3/22 Instance: Traditions Made

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3/22 Instance: Traditions Made

Post by Slarti » Mon Mar 23, 2015 2:30 am

Timelined around Valentine's Day, after Family Outing

<Bobby> The restaurant was just as he remembered it - fancy. Bobby fought to keep his knee from bouncing under the table, smiling over at Paige. They'd already ordered, and he sipped at the wine, not sure how he felt about it.

<Paige> Paige reached across the table with both of her hands, reaching for him. "I can't believe you got us a table here tonight."

<Bobby> "Of course! Where else would I take my best girl?" He took her hands, curling his fingers around hers. "You still like it, right?"

<Paige> She giggled at him, smiling. "Of course I still like it! This is where a nervous, cute guy took me for our first date. I might really love that guy."

<Bobby> "You know, I think I remember bringing some girl here... sometime." He pretended to ponder this, looking up at the ornate crystal chandelier. "Wonder whatever happened to her?"

<Paige> "Poor girl. She doesn't even know what she's missing," she told him, grin plastered on her face as she watched him.

<Bobby> "I know!" He laughed and squeezed her fingers, meeting her eyes again and forgetting himself.

<Paige> Paige stayed there for a long moment before a blush took over her face and she had to look down at their hands. "I still can't believe how lucky I got."

<Bobby> "You? I'm totally gonna argue you on that one. I'm the lucky one. I mean... wow." And she was blushing!

<Paige> "Weeelllll maybe we can say that we both got lucky then?" she offered, rubbing his hands with her thumbs.

<Bobby> "We can!" Bobby looked down at their hands, catching the sparkle of her engagement ring in the low light. "And that we get lucky regularly too," he added, waggling his brows and leaning over the table to keep his voice down.

<Paige> Face flushing bright red, Paige ducked her eyes, smiling. "Yes... yes we do that too!" she giggled, a bit nervously.

<Bobby> He bit his lip at her blush. It was so damn adorable. "Play your cards right, you might get lucky tonight too," he teased.

<Paige> "You mean say Bobby come to bed?" she teased back, grinning just a little at him.

<Bobby> "Oh, you don't even need to say anything. Just head in that general direction, or, like, do that eyebrow thing." Bobby tried to mimic Paige's cute come-hither face.

<Paige> She couldn't, she just couldn't. She pulled her hands back so she could cover her face and laugh. "Oh Bobby!"

<Bobby> He laughed and chased her, rising up a little to catch her wrist. "Awww, you know I love it, babe! I'm just playing."

<Paige> "I knoooow." She smiled at him, twisting so that she could lace their fingers together, palms pressed against each other. "And someday soon we can hopefully celebrate something else because of what we do in the bedroom... and the shower." Her face blushed against as she looked down at their hands.

<Bobby> "Yeah, I know!" He grinned, eyes falling to her belly, though he couldn't see it for the table. "And the sofa," he reminded her, wriggling their hands.

<Paige> "And the blanket fort..." she grinned now. That was her favorite memory. That one had been their first.

<Bobby> "Ooooh," he sat back a little, lost in the memory. "We need to do that again."

<Paige> She smiled at him, watching his face. "Yeah... like tonight." She dropped his hand to reach for her water.

<Bobby> "That sounds like a plan," he said, gaze intent as he sat back to watch her drink her water. Picking up his wine, he took another sip himself, then barely stopped himself from making a face. Should have gotten a beer.

<Paige> Paige smiled at him over her water. She didn't seem to do anything but smile when she was with him. Had she had doubts about marrying him? If so, they had long since been silenced. "Oh I didn't tell you! In honor of Valentine's Day... I got to hold a heart last night."

<Bobby> Bobby sputtered on his wine, narrowly avoiding dribbling by snatching for his napkin. "Woooow," he coughed, while visions of that Game of Thrones marathon he'd indulged in danced through his head.

<Paige> She laughed at him, relaxing a bit. "It was so cool! Made me question going to cardio."

<Bobby> "That sounds just..." Bobby shuddered and absently rubbed his chest. "Ow."

<Paige> "You alright there?" she asked, taking a sip of her water. "I put it back in his chest... He lived."

<Bobby> "Well, that's good to know," he laughed, recovering somewhat. Leaning forward, he stretched his hand back across the table. "You already got my heart in your hands, babe," he said with a wink. "Don't make me jealous!"

<Paige> "Awww Bobberz," she smiled, taking his hand securely in her own again. "Don't you worry about a thing."

<Bobby> Grinning, he rubbed his thumb across her fingers while under the table his knee started jumping. "So... you want your present now?" He ramped up the wattage of his grin and added a brow waggle. "Or later?"

<Paige> "Ooo ooo presents! You need yours first!" She dropped his hands to reach for her purse.

<Bobby> "Okay," he laughed, reaching into his own jacket pocket. He'd even worn a suit for this! "And no worries, we'll still get presents later too, if ya know what I mean."

<Paige> Paige's face flushed as she pulled out her two boxes for him. "I was counting on those... presents," she admitted, passing him the larger of the two boxes.

<Bobby> "Yeah, well, that's the gift that keeps on giving," he cackled softly, taking the box. "Wow, two? I'll have to give extra later then..."

<Paige> Blush intensifying, Paige brushed her blonde curls back from her bright red face. "I'd like that... but yes. Two. I know you'll like them both."

<Bobby> Half watching her appreciatively, he unwrapped the package, then stopped and stared. It was him! She'd given him himself! In tiny, tiny plastic form! "Wooooooow..... holy shiiiinikes! How have I not seen this?!"

<Bobby> With the package free of the paper, he just stared at the Iceman action figure from the SWORD heroes collection. "I want to take it out! But, but... mint in box!"

<Paige> "Welllll what if I told you I have another one at home?" Her face lit up at his reaction. Home run!

<Bobby> "Then I would say you are the best fiancee ever!" He practically bounced and practically ripped the figure from the package. Soon, the blue translucent plastic figure was zooming across his bread plate.

<Paige> Paige sat back in her seat, watching him as she felt a warm feeling of joy spread over her. Definitely a home run! That second one she had bought for herself was already paying off. Who cared that the server gave them an odd look?

<Bobby> "Ripley's gonna love this too, and wow... I wonder if the others know about this?!" Bobby was far too excited, though eventually his brain caught up to his babbling and he stopped, flushing a little and looking around.

<Paige> Giggling softly, Paige pushed him his second gift. "Ripley will need her own because I'll never get it away from her when you aren't home," she reasoned. "But this gift is a more... practical one."

<Bobby> "Well, then we'll just have to buy, like, a bunch of them," he decided, setting his tiny self up against his water glass. Before he could reach for her gift, he found the other one in front of him and picked up the small box. It had... stuff inside, that... kind of rattled. "Ack! I didn't break anything did I?"

<Paige> "I can totally find you a ton of them! You should get special treatment after all. It is you." She laughed at his excitement, taking a sip of her water. "No no. You can't break it."

<Bobby> Bobby opened the box, balling up the paper and placing it aside. Reaching in, he came up with... washers? No? Rubber bands? "Thanks!" He had nothing, and he hoped his face didn't show it.

<Paige> She reached for his hand across the table again. "With your powers, it's not really practical to wear a traditional ring. These... if you have to change quickly and they disappear, no big deal. Just grab another one when you get dressed."

<Bobby> Understanding finally dawned. "Ooooooooh. That's..." He blinked, sliding one on before and staring at it before he took her hand. "That's absolutely flippin' fantastic, babe! I never would have thought of that!"

<Paige> Her face flushed again as she squeezed his hand. "You don't have to wear them yet, but I wanted you to have them. One thing you won't have to worry about."

<Bobby> "I know, but I just wanted to make sure it fit. Of course, stretchy," he laughed, then got up to come around the table and give her a hug. Hell, people were already staring! Give 'em something to look at. So, he kissed her, too.

<Paige> She gave him her crushing hug, softening it when she kissed him in return. After a moment she broke it to rest her forehead against him. "Happy Valentine's Day."

<Bobby> "Happy Valentine's Day. Thank you, so much!" He kissed her again, quickly, and then moved back to crouch beside her chair and reach into his jacket, coming out with the small blue box. "For you, babe."

<Paige> She gave him a questioning look, taking the small blue box. She knew that blue! She looked up at him quickly, surprised. "Bobby..." they were supposed to be saving for the wedding! Her face flushed again as she looked down at the box and opened it. She gasped at the beautiful earrings.

<Bobby> "You like them?" He grinned brightly at her expression. One point for Drake!

<Paige> She nodded, pulling him back to her for a kiss. "I love them!"

<Bobby> "They're kind of tiny, bu-" He was cut off by the tackle kiss, not that he would protest it. Wrapping his arms around her, he made it a kiss worth sharing.

<Paige> The only reason Paige broke that kiss was because the server cleared his throat as he delivered their food. Face flushing again, she hid as best she could behind Bobby. "Thank you," she told him softly.

<Bobby> Oh, shit. Whooops! Bobby didn't feel at all guilty, and just gave the waiter a shit-eating grin as he went back to his chair. "You're welcome! Thank you," he added, looking down at their dinner as it was served. Fancy.

<Paige> Paige took her time carefully putting her new earrings into her ears. "I can't believe you went to Tiffany's."

<Bobby> "Yeah, well... you liked the other thing you got from there..." His eyes fell to the necklace, then back up, with a nervous smile.

<Paige> Paige followed his gaze, suddenly self conscious about wearing it. She covered it with her hand, swallowing a bit. What was she supposed to say to that? "I love my earrings."

<Bobby> Oh, oops. He internally winced. Point lost. "Great! I'm happy you like 'em!" Bobby smiled at her, deciding to just pretend he hadn't gnawed on his own foot there.

<Paige> She met his smile easily, letting her hand drop. "The great thing is I can wear them a lot."

<Bobby> "Yaaaay! I'm sure your lil' patients will like them. Hopefully just not too much, but that's one reason I didn't go for anything dangly." Well, that and the price. He dropped his napkin in his lap and picked up his fork.

<Paige> "You thought about my job when picking them?" she was surprised, but not shocked. She smiled warmly at him, taking her time to put her own napkin in her lap. "You might win the prize for best fiance tonight."

<Bobby> "Might?" He laughed. "Maybe I should be jealous of that dude whose heart you fondled!"

<Paige> "Noo! I wouldn't want to have to fondle your heart," she laughed, picking up her fork and looking down at her food. She looked back up at him. "Okay you totally win."

<Bobby> "Wooo!" he cheered quietly, taking a bite of... it was supposed to be chicken. Was that chicken?

<Paige> She laughed again, taking her knife and cutting up her food, very slowly. "Were you worried you wouldn't take the gold?"

<Bobby> "Well, I hoped, but ya never know. Women are fickle beasties," he laughed. Chicken or not, it was tasty, and he was hungry.

<Paige> Laughing some more, Paige busied herself with her fork and knife. "They are. Silly women. How could anyone pass you up?"

<Bobby> That made him laugh in earnest. "Oh, plenty of them have," he snickered. "But clearly you're the best one of the female race."

<Paige> "I'm just glad they did! Now I get you all to myself," she told him, grinning.

<Bobby> "You sure do. Forever and ever!" He meant for it to sound menacing, but giggled.

<Paige> She giggled with him, sighing happily. "I'm okay with that."

<Bobby> "I'm so glad you are." He took another bite, watching her poke around the food on her plate. "You don't like it? We can get you something else."

<Paige> "No no, maybe just too much excitement. Too much cake and ice cream at the party." She smiled at him, forcing herself to take a bite.

<Bobby> "Okay. You sure?" They'd certainly paid enough for it that she should like it.

<Paige> "Of course. You worry too much." She wrinkled her nose at him.

<Bobby> "It's the old Jewish mother in me," he said, wrinkling his nose back. "I never did get a chance to tell you - Ripley's party was fantastic. Thanks! She's a lucky kid to have you for a mom, babe."

<Paige> Paige blushed, smile wide across her face. "Yeah? I still think I'm the one who got lucky here. I'm glad you liked it!" She took another small bite.

<Bobby> "Well, then we're both lucky - how's about that?" He grinned, satisfied that she hadn't made a face at the food, and turning his attention back to his own plate.

<Paige> "I like that!" She grinned and relaxed when his attention wasn't on her anymore. "Sooo... do we get to dance tonight too?"

<Bobby> "Oh, absolutely. After dessert." He took a sip of his wine, still not crazy about it. "We should make this an annual thing, for like, our anniversary. Or Valentine's Day."

<Paige> "Welll...." she thought about that, then reached for his hand. "Let's make it our Valentine's Day so we can always remember how we started and how much we love each other."

<Bobby> Bobby smiled, taking her hand happily and giving it a squeeze. "I love it, and I love you."

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