4/15 Instance: Irish Boys Stink

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4/15 Instance: Irish Boys Stink

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:40 pm

timeline: after Shinyuuu!

Laura: After making it through the airport and to the boarding gate, Laura found her seat on the plane and stretched to place her bag in the overhead carrier before sitting down. She leaned to peer down the aisle, watching for Hisako who'd been right behind her, commenting when the other girl got to their row, "It's too bad we were thrown out of the pub last night."

Hisako: "Oh, shuuuuuuush with this.", Hisako grumbled behind her mirror shades, scratching her somewhat scraggly hair and leaning back with a sigh, "I don't want to talk about iiiiiiit."

Laura: She let it drop for the five seconds it took her to buckle her belt, turning back toward the other girl to curiously ask, "Why not?"

Hisako: Groaning, Hisako rolled her eyes behind the glasses, "Fine! We can talk about it, just... talk quietly..."

Laura: "I am speaking quietly," she stated, brow furrowed.

Hisako: Hisako sank into her seat, "Mooooore quiiiiet....", she rolled her head over to the window, "Ooooowww, make them turn the engines doooown...."

Laura: "I don't think I can," Laura replied. Then, she realized she was supposed to be quiet and lowered her voice, "Is this better?"

Hisako: Leaning on Laura's shoulder with a low sigh, Hisako nodded, "Yeeeeees."

Laura: "Good," she said simply before continuing, "The pub was just beginning to be really fun."

Hisako: "W-well....well, yeah. It was. But then these boys were sitting with us...", Hisako sighed, "And I thought they were nice! But you had a boyfriend, and one was looking at you like a piece of meat!", she frowned, "So, all I did was say this fact, and he was saying 'oh, well, he's not here'! Kono yarou...", she spat at the end of the sentence.

Laura: "Except that is also a fact. Curt was not there..." Laura replied, shifting slightly in her seat.

Hisako: "Oh my God, Laura-chan, he was trying to have sex with you...", Hisako explained, "He was disgusting! Womanizing bastard, trying to make you drink more so he could....take you home and....", she broke into a fit of swearing in Japanese, folding her arms, "So, I told him 'hit the road, Zack'!"

Laura: "...I though it was Jack?" Laura said after a moment of considering what Hisako had said, waving the expression off as she added, "And, you didn't say that... You punched him and tried to bludgeon him with a barstool."

Hisako: Blushing, Hisako waved her hand to dismiss the accusation, "It wasn't bludging or whatever this means! He told me to back off and I was angry, so I punched him one time! And I didn't hit him with a barstool!", she shook her head,

Hisako: "It was one leg of the barstool after I broke it!", she explained, feeling a little bit silly for saying it, "A-and....also....I hit him like twice, that isn't even so bad!"

Laura: She simply gave a shrug, "I thought that's about where things got exciting."

Hisako: Groaning again, Hisako sat up, ".....it gets hazy. I remember fighting....and loud noise. Also laughing and cameras....were there cameras?"

Laura: "I think his friends thought it was hilarious he was being beaten by a girl, so I believe they began to take pictures, yes," Laura nodded. After a moment, she sheepishly added, "I may have taken a few as well while I continued drinking."

Hisako: "Well....good!", Hisako blushed again, raising her eyebrow, "So why are you complaining about it? It made good material! A memorable time away. Also, I protected your pride, so I am the best friend ever.", she grinned, cocky as ever, "So blah in your face."

Laura: "Because we got kicked out," she said as if the reason should be obvious, grinning slightly, "It would've been fun to see how many more guys you could have beaten."

Hisako: Hisako hummed to herself, "I could have taken them all. Because the Ichiki family are warriors. Honour and fire.", she smirked, tapping her head, "Also, Irish boys stink."

Laura: Sitting back in her seat, Laura gave a roll of her eyes, "You think all boys stink."

Hisako: Laughing, Hisako gave Laura a playful nudge, "No I don't! I like....aahm....", she frowned behind her glasses, giggling, "...well...I suppose that...Johnny Storm is quite nice...", she shrugged, "He is...pretty! Kind of."

Laura: "Johnny Storm is sort of like the guy you hit with a barstool last night," she pointed out.

Hisako: "Oww, fine! Fine.", Hisako shrugged, "Then yes! There are no good men, and everyone is terrible.", she laughed.

Laura: "Except you," Laura said, her amusement coming through in her tone, "As you've proclaimed yourself the best friend ever."

Hisako: Wrapping her arm around Laura, Hisako leaned on her shoulder again, "And for you. Who needs men?",

Laura: "...The world?" she hazarded, looking over to her friend, "Well, specifically, humanity?"

Hisako: Groaning again, Hisako removed her arm, nudging her and smirking, "Oh, shush....", she giggled, lying back, "Wake me when we're home....."

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