4/17 Instance: Grumpy Rogue

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4/17 Instance: Grumpy Rogue

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Wed Apr 17, 2013 6:43 am

timeline: after Saw

Rachel: Paige had gotten her a carton of ice cream after she'd been blinded, and Rachel was sitting out on the patio with a spoon, making use of it as she stared out over the lawn while taking small bites from the container. After watching the video with Johnny and Jamie, she'd gone to check on Jean before wandering up for a smoke and the treat, hoping it'd make her feel somewhat better about the whole situation. She wasn't sure it was working.

Rogue: Rogue walked up from the boathouse and tilted her head at Rachel sitting on the porch. She looked like she was on auto-pilot. Rogue flew the rest of the way to make it a faster trip. "Hey," she frowned at her as she landed on the steps. "What's wrong, sugah?"

Rachel: Rachel blinked at the sudden appearance of Rogue, shaking her head a bit, "Nothing, really. It's just this cannibal business." After another bite of ice cream, she asked as she offered her spoon, "What were you up to?"

Rogue: "Playin' with Ripley," she grinned. Rogue stepped up and went to sit beside Rachel, snatching the spoon for a bite. "What's happened now?"

Rachel: "I'd definitely take babysitting over cannibals," she replied with a brief grin, reaching for the pack of cigarettes while Rogue was busy with her ice cream. After lighting up, she leaned back in her seat, pulling her knees up, as she answered, "There's a video of the boys being tortured. Jamie's... He might be dead, so I might have to tell Jean. Whenever she's done with her Jason imitation."

Rachel: Was it too soon for her to be making jokes about Jason? She took a drag as she considered this. It probably was... Oh, well.

Rogue: Rogue grimaced at all of the thoughts Rachel's words put in her head. "Jamie's dead? Shit. How many kids do we hafta lose b'fore people decide we've lost enough an' leave us alone?" She put the spoon back in the ice cream, appetite gone. "How's Jean doin'? Any word?"

Rachel: "Still unconscious," she muttered, shaking her head. Since Rogue seemed to be done with her ice cream, she pulled the carton back toward her, taking a quick bite. Cigarettes and ice cream were strange together. "I should go back down there to sit with her soon... I should check on Mayday, too. Then, I guess I need to go patrol again."

Rogue: Rogue reached over and rubbed Rachel's back a bit. "Y'all have a lot on ya plate. Ah'll sit with Jean if ya want me to." She frowned a bit, "Ah hope an' pray that Jamie really ain't dead. Jean may wanna stay in her coma if that's tha case." When Rachel put her spoon down, Rogue took another bite and passed it back. "How're y'all doin', sugah? Just you. Not anybody else."

Rachel: "I hope so, too. I really don't want to tell her he's dead after I assured her he'd be alive. I mean, she already, like... hates me, so I'd rather not give her more ammo to use against me," Rachel said, taking another hit from the cigarette, exhaling the smoke through her nose as she debated how she was doing.

Rachel: She took the spoon back, picking at the ice cream as she answered, "For starters, I'm not blind, but I think I'm starting to stress. If I didn't have all this, I'd be pretty damn good though."

Rogue: Rogue pulled a leg up under her and watched her friend for a few moments. "If you didn't have all this, you wouldn't be you, darlin'."

Rachel: "Well, I more meant all this cannibal stuff, but that is true," Rachel managed a slight grin around her cigarette.

Rogue: Rogue gave a humorless laugh, "We'd all be better off without somebody eatin' us. But without tha bad, we wouldn't be who we are." She stole another bite of ice cream. "How's Paige?"

Rachel: "I'll refrain from commenting about eating," she replied, smirking widely. "Besides being terrified of cannibals and flipping out over me getting my ass kicked by a ninja, she's fine."

Rogue: Rogue winced about the ninja, a bit upset she hadn't been there to help. But, she was babysitting. Baby's can't fight ninjas. "She still pissed off at me?"

Rachel: "No? I don't know. She probably doesn't even remember she is," Rachel shrugged, stubbing out the smoke on the ground. Then, she went for more ice cream. "I've been busy lately, so I don't see a ton of her... like, where we're both conscious enough to have a conversation the other will remember."

Rogue: "Is she keepin' busy too? Or is it puttin' a strain on y'all's relationship that you're always busy?"

Rachel: "She babysits Ripley sometimes in addition to whatever else she does. We watched her one night, which was... actually sort of fun," she admitted, staring down into the carton of ice cream as she did, stuffing a bite in her mouth.

Rogue: "Hey," she smirked at her, "It's hard not ta have fun with Ripley. She's Lorna an' Bobby rolled inta one itty person."

Rachel: "I held her while we watched Star Wars," Rachel looked up with a grin, "I'm teaching her and Paige about the awesomeness that is Darth Vader."

Rogue: Rogue stared at Rachel in slight disbelief, "Y'all consented ta date somebody who don't know why y'all say you're part o' tha dark side?"

Rachel: Rachel nodded, "She's called it Trek Wars before, and I still love her."

Rogue: Rogue's mouth dropped open, "If Ah'd called it that, y'all an' Bobby both would disown me!"

Rachel: "Well, duh," she rolled her eyes, "You're nowhere near as adorable as Paige."

Rogue: Rogue gave Rachel a pout, "But Ah beat up people who're mean ta ya!"

Rachel: "...Point," Rachel relented as she went for more ice cream, holding the spoon out in offering after her bite. After a few moments, she gave a shrug, "It all works out anyway. If I'm teaching her about Star Wars, we don't talk about how she wants a baby."

Rogue: Rogue took the spoon for another bite and then her eyes widened at what Rachel said next, "She wants a what?"

Rachel: "A baby. Y'know, that thing Bobby and Lorna has that screams and drools and pukes and shits that we were just talking about...?" she answered, opening the pack of cigarettes to count how many she had left while debating another smoke, "She's wanted one for as long as I've known her. Plus, why the hell else do you think we stole baby Jesus at Christmas? ...Other than being plastered."

Rogue: It was Rogue's turn to roll her eyes at Rachel.

Rogue: "Ah know what a baby is. But she wants one with y'all? ...Does she know who she's datin'?"

Rachel: "No, she does, seeing as she said not having one was fine because she had me," Rachel placed the pack back on the table and held a hand out for the spoon, "I told her I could change my mind, and she told me it wasn't likely. That was pretty much the end of it."

Rogue: Rogue handed the spoon back and shrugged, "Well, people do change, f'r sure. Ah never wanted ta get married... So Ah guess y'all wantin' a baby is possible... Ah guess." She grinned.

Rachel: Rachel laughed, "Well, clearly, I'm full of surprises. No one could've guessed I'd be dating the princess of pink."

Rogue: Rogue laughed and nodded, "That is very true. No one could've guessed you'd date a gal period, though... So yeah, datin' a gal who is all about y'all's least favorite color is a bit more o' a stretch."

Rachel: "Yeah, just imagine what surprise could come next."

Rogue: Rogue wrinkled her nose and shook her head vehemently, "Nope. Don't wanna think 'bout it. It's too much."

Rachel: Rachel shot her a curious look, smirking slightly, "...Are you really thinking of something that awful?"

Rogue: "Y'all an' pink is too awful. Ah don't wanna imagine somethin' worse."

Rachel: Oh, trying to put Rogue on something worse seemed like the most fun she was likely to have today. "I could have an actual wedding since I skipped out on that the first time around. Can you imagine?"

Rogue: "Ah cannot an' will not. Ya cain't make me." And she really couldn't either. Yay for her built in brick wall shields. "Ha!"

Rachel: Rachel was grinning widely now, insisting, "But you were so pissed when you missed out on mine and Josh's! This could be your second chance!"

Rogue: "Yeah, but... But..." Rogue was at a loss and she finally imagined it and frowned horribly at the image of Rachel in a large floofy pink dress. "No."

Rachel: She was snickering at this point and really wanted another bite of ice cream, but it'd probably be a choking hazard. "Plus, I could change my mind about babies. I'm getting used to Ripley... Though, that could have something to do with the fact that she goes home..."

Rogue: Rogue shuddered. Rachel in a pink floofy dress holding a baby swathed in bright pink. "No. Not both. Ah cain't take both."

Rachel: Rachel finally managed to get her laughter under control enough to take a bite of ice cream, pushing the container back toward Rogue. Maybe it would help with whatever mental scarring she'd just inflicted on her. "I suppose I'll stop there."

Rogue: Rogue sulked as she dug into the ice cream, eyes still on Rachel. "Y'all're gonna do both, ain'tcha? Just ta make sure ya break me."

Rachel: "I dunno, maybe," she shrugged. "Kinda depends on how Paige feels about all of that, and it's not something I'm bringing up for a while. I mean, I need to survive meeting her family first."

Rogue: Rogue wrinkled her nose at her again. "Y'all goin' ta Texas?"

Rachel: "At some point, yep," Rachel nodded, "That look on your face pretty much describes how I feel about Texas at this point."

Rogue: "Ya gonna go now an' escape tha cannibals? Or wait 'til ya can tell Jean that Jamie's gonna have a funeral?"

Rachel: She cringed a bit at the latter, but answered as she stole the ice cream back, "Waiting... Though, you'd think after spending so much time dealing with cannibals, some family meeting wouldn't seem like a big deal."

Rogue: Rogue laughed, "That's a good point. But, alternately, ya can feel like tha family themselves are their own form o' cannibals."

Rachel: "Especially when they're scarily Catholic," Rachel nodded, grabbing the spoon. "However, I've been told I'm exactly the type of person people should take home to meet their family because I'm awesome."

Rogue: Rogue blinked in shock at Rachel, "Who in their right mind'd tell y'all that?"

Rachel: "Mayday, and it wasn't exactly worded like that."

Rogue: "Ah mean... Y'all are awesome. But not tha type o' person people normally wanna take home unless they wanna piss their parents off."

Rachel: "See, that's more what I expected to hear... Though, it was nice to be told I was with a heart," Rachel said, shrugging, "It likely won't matter much past this first meeting anyway. They'll probably have the same reaction my mother did but with disowning."

Rogue: "Has she even told her parents yet?" She snatched the spoon back, "Y'all have one o' tha biggest hearts ever, Firefly. Just 'cause ya hide it don't mean it ain't there."

Rachel: "I don't know about ever, but I suppose I'll take it," Rachel grinned, shaking her head, "Nope."

Rogue: "Y'all better take it. Ah don't give that compliment out freely."

Rachel: "Well, clearly. You're eating my ice cream."

Rogue: Rogue grinned at Rachel and bopped her on the nose with the handle of the spoon. "Ah'll buy ya more."

Rachel: Nose wrinkling, she shook her head and reached up to swipe at her face, making sure there wasn't any ice cream on it, "Don't worry about it. Now that I've updated you with all my gushing and put horrifying thoughts in your head, I guess I should get back to being productive."

Rogue: "Aw, but productivity is so not y'all's style, Grey," she smirked and shoulder bumped Rachel. "Want me to sit with Jean while y'all check on Mayday?"

Rachel: "I know. It's so overrated," she smirked back and nodded, "Sounds like a plan. You wanna go out with me after that?"

Rogue: "Gosh, yes. Ah need ta get away from this place f'r a couple hours at least." She stood up and offered her hand down. "Drinks an' people watchin'?"

Rachel: That hadn't been what she had in mind, but it was far, far better than anything to do with cannibals. Taking the offered help, she stood and gathered her things, pressing the lid onto the tub of ice cream, "As long as you don't let me get so wasted I make an idiot of myself in front of my girlfriend later and end up hurling in a trashcan the next morning."

Rogue: "Ew. Ah don't know that Ah ever wanna see y'all that wasted."

Rachel: "Apparently, I'm prone to theft, poorly dancing, singing, and cuddling... So, no, you probably don't," Rachel shook her head as she started for the door. Plus, if she thought that was bad, it was nothing compared to dropping acid with Fabian, however she just wasn't going to mention that part. "Meet you in the medlab? I'm just going to put the ice cream away."

Rogue: "Yep. Ah'll see ya in a bit," she smiled at Rachel and headed in. "Don't get eaten."

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