4/15 Instance: Somehow, Some Way

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4/15 Instance: Somehow, Some Way

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:26 pm

timeline: after The Way for the Blind

Rachel: Rachel plopped back into the chair she'd placed next to Mayday's bed, reaching up to scrub at her eyes for what seemed the millionth time. As she'd bounced between Mayday and Jean's beds in the past few hours, after having gotten rid of Paige, her vision had started to cut back in, the world becoming a haze, slowly sharpening into blurry shapes.

Rachel: It was a nice improvement because, for a while, she'd been sure Scott or McCoy was going to kill her for knocking things over. Well, and it was just nice to be able to see something.

Mayday: Stirring in her bed, Mayday mumbled something inaudible over the slow beep of her heart-rate monitor. Brow furrowing ever so slightly, she opened her eyes slowly, head rolling to one side as her vision focused on Rachel, "....I had the weirdest dream someone kicked my ass...", she joked in a tired voice, smiling weakly.

Rachel: At the mumble, Rachel pulled her hands from her face, squinting over at Mayday. She could make out the movement, but otherwise the girl was just a blob of red and fair skin. She gave a small snort at the joke, grinning slightly, "Was I there, too?"

Mayday: "Heh...yeah...", Mayday sighed back, squinting in the light, "Is it bad? My hip feels....", her hand traced down her side to where the skin felt somehow tighter beneath the blanket, "....aw, woah, w-was I stabbed?"

Rachel: "Sort of," she answered, "Shrapnel from one of the explosions caught you in the side after you got darted... Cecilia dragged you to the van and down here with Mel while I tried to stumble around blindly because I was too stubborn to accept any help."

Mayday: Laughing a little, Mayday raised her hand to stroke a bit of Rachel's hair out of her face, "You'll never change, hm?", she sighed, "I....vaguely recall it. Something about kissing Cecilia which I find....doubtful.", she grinned, "A-and....I had this dream. It was...really, really scary to think about.",

Rachel: "I hope not. It'd be terrible to have to actually act like an adult," Rachel smirked, catching May's hand and holding onto it. "I gave in and came down when Cecilia found me, though I think I've skipped the kissing her part. I just figured someone should be around when you and Jean wake up," she gave a bit of a shrug, "Wanna talk about it?"

Mayday: Gulping, Mayday looked away, "...d-did Susie really leave me like this? I-I know we argued, but did she really leave me there?"

Rachel: She sighed heavily at the question, debating how to answer for a moment before just going with what had happened, "She was dealing with me, and I... was less than appreciative... She dumped me on my ass, which I likely deserved. When we got back, I think she said something about going to make tea."

Mayday: "...s-she just...", Mayday shuddered, "...I-I thought I was....unreasonable a-and mean but she...left me here...", shaking her head she raised a hand to catch a single tear, "S-sorry...to believe...I...",

Mayday: Biting her lip, she shook her head again, "...'m sorry, it's...h-how could ....", she sniffled a little bit.

Rachel: "There's nothing to be sorry for," Rachel assured her, giving her hand a squeeze. Despite not being able to see the tears, she could still imagine them, and... Well, it sucked because she wasn't the greatest at dealing with crying. Plus, she wasn't sure she was someone that should be offering relationship advice or whatever. "You're not mean and entirely unreasonable either."

Rachel: "I don't think there's a whole lot going on with her past finding Johnny... Plus, with you having broken up with her, I imagine she's still upset and shit. If she doesn't want to look past any of that, it's her problem, and she'll have to live with any stupid choices she might make."

Mayday: Mayday nodded, "T-thank you.", she wiped her eyes, refusing to cry over it. Forcing her upset down she sniffed again, taking a deep breath, "S-so...no news on who that woman was? Or about Hope and Eddie?"

Rachel: "Not really, but it's looking like she's the one picking off the cult members. As for Hope and Eddie... We're sorta stuck. I think Bobby's mostly dealing with it though because of Hope," Rachel sighed.

Rachel: In order to keep her hold on May's hand, she scooted her seat closer to the side of the bed, leaning back and resting her head against the top of it, eyes closed. "Jean tried to use Cerebro to find Johnny and Jamie though."

Mayday: Looking over at her, Mayday sat up a little, "Is sh-...!", she strained, sitting back down and placing her other hand on her side, exhaling deeply, "Is she ok? Like, she's not gonna end up like Jason, right?"

Rachel: "Hey, don't move... There's should be some stupid thing to adjust your bed somewhere..." Rachel said, turning her head to look over at Mayday. It took her a moment, but she reached out with her telekinesis to find the remote, vaguely wondering why she hadn't considered trying that before, as she dangled it in front of the other girl. Oh, right... She wasn't prone to thinking things through.

Rachel: As for the question about Jean, she went back to staring up at the ceiling, "I... I don't know yet."

Mayday: Grasping for the remote with what little strength her hands had, Mayday moved the bed so she could look over at Jean, expression becoming one overwhelmed with concern, "...they're really winning this, aren't they? They took our friends, killed some, tortured some, they have us fighting amongst ourselves...", she shook her head, "We're losing..."

Rachel: "There's a bit more with what happened than just her ending up unconscious," Rachel commented before considering what the other girl had said. There wasn't really any denying it. "Yeah, we're getting our asses handed to us, and it fucking sucks."

Mayday: "...I-I thought...we could do anything. After the Apocalypse Incident.", Mayday turned to her, "...what do we do?"

Rachel: "Well," she started, shifting to sit up in her seat, wishing she could properly see the other redhead... Well, redheads. It'd be nice if she could see Jean as well. Taking a deep breath, she continued, "We keep trying, stay strong, and push our way through this."

Mayday: Mayday shook her head, "I don't know...I-I don't know if we're ever coming back from this.", she turned away, "I....don't know if I can do this..."

Rachel: "That's okay," Rachel said, quietly admitting, "I don't know if I can either sometimes," she shook her head, "I don't think any of us do."

Mayday: Unsure of what to say, Mayday remained silent for a while, soaking up that fact. She looked back at Rachel, squeezing her hand a little bit, "...w-we have to do something."

Rachel: Rachel pulled her blurry gaze from the ceiling, looking over to where she knew Jean was, nodding, "Yeah, and it needs to be soon because we're..." she paused, worrying her lip. "I hate thinking we're out of time, but we've been out of time for, like... two weeks."

Mayday: "W-we will.", Mayday smiled, eyes becoming a little hazy, "Somehow we're....we'll figure out a way. And...and then...everything's gonna be alright.", another few tears welled up in her eyes as her vision darkened, "...'sgotta...keep the faith."

Rachel: Careful of Mayday's injured side, Rachel leaned against her bed, resting her head next to May's shoulder. She closed her own eyes and gave her hand a light squeeze, mumbling, "Yeah, exactly. Just have to keep going, and everything will work out."

Mayday: Mayday let her mind drift, "...winrar...", she whispered, with a little chuckle, before her grip went limp.

Rachel: Rachel wasn't entirely sure if she was meant to understand that, but she pulled her knees up, curling in the chair, prepared to remain at May's bedside. Settling in, she kept a hold on Mayday's hand and blew out a sigh. Hopefully, Paige reappeared with their pizza soon, but maybe she could get some rest until then...

Rachel: Opening her eyes, she squinted over to where Jean was, debating. Or maybe she should be checking on her cousin... Meh, she wasn't moving.

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