2/24 Instance: Artful Dodging

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2/24 Instance: Artful Dodging

Post by Slarti » Wed Feb 25, 2015 3:01 am

Timelined a few days after the blizzard stuff

<Shaw> The parking garage was well-appointed and with the snow cleared away from most areas driving the newly-returned Aston for a family outing had been more than pleasant. What was even more pleasant was getting away from Hope and Shinobi for a few hours.

<Shaw> Sebastian helped Jess settle Miriam into her sling and piled the stroller with their supplies - babies required a tremendous amount of gear - escorting his ladies inside. "Well, it's quite warm at least. I wondered about that, all things considered."

<Jessica> "I'm glad... it'd be a pain dragging coats around with everything else," she gave him a grin and a kiss.

<Shaw> "We already brought half the house, what's a few additional wardrobe items?" Sebastian lingered in the kiss, then took care of their tickets and pushed the stroller inside. Boston, as it turned out, had a family-friendly art museum, and it appeared to be very popular. And colorful.

<Jessica> She laughed softly and followed him, gently checking on her daughter as they headed inside.

<Shaw> "Oh, it's lovely... I never knew." He smirked, working out how best to push the stroller with one hand so he could keep the other at Jessica's back. "Of course, not that I had reason to frequent such places."

<Jessica> "Why not? I love museums... all these nice things in one place." She grinned, "And Miriam doesn't even have her eyes open to see it all."

<Shaw> "Yes, but there is that..." He nodded toward a large family where one small child was having a minor meltdown over the status of his sippy cup. Leaning in, he smiled fondly at their daughter. "Ah, well, we can tell her about it later."

<Jessica> Jess eyed the screaming child, "... You know I could fix that."

<Shaw> "Perhaps we should refrain on practicing on other people's children?" He tilted his head. "Although, there could be an argument that they would be the best for such trials...."

<Jessica> "Who else am I going to practise on?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

<Shaw> "Point taken, carry on." He smirked. "Although, I don't for a minute believe you haven't used it on me, so..." Sebastian shrugged.

<Jessica> "Only that one time... well intentionally..." she probably got a few people by accident.

<Shaw> "I do hope the last few days have been more pleasant for you, love." He rubbed her back while they strolled along, glancing at a few bright canvasses.

<Jessica> "They have..." she rested a hand on his arm, "Thank you... I really appreciate that you're trying... I hope you're not suppressing too much rage."

<Shaw> "No, not really. I've primarily been trying to... avoid direct contact. And Tony's calls." He laughed, stopping for a moment to pick up her hand and turn it to give her palm a kiss.

<Jessica> She brushed her fingertips over his cheek, "You'll have to talk to Tony eventually... his daughter is living in our house."

<Shaw> "Well, I have spoken to him, but it was... less than pleasant." Sebastian leaned into the touch slightly and smiled.

<Jessica> "What did he say?" she gave him a sympathetic look.

<Shaw> "Well, I was told I had one job, and failed in it, so you can imagine how that went over." He sniffed, still rather pleased with himself for avoiding rechanneling that rage onto someone nearby.... say, Shinobi.

<Jessica> "Indeed... I think maybe he just needs to get used to the idea... like you... and failing that, I'll talk to him and see if I can persuade him too." She offered a small smile, "He's really not going to endear himself to her if he threatens Shinobi."

<Shaw> "No, most certainly not, and though of course I still have my own doubts, I intend to keep my promise." He nodded, giving her hand another kiss before he pushed the stroller forward again.

<Jessica> "Good." she kept his other hand in her own for a moment or two longer, "I offered Hope my help with Tony... you have the same offer. Whatever I can do. Like I told Hope, we'll have a better chance with all of us."

<Shaw> "I will certainly keep it in mind if he doesn't calm himself." He chuckled. "We can't give the president an aneurysm, after all."

<Jessica> "Well, if you get really desperate, I could calm him down enough to listen."

<Shaw> "We should never take such a persuasive and powerful tool off the work table, koibito." He slid his arm around her, pulling her into his side as they walked.

<Jessica> She slipped her arm around his waist, "I have lots of those, have you noticed?"

<Shaw> "Of course I have, my love. You're my secret weapon." Grinning, he stopped in front of a particularly bright painting. "Perhaps they let the children paint these? Is that the secret?"

<Jessica> "Not so secret weapon," she corrected, laughing at his suggestion, "Don't say that too loud - these things probably cost a fortune." Miriam stirred then, a tiny hand reaching up and curling.

<Shaw> "So we don't want a pair to go over the sofa?" He saw the movement and bent in. "Hello, little love. Did you have a good nap?" Sebastian offered the girl his finger.

<Jessica> Miriam's hand closed around that finger like a vice, "Of course she did. She sleeps like a tiny adorable log.... and no, they are hideous."

<Shaw> "They're not hideous, they employ primary colors in an engaging composition." Laughing, he stroked his daughter's soft skin with his thumb. "Right, Miriam?"

<Jessica> Miriam gave him something that resembled a smile but was probably gas, "Don't worry, sweetie, Mummy will teach you good taste."

<Shaw> "Oh, no, your mother is right - they're absolutely hideous. I was simply being contrary. It's a hobby." He flashed her a grin.

<Jessica> "Daddy likes to wind people up... if you learn this you're grounded til you're thirty, yes you are." Jess smiled at her daughter the whole time and was rewarded with a happy squeal.

<Shaw> He very nearly echoed the noise, and as it was, he grinned up at Jessica brightly.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Well she doesn't seem opposed to the idea, at least."

<Shaw> "That's a step in the right direction for obedience then. Well done, Miriam." He smirked and kissed her small hand. "You're the good daughter."

<Jessica> She giggled, "Of course she is - she's not a soulless ginger."

<Shaw> "No, she isn't," he chuckled, voice pitching up again when he addressed the baby. "It's still a pity she didn't inherit your hair, but you're stunningly beautiful all the same." Miriam flailed and opened her mouth in what looked like a surprised 'o.'

<Jessica> "She wasn't likely to... but I think it's nice..." She smiled down at her daughter.

<Shaw> "There's still hope for her eyes." He pretended to study his wife's eyes, as if he didn't know their color, and lost himself for a moment. Leaning in closer, he gave her a soft kiss.

<Jessica> She returned the kiss, tilting her head then to rest her forehead against his. "There's plenty of that around," she agreed.

<Shaw> "There is," he agreed, relaxing against her and listening to Miriam's soft snorts and burbles. "More every day."

<Jessica> "She is going to grow up so loved," Jess smiled down at Miriam, who was now nomming happily on her foot.

<Shaw> "Yes, she most certainly is." He watched the baby as well, then closed his eyes to enjoy the moment and share his contentment through their link.

<Jessica> Jess felt just as content and shared it too, "Come on, let's have a look around or we'll create a traffic jam."

<Shaw> "They can go around," he growled, but was happy enough to straighten up and start forward movement again.

<Jessica> She laughed, keeping close to him as they walked along and pointing out the bright colours to Miriam.

<Shaw> "Oh look... tactile art." Sebastian grinned and looked over at the interactive exhibit. "She should enjoy that, so long as she doesn't take a nibble."

<Jessica> "Yeah...." Jess smiled, fishing Miriam out of the sling carefully so she could grab at the colourful shapes.

<Shaw> "It's fascinating, really, how we develop from such tiny helpless creatures." He helped her investigate one of the softer blocks.

<Jessica> "It'll be worth all the effort..." She watched Miriam enjoying the experience.

<Shaw> "Indeed it will." She dragged a ring toward her mouth and he gently discouraged her. "I've been thinking, since we no longer need the hard light projector technology to allow you to attend the Hellfire Club ceremony, perhaps we should schedule it."

<Jessica> She watched Miriam while she considered that then gave a small nod, "Yeah... I suppose we should."

<Shaw> "There's no rush," he said, giving her a quick kiss to to the temple. "We've waited this long, it can wait a few weeks more. And if we don't feel she's up for the flight, I'm certain we could find someone to watch her for a short period."

<Jessica> "I'm sure we could... I just... don't know how I'd feel about leaving her..."

<Shaw> "Well, if we bring her, we'd need to bring someone trustworthy along while we're otherwise detained."

<Jessica> "I know... we'll talk about it in detail later.... let's just have some fun for a while, okay?"

<Shaw> "Of course." He smiled and kissed her again, this time a peck on the lips, bringing Miriam's attention to a patch of fake fur. "Soft, little Miri, isn't it?"

<Jessica> Miriam's tiny hands closed on the fur and Jess smiled, letting him feel how happy she was that their little family could do something so normal.

<Shaw> Sebastian chuckled fondly and stroked Miriam's even-softer hair, who made another happy sound. "I couldn't agree more, koibito, and it seems she feels the same." He slid his arm around her and watched Miriam play.

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Re: 2/24 Instance: Artful Dodging

Post by TechPrincess » Wed Feb 25, 2015 3:27 am

<Jessica> She giggled, "Of course she is - she's not a soulless ginger."

She totally is.
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