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7/3 Instance: Jelly Belly

Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:06 am
by tears~fall~like~glass
timeline: after Smashing Pumpkins

Paige: After a wonderful time of decorating pumpkins with Sebastian, Paige carried her princess pumpkin up to her room, overly excited about showing it off to Rachel. "Raaaaaaaachie!" she called as she tried to nudge the door open with her elbow. Shut! Noo! "Raaaaaachie, I need heeeeelp!"

Rachel: As much as she loved Paige, Rachel found herself suddenly missing the relative silence that had filled their room a few seconds ago, especially after spending the last hour or so in a class where she had to listen to everybody's thoughts. With a sigh, she swung her legs over the side of the couch and reluctantly moved to open the door for her, blinking at the pumpkin, then up at her girlfriend. She knew it wouldn't be the case, but she somewhat hoped the help involved redecorating pumpkins.

Paige: "Look!!! It's a Paige pumpkin!! She even has a tiara! Isn't it pretty!?" She smiled so happily at her as she moved into the room, looking for a place to put her pumpkin.

Rachel: "I see…" she replied as Paige strode past her. Shutting the door, Rachel turned to watch her search for a suitable place amongst the other decorations that had taken over as soon as the fall season had begun. How Paige managed to decorate for every holiday or season was beyond her because it simply seemed like a pain in the ass. Hopefully, she asked, "Are there any other pumpkins left?"

Paige: "There arrrrrrrrrre! Cookie and I did several, but they're a few left. I thought we could go out to the pumpkin patch and pick out a few together, too." Paige set the pumpkin down and adjusted the tiara a bit, "So pretty!"

Rachel: Rachel nodded at that plan, deciding she'd just wait to decorate her own pumpkin after they went to the pumpkin patch. Crossing the room, she flopped back down on the couch, letting her legs dangle over the arm. Then, she blinked again, twisting her head to look over at Paige, confusion evident in her expression as well as her tone, "Cookie?"

Paige: "Yeah. Well, Sebastian is too long to say every time... and the first time we did something together, we started to bake cookies and then ended up just eating the dough. Thuuuuus, Cookie!" Paige told her, rather proud of herself. She moved to plop down on the floor in front of the couch, leaning her head back against it.

Rachel: Brow furrowing, her nose crinkled as she asked, "Sebastian? …As in Shaw?" As if there was another one.

Paige: "Yep! When you couldn't get out of class, I texted him, and he was freeeeeeeeee! He's so fun to hang out with. He does aaall the heavy lifting, too!"

Rachel: Instead of silence, she found herself wishing she had skipped out on teaching class, as it meant Paige wouldn't have been spending time with Shaw. She frowned slightly, sliding an arm around Paige's shoulders as she attempted to process this. Failing, she questioned, "You've been hanging out with Shaw?"

Paige: "Yeah!" She turned her head up to smile at Rachel. "It's not like he's trying to get into my pants anymore. And, he's nice. Nicer when drunk."

Rachel: "…Are you sure about that?" Her skepticism couldn't have been more obvious.

Paige: "Well... Why would he? He has a girlfriend... and so do I." She kissed Rachel's arm softly.

Rachel: "It's not you I'm worried about," Rachel said as she turned her gaze to the ceiling, "And, didn't he have one when he decided dancing with you would be a good idea?"

Paige: "I think that was before she lived with him? I don't know. But, I'm happy! I have a friend!"

Rachel: Sighing once more, she simply commented, "I thought it was after."

Paige: "Well, it was before his friend was shot, I know that... he and Pryor were good friends." Paige turned around and moved to her knees where she could stroke Rachel's face gently.

Rachel: Rachel opted not to say anything else when it came to how uncertain she was about Shaw's intentions, instead looking over to Paige and feigning interest. Though, she didn't really have to try all that hard, as she was slightly interested in that bit of information, "Were they?"

Paige: "They were. Are you reeeeeeeally worried about Sebastian?" She asked her, kissing her softly.

Rachel: "A little, yeah," she answered with a small nod.

Paige: "Awwwww, Rachie..." Paige kissed her softly, but deeply. "You don't have anything to worry about. I promise." She stroked her cheek with her fingertips, smiling just a bit.

Rachel: Rachel lifted her head from the cushions to return the kiss, bringing a hand up to cup the back of her head, holding her there for a few moments. When Paige broke the kiss to speak, she let her head fall back with a roll of her eyes. "There's plenty to worry about," she commented, "I mean, it's Shaw. There's a reason Bobby calls him Sharky…"

Paige: "Sharky! I completely forgot about that nickname!" Paige laughed and moved to be on top of Rachel on the couch. "I like Cookie though. I'm pretty sure he cringed. Can't prove it though."

Rachel: "I'd say Sharky is more fitting, but if he cringed…" Rachel smirked slightly as she trailed off, idly running her fingers up Paige's side and around to her back. Maybe she'd have to have a chat with 'Cookie' later.

Paige: "You'd like him when he's so drunk he can't walk. He's soooo sweet and charming! He forgets to be dark and twisty." Paige kissed on Rachel's cheek and down her neck. "Maybe you need a sweeter nickname?"

Rachel: "Oh? Am I better when I'm so drunk I can't walk?" she wondered, tipping her head back to allow Paige more access to her neck, "And, like what?" The idea of a new nickname was intriguing, however there was the potential of being worse than the one she already had.

Paige: "Liiiiike Jelly Bean!" Paige smiled so happily at her. "I like that one!"

Rachel: Rachel wasn't sure whether that was a yes or not to her first question, and she wasn't really sure what to make of that name. …However, it was slightly more appealing. "Why?"

Paige: "Because you have colorful hair, a colorful personality, and I like to... Well... Yeah," she blushed, unable to say the last bit as she hid her face against Rachel.

Rachel: There wasn't any way she could contain her laughter, and she didn't put a whole lot of effort into trying, eventually managing through it, "All of those seem like legit reasons."

Paige: "My little Jelly Bean!" Paige smiled so happily. She leaned in, kissing her girlfriend's lips gently.

Rachel: Unable to resist the urge to tease her, Rachel muttered against her lips, "So… Any plans about the eating part?"

Paige: "Eating- Ohhhhhhh," Paige went bright red again. "Maybe," she whispered into Rachel's ear.

Rachel: "Later?" she asked, grinning widely at how much Paige was blushing. She wasn't sure her girlfriend's face could get any redder. Sliding her hands back down Paige's side, she found the edge of her shirt, "Well, unless you can't wait that long."

Paige: Paige bit down hard on her lower lip. "Mm-m-maybe...." she stammered out, catching Rachel's lips for a kiss again. She smiled in the kiss, sliding her own hand carefully over Rachel's body. "You make it hard to wait."

Rachel: Rachel was still far more amused than she likely should be, even as she returned the kiss and arched into Paige's touch. After a few moments, she shifted to flip their positions, only breaking the kiss to smirk down at her as she decided, "Well, guess you'll have to be patient."

Rachel: With that statement, she stole another kiss and moved to get up, reaching to gather her things from the coffee table, stuffing the phone and cigarettes in her pockets.

Paige: "No!" Paige shrieked, trying to grab Rachel and pull her back over before she could escape.

Rachel: "No?" Rachel raised an eyebrow, catching Paige's hand with her own, now more amused at the lack of embarrassment.

Paige: "No," Paige said more calmly, pulling Rachel back over to her. "I already had to wait aaall daaaaaaay," she reminded her. "But I am open to the idea of now aaaand later," she smiled, but blushed again. "Really open."

Rachel: "Oh, poor you, having to spend time decorating pumpkins with Cookie while I was in class," Rachel replied, teasing sarcasm evident in her tone. If it wasn't made apparent by that, the roll of her eyes should've been another hint. "Must've been so terrible." Despite this, she allowed herself to be pulled back over to the couch, pressing a knee into the cushions to balance herself, foot firmly planted on the floor, as she asked, "You can't survive another, like… Five minutes?"

Paige: An idea occurred to her. She smiled innocently and kissed Rachel deeply for a moment before replying. "Don't take too long.... I'll be waiting."

Rachel: Rachel smirked against Paige's skin as she leaned to kiss along her jaw, working her way up to her ear to murmur, "I guess I'll be back by Christmas then." Pulling away again, she straightened and started toward the door backwards, her telekinesis making it easy to navigate through the furniture. As she feigned thinking, she reached for the doorknob, adding, "Or maybe a bit sooner than that."

Paige: "Well... I would hope sooner. You miiiight like what you find." Paige smiled innocently again, just watching Rachel contently.

Rachel: Rachel stepped out the door, but she didn't even get the chance to shut it behind her before she'd turned around and come back in, no doubt ruining whatever surprise Paige had planned. Crossing the room, she headed for the couch once more and lost her shirt on the way, leaning down to catch Paige's lips as she moved to straddle her lap, muttering, "Smoking can wait." As could her chat with Shaw. She didn't actually possess the amount of patience required to stand around downstairs when she knew Paige would likely be in their bed or something.

Re: 7/3 Instance: Jelly Belly

Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:00 am
by Slarti

And Shaw watches this lesbian lovefest with interest.

Don't worry, Rachie, he'll steal your woman after you're done. He's patient like that.