9/7 Instance: Disassembled: Part I

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9/7 Instance: Disassembled: Part I

Post by Slarti » Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:47 am

Timelined immediately after The End of All Things

<Jimmy> Jimmy sat propped up on one of the couches of Jack's new place, a pitcher of cider on the table in front of him which he was drinking through a straw. Friday was prowling around the dance floor nervously and the Leech kid had gone and hidden himself in the basement ... nothing to do but wait and he fucking HATED waiting.

<Hisako> Hisako just sat staring at the drink she'd helped herself to. She thought she wanted it before, but once it was poured into the glass, sitting on the table, she just....didn't. She curled her hands in her lap, gently stroking the Samidare's saya with her fingers, feeling alien in these clothes.

<Hisako> She still wasn't used to the fact she now had one eye. Her heart sank at the thought that she was permanently blind on one side, and even more at the fact that everything she'd called home was dead and gone.

<Hisako> The clothes felt so, so alien...

<Shaw> He knew they looked ...interesting. Sebastian didn't care. He tipped the cab driver and slid out, holding the door for Jessica and offering her his hand.

<Jimmy> "... So," Jimmy tried to think of something to say, "... can you still use the sword with that eye?"

<Jessica> Jess took the offered hand, holding onto it tightly as though she was afraid he'd slip away from her too. She was still wearing the same bloodstained clothes she'd been in when they left the school.

<Shaw> The irony that they were going to Jack's club was not lost on him. He put his arm around her shoulders and went to the door.

<Anna> Anna sat quietly, nursing a glass of Jameson's to steady her nerves. She took a deep breath, "Anyone need me to take a look at anything now that my hands have stopped shaking? May as well do my job..."

<Jimmy> "Can't regrow legs, can ya?" Jimmy took a long slurp of his cider.

<Hisako> Hisako blinked up at Jimmy, nodding awkwardly. She felt like a moron wearing the eye-patch she'd found - that said, the gothic-style suit she'd found made her feel like a moron too. She swallowed at Anna's question; she couldn't bring her eye back, she'd tried earlier...

<Jimmy> "Oh ... well, that's... good, yeah?" They lapsed into more awkward, PTSD'd silence.

<Anna> She gave him an apologetic look, "Not this far down the line, I'm sorry... I could have done it if I'd seen you straight away I think, even with your mutated DNA..."

<Hisako> "...it's all gone," Hisako half-whispered, "...I can't believe it."

<Jimmy> "We're still here, except for Liz, but she's just in the shower."

<Anna> She gave Peanut a small smile for that, "We are... and that's something at least..."

<Jessica> Jess could hear the voices inside and she glanced up at Sebastian. Would they expect her to talk? She didn't think she could do that right now.

<Hisako> Biting her lip, Hisako's eye fell down to her sword. She'd killed people, hadn't she? Her breathing halted for a moment, feeling as if she'd be scolded for it any second, fearing that she could have made things worse.

<Shaw> He gave her a slight, reassuring smile and went inside. "Hello," he started, unsure what to say to this little rag-tag group of survivors. "I had a text from Jack..."

<Jimmy> "Well at least the cool teacher survived," Jimmy tried his best to sound cheerful even as he eyed Anna up. Was she covered in blood?

<Hisako> Turning to Shaw, Hisako looked up. "Did he get away?"

<Anna> "Yes I am awesome," She nodded with a grim smile, glancing up at Sebastian's voice. "I'll get you a drink..." She got up from her seat to find the scotch because she was sure he wouldn't appreciate her trying to ply him with Irish whiskey.

<Shaw> Sebastian tried not to show his surprise at the girl's patch, tilting his head. "Did whom get away?"

<Jimmy> "He was here all the damn time, jammy git, he'd no idea what was going on till I turned up and nearly crashed through his new front window."

<Hisako> "J-Jack," Hisako reiterated, looking to Jimmy. "Ah. Well....this."

<Jessica> "Alcohol won't work on me..." Jess offered hoarsely. "If Jack has tea though..."

<Anna> "I'll look for you." Anna disappeared into the staff kitchen area.

<Shaw> He nodded, slowly, realizing his grasp on his thoughts was rather tenuous right now. Leading Jessica to a seat, Sebastian waited for her to settle before joining her.

<Jimmy> "Yeah, you said before. Cryin' shame since y' look like y' could use a drink," he took another long slurp of his cider. "Careful, werewolf boy is hidin' under that table," he gestured with a hand to Mikael, who was curled up in a tiny ball under the table whimpering quietly in his sleep.

<Anna> Anna... wasn't sure how Jess took her tea but sweet tea was good for shock so... lots of sugar. She saw to Sebastian's scotch before going to collect the tea from the kitchen. "Here you go, get that down you..." she set the drinks on the table, rubbing distractedly at a smudge on the X-Men uniform. "I wonder if I can get this dry cleaned..."

<Hisako> With an unhappy sigh, Hisako looked back to her drink, still not finding the push to lift it and drink it. Her gaze flickered to Mikael, his pitiful look hurting her more than her eye had earlier. She looked down at the Samidare again, the nakago of the old blade hanging from its binding reflecting her face.

<Hisako> "Gomenasai..." she whispered, looking up at Jimmy, "I...don't know what I should say."

<Shaw> He thanked Anna quietly, but didn't touch the drink, keeping his arm around Jessica's shoulders.

<Jimmy> "Then don't say nothin' y' did y' best, I'm sure everyone else'll be fine, they'll all turn up sooner or later and we'll have a massive piss up."

<Jessica> Jess lifted her head enough to twitch a feint smile at Anna before fidgeting in an attempt to reach the bindings on the katana secured to her back. It was uncomfortable to have it there with Sebastian's arm around her.

<Anna> "That's the spirit, Peanut." She gave him a smile, sitting down and picking up her glass again.

<Hisako> "Most of them are dead. Laura-chan is, Sophie is, I think May-chan might be...." Hisako swallowed, "...why did they do this? What did we do?"

<Shaw> "Clarice is dead," he said, unaware he had said it. The girl had died in front of him.

<Jimmy> "... You don't know that-what!?" Jimmy's head shot around, Shaw sounded pretty fucking certain.

<Jessica> "Kevin too... I saw..." Jess gave up her attempts on the bindings and curled into Sebastian as she burst into tears again.

<Hisako> Letting out a hollow sigh, Hisako curled the Samidare up into her arms, closing her eye tightly.

<Shaw> Sebastian met the bald boy's eyes, his own flat. He stroked Jessica's hair, shifting to let her huddle close to him.

<Jimmy> "... Fuck," Jimmy took a long pull on his cider. Clarice and Kevin? "Y' sure?" He knew it was stupid to ask but ... he knew them, they went to the same classes…

<Hisako> Hisako felt her heart break all over again; she'd only spoken to Clarice the other day. She hadn't even been there when she'd died? Her heart felt somehow even heavier than it had; knowing hurt more than believing.

<Shaw> "Clarice died in her arms," he said, nodding to Jess. She'd told him of Kevin's death at the hospital, it all seemed unreal. Though he'd known death before, this was personal.

<Anna> Anna downed the remaining whiskey in her glass and poured herself another. "Shit..."

<Hisako> Gritting her teeth, Hisako stood, throwing her sword over her arm, "I'm going back."

<Anna> "No you're not!" Anna blocked her with her teke. "I'm not drunk enough that I can't possess your ass. Sit down."

<Shaw> "No," he said, looking at the girl and shaking his head. "There is nothing left there."

<Jimmy> "Christ ..." at Hisako's sudden movement he automatically went to try and get up to stop her ... but no legs. He ended up rolling off the sofa, "Argh!"

<Hisako> "That bitch is still there!" Hisako protested, "I'll go back and kill her myself!" she ignored Jimmy, though she ground her teeth harder at his fall as the sound irritated her more than it should have in her mood.

<Shaw> Rolling into the werewolf was probably not advisable. Sebastian winced on the boy's behalf.

<Jessica> "No... she's long gone..." Jess' voice was quiet and strained. "She always leaves before she's in danger..."

<Jimmy> "Oh for fuck's sake! This is fucking ridiculous!" Jimmy punched the bottom of the sofa, loosing his temper. "I'm even more fucking useless then before! All I could fucking do was get away while everyone else ... while everyone ..." he snarled and punched the sofa again.

<Anna> Anna got up to haul Jimmy back onto the sofa, "We'll think of something..."

<Shaw> Letting go of Jess for a moment, he extended a hand to the boy.

<Hisako> "I already did!" Hisako snapped, "We kill her! Right now!"

<Jessica> "There's no point... you won't find her..." Jess turned enough to look at Hisako, "Believe me... I know..."

<Jimmy> "Thanks," Jimmy said a little sullenly, righting himself and grabbing his drink again, before turning to Hisako. "Blink wouldn't have wanted you to go back," he told her.

<Hisako> Slipping her blade off of her back, Hisako pulled it to reveal an inch of the silvery edge, "It was probably your fault!" she shrieked at Jessica. "I see how she takes you away and all this happens after!" she glanced at Jimmy, eye wide and fiery. "She would want us to fight!"

<Jessica> Jess stared at Hisako for a long moment before bowing her head into her hands, it probably was her fault.

<Shaw> Sebastian was on his feet and on top of the girl in an instant. "You will not touch her!"

<Anna> "Hisako! That's enough!" She shrieked as Sebastian launched himself past her, "Sebastian! Oi! Not the students!"

<Jimmy> "Sit your ass down, she wouldn't have wanted you to fight angry, you fight stupid then! And leave Jess alone, she'd been fuckin' destroyed by this can't you tell?"

<Hisako> Hisako stepped back, her armor glowing around her, "....w-why can't we ever do anything!?" she pleaded, "Why can't we fix this!?"

<Jessica> "You can't fix death!" Jess sobbed again, "There's no fixing that! Believe me, I know."

<Shaw> He still stood between the Japanese girl and Jessica, glaring and every muscle tensed, lip raised in a snarl.

<Jimmy> "Sebs, chill the fuck out too, Hisako's crazy upset too and us yellin' at each other ain't gonna fix shit," Fuck, since when did he become the voice of reason?

<Shaw> The nickname earned the bald boy a glare as well for good measure.

<Jimmy> He stared at his drink, he just felt ... hollow inside, he took a sip but he couldn't taste the sweet apple nectar and right now it felt like he'd never, ever be happy again.

<Hisako> Falling to her knees, Hisako sent her sword back into its saya with a clack, hand falling idly to her side as her armor flickered away. What was the point in any of it? All the people she'd already cut through and not even that had saved anyone...

<Shaw> With a soft snort, Sebastian thumped back into the seat beside Jessica and reached for her.

<Jessica> Jess started to wave his hands away but found she didn't have the energy and just slumped against him again.

<Jimmy> "... Why'd this happen? How many more are gone? Fuck I was throwin' balls of paper at Kevin this mornin', he got so pissed off ...”

<Hisako> A few minutes had Hisako become uncomfortable on the cold floor. She stood slowly, tentatively sliding back into her former seat and resuming her silent watch of her glass on the table. She felt terrible, even worse than she had - if it were possible - for what she'd said.

<Shaw> "It was a lesson," he said, pulling Jessica's unresisting form closer.

<Hisako> ".....nani?" Hisako looked up again.

<Jimmy> "Lesson?"

<Anna> She sighed, slouching in her chair, "Of course it was..."

<Shaw> "Indeed. You - we - disrupted her plans."

<Jessica> "I'm sorry..." Jess sniffed, "I'm so sorry..."

<Hisako> "'We'?" Hisako asked. "I didn't! The...the children didn't do that! Why them!? Why anyone!? What does that 'teach'!?"

<Anna> "To know who we're messing with." She decided she needed more whiskey and downed her glass.

<Jimmy> "... you know what, i ain't fuckin' sorry!" Jimmy slammed his fist onto the table, the anger bubbling up again, "Fuckin' whore! Who she think she is, takin' our friends from us!? I mean Clarice and Kevin for fucks sake!? Why would anyone wanna hurt them!?"

<Jessica> Jimmy's outburst made Jess yelp and curl closer to Sebastian before she broke into renewed sobbing.

<Shaw> Sebastian stroked Jess' hair, unsure how else to try to comfort her. He leaned his face toward hers, attempting a sympathetic shush.

<Jimmy> "I ain't gonna let her get away with it! I may have a shit power and no legs, but I ..." he hesitated before continuing, "I'm an X-Man, we're all X-Men!"

<Hisako> Hisako nodded. They were, they owed it to the others to do...something. But what could they do? Nothing. Not now. It was gone, it was all gone now. No school, no more heroes, nothing.

<Jessica> Jess shook her head, "I don't want to be anymore... not at this cost..."

<Jimmy> "I respect that ... but I can't step away now," he really couldn't, what the fuck had happened to him all of a sudden? This wasn't like him at all, "We'll regroup, get strong again, and then we'll hunt that bitch down like the fuckin' vermin she is."

<Hisako> Opening her mouth to speak, Hisako found no response. Frankly, she could see why Jessica would want to get out. What was the point of all the good they did if this was the outcome anyway? She watched Jimmy as he spoke, nodding slowly at what he'd said. They'd find a way, they had to.

<Shaw> He found himself staring at the bald boy.

<Anna> "No... we'll regroup and mourn our dead and make sure Xavier's message doesn't get lost in all of this." Anna's tone was remarkably firm and steady. Probably all that booze.

<Hisako> "....but how?" Hisako asked, "We have no school, no contact, no weapons or transport...." she shrugged weakly. "Everything that Xavier's was is gone."

<Jimmy> "Bullshit, it ain't the building or the tech, it's us, we might be scattered but we'll find each other and we'll find a way.”

<Anna> "We have friends." Anna reminded the girl, "We have helped a lot of important people over the years. We know people that owe us favours. We can call them in. Xavier's school is more than just a building, Hisako."

<Hisako> Hisako looked away, skeptically tutting, "Such good friends that we all died and nobody came to help.....!"

<Anna> "Hisako, you can't have expected people to show up so fast to an attack no one was expecting. It was over so quickly." Anna had to pause to recompose herself, "Our friends can help us recover."

<Hisako> "It is not even the first time!" Hisako stressed, leaning on the table with her elbow, hand rubbing her eye, "They let this happen all the time, why? Why all the time does this happen?"

<Jimmy> "Yeah, I mean, when the Kent's find out what's happened you just know this shit is gonna get real."

<Hisako> Swallowing, Hisako bit her lip again; of course, the SWORD roster were all previous students. They'd built the place she called home, and it was their home too. And now it was gone...

<Shaw> Clearing his throat, he licked his lips. "For some time now, the Hellfire Club has tried to assist the mutant cause, and most certainly now there will be more commitment." There was a part of him that couldn't believe he was saying this - but hadn't he already thrown in his lot with them?

<Jessica> Jess recovered enough to reach for the tea and take a tentative sip.... which she instantly spat back out, "Oh my God! That is awful! So much sugar!"

<Anna> Anna blinked at her outburst. "Oh... was six too many?"

<Jessica> "Why?! Why would you put that many?!"

<Anna> This was too much for Anna on top of everything else, she burst into giggles.

<Hisako> Hisako looked up at the others, "When we strike back, we ruin them. We have to kill everyone involved; men, women, children if we have to. We have to..." she stopped at Jessica's outburst, looking to Anna as she laughed and sighing softly.

<Jessica> "Oh God. You are never making tea for me again. Ever. Ever ever ever." She pulled another face.

<Jimmy> Jimmy sighed deeply, his shoulders slumping as the giggles deflated him a little, "We have to recover first ... and that ain't gonna be over by Christmas.”

<Shaw> Sebastian gave the Japanese girl a slow blink. He could not at all recall her name, but she had blood lust, that much was certain.

<Hisako> Nodding at Jimmy, Hisako remained silent a while, her mind having run so quickly, so hard for so long, that she simply couldn't anymore. Her mind felt empty, but the hollow pain in her heart remained.

<Jimmy> ".... I just ... feel tired now ..."he admitted.

<Anna> Anna giggled some more and waved a hand at Jessica, "Okay, okay, I promise. No more tea from me."

<Jessica> "I'll go and make a proper cup I think..." she sighed heavily, "It'll help to make me feel better..." she got to her feet carefully.

<Hisako> "Desho..." Hisako sighed, "The beds here will be gross and used for lewd acts.", she shuddered.

<Shaw> That made him smirk.

<Jessica> "Just like home..." Jess replied naturally, throwing Sebastian a small smile over her shoulder and enjoying the scent of him on the suit jacket she'd borrowed.

<Jimmy> "Right now I don't give a damn, I could sleep on fuckin ... what's her name? Tracey Emin's bed."

<Anna> Anna wrinkled her nose, "Eeeewwww both of you... Eeeeeewwww..."

<Hisako> Looking up at Jessica, Hisako blinked - lewd acts? Like home? - she grimaced a little, standing up and bowing shortly before excusing herself, "Guddo naito," she blurted.

<Shaw> Sebastian smiled, throwing a tired wink at Anna and her reaction.

<Jimmy> "Night ... don't suppose y' feel like giving me a hand? Or leg? maybe two legs?"

<Anna> "'Night, Hisako... I'll be up for a while if you find you can't sleep and would rather some company." She raised her glass to the girl.

<Hisako> Hisako paused at the door, stepping back and turning to Jimmy, "Help to.....get to somewhere for sleep?" she asked.

<Jimmy> "Yeah, rather not sleep here, might roll off and land on the werewolf."

<Hisako> Nodding, Hisako closed her eye, her armor avatar glowing into life and approaching Jimmy's side, kneeling and lifting him up with minimal effort - her own brow twitched a little as she put mental effort in.

<Jimmy> "Ta, see you guys later," Jimmy waved at the others as he was carried off. He was tired but he didn't think he'd be sleeping well for a long, long time.

<Anna> "Goodnight to you too, Jimmy. Think loudly at me if you need anything, okay?" she gave him a small wave.

<Jessica> "Night, guys..." Jess called from the kitchen, leaning against the counter as she tried to pull herself together yet again.

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Re: 9/7 Instance: Disassembled: Part I

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:17 am

1) Took me this long to read it (started about 11, it's 1:17AM)

2) I already posted this but being there are no words, I'll re-use the gif.

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