4/26 Instance: In the Pink

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4/26 Instance: In the Pink

Post by Slarti » Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:35 pm

Current timeline

<Jack> Jack scratched his pink nose, and sipped his pink strawberry smoothie. He shifted back on his fluffy pink tail, putting his big fluffy pink rabbit feet on the coffee table.

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul slowly turned towards Jack, television now holding no interest at all. "You're...alarmingly colour-themed today, Jack. Are you only going to eat pink foods while you're pink?"

<Jack> "Yup, I even picked out all the pink fruit loops for breakfast. Mind you, I ate a purple one to keep things fresh and interesting." Jack replied.

<Jessica> Jessica was making a quick stop at the school to get some things sorted out before summer, she had planned to skip straight by the recroom to avoid any awkwardness but at the word 'pink' her curiosity got the better of her. She changed direction, slipping through the kitchen and poking her head into the recroom. "Oh... my... God... What happened?!" She started laughing.

<Jack> Jack turned and grinned at Jessica, his large pink hare ears standing up into the air, sparkling majestically like a vampire in sunlight. "I got drunk and a makeover."

<Jean> "Did somebody say pink?" On her way to the kitchen for munchies, Jean stopped. There was hysterical laughter, and she needed some of that shit!

<Jessica> Jess couldn't stop laughing, "Oh, well... you look lovely!"

<Jean> She popped up behind Jess and then she saw it. Her mouth dropped open.

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul leaned in closer, momentarily caught off guard by something else about Jack. "Do you have pink glitter on, too?"

<Jack> "I don't look lovely, I look fantastic. Or fabulous. You pick. Oh hey Jean!" Jack said, waving at the head peeking out from behind Jess.

<Jack> Jack looked back to Jean-Paul, "I mmmmight have gotten pink glitter on me, no fucking way of getting rid of the stuff though."

<Jean> "You're... so..." Jean still hadn't closed her mouth. She came into the rec room and moved slowly closer as if in a dream. "Oh my God... you're beautiful..."

<Jack> And that totally made Jack's day, his head slowly turning back to Jean with the biggest cracky grin on his face. "Would you like to pet?"

<Jessica> Jess' laughter found itself renewed at the talk of glitter too. "Oh God... I can't breathe..."

<Jean> "...I can pet?!" Jean's face lit up and she fairly skipped up to Jack, then bounced in place for a little bit, just grinning at him. "EEEEEE!"

<Jean-Paul> "Well, I dare say you've got the attention you were aiming for there, huh?" Jean-Paul just sat back, laughing at the petting possibilities.

<Jack> "Hur hur hur, think this is bad, check this," Jack told Jean paul, and then pulled his shirt off and laid back on the couch, arms wide open, "Pet as much as you want," he announced, "I even used conditioner to get as fluffy as possible."

<Jean-Paul> "I bet if you scratch just right his leg will start to kick, too."

<Jack> Jack pointed at Jean Paul, "That's not actually a lie."

<Jessica> Jess's laughter had died down to giggles now and she moved the rest of the way into the room. "Do I even want to know how you ended up covered in glitter again? I think there's more on you than there was after St Patrick's Day."

<Jack> "The people I got drunk with turned out to be vengeful teachers. Did you know Ms Guthrie carries a whole jar of the stuff on her at all times?"

<Jean-Paul> "Have you been around Ms Guthrie for more than five minutes? I'm surprised glitter doesn't spew from her mouth as a secondary mutation."

<Jean> "Ooooooooh.... oh my God..." Jean was on the sofa with him in an instant and buried her hands in the pink fluffy fur. The pettings were epic!

<Jack> A happy relaxed sound escaped Jack. "I need more hands on me, Jess, get over here and pet something!" he called.

<Jean> Jean was aaaall about this, and she added huggles to her petting, making happy noises.

<Jessica> "Okay." She didn't need more encouragement. She moved over to Jack to pet the soft fur. "I missed this."

<Jack> "Glee," he said with the accompanying sound. "Jean Paul, there's enough space for you too." Jack said trying to lure another pair of hands.

<Jean> "Oh my God! You have to pet! Everybody should pet! The world would have no problems if we all petted Jack!"

<Jean-Paul> "Why not," Jean-Paul slid over and got into the petting. "Now I wonder what a Pet-for-Peace program would be like."

<Jack> "Wait wait, lemme sit up, more pettable per square inch that way." Jack said as he tried to push himself up.

<Jean> Jean may have hampered his efforts by clinging.

<Jack> He fell back on the couch again, pulling petters down on him more.

<Jessica> Jess let up to make room for JP, "It's good that you don't get bored of this."

<Jean> Could you motorboat a dude? She wasn't sure, but she was gonna find out!

<Jack> "Never."

<Jean-Paul> "I'm pretty sure it's his favouri-ha!" Jean-Paul snorted as he saw what Jean was doing. "No, I don't think he's going to get tired of it any time."

<Jack> "Ah! Hee, that tickles," Jack said, failing at flailing underneath Jean, "Okay, okayokayokay, heh, hey, just so you lot know, I'm available for private snuggling in case of sleepless nights."

<Jessica> Jess gave Jack a small smile at that, she knew first hand. "Cuddles are good too."

<Jean> "I don't think Jamie would go for this... but OMFG! How can you be sad when you're cuddling a giant pink sparkly bunny!?! It's, like, impossible!" She sat up a little, grinning like an idiot and stroking his stomach.

<Jessica> "It's impossible, I can assure you."

<Jean-Paul> "I don't really know what Reed would do if presented with a snuggly bunny...I've got to leave you to the mercy of the girls though but I'll give you a pet later, Pinkie."

<Jack> "I don't mind couple snuggling, you should totes sneak me in between you two, you know?" Jack suggested with a grin.

<Jean-Paul> Jean-Paul gave Jack's belly an extra pat before taking his leave, laughing about the pinkness and trace of glitter still.

<Jean> Jean started scritching his belly like an oversized pink cat of awesomeness... just to see if she could really make him kick.

<Jack> "Hey, dude," Jack said, looking up at Jean Paul, "You know my number, just phone if you need snuggling pettable services! Ahhhe eehh, not there not there, eeh," and with that, Jean was able to get Jack's leg twitching.

<Jessica> Jess giggled, her hands finding other spots she knew he liked. "Bet you weren't expecting this when you got up today? I sure wasn't."

<Jean> "EEEE! Mutants are fucking awesome!" She took pity on him and gave him a tackle hug. "I take back everything I ever said!"

<Jack> Jack struggled to catch his breath, then brought a pink fluffy arm around to hug Jean back, "Jess, I was actually expecting a tonne more jokes at my expense."

<Jean> "Oooooo.... warm...." Jean sighed and closed her eyes, snuggling into him.

<Jessica> She giggled, "Well I could make them but you might revoke my petting privileges and I'd be sad...."

<Jack> "Pfft, I'll never take away petting privileges, even the worst of the worst needs petting, and you're far from the that description."

<Jack> Jack bumped the top of Jean's head with his chin, "You okay down there?" he asked her.

<Jessica> Jess gave Jack a smile and pressed a kiss to his cheek, grateful for that assertion and using the opportunity to mutter into his ear, "Kevin knows."

<Jean> Jean made a supremely happy noise and buried her face in his chest. Soooooooft.

<Jack> Jack made a face, "Hope he didn't take it too bad." he tried to whisper back, before wriggling against Jean.

<Jessica> "We broke up... but it's not your fault..." Jess perched beside them both, gently petting Jack's head.

<Jack> An idea popped into jack's head. "Who wants to see how much pink and glitter I got on me? Anywhere pink is pettable." he added.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "I bet I can guess!"

<Jean> Jean sat up at that and looked him over.

<Jack> Jack kept the grin and waggled his eyebrows. "You know you wanna see."

<Jean> "I don't even know how you wear clothes with all that fur! You're, like, way furrier than the furry old doctor!"

<Jack> "They make me wear clothes." Jack said, giving a grumpy face that could beat grumpy cat's face.

<Jessica> "Just wear shorts and stop there. No one can tell you you're not decent then."

<Jean> "Down with clothes! Fuck the man!"

<Jack> "Amen sistah!" Jack said with a raised fist, "Let's show the man what we think of clothes! You too Jess!"

<Jessica> Jess laughed again, "You know, I would... but I'd feel bad for Jean."

<Jean> "No offense, Jess, but it's not you I want to see naked right now!" She giggled, then realized what she'd said. After a moment, she shrugged. Nope, still true.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Exactly my point."

<Jack> "Okay okay, hang on, "Jack said, grinning, then shifted to sit on the couch before getting up. His pink fluffy sparkly tail twitched a lot as he fiddled with his pants buttons.

<Jean> Jean really, really wanted to grab his tail.

<Jack> *twitch twitch*

<Jean> Maybe she should use her teke? But... soft.

<Jean> She looked at Jess for help, then back to the tail. OMG temptation!



<Jean> Jean grabbed his tail with a giggle. "Eeee! Cotton ball!"

<Jean> "Do you have a code name? Because that should totally be your code name! Cotton Ball! You just snuggle everybody until they behave! I think this should be policy!"

<Jessica> Jess laughed again and slid onto the sofa.

<Jack> "I like the fact that you say that while still holding on to my tail." Jack remarked, and then started pushing down his pants.

<Jean> She fluffed his tail, still cooing.

<Jessica> "I think you have a fan."

<Jack> Jack bent over and stood up again, kicking the pants aside. "Bow chickawowow, I know how to treat the fans." the tail twitched in Jean's clutches.

<Jean> Jean looked Jack over and then turned big green puppy dog eyes to Jess. "Can we keep him?"

<Jessica> "Jean, he lives here... also he's a person not a pet..."

<Jean> "Well, I know that, but he's PINK!" She quit playing with his tail and sat back. "I soooo should have found you when Jamie was gone, Jack."

<Jack> "I don't mind being the pet." Jack added with a smirk.

<Jessica> "Well he wasn't pink then... he was green for a while though and covered in glitter... I see your fur grew back in." she stroked her fingers over the patch that had been shaved.

<Jean> "Oooh, and Jamie's favorite color is green... but I don't think he'd want to pet another guy..." She shrugged. "Still! Snuggly! I would have snuggled you any color!"

<Jack> "Well... we can tell Jamie I'm a big mutated bunny. I'll just be really quiet. Think he'll join you in pettings then." Jack suggested.

<Jessica> "No one can resist once they've tried it. All you have to do is put a hand on the fur somewhere and he'll be hooked. It's addictive."

<Jack> Jack gave a ^-^ look.

<Jean> "Hmmmm.... maaaaaybe." Jean looked between Jess and Jack and got a devious glint in her eyes.

<Jessica> Jess slid her arms around Jack's waist and pulled him close to rub her cheek against his fur.

<Jean> Jean joined in on Jack's other side. "Oooo. Soooo awesome..."

<Jack> "I'm a happy bunny right now," he said between them, his own hands squeezing back.

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