4/16 Instance: Like Will And Grace!...Kind Of

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4/16 Instance: Like Will And Grace!...Kind Of

Post by Ferguson » Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:15 am

Current Timeline

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul poked his head inside the room, glancing around to Mayday. "Hello hello? Are you up for company now? I come bearing early birthday presents if you like."

<Mayday> "JP!" Mayday waved over to him, placing Cinnamon back in his tank, "Oh, you don't have to do that!" she blushed, sitting up in the infirmary bed, "Good news! I'm getting out today!"

<Jean-Paul> "Too late, I've got your comics and lunch so you're going to be eating and reading and enjoying the sonic screwdriver memory stick full of various treasure." He came on in, claiming a chair and waving to Cinnamon. "Awesome, how are you feeling then?"

<Mayday> Smiling, Mayday stretched, "I'm fiiiine, just a lil' restless." she confessed, "Feeling better about life and stuff - Jan was hanging out with me the other day. Felt kinda bad soaking up all her time like I did..."

<Jean-Paul> "I imagine she had fun with you, I imagine she could use some friends and all that, strange time to start here, after all, she's been thrown in the deep end." Jean-Paul pulled a face. "At least you're getting back out of here soon."

<Mayday> Mayday nodded, "Yeah...I wanna get back on the front lines as soon as possible." she stroked the tank beside her, watching Cinnamon stroke a leg against it from his side, "I really hope I didn't guilt Jan into staying...I was worried she'd get bored. Then again, it WAS Pokemon Blue and Red..."

<Jean-Paul> "She came down here to see you, didn't she? So she likes you enough to visit, I'd say it's up to her how long she will stay so there's no reason to feel like you've forced her into anything, yeah?" Jean-Paul grinned. "Plus probably made you feel better, too."

<Mayday> "She really did. She's too nice, really." Mayday laughed, snorting in the little way she did sometimes, "If she's like that with everyone, she'll never have any enemies, huh?" she smiled, "So...d-did you say you had lunch? I'm kinda starved..."

<Jean-Paul> "Like I would come down here without any food." Jean-Paul sat the tray down beside her. "And I made it as well so you know it's going to be good."

<Mayday> "Did you replicate one of my insane sandwiches?" Mayday asked, looking down at Cinnamon, "Aww, baby, I'll get you some crickets later, ok?" she made a kissy-face at the tank.

<Jean-Paul> "If by replicate you mean cooked you a kickass chicken cordon-bleu and tried to make my own version of a monte cristo out of it than sure, that's exactly what I did." Jean-Paul nodded with a chuckle. "Aw, I should have brought her snacks, too."

<Mayday> "Oooh, thank you so much!" she clapped, lifting the tray into her lap and making a start on the cordon-bleu. She cut herself off a piece, placing it into her mouth with a sigh of satisfaction as she chewed it and swallowed, "Mmmn, it tastes amazing!"

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul couldn't help but puff up proudly at that. He did so love it when people appreciated his food. "So, did they give you a timeline on when you could get back out there?"

<@Mayday> Shrugging, Mayday sliced herself another bit of food, "Nah, but I figure as soon as I can walk around I'll be good to go." she smiled at him, taking another bite.

<Jean-Paul> "I'm on for the next shift, I think I've pulled flying through the sewers tonight." Which, save for the smell, was all right since he could just fly away from the mess. "I...probably should talk to Eddie's dad again, too, see if he's heard anything."

<@Mayday> Mayday paused, swallowing the current mouthful of food and turning to him, "Eddie's not coming back, is he?"

<Jean-Paul> "Well...hopefully this is all Venom and not actually Eddie-Eddie or some mix of the two...but not of his own free will all of a sudden, probably not."

<@Mayday> "That's what I was thinking." Mayday smiled a little, "He's tough though, I....I don't think he'll do anything." she went back to her food, "I-is his Dad ok?"

<Jean-Paul> "I'm...not so sure." Jean-Paul admitted, frowning. "I hope not, if he comes down from this he'd never let himself be forgiven...and his dad's to be expected."

<@Mayday> "Oh...w-well...yeah." taking a deep breath, Mayday placed her cutlery down, "I-I...really, really have a bad feeling about everything." she confessed, "...I want it to be ok, but after Cassie...after Johnny and Jamie..."

<Jean-Paul> "We...got a video on Johnny and Jamie. It's pretty gruesome, won't lie, and there's no timestamp but at least they seemed still alive for that...it's not much hope but it's some."

<@Mayday> Mayday nodded at that, "I-I heard. I don't....I-I don't wanna watch it." she gulped, "Is that ok?"

<Jean-Paul> "Of course, it's all ready been analyzed a few times by now, I sat through it once just to see if there were some fast clues or something but I was glad it was only one setting, I'll tell you."

<@Mayday> Shuddering, Mayday looked away. She didn't even want to imagine what it was about, "O-ok. Well....they're alive until proven dead as far as I'm concerned. That's all that matters."

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul nodded but sighed. "We'll get to the end of things one way or the other, just hopefully without losing anyone else."

<@Mayday> "I really, really hope you're right." Mayday breathed, shuffling carefully closer - so as not to knock her tray over - and hugging him, "I'm terrified, JP, I won't even lie..."

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul returned the hug. "It's going to be okay. I know you are but it's going to be okay."

<@Mayday> Nodding against him, Mayday took a deep breath, smiling again, "I-I know you guys need me at my best, so I'm gonna give it my all this time. Hopefully not have my powers check out on me and get spanked again, huh?" she giggled a little, going back to the lunch, "Also, this is the best gift ever."

<Jean-Paul> "It best be, I hope I got all the comics you usually got, too, that Bilbo guy was...well, I'm not sure helpful is the right word but he had a few opinions on what I should get."

<Jean-Paul> "We're going to get things done, we're still here, after all, yeah?"

<@Mayday> "Yeah." Mayday nodded, literally chewing over her next thought about Mr. Modell - swallowing the mouthful, she went on; "Bilbo is...probably the strangest man I've ever met. He both intrigues and scares me..." she smirked, "Mmm, and Jace is....h-he seems kinda lonely. But he's...kinda cold without realizing it."

<Jean-Paul> "Soon you'll get back to them as well, life'll get back to normal." Jean-Paul smiled but sighed again, looking tired now.

<@Mayday> Poking him gently with a finger, Mayday smiled, "You ok?" she asked, finishing her food with a happy sigh before placing the tray aside and lying back.

<Jean-Paul> "Yeah, yeah I'm okay." Jean-Paul offered her a smile. "Have to admit though, sort of glad I'm a senior next year."

<@Mayday> Mayday scratched her head, "Oh, that means you leave soon enough, huh?" she bit her lip, "...y-you'll stay in contact, right?"

<Jean-Paul> "Of course! Hell, I'm thinking of becoming a citizen here...dual citizenship but still."

<@Mayday> "I seriously don't think I'd survive without your cooking." Mayday laughed, "Oooh! M-maybe we can move in together! Like....you can be 'Will', and I'll be 'Grace', but we'll both be gay!"

<Jean-Paul> "And Reed can possibly live with us as well when you both graduate?" Jean-Paul asked, grinning wider. "I always wanted to be a sit-com."

<@Mayday> Clapping, Mayday nodded enthusiastically, "And our doorbell can be the Seinfeld scene-jingle!!"

<Jean-Paul> "...oh my god you are absolutely my lesbian life-partner."

<@Mayday> "You complete me, Jean-Paul." she rested her hand on his shoulder, giving him a sage-like nod, a huge smile still taped across her face, "Now, if you just agree to wear a maid's uniform while you cook...."

<Jean-Paul> "Only if Reed wears it doing dishes."

<@Mayday> "Agreed!" Mayday held out her hand, "Shake on it?"

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul gladly shook that hand. "We have future plans, like adults and so forth!"

<@Mayday> "I know!" the redhead chimed back, "Being all mature and progressive, eh?" she scratched her nose, "Heh, we're so coooool!"

<Jean-Paul> "We're the absolute coolest, so would you like me to help you haul everything back upstairs?"

<@Mayday> Sitting up again, Mayday nodded, "Please. I wanna go back as soon as possible, I've seen enough o' this place to last a lifetime..." she frowned over at Jean and Jason. She bore them no ill will, but even so, she didn't want to stay down and out.

<@Mayday> "Aww, shit. I have to share a room with Sue again, huh?" she pouted, "Can I stay with you? Pleeeease?"

<Jean-Paul> "No problem, Mick's quiet enough, I don't think he'll mind."

<@Mayday> "Yaaay!" Mayday hugged him again, "Thanks! I promise I'll find someone else to hassle as soon as, ok?"

<Jean-Paul> "You're fine, May, stay for the rest of the school year if you like, we've only a little while."

<@Mayday> Beaming, she nodded, "You know what? That'd be great." she stretched, "Alright, let's get outta here, huh?"

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