3/14 Instance: Bait and Switch

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3/14 Instance: Bait and Switch

Post by Slarti » Sat Mar 14, 2015 5:42 am

Timelined for the morning after Stuff of Dreams I&II

<Hope> In order to get out of bed and do something halfway productive, Hope had made a quick trip to her room for her bag before joining Shinobi in his shower. Cleaned and dressed, she fussed over her hair and makeup in his bathroom. She primped her hair a bit, trying to get a curl to fall just right.

<Shinobi> Already long dressed and ready, Shinobi came back into the bathroom to watch her fuss with her hair. He leaned into her personal space and stared into the mirror, pretending to fuss with his own spiked hair, eyes slowly sliding sideways to watch her. He grinned.

<Hope> Hope eyed him, then stole a quick kiss on his cheek with a grin. "Hey there."

<Shinobi> "Hey." He slid his arm around her, hand resting on her hip, and watched her in the mirror.

<Jessica> Upstairs in the kitchen, lunch was making its way from the stove to the table; Jess had made soup (and macaroni and cheese in case Hope turned her nose up at the soup). She'd set the table and Miriam was taking a nap having already been fed and changed so she could actually enjoy her lunch for a change.

<Hope> Sighing contently, Hope put the final touches on her hair, then turned to face him. Her arms slid around his neck as her lips found his for a kiss.

<Shinobi> He returned the kiss, arms tightening around her waist. We ready for this?

<Hope> No. She blurted in their minds, tightening her hold on him. What if they know?

<Shaw> Sebastian got some work done upstairs in his workroom that morning, and was more than ready for a break. He padded down the many steps and located Jess, giving her a kiss. "They haven't surfaced?" he questioned, casting a significant gaze toward the steps leading down.

<Shinobi> He raised his eyebrow. They both have super hearing, and Jess has empathy.

<Hope> She sighed. They really needed to move out. There was zero privacy. Yeah. I know.

<Jessica> Jess shook her head, "Not yet... but I can hear movement so maybe soon... they can probably smell food."

<Shaw> Sebastian hummed, unconvinced of that. "Well, they have to come up for air sometime." Since they were alone, he wrapped both arms around his wife's waist to hold her close. "Come now, you have to be a little surprised I haven't broken down the basement door?" He smirked, leaning in to brush his nose against hers.

<Shinobi> We could bolt for the door? Get lunch out? Stall? He laughed a little, sensing her hesitancy.

<Jessica> She laughed, tilting her head to kiss him softly, "Proud, not surprised."

<Hope> Don't tempt me, she laughed softly. But I guess... better to get it over with. At least he won't like, punch you. Right?

<Shinobi> Would he? He wasn't sure. I guess we'll find out. Maybe I should phase?

<Hope> I'll stay between you two. Just to be safe, she determined, taking his hand.

<Shaw> Sebastian punctuated his words with soft kisses. "Proud? I'll take that, koibito."

<Jessica> She smiled nestling into him and keeping her arms around him, "Shall we start without them?"

<Shaw> "That would probably be prudent, considering." He wasn't inclined to move, however.

<Shinobi> He started the long trip up the stairs, amused and touched by her suggestion. Don't think I could take him?

<Hope> Rather you didn't have the opportunity, she told him as she followed him, keeping his hand. Nobody wins in that situation.

<Jessica> "Okay... let's not wait for it to get cold."

<Shaw> "Yes, dear," he deadpanned, giving her a swat on the rear and going to fetch himself some coffee.

<Shinobi> True enough, he admitted with a mental sigh.

<Jessica> She laughed, ladling helpings of soup into two bowls and sitting down at the table.

<Shaw> Sebastian joined her, then cocked his head to listen and locked eyes with Jessica. "Well, well..."

<Hope> "We should start taking the elevator." She laughed, sighing afterward.

<Jessica> "No one can resist my cooking, it seems." She made a start on her soup.

<Shaw> "Absolutely no one," he agreed, spooning some up while he listened.

<Shinobi> "I could take us, or you could... practice and all." They made it up the last flight of stairs to the kitchen and he paused, hand tightening on Hope's.

<Hope> "I can try next time," she smiled at him, but paused when he did. You okay?

<Jessica> Jess raised an eyebrow at Sebastian when the footsteps stopped, Your clone is a wussbag.

<Shaw> Sebastian looked up at the couple, smirk firmly in place.

<Shinobi> I'm fine. He raised his chin and met his father's eye. "Hey. Thanks for lunch, Jess. Having a good day?"

<Jessica> "Yes, thanks... I made mac and cheese if you don't want the soup, Hope.... but please try and eat the soup."

<Hope> She clearly knew she wouldn't like the soup, as an alternative was already prepared. Hope made a bee-line for the macaroni.

<Jessica> Jess sighed a weary sigh.

<Shaw> "I'm wonderful, and even managed to get some work done, despite a... restless night." He watched them both. "How did the two of you sleep?"

<Hope> "Like a rock," Hope told him, filling her bowl and taking a bite. Delicious. Why would anyone want soup when they could have this?

<Shinobi> "Exactly," he agreed, and smirked at Sebastian, then joined Hope. Mac and cheese? He stole a piece from her bowl with a grin.

<Hope> Hope wrinkled her nose at her thief, but smirked. "Delicious."

<Jessica> Noisy rocks. Noisy emotional rocks. Jess focused on her soup.

<Shaw> Sebastian watched Jessica, then took a sip of his own soup. So, you would prefer I separate them, yes?

<Jessica> Do not rub this in... She tossed a piece of bread at his head. "Any plans for this afternoon?"

<Hope> "Getting ready to go to New York." Hope offered Shinobi a bite of her macaroni and cheese.

<Shaw> With them? He ducked the bread and picked it up to take a bite. Or you? New York? He looked over at Hope questioningly.

<Jessica> Either... both... don't ask me, I'm traumatised. This was on par with the pants incident.

<Shinobi> He leaned in and met her eyes, taking the bite and smirking as he chewed.

<Hope> Hope got lost for a second, grinning at Shinobi as he took that bite of macaroni. She glanced over at Sebastian again. "There's a thing at the club. We're going."

<Shaw> "A thing?" He frowned for a moment, then remembered. "Oh, that ridiculous Valentine's Day event." Sebastian smirked at Hope, sparing his faux son a once-over as well. "We is it?"

<Jessica> Jess shook herself, Remind me to find someone to teach me how to shield... She offered a smile to Hope and Shinobi, "Sounds like fun."

<Hope> "It should be." She took another bite of her macaroni. "I take it you two won't be going."

<Jessica> Jess shook her head, "Give you both some privacy," and them too. Though they'd probably spend most of the night trying to sleep between feeding and changing Miriam.

<Shinobi> Thank God for that. He stole another piece of her mac and cheese and decided to get his own bowl.

<Shaw> Sebastian gave Jessica a curious look. Like me? He was mostly still watching Hope and Shinobi.

<Hope> No joke. She was a little surprised that they didn't meet any resistance. She took her seat at the table beside Sebastian. "We won't be gone long. David made arrangements."

<Jessica> I don't know if it works the same as thoughts... and I've never had to keep anything out before... but you're welcome to try... except I already feel your emotions over our link...

<Shaw> "Agent Sum is complicit in this? I'm surprised. It seems more like something Drake would condone." It should be similar in principal, he sent, turning his attention back to his wife. I suspect the link would make it difficult, however. It might be necessary to close the link to test the theory.

<Hope> "Agent Sum follows orders a lot better than Drake does."

<Jessica> Jess laughed a little, "Bet he doesn't give up lip while he's at it either."

<Shinobi> He debated if it was safe to sit at the table, leaning on the counter and taking another bite of mac.

<Hope> "Not a bit," Hope laughed and relaxed in her chair. That hadn't been so bad after all. She smiled over at Shinobi. Oh did she have plans for him in New York!

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