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12/6 Instance: Cold Spell

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 3:43 am
by JackSkulls
Time lined after Dehydrated

Christopher: Chris walked over to his trailer peeling bits of armor off. "Ugh.... that was tiring."

Hope: When she found out about the raid, she had gone to Chris' trailer to wait. Having gotten bored waiting, she had turned on Doctor Who. So this Tennant guy was kind of cute.

Christopher: Chris slunk into the trailer and started taking the rest of his clothes off, stripping down to his underwear before he noticed that she was in there too. "Oh uhmm hey."

Hope: Hope turned around when she heard his voice, grinning a bit. "Don't stop on my account."

Christopher: "You know you like what you see now too." He flexed playfully.

Hope: "Indeed I do. I've been watching your silly Who Doctor show. It's not half bad." She patted the spot beside her for him to join her.

Christopher: "I've been breaking heads." Chris sat down with her. "Mmm Tennant."

Hope: "Oh right! How'd it go! I want details." She cuddled up with Chris, pausing the show to give him her undivided attention.

Christopher: "Tiring." He sighed. "But we got to beat down a shit ton of people before the Law got

Hope: "Damn. Maybe I should rejoin the team." She sighed a little and hit play on the show.

Christopher: "Well only if you enjoy seeing Bobby naked." Chris rubbed his eyes. "That was horrible."

Hope: Hope gave him a horrified look. "You poor, poor thing. I am so, so sorry."

Christopher: "I was planning on stripping you for better images when I got home but, too tired."

Hope: "Mmm get you a nap and I'll strip for you when you wake up," Hope offered, using him for a pillow.

Christopher: "You can't just give me a show now?" Chris laughed a little and kissed her nose.

Hope: "I could... but you see... David Tennant is on the television."

Christopher: "Well he is quite distracting, but that's what the pause button is for." He slid his arms around her waist.

Hope: Hope laughed and hit pause again, moving to be on his lap, nuzzling his cheek. "Only for you," she teased.

Christopher: "Hey I already did some of the work for you." Chris nipped at her neck.

Hope: "Some," she laughed, kissing him on his lips. "So you wanted a show, huh?"

Christopher: "Mmm maybe." Chris nibbled down her neck to where he could reach without moving clothes.

Hope: Hope smirked and moved to do just that.

Christopher: ---Time Skip---

Christopher: "Wow.... that was just... Wow."

Hope: Hope laughed a little and sighed, closing her eyes. "Yeah. Pretty much."

Christopher: "You sure you weren't a stripper in a past life?" Chris teased her as he placed gentle kisses across her body.

Hope: She laughed and reached her hand up to stroke his cheek. "It's a possibility."

Christopher: "Mmm well I'll gladly pay for that show again." He grinned and gave her a soft kiss. "Kinda surprised you didn't freak with me being out there. No offense..." Chris bit his lip.

Hope: "I accept payment in diamonds," she joked, laughing and returning the kiss. She gave him a funny look at his comment. "Why would I freak?"

Christopher: "Mmm how big?" Chris kissed her again. "Well... I could have been hurt I guess."

Hope: "Is that even possible?" She thumped him playfully. "And you should know by now... I like it big."

Christopher: Chris grinned at the joke. "Real big then. But yeah, I'm not completely invulnerable, just to some things. That's why I made my armor. I mean a semi put me in the hospital the day I found out I had powers."

Hope: "Well you'll just have to be careful then, almost Mr. Indestructible."

Christopher: "Yeah, and not follow Bobby. I think Paige was pretty happy, but I on the other hand was not."

Hope: Hope laughed and lay back on the pillows, just grinning. "I bet she was."

Christopher: Chris raised an eyebrow at that. "Has someone been ogling her body guard?"

Hope: "Only you," she grinned over at him.

Christopher: "Liar." He tickled her slowly at first but then with more vigor.

Hope: "Noooooo!" she shrieked, trying to escape.

Christopher: "You can't escape from me!" He tickled her more.

Hope: "You'll make me ice up!" She warned him.

Christopher: "You wouldn't want to freeze any of my bits off would you?" Chris tickled her more.

Hope: "Keep tickling me and the answer might be yes!" She laughed as she tried to fall off the bed.

Christopher: "You know you want to keep that around for later." He pinned her down and kissed her shoulder blade.

Hope: "Absolutely. But at the momemt? It got you to stop that," she grinned, leaning to kiss him.

Christopher: "Doesn't mean I won't start again." He dodged the kiss to tease her.

Hope: "Better mean that," she warned.

Christopher: "I ment the tickling." He kissed her lip.

Hope: Hope didn't respond, too distracted by returning his kiss.

Christopher: Chris took the advantage to tickle her again.

Hope: Hope iced over on him. "Ha!"

Christopher: "Cold!" He rolled off of her and tried to find the blanket. "That wasn't nice!"

Hope: "I did warn you," she laughed, shifting back to flesh.

Christopher: "That was not nice." He glared daggers up at her. "Total turn off!"

Hope: Hope just shrugged.

Christopher: "Using powers is cheating." Chris laid his head on her leg.

Hope: "Mmm maybe you'll listen this time," she stuck her tongue out at him.

Christopher: "Maybe I'll turn you into a slushy." He gave her a dirty smirk and started kissing her

Hope: "Maybe. But after Doctor Who!" She smirked and tried to reach the remote.

Christopher: "I shouldn't have introduced you to that." He got comfortable and moved in between her legs to snuggle.

Hope: "Probably not," She kissed his cheek and settled in to watch the show.

Christopher: "You're evil." He kissed her softly and moved to watch the doctor with her.

Hope: "Positively. But I make up for it," she smiled at him, resting her head against him.