4/18 Instance: Cinnamon's Swag

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4/18 Instance: Cinnamon's Swag

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Fri Apr 19, 2013 1:38 am

timeline: May 1st

Mayday: Having returned to her room to gather a few things, Mayday was sat at her desk, carefully placing a little cardboard hat onto her pet spider's head. Giggling, she leaned back, taking a picture of Cinnamon who - in her mind - looked somewhat confused.

Mayday: "Now don't go spraying hairs at me...", she warned him, "It's cute!", flashing the picture on her phone with a grin, she pouted as he decided to take interest in a pencil on her desk, "Oh...fine. Well, thank you anyway, Cinn.", she gently stroked his back with her pinky finger.

Rachel: Rachel turned the gift-wrapped package over in her hands as she made her way down the hall to Mayday's room, seeing as the other girl hadn't been in the medlab. She pulled a slightly face, wishing she would've had Paige wrap it, and tucked the gift under her arm, reaching up to softly knock on the door, hoping she didn't end up face-to-face with Sue.

Mayday: "It's open!", Mayday called over to her visitor, turning around in her chair to await them.

Rachel: "Hey, happy birthday," Rachel gave a grin over her shoulder as she shut the door behind her after slipping in. Turning back toward Mayday, she glanced between her and the spider on the desk, snorting at the tiny hat, "Looks like an exciting party."

Mayday: Mayday rolled her eyes with a little giggle, "Cinnamon's being a diva about wearing the hat, but I understand. He doesn't want me to ruin his spider-swag.", spotting the package, she blushed, "Oh, no! You didn't have to get me anything!",

Rachel: "Pfft, it's your birthday," she replied with a roll of her eyes, finding a spot to sit. She held the present out in offering, leaning over to close the gap so May didn't have to, "Of course Paige and I were going to get you something."

Mayday: Taking the present carefully, Mayday blushed, "Oh! I'm super sorry, I didn't notice!", she stood, stroking the pink side of Rachel's hair, "Woah, that's so bright! I love it. I love it so much I wanna take it away to Vegas and marry it. And adopt lesbian wigs with it.", she giggled.

Rachel: "It's cool," Rachel said as she tilted her head to show off the pink half of her hair, grinning widely, "I know, right? Paige did a really awesome job with it because I just look even more amazing than I did before."

Mayday: "Oh, my gosh, I want mine like that, too...", Mayday sighed, "But if I go and do it, I'll look like a total wannabe. Besides, one of us has to rock the 'pureblood redhead'.", she winked, raising the package again and sitting down, "Now, what's this, I wonder?"

Rachel: "Yeah, I'll just settle for being the mudblood," she smirked as she settled into her seat, answering, "Treasure."

Mayday: Carefully, Mayday opened it up, making an excited squee as she discovered its contents: a messenger bag with a classic Nintendo design upon it, "Oh, my God! This is so great!!!", she clapped, "Thank you! Thank you both!!!"

Rachel: Grinning at the reaction, Rachel shook her head, waving the thanks off, "It's no problem. It was actually really hard to settle on something because there were so many awesome things... most of which I also wanted."

Mayday: "Look, Cinnamon!", Mayday showed off her bag to the little spider, moving slowly across her desk, "Aren't Rachel and Paige fantastic?",

Mayday: Cinnamon, finding a stray d4, decided to attempt to rub it with a mandible.

Mayday: "No, we can play D&D later...", she smirked at him, turning to Rachel, "He's such a geek(!)"

Rachel: "Paige is pretty fantastic," she agreed, sagely nodding, as she scooted to get a better look at the spider, snickering. While she wasn't scared of spiders, she wasn't sure she'd choose one as a pet, however it seemed to beat Bobby and Lorna's dorito-thieving mice. "He's probably excited you're back up here. Speaking of which, how do you feel?"

Mayday: Mayday flashed the scar on her side, "Check it out, I look like I was abducted by LGMs...",

Rachel: "That is exactly what you should tell everyone," Rachel replied with a smirk, "Or you should just make up a different story every time."

Mayday: Clearing her throat, Mayday raised her hands, pretending to be an old woman, "'You know how I got these scaaarrrs? I done seen the war, man! I seen THINGS! And STUFF!", she managed in her best shaky old person voice, "I wouldn' recomend it!"

Rachel: Rachel had attempted to contain her laughter at the impression but gave in to the giggles about halfway through. Shaking her head, she commented, "The 'man' just makes me think you're some kind of hippie."

Mayday: "I know, right? Ick...", Mayday slumped back, resting her hand beside Cinnamon, who tickled at it with a leg, "I wish Rubin could be here - he'd have given me freebies, which I could then have baked, and distribute to people before classes.", she laughed like a supervillain.

Rachel: "If you want to go that route, there's always Sean," Rachel pointed out, considering this for a moment. The idea of speaking to Sean was somewhat tempting... "He totally has the best brownies."

Mayday: Mayday nodded, "Yeah, could be good! I just...I really, really wanna have fun today!", she bounced in her seat, looking down at Cinnamon, "We both do, don't we baby-boo?"

Rachel: "Fun? We still know what that concept is around here?" she joked as she pushed a hand through her hair, shifting in her seat slightly, "Seriously, though, I will totally get some brownies. We can, like, put candles in them for you."

Mayday: "Great! Which leaves but one mystery....", reaching into her pocket, Mayday revealed the note in her pocket, "Earlier today I got this note telling me to 'go to the kitchen alone'. WoooOOOooooo(!)", she giggled, "I'm super, super excited!"

Rachel: "Oh?" Rachel scooted, leaning over to peer at the note. She looked over to Mayday with a grin, "Sounds like a surprise cake or something."

Mayday: "Cake is a lie, Rachel.", Mayday sighed dramatically, smiling soon after, "But I'm about ready to find out!", nodding, she lifted Cinnamon into her hands gently, standing up to return him to his tank, "Ok, Mommy's gonna go and find her surprise, ok?", she beamed at her spider, "Kissy-kiss-kiss!"

Rachel: Stretching after getting to her feet, Rachel snorted a bit at the cake being a lie, replying, "I suppose I'll leave you to it. Catch you after I get brownies? Maybe I'll see if Mel's up for bringing drinks... though I suppose Mel's always up for drinks."

Mayday: Mayday nodded, "Yep! Remember: I have classes today, so no drinking or anything beforehand.", she tapped her nose, "I'm a prodigy first, and a 'single, independent woman who don't need no man' second!", she winked with a little smile.

Rachel: "I would think that'd make class more exciting, but that might just be me," she shrugged as she made her way to the door, "Let me know how awesome your surprise is too!"

Mayday: "I will! And thanks so much again, to you and Paige!", Mayday waved after her, turning to Cinnamon with a big smile on her face, "You think Rachel's hair is hot, don't you? You little heartbreaker...", she stuck her tongue out at the curious little arachnid, who simply drooled in response, "Aww, gross! That's how you get cooties, you know..."

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