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8/13 Instance: We are the Champions

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:19 pm
by tears~fall~like~glass
timeline: November 8th

Hope: Hope sat with Tony and their agents watching the results of the election pour in on the news. It was far too much for her nerves. She started to grab a glass of scotch, but frowned. She was still underage and his agents might care. She sulked back into her chair.

Tony: Despite appearing outwardly calm, Tony was relatively sure he was going to die at any given moment if he had to wait any longer. As he idly swirled the scotch in his glass, he spared a glance back up to the screen before peering around the room for what seemed like the thousandth time, vaguely considering chatting up a girl across the room to see about passing some of the time.

Tony: Then, he realized Hope was still perched in her chair next to him and decided that definitely ruined any ideas he had forming. After a small sip from his drink, he let his head fall back against his chair, announcing, "Why can't they just announce my victory? I mean, people can't seriously want Norman Osborn to be their president."

Hope: "Some people think that about you," Hope reminded him with a smirk. She couldn't take it anymore. She took a cup and poured herself a scotch and downed it just to calm herself.

Tony: "They'd have to be blind and deaf," Tony grumbled as he considered how much scotch was left in his cup. He'd need a refill soon.

Hope: Snickering, Hope took another sip. She smirked as New York came in blue for him. "Right on, New York!"

Tony: Winning the state was hardly surprising to him since it was mostly to be expected given his party. Pulling his head from the back of his chair, he looked back to the television screen and rolled his eyes at the commentary, complaining, "There has to be some way to make this more exciting."

Hope: "Well... we could make it a drinking game." Hope suggested with a shrug. "Like, down a drink or take a shot for every state that reports officially?"

Tony: His mouth opened and closed as he considered her proposition. Then, he drained what was left in his glass for the state of New York and moved to retrieve the bottle, as they were going to need it. "It can only improve my acceptance speech."

Hope: "It will be the most amazing acceptance speech in the history of the United States," Hope determined, downing her drink after him.

Tony: "Of course," he said as he poured himself just enough for a shot while he waited for the next state to be announced, grinning slightly, "You know what's even better? My face is going to be in thousands of textbooks. Children will learn about how awesome I am all over the world."

Hope: "So... in about 15 years or so... I should run for President."

Tony: He gave a shrug, "If you want."

Hope: Hope gave him a shove and poured herself a shot. "You are useless. Why did I vote for you?"

Tony: "You felt obligated to?" Tony suggested, gesturing toward the screen with his glass as another state came in. He downed the shot, debating the last drinking game he participated in. Seeing as he couldn't remember, he liked to think he had won.

Hope: "It had to be the hair." Hope shrugged at him with a smirk and took her shot. "Because it sure wasn't the brains."

Tony: "I didn't get this far without brains," Tony commented as he leaned back in the seat, shaking his head, "I mean, I'm just the whole package… Smart, good looking, well off… People are lucky to have me."

Hope: "Or you got this far because you look pretty," Hope countered.

Tony: "I got this far because I'm capable of listening," he said pointedly, turning his attention back to the television. And, that was another state for him. Time for another shot.

Hope: Hope took the shot with him and eased back into her seat. "Sometimes. Awwww there goes a red state." She made a face at the state that had chosen Osborn.

Tony: "Damn…" Tony muttered. As tempting as it was to take a shot to soothe his disappointment, he resisted with a sigh and waited for the next state to report, getting the feeling this was how his entire night was going to be.

Hope: "Why would people vote for Osborn though?" Hope fumbled for her water, taking a sip of it.

Tony: He shrugged, "I imagine it goes back to the whole listening thing."

Hope: "They listend to his crazy ideas?"

Tony: "Or they didn't listen at all… Either way, they clearly have no taste," Tony rolled his eyes.

Hope: "Now that, I think we can agree on." Hope laughed a little, then paused. "Except I'm a Republican... I guess I'm the black sheep of the family now."

Tony: "You'd be that anyway," Tony stated, simply adding as an explanation, "You're a ginger."

Hope: "I thought that just meant I devoured souls."

Tony: Tony decided this was a likely possibility as children did seem to be something like soul-sucking monsters, but he didn't feel the need to voice this opinion. Instead, he looked back to the television and said, "I'd just get ready to devour another shot because it looks like another state is about to report."

Hope: "You seem so confident that it's a blue state. What if it's red?" Hope poured them each a shot though.

Tony: "Then, you drink, and I'll celebrate with my shot when it's blue."

Hope: "Isn't drinking alone a sign of alcoholism? Or is it just called Starkism."

Tony: Considering this fact, he deadpanned, "I'm amazed the term hasn't been changed in my honor."

Hope: "We should make that happen. Hey! Blue state." She took her shot.

Tony: Tony grinned widely at the announcement and downed his own shot, the process of him taking a shot for each blue state continuing as the night dragged on. By the time they were nearing the end, the room was spinning, and he was beginning to wonder if the damn race was ever going to end. Considering the liquid in his shot glass with a slightly displeased look, he asked, "How much longer? I mean, you would think people can count faster, and we'd have results before I'm in my grave."

Hope: "Huh?" Hope jumped a bit, pretty sure she had dozed off. "Hey when did we win Alaska! I think I missed a shot or two..."

Tony: "Fuck if I know," Tony grumbled a bit. He wouldn't admit it, but he thought she was probably lucky she'd missed a few because he could've gone without the last couple.

Hope: With a yawn, Hope sat up a bit and rubbed her eyes. "Did we win yet? Am I the first kid?"

Tony: "I hope so," he muttered, slouching in his chair, "I think we're about to find out."

Hope: Hope rubbed her eyes and tried to focus on the count. "Can't they call it already? You've clearly won!"

Tony: Tony was about to ask, in confusion, whether he'd actually won when somebody on his staff actually came to inform him he had won. He let his head fall back as he blinked dumbly at the person and then over at Hope as the news continued to sluggishly process. Finally, he asked, "I won?"

Hope: "I don't have to like, salute you or some shit do I?" Hope asked with a grin, giving him a big hug instead.

Tony: There was cheering. People were cheering. For him. Tony threw his arms up in victory and stared down at Hope in surprise at the hug. After briefly returning it, he moved on to attack Rhodey with one. He'd won! Once he pulled away, he paused, the grin falling off his face as a puzzled one took its place. Then, he came to the conclusion as he swayed in place, "Oh, shit… I have to give a speech."

Re: 8/13 Instance: We are the Champions

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:33 pm
by Slarti