6/20 Instance: All's Faire in Love and Stick Foods

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6/20 Instance: All's Faire in Love and Stick Foods

Post by Slarti » Sat Jun 21, 2014 2:45 am

Current timeline

<Bobby> "Okay... I don't think I messed it up..." Bobby hoisted Ripley from the carseat and carefully set her on her feet, encouraging her to toddle over to Paige and the stroller. "That's a lot of poufy stuff on that skirt..."

<Paige> "Oh she looks darling!" Paige dismissed his comment as she scooped up her baby for kisses before she placed her securely into the stroller. "Though aren't you glad mine isn't nearly as poofy? I couldn't do this..." She pulled Bobby to her for a surprise kiss.

<Bobby> Bobby was glad, and returned the kiss enthusiastically, although he almost lost his jaunty hat in the process. Catching the hat, he gave it a flip and plonked it back onto his head. "Yup, I am, but you still managed to match." Bobby was escorting two very, very pink princesses to the New York Renaissance Faire.

<Paige> "Well, what other color would I wear?" She asked him very seriously as she pushed the stroller, glancing up at him.

<Bobby> "None at all," he deadpanned, but his lips twitched. "PINK!" Ripley screeched, tugging at the fluffy part of her skirt where it poked up through the openings of the stroller seat.

<Paige> Paige giggled at Ripley and smiled down at her. "Yes! Pink! The best color there is!"

<Bobby> "PINK! PINK!" Ripley chanted it all the way through the parking lot and Bobby pulled his jaunty ye olde hat down just a bit further over his eyes as he bought the tickets.

<Paige> Paige craftily slid Ripley a small container of cheerios.

<Bobby> Once they were safely inside the gates of the land of the bad English accents, Bobby relaxed. They were hardly the weirdest thing here. "Wow... why didn't we ever think to hide the school as a big colony of Ren Faire crazies?"

<Paige> "Oh sweetie... because then we'd be the only sane people in the colony." She kissed his cheek, smiling up at him.

<Bobby> "True facts," he said with a nod, sliding his arm around her waist... okay that corset was kind of hot, pink or not. "Ripley, we have been transported to a new realm, and I read that they might have a unicorn! Should we find the unicorn?"

<Paige> "Unicorn!?" The girls said together. "I think we must now!" Paige grinned at Bobby. Best day ever!

<Bobby> "I think it's by the petting zoo, on the other side of the Iron Throne..." Bobby steered them around a large mud puddle and then stopped short when he was accosted by a short... um... wench.

<Bobby> "'Ello, sir," she squawked in her terrible accent. "A flow'ah f'yer ladies?" She held out her basket of flowers.

<Paige> "Awwwww flowers. Do we want flowers, sweetie?" Paige asked Bobby, but looked down at Ripley.

<Bobby> The pressure was on, so Bobby bought two of the slightly wilted flowers. Once the wench moved on, he crouched and presented one to Ripley. "Now, don't eat this."

<Paige> Paige knelt down, touching the flower with Bobby to press it to Ripley's nose gently. "We smell them. Mmmm!"

<Bobby> "Smells good, right?" Although he suspected it smelled mostly like the woman selling them. Did these guys go full medieval and not use deodorant at all?! Once Ripley was happily sniffing the flower, he stood up and took Paige's hand to pull her to her feet.

<Bobby> Stepping behind the stroller so baby eyes wouldn't see, Bobby put the remaining flower stem in his teeth and dipped Paigey to pass it to her.

<Paige> A slight sound escaped as Paige was taken by surprise. She took the rose, smiling at Bobby as she did, her hands holding onto him.

<Bobby> He grinned and kissed her. "I think I like the pink princess look, actually."

<Paige> A slightly naughty look passed across Paige's face. "Well well prince charming. I like this look on you, too."

<Bobby> Oh, Bobby liked that look. "Yeah? Think I should keep it for later?" His tone was suggestive enough, but he threw in a playful eyebrow wriggle to help.

<Paige> Dissolving into a fit of laughter, Paige nodded. "Yes!"

<Bobby> "Only if you keep this." He ran a fingertip over the laces of her bodice, his eyes not at all on her face for the moment.

<Paige> Her face flushed to match her dress. Paige moved to hide it by kissing his cheek. "Anything you want."

<Bobby> He didn't miss that pink though - he loved that pink. "Woo! I'm the luckiest serf at the fair!"

<Paige> Paige giggled and took another kiss. "Of course you are! You have the cutest daughter!" Paige grinned at him.

<Bobby> "I have the cutest daughter and the most gorgeous girlfriend, like, ever." He nuzzled her and gave her one more kiss before letting go to push the stroller in search of unicorns.

<Paige> The smile just stayed on Paige's face as she hopped just a little to catch up to him. "I love you," she whispered when she did catch back up.

<Bobby> "Love you too, babe." He shifted to put his arm around her waist again so they both pushed the stroller.

<Paige> "Oooo we need to get cheesecake on a stick while we're here!"

<Bobby> Paige's randomness never failed to make him smile. "I think they have lots of things on sticks - we should find them all and sample."

<Paige> "A stickmasbourg!" She giggled and bounced just a little in her step.

<Bobby> "I like it!" Bobby pointed at a food stand. "Pickle on a stick!"

<Paige> "I love pickles! Let's get one!" Paige directed him to that stand.

<Bobby> Bobby didn't think of the implications of watching Paige lick a pickle until he'd already paid for said pickle and passed it to her. "That's... a lot of pickle." He was so not eating one now.

<Paige> Paige could only nod, her mouth full of pickle. And she was happy.

<Bobby> Boy... she was enjoying that pickle. Bobby cleared his throat.

<Paige> A hand slid to his as she nodded a little in a different direction for them to go look at and explore.

<Bobby> Bobby really needed to close his mouth or she was going to notice. Managing it with a click of teeth, he just nodded and let her lead. Baseball statistics, maybe that would help. Or quadrilateral equations!

<Paige> She had to stop eating her pickle long enough to talk again. "Ohhh live chess match! But Ripley might not sit through that. Pirate show!!"

<Bobby> "Yeah, she likely would escape and toddle into the middle of the match." Pirates were tempting though, so they started that way, humming about Neverland pirates the whole way. "Ninjas are hard to find in fake medieval Europe, so we can settle for pirates."

<Paige> "Pirates cooler anyway. Ninjas of the seas! Arrrrr!!!" She put a hand over one eye for a mock eyepatch.

<Bobby> "Yeah, but ninjas are silent... you never hear them coming - like the Spanish Inquisition!" Bobby had calmed enough now that he caught Paige's wrist and took a bite out of her pickle. It squirted.

<Paige> "Pirates don't have to be silent. They can kick booty regardless! Arrrr! My pickle!"

<Bobby> "Your pickle got way too excited. No self control. Tsk, tsk." He licked the juice off his hand.

<Paige> "Well. Can't blame it. It's delicous." She giggled at him.

<Bobby> "Premature picjaculation." He nodded.

<Paige> Paige dissolved into another fit of giggles. "That's a good one!" She took another bite of the pickle.

<Bobby> "Mmmm it's a pickle-lickin' good time." He kissed her sour lips.

<Paige> She kissed him back, taking his hand to squeeze it. "You're such a cute pickle licker."

<Bobby> He choked, unable to stop his coughing and laughing fit.

<Paige> Which, in turn, just made Paige laugh harder.

<Bobby> Until Bobby started to turn slightly blue.

<Paige> Dr. Paige sprang into action and began the heimlich on him.

<Bobby> If nothing else, it was the shock of Paige half-mounting him from behind that made him hork out the bit of pickle that'd tried to kill him for his mocking. "Um, yeah, I'm okay, I'm fine! Promise!" He squirmed away from Paige and patted her, looking around at the other patrons staring at them.

<Paige> "Are you sure? You could have damaged your esophagus..."

<Bobby> "Nope! Fine!" He rubbed at his throat to cover the quick shift to ice and back. "Just part of the show, ladies and gents!" he tried it in the typical, terrible accent, and the onlookers lost interest. "Whew."

<Paige> Paige stood awkwardly, blinking at him and not really sure what to make of that.

<Bobby> Bobby gave her a sheepish grin, which after a moment brightened up when he spotted something across the aisle. "Cheesecake on a stick!"

<Paige> With one hand on the stroller, Paige took his other hand and smiled her brilliant Paige smile. "Cheesecake!"

<Bobby> "Cheesecake makes everything better... and look, it has pink toppings!" He started leading their little family across to the less lethal snack option. Pink cheesecake and then a unicorn, followed by a little bit of roleplay at home once Rip fell asleep - yep, best day ever.

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