4/16 Instance: Bad Impressions

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4/16 Instance: Bad Impressions

Post by Ferguson » Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:24 pm

Timelined after Saw

<@Fabian> "Welcome to my chambers." Fabian said grandly as he opened his dorm room and held the door for Cecilia and Janet to make their way through. "On your left you'll see my area with some of Cecilia sprinkled in and on the right you will see Pineapple Express."

<Janet> Janet chuckles despite herself and rolls her eyes. "Well you have certainly made your mark in the fossilized timeline of this place, Cecilia." she teases lightly. It had been a tough evening, and if she couldn't make them laugh just a little, what the hell was she good for.

<Cecilia> Cecilia glanced at Janet as they were ushered into Fabian's dorm room, cringing a little as she realized what this must look like to the new student with all of Sean's bongs and drug paraphernalia laying about, along with the pervasive smell of marijuana. She was gonna think she was dating some pothead! "I try to leave a lasting impression wherever I go," she laughed awkwardly.

<@Fabian> Fabian didn't even give Sean's side of the room a second thought as he pulled the chairs over and went for the mini-fridge between their desks. "So, what is your poison of choice, Janet?"

<Janet> Janet gave it a minor glance, not even really caring what was over there. "Well it depends what you have Fabian. Just as long as it is strong and there is plenty of it I am good to go." she shrugged and leaned against of one of the desks. "Cecilia you okay? You seem a bit shaken still.." she murmured.

<Cecilia> Cecilia's attention snapped from the bongs to Janet. "Mm? Oh yeah. I'm fine. Just need a drink is all. Fab, you know what I like," she said, flopping onto the floor and leaning against the bed.

<@Fabian> "Lettucey scotch?" he teased, grabbing the scotch nevertheless and pouring three glasses. He brought the glasses and the bottle on over, taking a seat on his bed. "So, to...blocking out that video for a while." He raised his glass and drank.

<Janet> Lettuce in scotch wait what? She had obviously missed something, nonetheless she followed suit and sat on the floor back against the bed. Janet gratefully took the glass and raised it before taking a long swig from her glass. "Yeah, this is definitely going to help that." she coughed, getting over the initial burn.

<Cecilia> "Don't kiss and tell, dear." Cecilia said wryly, teasing right back. She tossed back her drink. "Amen to that...so who wants to break it to David that it wasn't a sequel of SAW? I call not it."

<@Fabian> Fabian waved his hand dismissively at the very idea. "I think that's the last thing any of us want to do at the moment. We should bring the topic back to more normal things...Janet, you're probably the closest to normal we have, any suggestions?"

<Janet> "Can I call noes goes? No, okay well um... I'm not exactly normal but I suppose I can provide some sort of interest. Perhaps a get to know you type thing. A drinking game maybe?" She suggested waggling her eyebrows.

<@Fabian> Fabian just slowly grinned, looking towards Cecilia. "I like this one."

<Cecilia> Cecilia just gave them both a cat-like smile. "I think that sounds like a plan."

<Janet> Janet eyed them both warily. "Oh no, now I feel like I've opened up a can of mutant worms." she laughed rolling her eyes and sipping her drink.

<Cecilia> "For Fabian maybe," Cecilia said, laughing. "Not much he hasn't done...so does anyone wanna go first?"

<@Fabian> "Oh God, does that mean we're playing never have I ever? I'd say I should go first because I know you're going to absolutely bone me but, please, guests first." He saluted Janet with his drink.

<Janet> "I haven't played that game since High School. Jesus Christ, okay. Um....never have I ever ran naked down a street corner." she shrugged

<Cecilia> Cecilia smirked but didn't lift her drink to her lips. "I haven't done that down a street corner..."

<@Fabian> "Do I have to be naked for the whole run?"

<Janet> "Hmm..not sure how to answer that. And where did you run naked Cee?" She asked curiously.

<@Fabian> "Screw it, I'll just go ahead and drink. I mean, it was enough to impress the taxi driver so why would I try to undersell the experience."

<Cecilia> "A lake," she chuckled. "I went skinny dipping in the middle of winter."

<Janet> Janet nearly spat out her drink at his comment. "You were naked in a taxi?" she giggled, unable to control it honestly. "See I've never gone skinny dipping. I did flash the football team once though." she snickered.

<Cecilia> Cecilia laughed at Fabian's comment though she wasn't terribly surprised. "When it comes to naked anything, Jan, Fabian's gonna have to drink. There's very few in this university who haven't seen him in that state." She said, rolling her eyes a little.

<@Fabian> "Hey...I've been good about keeping my clothes on around here. I wore the bicycle shorts to Halloween!"

<Janet> "We are all so very proud of you Fabian for controlling your natural urge to be naked." she chuckled rolling her eyes. "Okay so who's turn is it then?"

<Cecilia> "I guess I'll go," Cecilia said, raising her eyes skyward while she thought of one. It was hard, she'd done an awful a lot since coming to university...and she had been such a prude before. Who've thought she'd be the wild one for once? "Never have I ever been on a farm."

<@Fabian> Fabian just groused and drank again. "Seriously, how have you not been on a farm, even just for those elementary school fieldtrip things?"

<Janet> That was one she had to think about. "I don't think I've been on one either honestly.." she muttered scratching her head. "Nope, never been to a farm.."

<Cecilia> "My neighbourhood was poor as hell, I can't remember going on more than two or three field-trips in my entire life!" Cecilia defended. "I never been on one. I've been to the race-track though and I once got to ride a pony at Central Park. That's the closest to a farm I've ever been."

<@Fabian> Crap, now it was his turn. What could he say that he hadn't done without resorting to feminine issues that would actually get them to drink? "Never have I ever..." ahha, this had to be cheating, "received detention."

<Cecilia> "You asshole," Cecilia said, drinking. "I swear to God I only got it 'cause the stupid bitch ratted me out."

<Janet> "Oh come on...seriously? Never? I was in detention like, all the time growing up." She stuck out her tongue at him and took a swig from her drink. "You never got detention? Not even once?"

<@Fabian> "I didn't go to school, tutored at home. This is my first experience in an actual school setting." Fabian admitted with a gleeful cackle. "I'm basically going to have to cheat and hit below the belt to come up with prompts here."

<Janet> "See that isn't even fair." she laughed before thinking a moment. "Never have I ever had sex with a man." She grinned.

<Cecilia> "...Fuck me," Cecilia said, taking a drink.

<@Fabian> "With Janet here?" Fabian couldn't succeed in looking more full of himself if he tried.

<Janet> Janet snorted with laughter, mussing a hand through her hair again. "Okay, I have to hand it to you. That was great."

<Cecilia> "Ha, ha, ha. You guys are killing me." Cecilia said sarcastically. "Alright, I might've kissed a girl, but never have I ever slept with a girl."

<@Fabian> "I can just take a drink, right? I don't have to take a drink for each one?"

<Cecilia> "Unless you wanna pass out now and lose," Cecilia snorted. "Just one's fine."

<Janet> "It is actually pretty great, being with someone who can't do enough to please you. Because you think the same way." She shrugged and looked to Cee. "Okay your turn."

<@Fabian> "Believe me, I know." Fabian raised his glass and took his drink.

<Cecilia> "Nice, I get official turn and everyone has to drink when I make snide comments. I like this game," Cecilia laughed. "Never have I ever run away from home."

<Janet> "Damnit." Janet swigged her drink again. "I swear I wasn't a troubled teen you guys." she laughs.

<@Fabian> Fabian drank as well. "Hey, even if you were I'm sure there'll be plenty of people to empathize there. I was just awesome, I even stole the booze."

<Cecilia> "You've run away more than once," Cecilia pointed out. "He lived in a palace turned museum for a few weeks even," she said to Jan, gesticulating to Fabian.

<Janet> "Are you serious? How did that happen?" God these people were fascinating, they had all sorts of interesting backgrounds and stories to tell.

<@Fabian> Fabian merely bowed as he considered what his turn would be. "Never have I ever...got hit on by Sebastian Shaw." Of course Janet wouldn't get to drink but it was worth it to tease Cee.

<@Fabian> "I do a lot of putzing around old buildings and what not. I just...took an extended trip and stayed out of bounds of the actual tours." He gave a shrug. "Jacinta wasn't home and it beat staying around father and my sister at the time."

<Cecilia> Cecilia didn't drink though, instead she just shook her head, smirking. "Sorry, but even I don't have that dubious honour."

<@Fabian> "You had to have, you probably just didn't realize it was happening." Fabian looked confused at the idea that it didn't happen, and oddly disappointed.

<Janet> "No idea who that is so I suppose I fold for this round.. Hmm, never have I ever, had sex in a public place." she grinned

<Cecilia> Cecilia shook her head. "He had both Melody and... Cassandra in his lap most of the evening and Jess fawning over him every other time I was there. He didn't give me a second glance. Though he did say once he saw why you liked me...but I think that was more to do with the things I said than how I looked." Cecilia laughed. "Never done that, either. Though it probably won't be long."

<@Fabian> "I'm sure he did in his Sebastian Shaw way, if not it's only a matter of time." Fabian just reached for the bottle and poured himself a new glass so he could drink to Janet's turn.

<Cecilia> "Guess it's my turn again," Cecilia remarked as Fabian took his drink. "Okay, never have I ever dumped someone."

<Janet> "Okay Fabian, tell us where it was." She smirked taking a sip from her drink just because she could. It was odd being a part of a conversation where you had no idea most of what someone was talking about. But it was also fun. She got to learn things about people she hadn't met yet. "Oh I definitely have." She sipped to Cee's turn.

<Cecilia> "Yeah, tell us. I know about the time in the park but are there others?" Cecilia asked Fabian, giggling a little bit. "Who did you dump, Jan?"

<@Fabian> "The car was parked publicly, and there was a beach incident I regret most thoroughly because sand...and is what I used to do actually dumping or no? I'll just drink to cover my bases."

<Janet> "I've dumped several people. During that whole process of trying to figure out myself I dated and dumped a few guys. Then when I figured out I liked girls I kind of just stopped dating, until this one girl who I was really into. Then I found out she was cheating on me so I ended it." She shrugged. "A beach? Really.. God that must have sucked, sand everywhere.."

<Cecilia> "I'd say Jess was a dump or at least pretty damn close to it for you," Cecilia admitted. "You told me you said you'd never see her again in any capacity. I think that counts." Cecilia frowned at Jan's comment. "Jesus, your girlfriend sucked."

<@Fabian> "It was fun while it was happening, it's just the clean up afterwards. I mean, luckily I live close so it wasn't like I had to drive home or anything but still, and yes, seconding the sucking."

<Cecilia> Cecilia cleared her throat awkwardly. The beach person wasn't her, but Jan didn't know that. "Your turn, Fab." Clean slate, she'd promised him that. But it was hard sometimes. She could get jealous occasionally.

<Janet> "Yeah, she was my first love I think. Found out later she was cheating with a dude and he got her pregnant. She tried to come back and tell me she made a mistake. Like she wanted me to help with the little sucker. I feel bad to say that I laughed in her face. But I was like seventeen and she was a bitch. No way I was going to get sucked into that." she chuckled shrugging her shoulders.

<Cecilia> Cecilia made a face. "Fuck...no, you're not a bitch. I would've said no, too. Who needs a kid now?"

<@Fabian> "...you said you'd take care of my seahorses." Fabian poked Cecilia's side jokingly. "Just for that, never have I ever been to a prom."

<Cecilia> "I regret going to my prom more and more every day," Cecilia grumbled, taking her drink. "And I only offered 'cause your seahorses were mine as well and you're one of my best friends."

<Janet> Janet sipped her drink in response to Fabian's turn. "Exactly. Besides, after what she did. No way... And yeah prom kind of sucked.. "

<Janet> "Seahorses? You have seahorses?" She cocked an eyebrow curiously.

<Cecilia> "We took acid together not too long ago and Fabian thought he was pregnant with seahorses during the high," Cecilia explained to Jan, laughing. "It made for awkward pillow talk."

<@Fabian> Fabian just looked to Janet as seriously as he could. "Acid is one hell of a drug...and what do you mean 'one of my best friends'? I would be the mother to your seahorse children!"

<@Fabian> "Would you like any, for the record, I'm sure I've got the rest of the gummy bears somewhere here."

<Cecilia> "Mayday's my best female friend and you're my best male friend," Cecilia said. "And Lukas is an unfair best friend 'cause he can double as both!"

<Janet> Janet fell over, her stomach aching with laughter. She wiped tears away. "Nah, I'm good ahah I'm good.. Um, so. Never have I ever told someone I love them in a relationship. Not even that girl."

<Cecilia> Cecilia raised her glass and took a drink. "I said it before I was in a relationship even."

<@Fabian> Fabian drank right along with Cecilia. "What can I say, I bring it out in people."

<Janet> "God I haven't been in a relationship in a long time." She stretched her back out and looked at the two. They were funny, and really cute together.

<Cecilia> "Neither have I," Cecilia said wryly. "We've been together..." she counted "...five months now. Fabian's my first boyfriend."

<Cecilia> "Not counting the time we were 'just friends.'"

<@Fabian> "Well, lots of things to do outside of relationship territory so hey, enjoy yourself in that way while you can?"

<Janet__> "I don't think I even know how to begin a proper adult relationship without resorting to sex." She murmured thinking about it for a moment. Then there was Mayday....she would never resort to getting into a relationship with Mayday by using sex. No, she was much more special than that.

<Cecilia> "Well, Fabian's proof you can learn. If he did it you could. My turn now, right?" Cecilia asked, vaguely considering pushing May to hang out with Jan more...well, they were both gay, liked science and had an insect mutation - why not? Other than the fact Mayday had just broken up with someone. Yeah...maybe later. "Alright, never have I ever cross-dressed."

<@Fabian> "Patience...its a hard thing to learn but, hey, if the end goal is good enough to wait for it can be enjoyable." There was that overly self-satisfied look again, even though he was drinking.

<Janet> "Got to get someone in mind first ya know." she shrugged. Mayday was practically off limits, she'd been through hell with Sue recently and was still healing from being wounded and from the breakup. It was not the best time.. "Oh pearls of wisdom Fabian."

<Cecilia> "He's just hoping to get laid later," Cecilia teased, though she was smiling warmly.

<Janet> "Yeah that's probably it." she sipped her drink. "I actually have cross-dressed. It was on a dare."

<@Fabian> Fabian replied with a wriggle of an eyebrow. "I'm always full of hope."

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