4/23 Instance: Almost Sisters

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4/23 Instance: Almost Sisters

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:47 pm

Timelined for the day after [Game]Bitter End.

Hope: Hours had passed since Hope had woken up. Time seemed to have lost all real meaning as Hope stayed curled up in Johnny's bed, holding his pillow closer to her face. It smelled like Johnny. She smoothed out the pillowcase with her hand then placed her face on the pillow, closing her eyes. Maybe she could pretend that he was coming back.

Sue: Sue had wandered back to the school slowly, taking the scenic route because she wasn't really in any hurry. Once there she wasn't sure what to do with herself, everything kind of seemed pointless now. Eventually she decided she should just go back to the hotel but not before she'd made one stop at least.

Sue: Not finding Hope in her room was a slight problem but it didn't take much to guess where she might be instead. Checking her theory by making the door invisible in a small patch proved her right and she raised a hand to knock quietly.

Hope: Hope curled into herself at the sound of the knock. Miles wasn't in and Johnny... never would be again. Whoever it was would go away, she figured, once they didn't get an answer.

Sue: Sue frowned a little and let herself in, "Hope...?"

Hope: Hope sat up a bit, hearing her name. She swallowed a bit, nodding to Sue. "Hey."

Sue: "Hey..." she closed the door behind her, approaching the bed. "Um... how are you?"

Hope: "I'm alright... I'm always alright." She hugged her knees to her chest, glancing at Sue. "You?"

Sue: Sue gave a small shrug. "Don't know... angry mostly...." she looked down at the floor, reaching up to swipe a tear from her cheek and sniffing quietly. "I told mum and dad..."

Hope: Hope cringed, hating the thought of them suffering through that loss. At least they'd surely be over Sue being a lesbian now. Surely. "I could have done that... sorry."

Sue: Sue shook her head, "No... it's not up to you... it's okay..." she reached to put a hand on her shoulder.

Hope: "I know that... but having to tell your own parents? It was bad enough to tell Tony and he already knew."

Sue: "I'd rather it came from me than someone else... especially with everything else.... and all the waiting... I left right away... invisibility is good for something..."

Hope: "You should be with them now."

Sue: "Yeah... I'm going back there in a bit... just came to pick up some stuff... start packing..." she sighed, "We're, um... taking him back to England..." she cleared her throat, "For the funeral... you're welcome to come back with us... stay for a while..."

Hope: Hope tried to squish the lump in her throat down. "I'll uhh... I'll be there. For the funeral." Staying in that house would be too much.

Sue: Sue nodded, "Okay... I'll let them know..." she gave her a tight smile.

Hope: "Hey... this isn't a family heirloom or anything is it?" She warily held out her hand with the found ring on it.

Sue: Sue blinked a little in surprise, shaking her head slowly, "Don't think so... why?"

Hope: "Just checking... he never got the chance... yeah..." She leaned back onto the bed again, eyes fixing on a safe spot on the wall.

Sue: Sue bit her lip, "Oh Hope.... I didn't know...." she hid her face behind her hands and tried to stifle a sob.

Hope: "I found it in his pants... right after he went missing. Eddie confirmed what I already thought."

Sue: Sue didn't know what to say to that. She leaned over and gave Hope a hug instead.

Hope: Hope hugged her, surprised by the affection. "We should have gotten along ages ago."

Sue: "Well we tried that... and the you went nuttier than squirrel poo and that was that..." she gave her a squeeze, "I'll try harder if you will?"

Hope: "I don't know that I'll be doing much trying anytime soon... but yeah."

Sue: "Well take your time... no hurry..." she offered a small smile. "He'd probably say it was about damn time..."

Hope: "Yeah... probably so." Hope swallowed her lump, staring at the wall again.

Sue: "And then he'd get that glazed look of having a thought he wished he hadn't...." Sue sniffed.

Hope: "Yeah..." she fiddled with the keys on his keychain, pulling them out of her pocket. "I don't know what to do with his car either."

Sue: "Keep it I guess..." Sue pulled her legs up and folded them under her.

Hope: "I guess...." it was a big, huge, red, reminder of what she had lost.

Sue: "I don't know what else to suggest... none of the options really sounds great...."

Hope: "Nothing sounds great," Hope pointed out.

Sue: "Yeah..." she mumbled, gaze drifting to the floor again. "I don't know what I'm supposed to do now..."

Hope: "Yeah... I don't either. Tony the genius said mourn. As if that wasn't obvious."

Sue: "But what does that even mean anyway? How do you do that?" She shook her head.

Hope: "I started to ask... but well, he's like me. So.... I didn't."

Sue: Sue huffed a sigh. "There needs to be instructions... or something... I don't know... do you want me to leave you alone?"

Hope: "It's up to you... I'm just... here." Hope shrugged a bit.

Sue: "Oh... it's just... I don't know what to do... if you want me to stay I'll stay... but I can go if you'd prefer to be alone..."

Hope: "Doesn't really matter either way, Sue." Hope shrugged again. She sighed, resting her head back against the pillow. None of it mattered now.

Sue: Sue chewed her lip as she thought it over. Eventually she kicked her shoes off and scooted back on the bed, flopping onto her side and curling up. "I'll stay for a little while."

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