8/6 Instance: Bikram B*tches

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8/6 Instance: Bikram B*tches

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:17 pm

Timeline: After 'Meet the Cortezes', before 'Midget Shortage'

Clarice: Clarice had the mats and the music ready, she was just waiting for her new partner to arrive, it would be so nice to have someone else to go through the poses with, rather then just by herself.

Cecilia: Cecilia wandered down the hall towards the gym in her sweatpants and a tank top, slightly nervous over this whole yoga workout thing Clarice had invited her to. She'd not exactly had the heart (or the chance) to tell her she didn't actually do the sport (was it a sport?) and didn't want to discourage future interaction by turning her down, so she'd decided to just wing it and hope for the best.

Clarice: Clarice grinned like santa had arrived with a backlog of presents when the other girl appeared in the doorway. "Hiiiiii!" she 'glee'd, "how're you feeling after the other night? You had a lot of wine."

Cecilia: Cecilia smiled slightly at the enthusiasm not used to another person who wasn't a complete wreck in the mornings. "After a few aspirin and some ginger ale I'm surprisingly good, almost feels like the hangover never happened… thanks for asking," she said sincerely.

Cecilia: She looked around, taking in the mats and the music player. "How 'bout you? You didn't drink anything, but were you alright after meeting Esteban?" she asked, a little concerned. "He's…not very pleasant at the best of times."

Clarice: "He was certainly not paying much attention to his karma, that's for sure!" Clarice nodded solemnly, "It's kinda ... weird how he's Fabian's dad. I mean, Fabian can be a real butt-hole sometimes but he's nice too, and smart. Esteban was just ... ignorant. I liked Jacinta though, she seemed really interested when I was talking about mutant science ... though maybe she was just being polite."

Cecilia: "I know what you mean," Cecilia said, slipping off her shoes and stepping onto one of the mats. "They're not much alike...and he's not much like his biological mother either from what I've heard. I think he takes after someone else... maybe his grandparents. Jacinta said he's a more typical Cortez than his sister or his father."

Cecilia: She began doing a few stretches to warm up. "She wouldn't keep talking to you about it if she wasn't interested. For what my opinion's worth I think she liked you."

Clarice: "I was kinda surprised that Fabian asked me to come," she confessed, doing her own stretches, grimacing a little when she moved her leg, it was still kinda sore from the last mission with the plane crash, "I'm guessing he probably wanted to make some kind of point, but it did chill me a bit to be in the same room of someone who so ... obviously followed my Uncle."

Cecilia: Cecilia hesitated for a moment before responding. "I see you caught onto that little dig...you're not wrong, he did bring you along to make a point. He wanted to show his father how much he's distanced himself from Nur's ideals and he wanted to piss him off."

Cecilia: "That being said," she continued, "he also enjoys your company and he values your friendship a great deal. Believe me, I know."

Clarice: "Oh I know," she nodded. "It's Fabian, if he didn't like me he wouldn't spend time with me, and I gotta admit, it is funny when people realize that I'm not a total bubblehead," she smiled, "So, ready to get started? What forms do you know?"

Cecilia: "Uh, the usual stuff, I guess," Cecilia said, trying to sound like she knew what she was doing. "Like the lotus stuff...and the raised arm pose." She'd seen those in advertisements outside of expensive yoga apparel stores so there were probably forms like that - she hoped.

Clarice: "You mean 'the Mountain' and 'the Warrior?'," Clarice raised a skeptical purple eyebrow.

Cecilia: "Yeah, those ones!" Cecilia said, snapping her fingers, all that time in the Hellfire Club coming in handy as she lied right through her teeth. I must sound like a complete idiot. Why didn't I just 'fees up and ask her to teach me? Oh well, too late now.

Clarice: "And the lotus too? That's one of the hardest poses to maintain, you must do it a lot," Clarice said, trying not to smile. "Especially since you can injure yourself doing it."

Cecilia: Shiiiit! "I'm surprisingly flexible," Cecilia said, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow.

Clarice: Must. Not. Laugh. "Really now? You can tear your hamstring is you're not careful, or pop your hip."

Cecilia: Cecilia really doubted that, this whole yoga thing was very new age and was supposed to be relaxing, she was pretty sure this was gonna be a walk in the park. "What's life without a little risk?" she said, grinning and bouncing on the balls of her feet. "We gonna do this thing or stand around talking all day?"

Clarice: "Well, I always save the lotus for last anyway. I use it to meditate and wind down," despite Cecilia's bravado Clarice didn't want to actually injure the girl so they would run through one of the more gentle sequences, "okay, get on your mat and we'll start with the Mountain. Keep your feet flat on the floor and stretch your arms up as far as you can and hold for about 10 seconds."

Cecilia: "I got it, no worries." Cecilia stepped into place and keeping watch on Clarice out of the corner of her eye so she could mimic the moves as simultaneously as possible.

Clarice: Clarice closed her eyes and focused on her breathing before moving into a forward fold, bending her body double to touch the floor with her fingertips, her body barely trembling from holding the stretch. She opened them a crack to keep an eye on Cecilia.

Cecilia: Cecilia scowled as her fingers stopped inches away from her toes, this was beyond discouraging, one move into the whole routine and she was already fucking up. The worst part of this was she was a good dancer, didn't that make her naturally graceful and flexible? Grimacing, she pushed herself and, with a great deal of effort, managed to touch her toes. Score!

Clarice: Clarice winced a little, hoping the other girl wouldn't pull something, "Your breathing is too shallow, it needs to be deep and regular," she prompted.

Cecilia: Luckily, Cecilia was used to pain due to the nature of her powers...but that didn't mean she liked it as both her hamstrings were pulled. "Aren't you supposed to be concentrating on the capacity of your own lungs?" Cecilia said, smirking a little despite the burn in the back of her legs.

Clarice: "You should always watch your partner to make sure they don't get into bad habits," Clarice replied before smoothly moving into the 'Downwards Dog', stretching out her arms across the floor, legs stretching to follow and keeping her back straight, her core tight. She exhaled slowly and focused on holding her form.

Cecilia: Cecilia had done push-ups before and even held them for long periods of time, but never had she done one where her head was lower than her ass. She bit the inside of her mouth, equal parts amused and embarrassed. This pose looked like something you'd see in the Kama Sutra - or so she imagined. She took a moment to thank whatever deity might exist that no-one was behind her while she did this. "Fair enough," she said, following the advice and taking deeper breaths while simultaneously fighting off a fit of laughter.

Clarice: Clarice broke the hold and moved into the Warrior stance, bending her knee and stretching her other leg out behind her, keeping her butt down, her arms were stretched up over her head and she could feel the muscles down her side stretching already.

Cecilia: Cecilia's amusement was quickly cut short as she moved into the 'arms above the head' pose, her back screaming in protest, still she pushed herself harder. trying to emulate Clarice's stance until she felt something along her inner thigh tear. "Ow!" she yelped, dropping her arms and kneeling over in pain. "Argh! Shit...I think I broke my vagina."

Clarice: "... whaaaa?" Clarice dropped out of the pose, "Oh my gosh! Are you okay!?" Broke her vagina? What the heck!? If she'd broken Fabian's girlfriend's vagina he was going to be so annoyed that he didn't get to watch, "It's okay, just try to relax your muscles."

Cecilia: "Chinga mi madre!" Cecilia hissed through gritted teeth, remembering at the last minute to limit her swearing to Spanish only. "Ow...okay, I gotta confession to make."

Cecilia: ((Spanish: Fuck my mother!))

Clarice: "Never done yoga before in your life?" Clarice finished for her. "Let me just feel your leg and check you haven't torn anything." Have to feel up Cee's inner thigh, yep, Fabian was going to be furious he'd missed this.

Cecilia: Cecilia stared at her classmate like she'd completely lost her mind before bursting into laughter. "Don't worry - it is! I can tell you that already," she snorted, sitting down heavily. "No, I haven't. The closest I've ever come to that is lululemon...well, the outside of lululemon at any rate."

Clarice: Clarice cracked a smile. "Sorry, I was kinda hoping you'd admit it yourself, that's why I chose the easiest sequences I could think of, I didn't expect you to be that ... well, stiff, with all the missions and training we do. Do you want me to get an icepack or something?"

Cecilia: "...I'm sorry," Cecilia said, frowning slightly. "I didn't wanna turn down your invitation and it didn't really occur to me at the time to just 'fess up and ask you to teach me. So I wasn't trying to, y'know...make an idiot outta you." She shook her head. "It's alright, I'll get one later."

Cecilia: She sighed heavily."While we're here though I should probably get a few other things off my chest: I never get up late unless I've had a biblical amount to drink the night before, have only had breakfast in bed once or twice in my life, don't shop on Fabian's credit card or shop much at all for that matter, have never had a manicure in my entire life, am lactose intolerant (but somehow that hasn't prevented my ass from getting fat) and I fucking hate the Lifetime channel."

Clarice: Clarice started to laugh, "Oh good, I was a bit worried when you said all that since that didn't sound like you at all and you don't have a fat butt, my momma would have said: 'the Lord blessed ya with a beautiful behind.'" She shook her head and shifted slightly so that she was sitting next to Cecilia. "The ghetto booty is in anyways."

Cecilia: "I like the sound of your mother," Cecilia said, smiling a little and folding her legs under her as best as she could. "I guess you think this is karma's payback on me for lying to you, yeah?"

Clarice: Clarice chuckled, shaking her head, "Nah, this is just what happens when you push yourself too hard. I guess that's the problem with things like Yoga and Tai Chi, you think they're easy 'cos they're slow. When Narayan first started showing me yoga I did the same thing. I was groaning for like a week afterwards."

Cecilia: "Narayan?" Cecilia said, raising an eyebrow. "Was he like your sensei or something? Is that who taught you how to be a vigilante?" She knew her classmate had been a solo vigilante for some years before joining the X-Men.

Clarice: Clarice started to laugh hard. "Oh, I'll have to tell him that! No, he's not my sensei - he's Indian for one. He's the monk who took me in when I first ran away from the foster homes. He's just this tiny old man who works at the temple and lives in this one room apartment over a seafood joint." She smiled a little wistfully. "He was the first person who was kind to me since my parents gave me up."

Cecilia: Cecilia felt a little disappointed, she'd been envisioning a very Morpheus-like figure, a tiny Indian man didn't exactly fit her definition of a badass. "He's baseline human?" she asked. "That's...actually really comforting. It's nice to know there are people who don't hate mutants. I mean, I know my family doesn't but that's not exactly representative of the population, y'know?"

Clarice: "Oh yeah, he...uh, didn't really approve of my crime-fighting escapades though," she smiled wryly. "He's a pacifist, but he respects my motives. I have these powers, I should use them to help people and inaction is the greater evil. Though I was pretty young when I first started, I had this idea that if I earned enough universal karma brownie points then the universe would give me my parents back. The universe doesn't work like that though."

Cecilia: "No, it doesn't," Cecilia said, thinking of her own life. She was silent for a minute. "Sh-... mierda happens, often to good people, and there's not much anyone can do to change that. Still, knowing that is sorta cold comfort, huh?"

Clarice: "If you choose to look at it that way, as I've grown older I've realized that being good makes me feel good, so I keep it up."

Cecilia: Cecilia smiled slightly. "I'm glad it comes easily to you. I feel like I'm hitting my head against a brick wall that won't budge more often than not and sorta do the right thing angrily and reluctantly at times," she said, shrugging. "I'm not especially patient though."

Clarice: "Everyone's way is different, I just don't think you've found yours yet is all."

Cecilia: "You don't think so?" she said, letting her legs sprawl out akimbo and leaning back on her hands. "What makes you say that?" She laughed a little to herself. "I think I got a pretty good idea what I want, I just adapt to things as I come across them."

Cecilia: Cecilia raised an eyebrow at Clarice. "How're you sure you've found your way, hm?" she teased.

Clarice: "Because I'm happy with the world and my place in it, and I'm at peace. You ... are probably the least serene person I know," she admitted.

Cecilia: "I think there're people more murciélago mierda than me around here," she smirked, both at this assessment and the swearword she'd had to adapt to Spanish. "Thanks though, it's nice to be the best at something...and I think you might be the most zen person I've ever met. I don't know how you get by not yelling or swearing at times 'cause there's a lotta frustrating cagada around here but it fascinates me."

Cecilia: ((Spanish: batshit & crap))

Clarice: "Practice," Clarice chuckled, "don't you ever wonder why all the zen monks are old men, takes a lot of practice."

Cecilia: "Do you ever wonder why nuns are such killjoys?" Cecilia said, chuckling a little herself. "'Cause being good all the time eventually makes you a sour grape."

Cecilia: She flopped onto the mat, staring at the ceiling. "I mean, if you wanna be disciplined all the time I'm not gonna stop you. I'm just saying, if I didn't queja every once in awhile I'd explode."

Cecilia: ((Spanish: bitch (i.e. complain)))

Clarice: "I thought it was mostly sexual repression, I mean, even if you're not a nun you're still like ... not allowed to have sex ever if you're a Catholic right?" Clarice giggled, tidying her hair, "I dunno what that word means but I figure whatever it is, it's something I meditate out."

Cecilia: Cecilia gasped in mock horror. "Oh my God, we're not? I'll have to tell Fabian and Sebastian that right away. Our souls are all at sake!" she snorted and collapsed into a laughing fit at the idea.

Cecilia: "Ah," she said, wiping the tears of mirth out of her eyes once she was done. "I like talking to you...I'm sorry I didn't do this sooner."

Clarice: "I was utterly vile to you when we first met," Clarice shifted uncomfortably, "and we ... have very different viewpoints, it's understandable."

Clarice: What does Mr. Shaw have to do with this? He's not a Catholic is he unless ... oooh, did they have a threesome? Saucy minx! Well done!

Cecilia: "I wasn't exactly pleasant either," Cecilia said, frowning as she sat up. "What's worse, I kept digging at you even after you apologized, for reasons that were really stupid." She sighed. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry for being such an cabrón. It was ultimately my loss 'cause I missed out on the chance to be friends with someone I could've learned a lot from and for what? 'Cause I felt threatened by you."

Cecilia: ((Spanish: asshole))

Clarice: Clarice tilted her head to the side and smiled, "You don't have to miss out, I'd still like to be friends, and it's good you apologized when you were ready and able to admit you'd been wrong. Anything before that is just cause for more resentfulness. So… friends?" She stuck out her hand for a shake.

Cecilia: Cecilia smiled and took her hand. "Cogida sí," she said, "you bet."

Cecilia: ((Spanish: Fuck yeah))

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