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12/6 Instance: Trust Fail

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:27 am
by JackSkulls
Timeline Day after Lunch "Date"

Christopher: Chris was up for about the second day straight, grading classes and planning for them was making it so he couldn't get any sleep. Then there was also the added stress from him being told by one of his students that his girlfriend was going on lunch dates with them. The punching bag he'd erected in his classroom swung and groaned every time he hit it. It was the third one he'd gone through and probably the only thing keeping him from braining a child.

Hope: It had been a long couple of nights for Hope too, with events happening in DC. She was glad to be back in Boston and looked forward to a nice quiet night (ok usually not so quiet night) with Chris. She went to his classroom, where he could usually be found and grinned at him punching the punching bag. "Damn that's hot."

Christopher: "You sure?" He hit the bag a little harder as he started to get agitated from her presence. She coulda told me she was going out on lunch dates with other guys. Wonder how she'd like it if I did the same with Monet?

Hope: "Of course I am." She found a stool to sit down on, kicking her feet slightly as she watched him.

Christopher: "Cuz from what I hear you're looking at other parties too, so I must not be good enough." Chris punched through the bag.

Hope: "Well..." she started to crack a joke, but caught his anger. She blinked. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Christopher: "You going on dates with other guys." He tossed the bag to the side and grabbed a new one. "One of my students was bragging."

Hope: "I hardly think sitting with Prince Harry at dinner counts as a date."

Christopher: Chris just fumed for a moment and then went back to hitting the bag just ignoring her comment. "Yeah whatever."

Hope: "Yeeeah kind of comes with the job." She hopped down from the stool.

Christopher: "Last I checked Harry wasn't a student so I don't think he was the one bragging about getting a date with the presidents daughter." He hit the bag again.

Hope: Hope gave him a look. "Riiight. Because I totally go on lots of dates. All the time. Like every day. Sooo much fun." She rolled her eyes and headed to the door. "If you want to have an actual conversation about what the hell has you so pissy, I'll be in my room."

Christopher: "Why the hell do I have students bragging about it then?" He turned back to her.

Hope: "How the hell would I know?!" She rounded on him, glaring. "You could fucking ask, 'hey what are these dumb asses talking about' instead of just accusing me of going around cheating on you with everyone. Thanks, Chris. Thanks."

Christopher: "You're the one that made a joke of it by suggesting it was the biggest playboy in politics!" He threw back at her. "Maybe I'm a bit insecure I mean I totally didn't lose my wife to her job no!"

Hope: She simply stared at him, licking her lips a bit. "Well. If you really think that I'm capable of something like that, we need a different conversation."

Christopher: "How am I supposed to ask you if you disappear on me for work. What would you do if you heard I'd been going around with other girls?"

Hope: "Ask you about it before I jumped to stupid ass conclusions." She crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow at him. "Chris, you see, we live in the 21st century. There are the amazing devices call TELEPHONES that allow you to make a fucking PHONE CALL to confirm shit like this."

Christopher: Chris ran his fingers through his hair. "Hope..." He frowned a little, he knew he'd over reacted. "You're right, sorry." He sat down on his desk. "Just not thinking really straight right now.... Should know you wouldn't cheat on me."

Hope: "Damn right I wouldn't. Now who's smart ass started all this?" They were going to get their ass kicked.

Christopher: "I don't even remember, some cocky little ass that has black hair." Chris patted the desk next to him. "Did you know teaching was fucking exhausting?"

Hope: Hope hopped up onto the desk beside him, resting her head against him. "I'm sorry sweetheart." Cocky ass with black hair... who did she know that fit that description? She ran through the people on campus, power by power, finally resting on the only person who could now rival her cockiness except for Sebastian. "Daken? Was that the guy?"

Hope: "You can't beat up a student, sweetness." She kissed the tip of his nose.

Christopher: "No but I can load him up with extra work." He leaned into her to kiss her.

Hope: She smiled and returned the kiss. "Oh you bad boy..."

Christopher: "Mmm your bad boy." He slid his hand up her leg slowly.

Hope: "You know I have a weakness for bad boys," she confessed, kissing him again.

Christopher: "Well maybe I should stop being so nice." He laughed a little kissing her a little deeper and starting to undo her pants.

Hope: "Can't see that happening," She nipped at his neck.

Christopher: "Nope guess I'll have to role play for you." He grinned and gave her more room.

Hope: "Challenge accepted."