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8/2 Instance: Highway to Awkward

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2013 7:09 pm
by tears~fall~like~glass
Timeline: Immediately after "Midget Shortage,' immediately before 'Going to the Chapel' & and the day before 'Man Down'

Cecilia: Cecilia drew her coat a little closer as her uncle pulled onto the highway towards New Jersey. Nobody had said a word in over half an hour and it was starting to make her feel more than a little uncomfortable, especially considering what she and her family had just witnessed.

Cecilia: Carmen twisted around in her seat to look at Fabian, figuring now was as good a time as any to ask what she needed to ask. "Does your father do that often?"

Fabian: Fabian was still too amused for it to not show on his face which he was sure was a questionable reaction in the Reyes family's eyes. "Oh God no, he knows exactly how well he's had me taught to shoot. No...although I'm disappointed this wasn't a bottle hurling tantrum but at least it was a quick one."

Cecilia: Most of them didn't look entirely convinced he was fine at any rate, they were used to Cecilia's deceptive laughter and hence, didn't automatically assume that a smile meant things were fine.

Carmen: Carmen chuckled a little in spite of herself. "I just wanna know in case you wanna press charges. I know he's your old man but I thought I'd ask you anyways. I'd be willing to testify, so would anyone here I'm sure."

Fabian: He shook his head. "No, no charges. If we filed charges for each time we pissed off one another in our family we'd be poor as paupers and probably doing questionable things with our lawyers...well, more questionable."

Cecilia: That just earned a weird look from Carmen which made Cecilia cringe. "They don't beat the shit outta one another all the time," she assured her aunt. "I promise."

Vincente: Well if he does hit you all the time obviously you're not hitting back hard enough," Vincente joked a bit weakly. "Seriously though, we're just trying to make sure you're alright. 'Cause if you're not, y'know you don't have to go back to your father, right? You can always stay with us, it's no trouble."

Fabian: "I'm being truthful, I swear, it's not actually like that. We're more a yelling kind of family or a silent anger kind of family and we hold grudges but it's not like that."

Maria: Maria exchanged a look with Carmen and frowned skeptically at this but didn't say anything.

Vincente: "So long as you're sure," Vincente said, casting a concerned glance into the rear-view mirror.

Cecilia: "They're going through some family troubles right now," Cecilia said, hoping this might quell their concerns. "Fabian and his father didn't always get along before and with the added tension things have been getting a bit more out of hand than usual."

Fabian: "It'll clear up soon enough hopefully. My sister's a hard one to nail down." Fabian was just going to leave it at that, no further words were needed. "But yes, my family's main pastime is snipping at one another from across a dining table usually."

Cecilia: "People do and say things they don't necessarily mean when they're angry," Cecilia said, looking pointedly at her mother. Maria had done the same thing as Esteban once in a fit of anger, though admittedly, she'd deserved it a lot more than Fabian had. "Not that excuses what happened, I'm just saying he was already worked up 'cause of other things and apparently some talk about midgets sent him over the edge."

Maria: Smiled tightly at Cecilia, she knew what she was referring to and she didn't count it among her proudest moments as a parent.

Fabian: "He mentioned the midgets, not me. I've nothing against little people at all but apparently they're not high on my father's list." Fabian couldn't help it. The comment just slid in as naturally as breathing.

Cecilia: The pun lighted things up a bit. "What were you even arguing about that midgets would come up?" Cecilia laughed. "Is he disappointed that you didn't manage to hit 6'0'' now or what?" It was a possibility, Esteban did seem to hold a lot of things against Fabian that he had little to no control over.

Fabian: "You can probably imagine," Fabian teased Cecilia a bit before sighing, "I'm afraid to say Cecilia isn't my father's favourite person in the world either."

Vincente: "Ah, yeah… I can see why he'd be upset that you're dating," Vincente said, frowning at the highway a little through the windshield. Some white people were like that; completely liberal and accepting up and until it was their kid bringing home the black girl.

Cecilia: "It's not 'cause of the reasons you're thinking," Cecilia said. "For the most part...he wouldn't like anyone he hadn't picked out himself so it's not quite that bad."

Fabian: "Oh yes, Cee is so obviously after my inheritance because I'm something someone could tolerate for the sake of money. Quite frankly, if that's what she wanted I'd say she earned it for putting up with me anyway."

Cecilia: "I don't give a shit about money as long as I've got clothes on my back, somewhere to lie down at night and regular meals," Cecilia said, somewhat insulted that anyone would think she'd do something like that. "I don't put up with anything I don't want to. If you don't know that by now then you should."

Carmen: "I just find it funny that he equates having less money with being unhappy and desperate," Carmen said, chuckling. "I'm not saying it isn't hard sometimes but it's not like our lives are so unbearable that we're all looking for a sugar daddy to make things okay. There're more important things than money."

Fabian: "He's just angry that he's past the age where the women who are after people for money would pass him up as the better target." Fabian shrugged and glanced out of the car window, anxious to get out of here before anyone thought to inquire what the actual family tension was. The surface conversation was uncomfortable enough.

Vincente: There was no need to worry. No sooner had they exited the highway and made a couple of turns they were in the Reyes' neighbourhood and pulling up to a smallish church. "You guys go ahead while I park the car," Vincente said. "The seats are reserved - and don't forget to pick up a program! We might know everyone and their cousin's grandmother but Fabian doesn't."

Fabian: Relief! Fabian got out calmly enough but he really couldn't move fast enough. He stopped and waited for Cecilia, however. "So, how awkward is this going to probably continue to be?" he asked in hushed tones.

Cecilia: "Not very," Cecilia assured him, taking one of his arms so they didn't lose each other in the crowd. "There's over 150 people here and it's not your wedding. They won't have time to worry about you once the party gets started - trust me."

Fabian: "Thank God, I thought Carmen was going to pull her nightstick," Fabian admitted, gladly taking her arm and starting in. "We're getting drunk after this, just so you know."

Cecilia: "You thought you were gonna leave sober?" Cecilia laughed. "I can tell you've never been to a Puerto Rican wedding. The party starts as soon as the reception doors open and goes on until the few neighbours that weren't invited call the cops to complain about the noise or everyone collapses from exhaustion on the dance floor. Don't worry - we'll be well taken care of!"