4/23 Instance: Breaking Zen

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4/23 Instance: Breaking Zen

Post by Ferguson » Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:40 pm

Timelined directly after Shanghied

<Cecilia> Cecilia looked at David over her plate, her expression somewhat sheepish, but her mood greatly improved now that Jess had gone back to whatever bed she'd crawled out of. "I'm sorry about earlier. I swear I'm not normally that bitchy - well, actually that depends on who you ask - but if you ask anyone who knows me fairly well they'd say I'm not that bad."

<Cecilia> "If you like," she said, pouring more sauce on her lo mein, "I can explain myself...but if you'd rather avoid the whole drama I'd understand."

<David> "I guess I'll just wait and see how you turn out, then." David speared some kind of... meat(?) with his fork. "You did say I look super cool with swords though, so you're running in my good graces for now." he stared questioningly at the end of his fork before popping it in his mouth and chewing determinedly.

<Cecilia> Cecilia nodded. "You do. I can't say I know much about katanas. My knowledge of asian weaponry is sorta limited to balisongs." She took in another mouthful of rice and chewed thoughtfully. "Strangely enough, I'm more a firearm person than an edged weapon person. You wanna know about pistols, well, come to me. Only things I know about ninja weapons come from Street Fighter."

<David> "Balisong... That's one of those knives you see people flicking around, isn't it? A butterfly knife?" Hrm. Whatever a squab is, it's pretty good. "I didn't know they even used weapons in street fighter. Other than the weird claw-handed guy. Unless fireballs and magically stretchy limbs count."

<Cecilia> "That's the one," Cecilia said, taking a sip of water. "Don't worry, I'm not some sorta weirdo that has a knife collection. I grew up in the South Central Bronx. Weapons in schools were sort of a fact of life there."

<Cecilia> She shrugged, "It's been awhile. I may be mixing up my games."

<David> "Don't worry. i don't think you're a weirdo with a knife collection. Just a weirdo with a gun collection. Actually, pretend I didn't say that. I don't want to get shot. I mean, uhhhh... you wouldn't shoot a guy with glasses, would you?"

<Cecilia> "Well, my aunt is a bit of a gun enthusiast..." Cecilia chuckled. "I don't make a habit of shooting live targets, so you're safe for the most part."

<Cecilia> "Don't have many guns up in Canada, yeah?" Cecilia asked conversationally.

<David> "Sorta depends where you live. Don't see too many gun nuts in the major cities there. At least not in the province I was in." He poked at the last bits of his food, trying to decide if the mess at the bottom was worth eating.

<Cecilia> "Which one was that?" Cecilia asked, starting on her soup. She frowned, "How is it I know nothing about you but you've been around since the end of last semester?"

<David> "Magic." He waved his hands mystically, then paused to look at them. "Y'know, I've been doing that for years, and I just realized it looks more like jazz-hands than mystical hands."

<Cecilia> Cecilia sighed. This was like pulling teeth. Either he really was this easily distracted or he didn't wanna talk. She decided not to press the issue. Both for time and sanity's sake. "You should try out for a musical," she deadpanned. "You clearly got the moves down."

<Cecilia> She frowned as another tray of God-Knows-What was set in front of her. "Why'd you have the pick the place with pig's heads in the window? Not trying to be racist here but I'm not entirely sure this meat isn't kung pao Fluffy."

<David> "I know, right! And they say white boys can't dance. I don't know about the singing part, though." He rubbed his hands together as he saw the next tray was brought out. "More importantly, how could I -not- pick the place with the pig heads? Also, I've heard kung pao Fluffy boosts your immune system. Or virility. Or something else like that."

<Cecilia> "Some white boys can," Cecilia admitted ruefully. "Mostly those from southern Europe...God, that's the last thing I need, something that makes it even easier to get knocked up."

<Cecilia> She paused and looked down as something crunchy with antennae darted under the table. "Oh shit," she muttered, shoving her chair back from the table and running out into the street with her hands over her mouth.

<David> "Bugs and David: 1, Cecilia: 0." He chuckled as he dropped some money on the table and he headed out the door after her.

<Cecilia> ((Times Passes))

<Cecilia> Cecilia kneeled down to look into the display case in the pet store they'd wandered into. "I think these dogs are genetically engineered - they're so cute I might just barf."

<Cecilia> "Again..." she muttered.

<David> "Well, obviously. It's a nefarious scheme. The ones that flunk out turn into food." David looked for more opportunities and places to slide some of the remaining bugs he had purchased from one of the stalls, hoping to save the giant stick insect for the grand finale.

<Cecilia> "Jesus Christ. That is the most fucked up 'survival of the fittest' analogies I've ever heard...and I actually don't find it hard to believe!" She stood up and wandered over to the kitten display. "I always wanted a kitten, but we couldn't afford to feed it."

<David> "Hey, you could always tap ol' Fabio to get you one now. Who knows, you could be saving one of these fellas from being mystery meat at the next luncheon." He picked up on of the kittens and held it next to his face. "Look at dis fluffy face. Look at dis faaaaace."

<Cecilia> "No pets allowed that can't fit on top of a desk," Cecilia said, laughing. "Besides, I think Friday might get territorial...she'll have to be enough till I get my own place."

<Cecilia> She wandered over to a parrot that seemed to be muttering to itself in a foreign language. "Hello," she tried in English.

<Cecilia> "Berhenti mengambil wang saya, wanita!" The bird squawked.

<Cecilia> ((Malay: Stop taking my money, woman!))

<David> David propped the kitten on his head and riffled through his pockets for one of bug containers. "Easy does it.", he carefully snuck up behind Cecilia and propped a cockroach on her jacket collar and stepped back, assuming a faultless face of innocence.

<Cecilia> "Menyelinap, menyelinap!" The parrot cried at David. "Saya akan memotong bola anda di luar untuk itu anda menipu anak haram!"

<Cecilia> ((Malay: Sneak, sneak! I'll cut your balls off for that you cheating bastard!))

<Cecilia> "I have no idea what it's saying, but I'll assume it's something dirty - ARGH!" Cecilia cried, flailing around for a few seconds before pulling off her jacket and sending the bugs onto the floor. "What the fuck? DAVID!"

<David> "Who, me? What did I do?" he looked at her with his well-practiced puppy-dog eyes. "Me and Mr. Cuddles here were just playing." he pointed at the kitten that seemed to have decided his hair was a suitable bed. "At least I think he's a he. He could be a she. I didn't check. Mea culpa, Mr or Ms. Cuddles."

<Cecilia> Cecilia scowled. "If you didn't have a kitten I'd kick your ass."

<Cecilia> "Itulah apa yang anda dapat! Itulah apa yang anda dapat!"

<Cecilia> ((Malay: That's what you get! That's what you get!))

<David> "Duh. That's the point of the kitten. It's like you think I've never done this before. Wait. I mean, how dare you accuse me! I would never do whatever it is you think I did!" he put as much mock outrage as he could muster into the exclamation.

<Cecilia> "You're the worst liar I've ever met, of course it was you! That and you're immature as hell." Cecilia scowled at the bugs. "What are these even - roaches? 'Cause I gotta say, while I don't like bugs, I'm not particularly scared of them. I've seen a lot of them. In my apartment. So if you're trying to scare me it's not gonna work."

<Cecilia> "If you're trying to annoy me though..." she said, smirking evilly.

<David> "It looked to me like mission accomplished on all fronts. What with you jumping out of your jacket." he grinned. "And you say I'm immature like it's supposed to be a bad thing. Remember, it's not hold old you are, but how old you act. And I intend to be a toddler forever. You get to poop anywhere. And at any time. And boobs on command. Aw yeah. That's the life for me." he drifted off into a dreamland for a moment, eyes semi-glazing over. Mmmm... semi-glaze donuts...

<Cecilia> Cecilia just stared blankly at him before putting her jacket back on. "If you say so..." She wandered over to the hamsters, watching mesmerized as they spun around in circles on their wheels. "Did you have pets growing up?"

<David> David snapped back to reality when he realized she was directing that question at him. "Nah. Never really bothered with 'em. How about you? Pet rock? Maybe pretend it had a Philly accent?"
<Cecilia> "No," she said, snorting. "Never had any. Like I said, couldn't afford it. No pet rocks either...though we did have this giant seashell. My father used to say you could hear the ocean in it."

<David> "Sounds like witchcraft to me. Although your dad must have been a terrible wizard if you couldn't afford any pets." David gently plucked the kitten off his head. "Kitten's still up for grabs now, though. It technically fits on a desk. Not your fault if it grows up." he held it out in front of her. "Do eeeeeeet. How can you say no to this fluffy little face?"

<Cecilia> "Actually you're hearing your own pulse, all science is magic really, until explained." Cecilia smiled, but put the kitten back where it belonged. "A couple other girls smuggled a pig in before I came, part of their punishment included cleaning the jet. I'd like to avoid that if I can."

<Cecilia> She smiled. "So, shall we see what else we can find?"

<David> "Sorry little fella. This is where we must part ways." David bid the kitten a sorrowful adieu. "Sounds like a plan." he surreptitiously patted his pocket, making sure the stick insect was in there.

<Cecilia> Cecilia looked down at the koi fish in the pond, to the monks praying in the garden, to the well with a huge bell over it. "I wonder if that works the same way coins in fountains do?" She pondered.

<Sunspot> "It'd probably be pretty unwieldy carrying koi around with you on the off chance there's a proper pond to throw it into. I mean, what if the bag bursts. or you need to feed it? Most troublesome." he nodded sagely.

<Cecilia> Cecilia just blinked at him. "Jesus, you're hard to follow - do you know that?"

<Cecilia> She walked over to a sand pile with a rake and a lot of rocks. "Should we draw something questionable in it?"

<Sunspot> "You're a horrible person. How could you even think of asking a question like that? Of course we're going to draw something questionable in it. The only question is how big." David grabbed a rake of his own and eyeballed how much space he had to work with.

<Cecilia> "Or how many," Cecilia added, getting to work with a rake. "Should I go with the classic two circles with dots in the middle? Or should I be more risque?"

<Sunspot> "Well, as you said, you don't need to settle for one. Or you could combine stuff. Me, I think it's all in the details. Quality over quantity." David commented as he set about adding in some... shrubbery.

<Cecilia> Cecilia looked over David's shoulder. "When someone passes out on bar night we're gonna have a lot of fun," she said, snorting.

<Sunspot> "Just make sure it isn't you. I can't promise any form of immunity. And I'm unbribeable." He stepped back to admire his masterpiece.

<Cecilia> "Fair enough," Cecilia said, lips twisting as she tried to stifle her snorts. "I have, hehe, quite the tolerance."

<Cecilia> "Do you think you'll find someone to teach you how to use those swords?" Cecilia asked. "Or are you gonna just keep them in an umbrella stand like that store?"

<Sunspot> "I'm sorta hoping that fancy hologram room will have something to teach me. Or harass some other students until someone willing to teach me crops up. Worst case scenario, I accidentally cut myself. Got to make the ol' healing factor work for me somehow."

<Cecilia> Cecilia thought for a moment. "There are a few who could teach you. Hisako being the first that comes to mind - that's the serious looking Japanese girl, not the bubbly one - then there's Fabian, myself and Jess," she made a small face at Jess' name. "But our area of focus is fencing. Less slashing, more piercing there."

<Sunspot> "If some guys in the past could figure it out for themselves, how hard could it be, right? I'm sure I could pick it up as I go."

<Cecilia> God help them all. "If you say so," she said dubiously. Well, on that rather horrifying note... "I'm gonna ring that bell and head home. You coming with?"

<Sunspot> "Pretty sure we only have one set of wheels. And I've got the keys." He held up the keys and jingled them. "Unless one of us manifests a new mutation to fly."

<Cecilia> Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "You underestimate my independence and lack of fear of public transit, sir." She walked over to the bell and rang it, smiling as it made a satisfying 'gong' sound and tossed in a small penny. Jamie and John needed it, she thought.

<Sunspot> David rang the bell after the sound died away, not really sure what it was supposed to do but hey, he'd walked all the way to it. Might as well. "So, let's blow this popsicle stand? Actually, damn. I thought I saw a popsicle stand earlier. Should have totally gotten one. Alas, too late now."

<Cecilia> Cecilia clapped his shoulder. "I'm sure we'll figure something out on the way. It's a long way back to the school."

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