4/25 Instance: Resignation

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4/25 Instance: Resignation

Post by Ferguson » Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:29 pm

Current Timeline

<Hope> Hope smoothed the fabric of her uniform a bit as she stood outside Lorna's office door. They'd just come take it, and she didn't want the stupid thing anyway. Hope raised her hand and knocked three times on the door.

<Lorna> "Come in." Lorna called out, shuffling the things she had been looking at over into a pile and looking up to see who was paying her a visit. Not many students had been by as, considering things, classes hadn't really taken a precident but it was still nice to come to the office now and then.

<Hope> Sliding into the office, Hope shifted her weight unevenly. "Hey... I just um... turning this in." She gestured with the uniform in her hands, raising it up a bit.

<Lorna> Lorna looked to Hope and looked to the uniform. "I see...do you want to have a seat, Hope?"

<Hope> "I um... sure?" Hope set the uniform down on Lorna's desk and took a seat.

<Lorna> Lorna reached for her thermos. "Coffee?" She asked, wriggling it for her. "I figure I may as well give you the best I have to offer."

<Hope> "No thanks..." Hope ran her fingers through her red hair, glancing up at Lorna.

<Lorna> Well, Lorna was definitely having coffee so she poured her own cup. "I'll hang it up in the storage for Mel. If you ever want it back you know the drill, yes?"

<Hope> "Uh... no?" Hope fiddled with her pants a little, unsure of why she'd even want it back.

<Lorna> "Essentially it's proving yourself. I don't doubt you at all, Hope. I think you made a decision you regret but that's not the biggest weight on you right now so don't even worry about things like this but if you ever decide you want it back it'll be up to Mel and staff."

<Hope> "I don't regret anything except not leaving sooner. Maybe if I had, he'd still be alive. But yeah, thanks."

<Lorna> "Then perhaps my faith isn't where it should be." Lorna wasn't going to get into that. She'd just have to group up and figure that out on her own; Lorna was only one person's mother. "So it'll be kept in the lockers. We'll take you from all active status including security and campus patrols."

<Hope> "Awesome. Anything else then?"

<Lorna> "I would like for you to schedule appointments with Dai and the rest of the counseling team."

<Hope> "No. If I'm going to see a shrink, it's not going to be one here."

<Lorna> "Not many other shrinks are going to know the kinds of things you're going to go through. I'm just suggesting things but if you're going to actually explain everything to your shirnk that will do just as well."

<Hope> "Oh yeah. Sure." Just like she had talked last time. Yep.

<Lorna> "...you realize I believe none of that, right?"

<Hope> Hope just shrugged. "I'm sure Bobby will tell you everything I say in therapy."

<Lorna> Lorna just gave her a look that said just how tempted she was to make Dai mandatory. "I like you and all, Hope but you're not really our dinner conversation and he's not an asshole, either."

<Hope> "My point was, he'll tell you anything you want to know. Anyway. I should probably go pick out a shrink."

<Lorna> "And I'm not going to pry into your therapy sessions, you don't have to worry about something like that." She offered the girl a small smile and reassurance. "You need someone to talk to that's just for you, after all."

<Hope> "Well good. Thanks." Hope shrugged a bit.

<Lorna> "So, what do you think you'll be doing with your summer?"

<Hope> "You don't have to do this," Hope told her.

<Lorna> "I don't have to do anything." Lorna pointed out. "That's part of the benefits of being an adult, as long as I pay my bills and don't break too many laws I'm basically okay."

<Hope> "Yeah. Well I haven't broken any laws and my bills are paid. So later." Hope got to her feet.

<Lorna> "Sadly, you're not an adult just yet so you've still got to be patient. You'll get the knack of it someday. I'll see you later, Hope."

<Hope> Hope rolled her eyes as she headed out the door. "I'll keep that in mind."

<Lorna> Lorna just smiled a bit at her rolling eyes. Well, at least she wasn't completely broken but she could have dealt with it being the more adult things of her that survived rather than that.

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