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8/2 Instance: In Repair

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2013 7:11 pm
by tears~fall~like~glass
Timeline: After 'Man Down' and 'Purgatorio'

Fabian: Fabian felt floaty, an okay kind of floaty but he was still wanting to come out of it. That was easier said than done though and he had to battle to blink out of it and look up at a room that was far too white to be anything good.

Cecilia: Despite her best efforts, sleep had slowly been claiming Cecilia, who'd taken up a post beside Fabian's bed as soon as he'd been taken out of trauma and moved into an intensive care unit, leaving only a few times to change into her civilian clothes, use the washroom and buy food or drink.

Cecilia: When the Spaniard began to stir though she sat up like a shot. "Don't move!" she said, her voice breaking slightly as she gently pushed him back down. "You're still really hurt, even if the drugs are dulling the pain."

Fabian: Drugs were dulling the pain, drugs were dulling a whole lot of things. "What happened?" Fabian muttered, still trying to pull his thoughts together to make words.

Cecilia: "You were shot in the abdomen," Cecilia said, her throat tightening just thinking about it. "The bullet entered to the right of your navel and embedded inside you. We tried to call for evac but the chopper abandoned us so we had to haul ass to the nearest hospital. You had to have emergency surgery and a blood transfusion." She swallowed hard. "It was really close."

Fabian: Fabian waited as a few of those things filtered through. Words weren't wording right now but it sort of made sense. "Anna-Maria?"

Cecilia: "She's gone," she said roughly, pressing her lips together to avoid saying anything she regretted. It's 'cause of her you nearly died. "We re-captured Sung and still have a hold of Shaw...I'm sorry."

Fabian: "...I'm going to get so much shit for that."

Cecilia: "Not for awhile," Cecilia said, sitting back down on her chair and sliding forward to get closer to the bed. "...I haven't called your parents yet."

Fabian: Fabian smiled weakly and held his hand out a bit for a phone, too amused at the idea of calling them high on pain meds to really think things over.

Cecilia: Cecilia - unable to read minds - took the offered hand in both of her own and drew it close, resting her cheek against it as tears began to cascade down her face for what felt like the thousandth time today.

Fabian: Fabian couldn't read minds either but he wouldn't be able to even understand at this stage and completely forgot about what he had wanted anyway. "'m okay."

Cecilia: Cecilia just sobbed harder at this. "No, you're not!" She sniffed hard and scrubbed a hand across her face but it was useless, she couldn't control the waterworks, so she just gave up. "I'm not!"

Fabian: "Am I dead?"

Cecilia: "No, but you almost were!" she said, covering her face with one hand, her shoulder shaking violently with suppressed sobs. "They didn't know if you'd make it for awhile and I sat in the reception area waiting - not knowing if you were still alive or dying in the next room - trying to hold it together and bargaining with a God I doubt the existence of just to see you just one last time!"

Fabian: "I'm sorry...but almost still doesn't count. I am alright…just really high."

Cecilia: "...if I could throttle you right now I would," she said, laughing and crying at the same time. "You're the least nurturing and empathetic person I've ever met. You're basically telling me to buck up right now and your last words to me were: 'I'm not doing crap!' Christ, you couldn't manage a 'I love you'? Or a 'don't cry'? You're fucking awful!"

Cecilia: Instead of choking him though, she kissed his knuckles and sighed heavily. "I don't care though. I knew you'd say something like that but I don't care I just wanted to hear your voice again."

Fabian: "'m plenty nurturing...people just don't like my brand of it," Fabian mumbled again but brushed his knuckles against her, "and 'I'm not doing crap' is way better last words than 'don't cry.' I'll prepare something for when I'm old and properly dying though, promise."

Cecilia: "You'd probably just leave me with instructions to cancel your subscriptions and clear your e-mail," Cecilia teased weakly, sniffling a little. "I hope you leave a thank you note for me at least: 'Thanks for the good times! You were the finest piece of ass I ever had.'"

Cecilia: "...I hope you live a hundred years," she said, growing serious now. "More than that even, 'cause one year with you isn't enough. I know we fit in as much as we can in the time we have; but it's not enough for me. I want...more time with you."

Fabian: Fabian thought about threatening to remember her proposed note but realized there was no way he was going to remember right now. He just held his hands out as far as he dared flop. "You've got it."

Cecilia: Cecilia wrapped her arms around the upper half of his body, careful not to disturb his stitches or twist up any of the monitors, and buried her face in his neck. "...I guess now's not the time to tell you that you're gonna need a lot of help when you're recovering." She smirked. "Tell me, how do you feel about sponge baths?"

Fabian: Fabian considered that question for a moment and pulled himself together enough to give his most appropriate answer. "Awesomely...going to wear the doctor's stuff from last Christmas?"

Cecilia: "Sure," she said, sniggering in earnest now as she let him go and sat back down. "Whatever you want, mi amor. Though it's actually the nurses' job to do that sorta thing." She shrugged. "Ah, I can make an exception."

Cecilia: "Oh...uh, I gotta gift for you," she said, rubbing the back of her neck. "I'm not sure if you'll like it though. If you don't just say the word and I'll get you a shitty bear from the gift shop."

Fabian: "I'm a special case," Fabian insisted with a nod. He looked intrigued at the idea of what she could have gotten him for a gift now.

Cecilia: Cecilia laughed. "That you are." Reaching into the pocket of her jeans she pulled out a small lump of metal and held it out to Fabian to inspect. ".45 ACP round, built for a semi-automatic pistol and dug straight outta your stomach." She grinned nervously. " I, uh, convinced the surgeons to let me take it...for evidence. I think they just assumed 'cause Bob's a SHIELD agent me and Lukas are too."

Fabian: "....this is awesome." His fingers had some trouble gripping through the drugs but he eventually got a hold of it and gave it a look over.

Cecilia: "I thought maybe we might bronze it or something," she said, watching him inspected it. "It seems like something you should keep. After all, how many people actually have the bullet that had their name on it?"

Fabian: Fabian held it out for her to take, fairly sure he'd lose it in the bed if he were to hold onto it now. "A warning to all the other ones."

Cecilia: Cecilia smiled at that and took the offered bullet. "You're a lucky man, Fab. In more ways than one." She looked to the phone on the beside table. "Should I call your parents soon? Or do you not wanna deal with that right now? They don't know you've been shot...I didn't call them earlier 'cause you were still under the knife and I didn't want them to run down only to sit and worry." Well, Jacinta would worry, Esteban might not. "I figured I'd call them once I was sure which side of the line you were gonna end up on."

Fabian: "If father answers put it on speaker, I wanna tell him."

Cecilia: Cecilia reached over for the phone and placed it very gently beside him, putting the receiver in his hand and helping him hold it to his ear once she'd dialled. "Go ahead, I'm sure they'd rather hear it from you after all."

Fabian: Fabian smiled ear to ear as he waited for someone to answer on the other end.

Esteban: It was Esteban who picked up, his bed being closest to the phone. "Well it's about fucking time! Where is my daughter?! Did Shaw give us anything useful or is he just as worthless as you?!"

Fabian: "Hiiiii daddy!" Oh, laughing sort of brought pain out of the medication fog. That was a bad idea. "Your precious baby shot me."

Esteban: "…Fabian?" Esteban scowled, pulling himself up to a sitting position in bed. "Are you drunk?!"

Fabian: "I'm high! Hospitals have some good shit."

Esteban: "...are you having a go at me, boy?" Esteban asked, eyeing the phone suspiciously.

Fabian: "She shot me in the stomach, who does that?" Fabian honestly wanted to know.

Esteban: Esteban actually went quiet there for a moment. "Oh...well, are you dying then?" he demanded. "Where's your sister? Is she hurt?!"

Fabian: "I'd like to think I broke a few things. I've no idea, I was a bit busy being shot."

Esteban: "You lost her?!" Esteban shouted into the phone. "You were close enough to take a bullet from her and you lost her! What the hell is wrong with you?!"

Fabian: "Well getting shot does rather ruin one's chances of actually capturing the person." The fog was lifting half from the conversation and half naturally and Fabian didn't really appreciate it.

Cecilia: "Oh for fuck's sake!" Esteban was yelling so loudly that Cecilia could hear him quite clearly and when he began hurling abuse at Fabian her already fragile temper completely snapped. With surprising speed she snatched the receiver away from Fabian's head. "You listen to me you asshole!" she roared into the phone. "I've had just about enough of your shit and if you insult him one more goddamn time I swear to Christ you'll be the sorriest son-of-a-bitch alive when I'm finished with you!"

Fabian: Fabian, meanwhile, was barely holding in his giggles. "Speaker phone, speaaaker phone!" He had to hear this shit.

Esteban: Cecilia pressed the button so Fabian could hear his father's freakout in all it's glory. "What did you just say to me you little bitch?" Esteban's voice snarled through the speakers.

Fabian: "Oh, father, that isn't an insult you can use with a straight face surely." Fabian chuckled even more though he tried not to properly laugh. "Anyway, I assume I'll be back there as soon as they can arrange to transfer me on to the medlab. My memory's a bit fuzzy on what all happened on the mission actually but I'm sure there'll be more hunting to happen."

Cecilia: "You heard me the first time!" Cecilia shot back. "I fucking mean it! I don't care how angry you are. You say one more goddamn word about how this is either of our faults and I'll slap the taste outta your mouth!" She ran a hand through her hair. "God, what is your malfunction?! He's your fucking son and he almost died today and all you can do is scream at him 'cause he didn't manage to get your bitch of a daughter back from a mess you got her in?! I hope you choke on your own bile you greasy rat!"

Fabian: Thank God Fabian didn't ever run the risk of pissing Cecilia off as much as she seemed to be right now. He was grinning wide though. "So we'll give you until then before we decide whether or not patricide is worth my time."

Esteban: There was a long, tense silence on the other end of the line before Esteban's voice broke through again: "Your step-mother wants a word," he said curtly, passing the phone to his wife abruptly and getting up to get dressed.

Jacinta: "Fabian?" Jacinta said. "Are you still there?"

Fabian: Fabian raised his hand to take Cecilia's again in victory. "Yeah, we're both here."

Jacinta: "Where are you?" she demanded, going through her suitcase, balancing the phone awkwardly between her shoulder and ear. "We're coming right away."

Cecilia: Cecilia took the offered hand with a small smile. "Our Mother of Mercy Hospital in the Bronx," she said. "Intensive Care Unit, room 246. Say you're family. It's past visiting hours but they haven't kicked me out 'cause they think I'm a SHIELD agent."

Fabian: "You'd look good in the uniform." Fabian thought now was the greatest time to let her know that. Maybe there were still some of the drugs in play in his decision making.

Cecilia: Cecilia spluttered and pressed the button to turn off the speaker function before Fabian's drug-addled brain ruined them both. "Thank you for saying that when I had your step-mother on speaker phone!" she said, face burning and one hand over the receiver. "Not that I don't appreciate the sentiment." She could hear Jacinta laughing on the other end. Giving him a rather dirty look she lifted the phone back to her ear. "So we can expect you soon, then?"

Fabian: Fabian just looked as pleased as he could manage which, in spite of his current condition, was still pretty pleased.

Jacinta: "Forty-five minutes to an hour," Jacinta said. "We'll see you when we get there."

Cecilia: "Right, we'll be in touch." Cecilia sighed heavily as she slammed the receiver down onto the cradle, letting her head flop onto the bed. "Your father's gonna murder me."

Fabian: "Please, my father is going to be a whipped dog by the time he comes here." Fabian had to give in and give a laugh even if it hurt.

Cecilia: Cecilia placed a hand over his stomach very very gently. "Careful, you're gonna pop a stitch if you laugh too much," she teased.

Fabian: "I'll do my best." Fabian assured her. "So what did happen afterwards? Things are a little fuzzy."

Cecilia: "After your sister fucked you up?" Cecilia asked, she thought for a minute, trying to compile everything that'd happened since that afternoon. It felt like a lifetime ago. "Bob iced you up to stop the bleeding, I had a momentary freakout, Lukas slapped me, we called for evac which abandoned us so we decided to haul you five blocks to the nearest hospital rather than try and go back to Westchester..."

Cecilia: "...then Bob pulled his SHIELD badge once we got here and the doctors whisked you off and the rest is history," she concluded, leaving out some of the details of the surgery which she was sure he didn't want to hear.

Fabian: "...evac abandoned us? Why would they have if the area was cleared?" That didn't make sense to Fabian's fuzzy mind.

Cecilia: "They went after your sister," Cecilia said, her expression stormy. "They abandoned us to chase after her. Apparently they considered your life expendable."

Fabian: That still seemed strange to Fabian but he was sure that he'd hear enough of it later on. "Any word on if they managed to get sight of her?"

Cecilia: "If they have they didn't tell me," she said, shaking her head. "The only thing anyone's said to me the whole time I've been here is 'do you want a snickers?', 'are you gonna use the phone or not?', 'I'm gonna re-set your nose now' and 'did you come in with this guy?'" She shrugged. "Sorry, Fab."

Fabian: "It's okay." He offered her a smile but it was getting tired again. "We'll either find her or we won't, stressing about it isn't going to make anything happen any faster."

Cecilia: Cecilia raised an eyebrow. "You're not gonna be doing anything for a little while. Not until you're healed up." She sighed and began to pet his hair a little. "They knew we were moving Shinobi. That means they must have someone on the inside. So I'd presume all we gotta do to find them again is set-up some false bait and ambush them."

Fabian: "Hopefully it's not too inside, though." Fabian sighed, pulling a face. "I mean, it's obviously not me or Lukas but I suppose you never know, do you?"

Cecilia: Cecilia blinked. "No, I mean! That's not what I was thinking of! I, I didn't think for an instant either one of you betrayed us, the thought never crossed my mind. Now that you've mentioned it though I still don't think that. No, I was thinking it was one of Fury's people, not ours."

Fabian: "I figured that's what you's a possibility though I suppose. It'll have to be kept as hush hush as possible either way." Which was easier said than done but it could be managed.

Cecilia: Cecilia studied him for a minute. "I don't believe for an instant you'd betray me, you know that, right? I trust you with my life. I don't trust a lot of people, but I do trust you."

Cecilia: "We'll figure things out either way," she said. "We'll...I'll get your sister back, Fab. I promise."

Fabian: "...I get to kick her squarely in the goods though, yes? I mean, I obviously can't shoot her so my payback shall have to come in stages." He shook his head slightly. "I don't doubt your trust for a moment and I trust you, too."

Cecilia: "If she tries to hit you first I don't see why you can't defend yourself," Cecilia snorted. "Hooray for equality , yeah?" She grinned slightly evilly. "Well, I hope you do 'cause you're gonna have to have some faith when I'm helping you in the bath-tub."

Fabian: "I definitely trust you there. I know you wouldn't want to risk damaging the merchandise any further." Fabian lazily gestured to himself and gave a pleased, if tired, smile.

Cecilia: Cecilia laughed, more genuinely now that she was sure he wasn't gonna keel over. "You should rest before your parents show up. God knows you won't get any when your father's around...unless I actually managed to scare him, which I doubt."

Fabian: "Jacinta carries his balls in her tiny clutch purse, it'll be fine." Fabian yawned though and his eyes were mostly shut all ready. "Actually her tiny clutch purse might be his balls but I don't want to think about that."

Cecilia: "'re gross," she said affectionately, laying her head on the bed. "Can I just...lie here for a moment?" Her eyelids were heavy and now that the danger had passed she was feeling surprisingly weak and boneless.

Fabian: "I am, and of course." He let out a sigh and let the fuzziness reclaim him for now.

Cecilia: Cecilia turned her head to lie face-down as well as she could while still sitting in a hospital chair but promptly turned it back when it hurt her still sore nose. "Ow...motherfucker," she muttered. Oh yeah, she was gonna feel this in the morning, but that was fine, both of them had some healing to do so it only made sense they stick together while they were both on the mend.

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