4/14 Instance: Shackin' with Sharky

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4/14 Instance: Shackin' with Sharky

Post by Slarti » Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:04 pm

Timelined the day after Lettuce Rejoice and Morality Theatre

<Bobby> Bobby supposed he really couldn't say much about coming back from the dead, since he'd done it at least three times himself. However, if somebody could have stayed dead, why couldn't it be Shaw?

<Bobby> The staff meeting had been a little awkward, since it turned out Charles had known all along that Sebastian Shaw was alive. Well, at least for a good week. He muttered under his breath.

<Jessica> Jess had finally made it home after several false starts in actually leaving Sebastian's home and wandered in through the front door, still in her clothes from the night before though minus her shoes because she was carrying those now that she was off the gravel driveway.

<Bobby> Well, and speak of the spider devil. There was somebody else who knew Shaw was alive, apparently. "Late night?" Bobby leaned against the doorframe and took in her outfit.

<Jessica> Jess blinked in surprise, "Oh hi.... uh... yeah... I guess so..." she offered a small smile. "What are you doing up here? I thought you'd forgotten where this place was by now."

<Bobby> "Well, SHIELD liaison means I get to go to staff meetings again and ...um... liaise, I guess." He wasn't sure about that word now that he'd said it, but he scratched the back of his head. "Anyways. We had an emergency one this morning."

<Jessica> "Oh?" she ran a hand through her hair in an attempt to make it look less like it had dried on the way home. "What about?" she made a start towards the kitchen.

<Bobby> "Sebastian Shaw." He watched her fuss with her hair and followed her.

<Jessica> "Oh that... yeah... I guess you'd have to have one about that..." she set her shoes down on and end table to collect later as they walked down the corridor.

<Bobby> "Yeah... Angel saw him last night, alive and well." Bobby tilted his head forward to see her face. "With you."

<Jessica> "Yeeeah... I've sort of known for a while...." she chewed her lip, glancing at him. "He made me promise..."

<Bobby> "Yeah... well... turns out that Chuck new for a while too. Shaw called him to reassure him the cash hadn't dried up, I guess. Got a recommendation for a hospital for some other guy he got out with him. Said it was a shapeshifter who died instead of him."

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "Yeah, he told me... also told me he smacked Quentin over the head with a fusebox cover." she grinned, "I told him I loved him and I was sad I missed it."

<Bobby> Bobby missed a step and nearly smacked into the kitchen door.

<Jessica> Jess laughed a little, "Your face..." she steered him around the doorframe before moving towards the kettle.

<Bobby> "What are you doing, Jess?" He made it into the kitchen and jumped up on the counter, heels drumming nervously on the cabinet.

<Jessica> "Making tea?" she looked over at him, "Want some?"

<Bobby> Bobby made an irritated noise. "With him!"

<Jessica> "So... that's a 'no' to tea?" she hazarded, taking out her mug and setting it on the counter.

<Bobby> He just sighed, rubbing both hands over his face.

<Jessica> She echoed his sigh, leaning against the counter while she waited for the kettle. "What?"

<Bobby> "So this last week, when you've been missing, and cutting class, you've been with him?" His hands fell to his thighs and he looked at her with a tired expression.

<Jessica> "Well... not the whole time... some of it I was at work...." she frowned a little.

<Bobby> "What the hell, Jess?!"

<Jessica> "Ugh... don't start this with me..." she shook her head, going to the fridge for the milk.

<Bobby> "Well for one thing, we thought he was dead and then there's the fact that students keep disappearing so a few times we had to make sure you weren't one of them... and how the hell did you know he was even alive to be with him?"

<Jessica> "I didn't..." she set the milk on the counter then went back for eggs. "We sort of bumped into each other..."

<Bobby> "Yeah, I bet you were bumping things..." Bobby made a face.

<Jessica> Jess rolled her eyes, closing the fridge with her hip as she walked back to the stove with the eggs and milk. "If you really want to know, I was in a hotel with some guys and he saw me there and rescued me from some utterly boring conversation. He told me what happened to him and asked me to please not tell anyone I'd seen him."

<Bobby> "With some guys... just random guys?" He tilted his head. "Jess... babe... I thought you weren't, um, doing that anymore."

<Jessica> "Yeah? Well that was before Kevin went off and left me here and before cannibals were throwing severed heads at our front door. Things change."

<Bobby> Bobby sighed again and rubbed his face, pinching the bridge of his nose. "It's... dangerous. More now than ever, because of the cannibals." Now that he had time to think about it, he wondered about the poor bastard whose head really got chucked at the door.

<Jessica> "Yes, I know that, thank you. Sebastian said the same thing." She picked up the small frying pan and set it on the stove to make some scrambled eggs for breakfast. "But even knowing that I'd still be out there," she pointed out the window, "Than in here where everyone keeps talking about it all the time."

<Bobby> "Well, we talk about it because it's important, and we have to deal with it, not because it's fun." He was totally ignoring the part where he agreed with Shaw.

<Jessica> "Well I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to hear about it all day every day. I want to actually have some time where I'm not constantly worried about getting eaten! I have enough trouble sleeping as it is without all of that in my head!"

<Bobby> "So instead you decide to shack up with Shaw? Look, he may not want to eat you the same way the cannibals do, but he's... creepy. I don't think he's much better than they are, and now these other Hellfire Club fogeys keep turning up dead too, so who knows if he's on their hit list too, now."

<Jessica> "I doubt it." She paused, "And who said anything about 'shacking up'?" She dropped some bread in the toaster. "Also, I'm not really sure where it's anyone's business what I get up to outside of the school because I'm an adult and I'm perfectly capable of making reasoned and informed decisions all by myself."

<Bobby> "It's my business because we're friends and I don't want to see anything happen to you, Jess." He twisted his wedding band around his finger nervously.

<Jessica> "So you'd prefer I'd ignored him and stayed with two perfect strangers?"

<Bobby> "No, that's not what I meant, babe... not really... just, why do you have to go after these guys at all?"

<Jessica> "Because Kevin's not here and I don't know how else to get any sleep." She took down a plate for her breakfast and rummaged for a knife and fork.

<Bobby> "Patch and a pill? I don't know... but this can't always be the answer, can it?"

<Jessica> "I can't rely on patches, Bobby. People get immune to those... and I don't want to take a pill when we might get attacked at any moment - or be without my powers, for that matter. I don't know what else I'm supposed to do right now."

<Bobby> "And what about Kevin? You seemed so happy with him, babe." He shook his head, realizing something. "Kevin... he has to use a patch too though, doesn't he? So one of you would always have to..."

<Jessica> "I know..." she picked the kettle up as it hit the boil and poured the water into her mug before breaking the eggs into the frying pan. "I miss Kevin... I miss him a lot... but he's not here right now and I need him to be... until he gets back this is all I can do... and I'm dreading the day he builds up an immunity to the patches because then I don't know what's going to happen..."

<Bobby> Bobby shook his head. "I don't know what to tell ya, babe."

<Jessica> "Well exactly. No one has any better ideas." she moved to butter the toast while the eggs cooked through. "I'm going to tell Kevin when he gets back..."

<Bobby> "I bet that'll go well," he snorted. "Even if you guys are on a break or whatever, no guy is happy to think of his girl with another dude... believe me. Been there, done that, wanted to punch the bastard every time I saw him."

<Jessica> "I know he won't like it... but I'm hoping at least he'll understand." She slid the eggs onto her plate on top of the toast and removed the tea bag from her mug, adding milk to her tea before giving it a stir.

<Bobby> "So you're going to keep doing it, aren't you?" He slid his ass over on the counter and reached into a cabinet for the cereal.

<Jessica> "Don't really see any reason to stop now..."

<Bobby> Bobby made a face as he dug into the Cap'n Crunch.

<Jessica> "I'm not asking you to like it, Bobby. Just accept it and move on." She sat down at the table.

<Bobby> He munched on the dry cereal.

<Jessica> She sighed, making a start on her breakfast. "Just say whatever you want to say and get it over with so you can at least say you said it and I ignored you."

<Bobby> "As much as I hate to admit it, if you're gonna..." he paused to pick though a handful of cereal, making a vague gesture. "I guess Shaw is better than some random dudes who might be cannibals." Bobby looked up at her. "I just don't want to see anything happen to you."

<Jessica> "Nothing's going to happen to me..." she rolled her eyes a little. "Bobby, what do you think? That I'm going to fall for him and he'll break my heart? Don't be ridiculous. I know exactly what this is, okay?"

<Bobby> "Ugh, I didn't even think about that, until now, which... just don't." Bobby shuddered a little and popped some cereal into his mouth.

<Jessica> "I'm not going to. I love Kevin, you know that... I told you that before I told him." She frowned slightly. "I'm not a child, you know. You don't have to protect me..."

<Bobby> "I was talking about the cannibals, babe." He gave her a grin at the frown. "Protecting you has nothing to do with thinking you're a child. Just ask Lorna, or Rae, or Paige."

<Jessica> "Or Hope?" She raised an eyebrow. "Look. I can take care of myself, okay?"

<Bobby> He closed his mouth at that.

<Jessica> She looked down at her tea, "I can't sleep when I'm on my own now and even when I do sleep I still have nightmares so the more I can avoid hearing about it, the better."

<Jessica> "I don't mean to sound ungrateful... because, believe me, I'm not." she sighed, pushing what was left of her food around the plate before giving up and swapping her knife and fork for her mug, "I just feel really isolated in this because everyone has someone to lean on or talk to but all the talking has to be about what's happening all the time and I can't listen to that anymore."

<Bobby> "Yeah, well..." Bobby dropped the rest of the cereal back into the box and set it aside, brushing off his hands on his jeans. He didn't look up at her.

<Jessica> "Well what?" she glanced up, feeling slightly hurt that he wasn't even looking at her now.

<Bobby> "Just... be careful. I guess... I suppose I better get back to the Hope hunt." He slid off the counter.

<Jessica> Jess bit her lip and looked back down at her tea, "I'll be careful... I promise..." she sighed, "I miss you too, you know."

<Bobby> Bobby stopped and looked over at her. "Maybe I was hoping I could do a better job protecting you than I did with Hope."

<Jessica> "You haven't failed in protecting her... I'm sure she's fine wherever she is... it was wrong of me to bring her into it and I'm sorry..." she glanced up at him again, "Would it help if you knew where I was going to be just in case you had to come and get me?"

<Bobby> "Yeah, she's great with the crazy guy gunning for a killing spree," he snorted. "She says so every day in her texts." Bobby shook his head to dismiss that and gave her a faint smile. "Yeah... at least so somebody knows where you are."

<Jessica> "At least if she's texting you, you know she's in one piece. Can't text without your thumbs..." she offered him a small smile in return. "But okay... if I'm not here or at work or at the club... I'll be at Sebastian's apartment...."

<Bobby> He didn't quite stifle his snort at that either. "Okay, Jessy. At least Shaw's gotta have decent security."

<Jessica> "He definitely does... and now he'll have the added bonus of my over sensitive ears." She gave him another smile for that, "I'm perfectly safe, I promise. Probably safer there than here."

<Bobby> "Well, if you get sick of him, I can talk... and it doesn't have to be about cannibals." He sighed. "But if I don't find Hope, I may not be around to annoy you with my overprotective streak anyway, so I better get going."

<Jessica> Jess put her mug down and went over to him to give him a hug. "Thank you... and she'll turn up... she's like a bad penny..."

<Bobby> Bobby smiled, returning the hug with a squeeze. "Yeah, I hope so. I really hope so."

<Jessica> "She just wants to find Johnny... I can't blame her for going looking... most of the time we're just sitting around waiting for news... it's got to be torture... the waiting's bad enough when you know your boyfriend isn't on the menu. Trust me." She kissed his cheek, "She'll come back in her own time."

<Bobby> "Thanks, babe." He let go of her and flicked a lock of her hair, turning to go. "Have fun with Sharky, I guess."

<Jessica> "Good luck with the Hope thing..." Sharky? She blinked at him then shook it off. Didn't matter. "See you later..."

<Bobby> Bobby just grinned at her confusion and went out the back door to the boathouse.

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