4/14 Instance: Key Decision

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4/14 Instance: Key Decision

Post by Slarti » Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:32 pm

Timelined after Shackin' with Sharky

<Jessica> Having finished work and avoided the school again, Jess had enough free time to get some things together and drive her bike to Sebastian's penthouse. Still clad in leathers she wandered up to the front door and rang the bell, feeling slightly awkward.

<Shaw> Of course, he'd already seen her on his surveillance system, and he'd given her description to building security last night to give her access. Sebastian debated using the automated system to let her in, but in the end he decided to give it the personal touch and go open the door the old fashioned way.

<Shaw> "Good evening, Jessica." He gave her a sly smile and held open the door, taking in her clothing with an appreciative eye.

<Jessica> "Hi..." she smiled back, "I brought some stuff with me... if that's still okay..."

<Shaw> "Yes, yes, of course." Taking the bag from her, he stepped back to let her inside. It had been a long day in the office, and at the courthouse, and the doctor, then back to the courthouse. "Come in."

<Jessica> She smiled again and stepped over the threshold. "So... I think I might be in trouble for ditching classes... but I don't think I care at the moment..."

<Shaw> "Oh?" He chuckled, dropping her bag next to his discarded jacket and tie on the leather sofa. "I'm always mildly shocked they bother with classes at all, considering the school constantly leaps from one crisis to another."

<Shaw> Sebastian gestured for her to sit and moved to the bar. "Would you care for a drink?"

<Jessica> "Yeah I don't know how they expect anyone to concentrate..." she flopped down onto the sofa and unzipped her own jacket after dropping the helmet on top of her bag. "Yes please," she said to the offer of a drink. "I ran into Bobby this morning when I got home..."

<Shaw> "I thought he was fired, and failing to guard Hope Stark?" He poured the drinks, rolling his shirtsleeves a bit higher as an afterthought before picking them up to return to her.

<Jessica> "He is from being a teacher... but he's SHIELD liaison or something now... and a friend..." she sighed. "They had some kind of staff meeting this morning about how you weren't dead... so I got home to a lecture and disapproving huffs..." she frowned a little.

<Shaw> Sebastian offered her the glass and sat down beside her, an amused smirk in place. "Oh? Were you accused of necrophilia?"

<Jessica> She laughed, taking her glass, "No... that was last night. Today I got asked what the hell I was doing and told, repeatedly, to be careful."

<Shaw> "To be careful? Really?" He tilted his head, watching her, the smirk still in place. "Good advice. I'm a very dangerous man."

<Jessica> "Oh it wasn't so much you I was to be careful of..." she took a sip of her drink, "More the cannibals and whoever's going around assassinating the cannibals... which why do I have to worry about that? I'm not a cannibal..." she wrinkled her nose.

<Shaw> "Aaah." He leaned back and slid down into the sofa, relaxing and taking a drink of his scotch. "No, you have nothing to fear from any assassin." Though Yukio's report of her encounter with the X-Men had been a bit annoying.

<Jessica> "Well that's what I said... apart from all your fancy security and my ears, you don't fit the profile of the people they're killing and neither do I. I told him I was sure you weren't on their hitlist and to stop fussing... except I think I was mean about it so I feel a little bad..."

<Shaw> "Well, there's no reason to feel badly about telling the truth, although I suppose a little diplomacy is good from time to time, especially among friends." Sebastian reached over to her and slid his arm around her waist to urge her closer.

<Jessica> She shifted to sit against him. "Yeah... I'm not normally like that... well... not with him... Think it was just the frustration from last night and all of that... took it out on him a little bit. I did apologise though..."

<Shaw> "He's never been overly fond of me." He smirked and turned his head to brush his nose and lips over her hair.

<Jessica> "Yeah... I got that... but he said better you than some randomers so... yay?" she turned her head a little towards him, smiling softly and closing her eyes, enjoying the small intimate gesture.

<Shaw> "I'm certainly not a cannibal," he chuckled, resisting the obvious joke and lowering his voice. "And yes, I can assure you, you're quite safe with me," he said, kissing the shell of her ear.

<Jessica> "I knew I would be," she tilted her head to expose her neck to him. "Maybe they're all just put out that I knew and didn't say anything..."

<Shaw> "Likely, though their headmaster knew." He moved to mouth the hollow below her ear. "If he couldn't see fit to inform the rest of his staff, that is hardly your concern."

<Jessica> "Oh he did know..." she hissed a little at the sensation, shifting in her seat, "And you asked me not to tell anyone..."

<Shaw> "I informed Xavier soon after I returned to the states, and if anyone is in a position to confirm my true identity, it is he." Smiling against her skin at her hiss, he kissed his way down her neck.

<Jessica> "I'm sure he'd have known regardless... super crazy powerful telepath that he is... He finds us when we're scattered around the globe and collects us..."

<Shaw> "Indeed he does." It had once been one of the draws of infiltrating the school, after all. "Telepathy at his level is rare. Very rare."

<Jessica> "Well good... it's creepy enough having one of him in the world." She set her drink to one side, turning more towards him.

<Shaw> Sebastian looked up at her with a small grin.

<Jessica> She sighed, she'd heard everything Angel said whilst she was sat at the bar. "I know..."

<Shaw> "You know what?" His eyebrow arched, the grin still in place.

<Jessica> "I know that you're a telepath too.... I heard Angel..." she frowned.

<Shaw> "Your clear distaste for telepaths is precisely why I don't advertise the ability, my dear."

<Jessica> She sighed, "It's not telepaths, per se... it's the whole... thoughts are private thing... and some stuff doesn't get said for a reason... but what's the point in not saying it when a telepath can just pull it out of your head anyway and use it against you? That's not fair..."

<Shaw> Sebastian sat back again and took a slow drink, watching her over the rim as she babbled and then balancing the glass on his knee.

<Jessica> Jess eyed him for a long moment. "What?"

<Shaw> "I don't use it often."

<Jessica> "Well I'm sure that's a great comfort to everyone that doesn't know you can do it."

<Shaw> "I haven't used it on you." He smirked.

<Jessica> "How do I know that, though?" She challenged, narrowing her eyes a little, though her expression was more playful than accusatory.

<Shaw> "You'll just have to trust me, I suppose," he said, now with a wolfish grin.

<Jessica> She studied him for a long moment, "I guess I'll have to..."

<Shaw> He took another sip of his scotch.

<Jessica> She frowned again, shifting uncomfortably, "Okay... can you stop staring at me now?"

<Shaw> Sebastian gave her a lazy blink and cracked a smile. "Jessica, my telepathic ability is very limited. Even if I had mind to pry into yours, it would be difficult for me. Most of my training, in fact, has been to ensure others stay out of my head."

<Jessica> "They should train us how to do that... it's only fair.... though I suppose then it'd be harder for him to keep tabs on us...." and now she'd skipped right into paranoid town, "Oh God I want to turn my brain off right now."

<Shaw> "They don't?" He tilted his head, now truly curious. "They used to, of that I'm certain."

<Jessica> She shook her head, "Not to my knowledge... if they'd offered me lessons, I'd have signed up right away."

<Shaw> "Hmm." It seemed rather odd to him. "If you are still interested, and if you trust me, I can show you the basics."

<Jessica> She reached for her drink again, taking a careful sip. "I would be interested.... I'm inherently distrustful of anyone that can get at the things I try to keep hidden..." she sighed, looking down at the floor, "But... I must trust you otherwise I wouldn't be here."

<Shaw> "Likewise, I must trust you, otherwise," he shifted to dig into his pocket for a moment, producing a key card. "Otherwise, I would not give you this." Sebastian held it out to her.

<Jessica> Jess blinked at him, "You're giving me a key?"

<Shaw> "Am I?" Her stunned expression was more than amusing. Flipping the card over in his fingers, he pretended to look at it again. "That certainly appears to be the case," he smirked.

<Jessica> She pouted, "Don't make fun of me..." she shifted a little, "I'm allowed to be surprised..."

<Shaw> Sebastian laughed and leaned back into her personal space. "I'm only teasing, and I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." He held out the card again. "It makes things more convenient, for both of us, if you're not dependent on me to answer the door, yes?"

<Jessica> She nodded, tentatively taking the card. "It just... feels kind of rude? Just... walking in... I don't know...."

<Shaw> "Jessica, I wouldn't give it to you if I didn't expect you to use it." He studied her face for a moment.

<Jessica> She nodded, turning the card over in her hands. She wondered if she should maybe call ahead first....

<Shaw> "It will open the secure garage, so your motorcycle will be safe, and that door." He indicated the front door with his glass hand, then finished off the drink. She still seemed to be in shock and it was rather entertaining.

<Jessica> She glanced up when he moved, nodding again. "I've, um... I've never had a key before... to anywhere..."

<Shaw> That made him pause in the act of setting the glass on his coffee table. Straightening back up, he looked at her with a small and rare sincere smile. "Well, you have one now."

<Jessica> She returned the smile, reaching to put the key safely inside her helmet so she didn't lose it. "Thank you..."

<Shaw> "You're welcome." He relaxed into the sofa again and slid his arm around her.

<Jessica> She settled back against him, resting her head on his shoulder a little. "I know I'm probably over thinking... but are you sure you're okay with having me around?"

<Shaw> "Of course I am. If I weren't, you wouldn't be here." Turning his head again, he resumed nosing her hair, stroking her side through the leather jacket.

<Jessica> "Even if people say things...? Because your reputation matters a hell of a lot more than mine... such as it is...."

<Shaw> Again, she gave him pause enough to crane his neck to look at her. "There's no shame in what you were, especially since, as you told me, you were initially forced into it by circumstance."

<Jessica> "But that doesn't usually matter to other people..." she frowned, "And there's no excuse for now..."

<Shaw> "You also told me you no longer worked as an escort, let alone as a prostitute."

<Jessica> "Well apparently that doesn't register to some people...." she huffed, "To some, that's what I'll always be... and I suppose I can't blame them for thinking that way but... it kind of hurts a little bit..."

<Shaw> "Admittedly, reputation can be an important tool, but it need not be your only defining characteristic, and to your original question, I'm quite sure." He pulled her a little closer and kissed her hair.

<Jessica> She smiled a little, sliding her arms around him. This was definitely not like her former jobs. More like being in a relationship.... except she wasn't. "Okay..."

<Shaw> Pleased she was relaxing, he reached up to trace her jawline with a finger, turning her face toward his to claim a kiss.

<Jessica> She smiled a little in the kiss as she returned it. She felt much better just being here, so long as she stopped fretting about all the other stuff. Maybe she should just start leaving all that at the door....

<Shaw> He felt the smile and deepened the kiss, threading his fingers into her hair. This was bound to be interesting.

<Jessica> Jess shifted on the sofa, turning more towards him and half into his lap, sliding a hand up his chest to loop her arm around his shoulders instead.

<Shaw> The leather was quite nice, but he'd have to rid her of it soon. For now, however, he was content to kiss her, sliding his free hand to the small of her back to hold her close.

<Jessica> After more of that, Jess was quite agreeable to being rid of the leather. She broke the kiss off, resting her forehead against his, but keeping her distance to a minimum, "Getting quite warm under all this leather."

<Shaw> "Good, because this is a problem I know exactly how to solve." Cracking a crooked grin, he reached for her zipper.

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