4/18 Instance: And The Strawberry On Top

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4/18 Instance: And The Strawberry On Top

Post by Ferguson » Fri Apr 19, 2013 1:33 am

Timelined after 'Cinnamon's Swag'

<Janet> Janet was in the kitchen, she'd just finished decorating the cake and was now placing cherries atop the small dollops of icing. "Just like in the game. But it is real and looks incredibly delicious." She noted to herself with a grin before washing her hands and wiping them on a dish rag. The necklace she'd gotten was inside the cube that it resembled but smaller

<Janet> and there was a note next to the cake that said "This may be a lie. But your birthday isn't. Happy Birthday Mayday." Janet heard footsteps and hid behind the counter. She'd sent an anonymous note to Mayday to come to the kitchens that afternoon and Janet was excited to surprise her.

<@Mayday> Arriving in the kitchen with the note in hand, Mayday looked around, raising her eyebrow with a smirk, "Ok, colour me interested...." she grinned, approaching the counter from her side, "Oooh, free cake?"

<Janet> Janet popped out with a wide grin. "Happy Birthday!" She cried throwing her arms up in the air. "I hope it is a really happy one."

<@Mayday> Letting out a little squeak, Mayday jumped back bursting out in laughter and dashing to the other side to hug Janet, "Aaah! Thank you so much!" she cheered, leaping onto the other girl, "This is so nice! Everyone's been so fantastic!!!"

<Janet> Hugging her back tightly, she laughed as well, glad she could get that reaction out of the redhead. "It's no problem. I just wanted you to have a nice birthday." She muttered, blushing a little.

<@Mayday> "Why? You didn't have to do so much!" Mayday assured her, giving her a big squeeze of her own.

<Janet> "You have been so wonderful to me ever since I got here. Friendly, and funny...and I really love how much you care. And I care about you too so this is what I thought you deserved."

<@Mayday> Mayday blushed a little, backing away enough to look at her face, "...w-wow....t-thank you." she smiled, scratching her head, "....I-I don't...I don't know what to say." she sniffed, laughing a little bit.

<Janet> "Don't say anything. Just a good friend. Giving another good friend something nice. SO! Cut yourself a piece of cake before I steal it away." she laughed

<@Mayday> Wiping an eye, Mayday nodded, grinning enough to make her cheeks hurt, "Ok. T-thanks though, thanks so much." she approached the cake, raising a finger, "But I wasn't nice so I could get free cake, I swear!"

<Janet> "Oh don't lie. You so were." She teased and licked the spatula she'd used to ice the cake. "I mean that's why I was nice to you." She joked "So I expect a cake."

<@Mayday> "Really..." Mayday folded her arms with a smirk, "Well, I might get you cake...and I might not! I guess you'll have to keep being nice to me, huh? On the scale of 'one-to-cake' you're at 'cupcake'." she winked.

<Janet> "Oh come on.. I should at least be at full batch of cupcakes by now eh?" She giggled dipping the spatula into the soapy water in the sink and rinsing it off. "

<@Mayday> Mayday sat at one of the breakfast bar stools she'd dragged over, lifting the knife beside the cake, "Someone's awfully sure of themselves, huh?" with a playful laugh, she angled the blade over the cake, hesitating before putting it down and pulling out her phone to snap a photo, "Maaaaaybe a small basket of cuppy-cakes." she answered finally.

<Janet> "So is my master creation going on instagram now?" she teased and perched on the stool again. "A small basket? Oh come on...after all this?" She playfully stuck her tongue out. "And I'm always sure of myself."

<@Mayday> "N-no, I'm gonna make the pictures into a collage and keep it on my wall!" Mayday explained, "It's an idea I had, s-so I can remember all the good times here and not the bad ones..." she flushed a little bit, scratching her head, "Heh, it's kinda silly and sentimental, but eeh..." she shrugged.

<Janet> "No... I think that is really cool Mayday." She grinned. "Sentimental yes, silly never." She nodded and then remembered. "Oh god right!" She passed the little box over to her. "Open it up!"

<@Mayday> Doing as she was told, Mayday opened it, glancing up at Janet with a coy smile before reaching inside to take the pendant from within. She stroked it with her thumb, letting out a gasp, "Jan, it's beautiful! Thank you so much!"

<Janet> "No worries. I thought that cakes really don't last super long, especially around here. So something lasting would be a better gift than just a cake." she shrugged

<@Mayday> "Oh, you didn't have to get me this." Mayday sighed, still over the moon that she had done, however, "I love it! Thank you!" she slipped out of her seat, sliding around the counter to leap into another hug, gripping the charm tightly in her hand, "I'll always keep it close, ok? I swear!"

<Janet> Janet hugged her back tightly and smiled. God Mayday was so happy, and it felt good to actually make someone happy. She also smelled really nice, which was a bonus. "Hey no problem.. I'm glad you like." She rubbed the back of her neck.

<@Mayday> Mayday stepped back, holding the heart-shaped icon to her chest like it was the most valuable thing in the world, "Tell you what? I'm gonna get you something super awesome for your birthday, too, ok? I promise!" she held her hand forward, raising her pinky finger and nodding.

<Janet> "Okay, I'll hold you to that." she winked and locked her pinky with Mayday's. "So how are you feeling after the infirmary?" She asked honestly, sitting down and cutting Mayday a big piece of cake.

<@Mayday> Lifting her shirt with a childish grin, Mayday showed off her scar, "How cool is this?" she chuckled, "...s-seriously, is it ugly? I was told it'll be virtually gone in a few months but that blue cord? That's the dissolving stitch. I have to....ick, I have to pull it out in a week..." she shuddered.

<Janet> "Nah it isn't ugly. It is a battle scar. You should wear it with pride. And dissolving stitches aren't so bad. They don't really hurt at all pulling out. If you need any moral support or help lemme know." She grinned

<@Mayday> "Dude, I'm freakin' out over it...." Mayday confessed, "Seriously, does it, like, dissolve inside you? Am I gonna be pulling out blue dust?" she cringed, shuddering again, "Ooooh, grooooosss...."

<Janet> "Oh no, it just will dissolve enough for you to tug it out comfortably. It was thicker when they stitched you up, so over the week it will get thinner so you can pull it out easy enough." She laughed. "But I really will help if you're scared."

<@Mayday> Mayday poked it, "So it's like having a Goa'uld in me? Ewww..." she made a face, laughing all the same as she sat beside Janet, "Hey, you know how the birthday person has cake first?"

<Janet> "You're such a dork.." She laughed and poked her in the arm. "Yes I know. That is why I cut you a piece." She chuckled cocking an eyebrow.

<@Mayday> "Well, I was thinkin', since I owe you cake..." she took the knife, dividing her large slice down the middle, "I wanna share the first piece of this with you. You made it, so it's the least I can do. Is that ok?"

<Janet> She smiled warmly and picked up a fork. "Thanks Mayday. That's sweet." she blushed. "But you're the birthday girl so you get the cherry okay?"

<@Mayday> Picking it up in her fingers, Mayday helped herself to it, slowly biting down and savouring it, "Mmmph..." she sighed, licking the juice from her lip, "I love strawberries." she smiled at the half left, offering it to Janet, "D'you wanna have some? Half and half!"

<Janet> "Well I suppose I can't resist that.." she murmured, blushing a little and taking the strawberry. Mayday was so freaking adorable... She remembered what Hisako had said though, don't do anything for awhile. It was better that way. "These are great..very fresh."

<@Mayday> Lifting her own fork, Mayday took some of the cake up into her mouth, "Oh....God, it's so good!" she shook her head, "JP is gonna freak when he find out there's another great cook here, you know - a kindred spirit in the kitchen!"

<Janet> "Oh no he's much better than I am in here... honestly. It is a miracle this cake turned out so nice. I'm better at making stuff you don't really have to do much to...like noodles...or sushi...or cereal." she chuckled.

<@Mayday> "Well, this cake is the best cake ever. Of all time." Mayday assured Janet, raising her phone and snapping a picture of her laughing, strawberry in hand, "Ninja photo!" she inspected the image with a soft smile, "Heh...you're really photogenic."

<Janet> "Hey! You can't just.. I don't photograph well." She blushed but heard Mayday contradict that and eyed the picture.. "Well I suppose you found the right angle.. I usually look like a bat demon on camera."

<@Mayday> Laughing, Mayday nudged her, "You're so silly...you look beautiful." she assured her, "Cake, great company....today's been so special, and it's, like, one in the afternoon!"

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