4/23 Instance: Just Deserts

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4/23 Instance: Just Deserts

Post by Slarti » Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:19 am

Timelined after Stuff and Things

<Jessica> Jess had managed fairly well not to cry all over Melati but, once she was alone, she couldn't hold it back any longer. Once she'd started she couldn't seem to stop, with the result that she was still lying face down across the sofa hours later.

<Shaw> Giving the motorcycle another sidelong look on his way past, Sebastian dropped his keys and started to take off his suit jacket. Then he heard it. Oh, fantastic.

<Jessica> Jess heard the door and tried to pull herself together, was he early? Or had she just completely lost track of the time?

<Shaw> The latter, as he checked his watch and debated with himself if he wanted to deal with this. Perhaps he'd take a page from Tony's book and have a drink first?

<Jessica> In order to buy herself some time to stop sniffling, Jess picked up the two mugs that still sat on the coffee table to take them into the kitchen, absently wiping her cheeks with her palm.

<Shaw> He did get himself the drink, and her one as well for politeness' sake, and took a fortifying sip before following her into the kitchen. Placing the tumbler on the counter next to her, he slid his arm around her. "The news about your friend?"

<Jessica> She nodded, turning towards him and sliding her arms around his waist. She fought very hard not to start crying all over again. "Melati came and told me..."

<Shaw> "I found out not long ago myself." He licked his lips, taking another burning sip before he put his glass down and turned to hold her. "I'm sorry."

<Jessica> She lost her battle with the tears and buried her face in his shoulder. "I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for Johnny... he came to Amsterdam to get me..."

<Shaw> "Yes. Then I owed him a debt of gratitude, yes?" Sebastian stroked her hair, staring off into the middle distance and lost in thought.

<Jessica> She sniffed, "I don't know... are you grateful for the headache I'm surely giving you now?" She gave him a gentle squeeze because she was at least grateful for the hug.

<Shaw> "Tsk, Jessica." He shook his head and kissed the top of hers.

<Jessica> She managed a small laugh amidst the sniffles for the reaction, "I'm still sorry for crying on you... again... and I didn't make dinner...."

<Shaw> "Well, that is a problem very easily solved." He reached over her for his scotch and took another drink. "While I realize you need to mourn, it would also do you good to take a few hours to not think about this tragedy."

<Shaw> Sebastian nodded to himself. "We should go out to dinner."

<Jessica> Jess took a deep breath in an attempt to get her breathing under control again and nodded, "Okay... I think that's a good idea.... there's some stuff I wanted to talk about..."

<Shaw> "Oh? All right. Why don't you get yourself cleaned up and we'll go out, yes?"

<Jessica> "Cleaned up being code for stop crying. Check." She gave him a small smile and a chaste kiss on the lips before turning for the door.

<Shaw> Sebastian caught her arm and pulled her back to him. "No," he said with a smirk. "We could go out right now, but I would assume you wouldn't want the world to think I caused your tears, now would you?"

<Jessica> She shook her head, sliding her arms back around him. "No... you have a very good track record there."

<Shaw> "Thank you. I do try to please." He leaned down and gave her another kiss, then let her go.

<Jessica> [Time Passes]

<Jessica> By the time they reached their main courses, Jess was feeling much better. Steamed salmon, being a particular favourite of hers, was helping that along even faster and she gave Sebastian a smile after taking a sip of her drink.

<Shaw> Sebastian was enjoying his warm sake at the moment, so he smirked at her over the small cup. "So, you said you wanted to talk about something?"

<Jessica> She nodded, poking at her salmon with her chopsticks. "I wanted to ask.... what happens now? With the club I mean.... My parents..."

<Shaw> "Just as the New York branch required a rather extensive reconstruction after Miss Grey's attack, the London branch suffered similar damages. It has recently reopened, and they are trying to gather membership."

<Jessica> "Right... so... um..." she frowned, "I don't know how that works..."

<Shaw> "As it turns out, as a hereditary member, you will not have nearly the long road I traveled to full membership. We must simply prove your birthright, and you will be initiated." He shrugged one shoulder, taking another sip.

<Jessica> "Oh... well that doesn't sound too bad..." she chewed her lip, "So I guess... I might go back to London in the summer..."

<Shaw> "That would be the ideal time to claim your place then," he nodded, then put on a wicked grin. "There may be bloodletting involved."

<Jessica> She blinked at him, "Blood...? Um... not too much I hope...."

<Shaw> Sebastian's grin grew, then he just laughed.

<Jessica> "Don't laugh at me!" She threw one of the drinks napkins from their table at his head.

<Shaw> He chuckled and leaned out of the way of the napkin, taking another sip of saki.

<Jessica> "Mean," she pouted. "I'll get you later. Just you wait."

<Shaw> "I anticipate it with great pleasure." His eyebrow raised at the pout.

<Jessica> "I'm sure you do." the corner of her mouth twitched up in a smirk. "Anyone ever tell you you're a masochist?"

<Shaw> "I believe you may have, in fact." He grinned, allowing his eyes to wander over her appreciatively. "It comes with my abilities."

<Jessica> She laughed a little, "Well I definitely have now... so if anyone asks you that in the future you can say yes."

<Shaw> "And so I shall," he said, lifting the saki cup in toast and inclining his head to the side, still watching her with a smirk.

<Jessica> She raised her own glass to him and took a sip, "So.... I guess the only thing I need to know now is whether or not I'm going all that way on my own."

<Shaw> Licking his lips, he put down his cup. "I suppose that's up to you, and my business schedule, of course. Would you like me to accompany you?"

<Jessica> "I had hoped Kevin would be back... but I'm probably just kidding myself there... so... if you wouldn't mind... that'd be nice...."

<Shaw> "Of course." Sebastian inclined his head again a bit, then smiled slightly. "We'll take my private jet."

<Jessica> She gave him another smile, "We don't have to..."

<Shaw> "Take my jet? Of course we do," he scoffed. "I'm not flying commercial."

<Jessica> She laughed, "Well if you say so... I suppose you're not going to let me choose a hotel either?"

<Shaw> "It depends on your choice," he smirked. "Perhaps I will simply request veto privilege."

<Jessica> "What if I refuse?" she returned the smirk playfully.

<Shaw> Sebastian leaned forward to give her a dark grin, dropping his voice. "I'm confident you won't," he growled.

<Jessica> "Going to persuade me?" She leaned in close to him, her expression matching his.

<Shaw> His grin just grew. "Persuasion is just one of my many talents, as you know. I'm sure our negotiations will have a very satisfactory conclusion."

<Jessica> "Oh I hope so... almost makes me want to skip dessert."

<Shaw> "The best things are always worth waiting for, however." He straightened, running his tongue over his teeth and flashing her another grin before signaling the waiter. "Dessert, then just deserts."

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