4/17 Instance: No Clue

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4/17 Instance: No Clue

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Wed Apr 17, 2013 6:44 am

timeline: current

Rachel: Having easily disposed of the lock on the building, Rachel tossed it aside as she gave the door to the warehouse a shove, the door practically falling off its hinges as it haltingly opened with a long, drawn out creaking. It was well into the night, so she wasn't particularly worried about anyone noticing the missing lock or busted door as she stepped into the large, darkened room, nose wrinkling at the decaying smell.

Rachel: On the bright side, there wasn't anything that smelled like decomposing flesh.

Rachel: She reached down to her belt to pull out her flashlight, flicking it on, the light not illuminating as much of the area as she'd like. It'd help if most of the windows hadn't been boarded up, but she could work with just the flashlight. Scrubbing at her face with her free hand, she muttered to Sue, even though it should've been a given by now, "We need to see if there's any sort of basement."

Sue: "I can do that..." Sue crept in behind her, "I can just make the floor invisible..."

Rachel: "I guess that'd be a start," Rachel replied as she slowly moved through the space, pausing in her search to inspect some graffiti on the walls her light had illuminated. Luckily, it also wasn't anything cannibal cult related, which was a disappointment and a relief all at once. On one hand, they wouldn't be finding bodies. On the other, they wouldn't be getting any answers unless there was something in a basement.

Sue: Sue focused her field on the spot beneath her feet and spread it out slowly.

Rachel: Rachel had lightly run her fingers over the spray-painted walls and wiped the dust on her leg, cringing a bit as she pressed the bruise on her thigh. With a sigh, she turned back toward where Sue was and directed the light at the floor, squinting down into the basement. "Well now, we need to get down there, and I can't say I like the idea of going through the floor."

Sue: Sue shoved her field around until she found some stairs, "Door is thattaway." She pointed over.

Rachel: Turning the direction the stairs were supposed to be, she sighed when a wall was lit up and started toward where there appeared to be a hallway, motioning for Sue to follow, "I guess once we finish this up, we shoud head back."

Sue: Sue nodded as she followed along, "Yeah, probably... it's late..."

Rachel: "Yeah, exactly. Paige will be freaking out," she commented, narrowly avoiding a rotted patch of floorboard. Continuing down the hall, the floorboards squeaking underfoot, she debated which door would be to the stairs, adding, "Plus, I still need to check on Jean and May."

Sue: Sue chewed her lip, spreading her field under her feet to avoid the dangers of rotten floorboards. "How are they doing....?"

Rachel: "Jean... could never regain consciousness," she answered, pausing as she placed the flashlight between her teeth. She reached for the door, which was half-rotted and hanging off the hinges, and pulled it the rest of the way off, carefully placing it against the wall. Grabbing her flashlight, she directed the beam down the stairs, continuing, "Mayday's been better, though I didn't think you'd really care to hear about her."

Sue: "What about that teacher... can't she heal her up?" Sue watched her footing as she headed down after her. She sighed at the comment about May. "Of course I care... we broke up but I still care..."

Rachel: "Watch you step," Rachel warned as she tested a step, skipping over it when it started to give under her weight. "Heal which one? Also, no one can tell because... Well, how many times have you been down there to see her? Because I've slept at her bedside instead of being with my own girlfriend."

Sue: "Both of them?" She used her field to make the step stable enough for her and decided to continue that effect on the rest of the stairs. "The stairs are fine now..." she ran a hand through her hair. "I didn't think she'd want to see me..."

Rachel: "Jean screwed herself up like I made a milkshake from Jason's mind... Just to a lesser degree, I hope. There's not really any healing that," she shook her head, taking the stairs more quickly at the assurance they were alright. "Just because you broke up doesn't mean she's not hurt because you didn't acknowledge the fact she was injured at all."

Sue: "Cecilia was handling it..." Sue mumbled, "I thought it'd be awkward... and she hurt me a lot... I don't know what to say to her."

Rachel: "Cecilia was handling it because no one else was, and I was blind," Rachel grumbled the last part, still less than pleased about the temporary loss of vision. Mostly because it'd made her pretty useless. Well, it hadn't, but her freaking out over it had.

Rachel: Reaching the bottom of the stairs, she peered around, not seeing anything clearly suspicious, "Sometimes, you don't have to say anything. It's just about being there. ...Suppose that doesn't really matter at this point though."

Sue: "I'm sure she doesn't want me there. She's the one that broke it off... doesn't want anything to do with me..."

Rachel: "Breaking up with you doesn't mean she doesn't necessarily want to see you," Rachel rolled her eyes. "Or at least know that you ever actually cared."

Sue: "She has a lot of friends to pick up the slack..." Sue talked to the floor, "She won't miss me..."

Rachel: "Well, y'know... It'd be hard to at the moment," Rachel replied as she moved through the basement, searching for signs of carvings, scripture, or dried blood.

Sue: "Hard to what?" Sue frowned, moving around the room and manipulating the light like she'd been practicing to make it easier for her to see.

Rachel: Blinking, she turned to look back over to the other girl, vaguely wondering exactly how blonde she was, because she was pretty sure even Paige would've gotten that. She slowly shook her head, "To miss. Anyway, see if you can spot any access to the sewer or subway."

Sue: Sue used her invisibility field to look for that again, "She barely saw me before we broke up, as she was so quick to remind me of and make me feel guilty about because I was looking for my baby brother and trying to convince my parents to stay in their hotel."

Rachel: Flailing slightly when she walked through a spiderweb, she swatted around in her general vicinity in an attempt to clear it of any other surprises, replying, "She barely saw you before that anyway, which is pretty sad since you two share a room."

Sue: "Well I'm in the room all the time, it's not like it's hard to find me...." she swung her field around in her search.

Rachel: "Maybe that was part of the problem."

Sue: "Well I don't have any friends so I don't have anywhere else to hang out. May has lots of friends. So I guess she was with them and didn't invite me. That's hardly my fault."

Rachel: "Well, you can't make any if you don't hang out anywhere else, and May has lots of friends because she gets out and does just that."

Sue: "I'm not Johnny. I can't just go out and throw myself at people and have them instantly like me..."

Rachel: "Duh," Rachel rolled her eyes as she moved through various pieces of equipment that had been abandoned, the small halo of light sweeping the floor as she continued to look for any clues. She knew they were likely to find anything, but it was good to be thorough. "Because that's not how having a social life works... Though, you'd have to get out to know that."

Sue: "I had a social life before I came here. I know how it works. But I have nothing in common with anyone here... and everyone wants me to be like Johnny and I'm not. I don't have his confidence..."

Rachel: "Well, to know that you have nothing in common, you would have to actually get to know people and to know they want you to be like Johnny, which I doubt any do, you would also have to get to know them," she commented, "Plus, you don't need confidence. I have next to none, and I have enough friends."

Sue: "Well it's too late now anyway. I'm sure everyone's made up their minds about me. No one who's friends with Mayday will want to be friends with me now. I'm the bitch ex who hasn't even been to visit her because she can't be bothered, right?"

Rachel: "Sounds about right, yep," Rachel replied, shaking her head, "I'm not finding anything, so I guess that means we're done here."

Sue: Sue withdrew her field, turning back for the stairs. "So there's no way to fix that. Too late. So what's the point? May as well just carry on how I am."

Rachel: "If you want to end up alone with a herd of cats, yeah, may as well," she said as she cut back across the basement to the staircase, the stairs bowing as she started back up to the ground floor.

Sue: "Maybe I'll just go home and go back to my old life where things were normal and people didn't abduct other people to eat them."

Rachel: Getting to the top of the stairs, Rachel gave a bit of a shrug, heading toward the exit and cringing at the creaky floorboards, "Go for it, if you want."

Sue: "I don't know what I want... but there's nothing keeping me here. I came here to keep an eye on Johnny and, clearly, I failed miserably there... so when we find him... I'll probably just go home with mum and dad."

Rachel: "If we find him," she sighed, flicking her flashlight off and placing it back on her belt as she stepped out of the warehouse.

Sue: "When." Sue corrected. "When we find him."

Rachel: "If," Rachel insisted as she raked a hand through her hair, peering around. It looked like the coast was clear, which meant they just had to slip back off the grounds. That was easy enough. "I meant if we find him."

Sue: "We're going to find him. And Jamie. And they're going to be fine." Sue glared at her.

Rachel: Rachel rounded on her, matching her glare with a cold look, "They're not going to be fine, and you're fucking moronic for thinking so. It's no wonder Mayday broke up with you because even lemmings have enough common sense to know you don't walk away from things like this as if nothing ever happened. That's assuming they're still alive, even. Or haven't had their legs gnawed off. Or who the fuck knows what else."

Rachel: She shook her head, "For all we know, we're out here searching for no good fucking reason because Johnny could've killed Jamie, and they dragged him off afterward, probably for dinner. Or did you miss the video where Jamie got cut up by your brother before being burned alive? Instead, we could be out finding Eddie and Hope, who we know are still around and about to bring hell down on themselves."

Rachel: "So, no, I meant if."

Sue: Sue stared at her for a long moment before vanishing from view and running for the door.

Rachel: Rachel watched her disappear from view, rolled her eyes, and reached for the cigarettes she also kept in her belt on her uniform. After lighting up, she radioed ahead to let them know she'd be back shortly and that she was unsure of Sue's status at the moment. Breathing out the smoke, she started back toward the school at a leisurely pace, hoping she'd be relatively calm by the time she got back.

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