shot Rachel another look. "Everyone keeps saying that like it has anything to do with them who she is with or who I am with for that matter. And I'm not a ya'll. I'm a singular." She headed for the door again.

Rogue: Well, if she wanted to be angry, Rogue could give her a real reason to be angry instead of a pretend one. "Great job, Paige. Ah was comin' ta tell ya Ah was on ya side. But with that 'damn y'all f'r carin' attitude? Nope. Not happenin'." She turned to Rachel, "Ah love y'all. Y'all know where ta find me." She pushed past Paige and left the room.

Paige: "You owe me a quarter!" Paige called after her.

Rogue: "Never in a million years!"

Paige: "And you're a bully!" Paige headed for her room to cry.

Rogue: "Ah'm sure Essex agrees with ya!"

Rachel: Rachel managed to resist saying she was right in that it'd go badly because she could always rub that in later and turned toward the piano. At least she could hide in here for a while...

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