3/24 Instance: Sharing Steps

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3/24 Instance: Sharing Steps

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Mar 24, 2015 2:47 pm

After [Instance]Conspiracies and Cover-Ups.

<Carol> In a school swarming with nosey students, finding a quiet place to be by yourself was no mean feat. Carol had managed to find a space in a stairwell at one of the furthest reaches of the building. It was an area not yet used for classes and only visted by the bravest students as it was still considered to be haunted. Here she could let her guard down.

<Christopher> Chris wondered to himself why the hell he was walking through these halls, it was no where near his classrooms and he was pretty sure the place was filled with ghosts and other spooky things that wanted to kill him. The real reason was the same as Carol's - he wanted to be alone where he didn't have to worry about anyone triggering a memory he didn't want to relive. Okay I'm good. No evil things here and I've got plenty of things that are supposed to deal with them anyways.

<Christopher> He started to regret his avoidance tactic when he heard a noise coming from one of the stairwells and, going against his better judgement, decided to investigate incase it was a lost student. Carol was the last person he expected to find out here. "Uhmm hey. You okay Carol?"

<Carol> Carol was startled by the voice, glancing up to see who it was before remembering why she was there and hiding her face, reaching up to hastily dry her cheeks with her sleeve, clearing her throat, "Hey..." her voice didn't sound right. Damn it. She sniffed.

<Christopher> "I'll take that as a no. Want to talk about it?" Chris chewed his lip. He knew she didn't really like him but she was there for him when he needed someone.

<Carol> "I'm fine..." she bowed her face into her hands and took a few deep breaths to steady herself, "You're hallucinating."

<Christopher> "I'd believe that if I hadn't, yup hallucinating." Chris gently rubbed her shoulder. "I do that from time to time I'm sure you're right." He gave her a warm smile trying to cheer her up.

<Carol> She peered out between her fingers, "I'm not having a great month..." she sighed, pushing her hands through her hair, sniffing again, she attempted to dry her eyes with her palms.

<Christopher> "Yeah?" Chris sighed. "Need help hiding a body or two?" He tried to cheer her up with a joke.

<Carol> "Maybe..." if only she was kidding. She chewed her lip for a moment, in two minds, before she decided to attempt a subject change, "How're you getting on?"

<Christopher> "My forge does burn hot enough that there's no smell." Chris teased. "I'm hanging in there. Sorry I keep borrowing your girlfriend, by the way."

<Carol> "You do?" she leaned against the wall, shifting in her seat on the steps to look at him, "First I've heard of it..."

<Christopher> "Yeah finally talked to her about some counseling sessions. She probably didn't want to air my private stuff out there?" Chris shrugged. "Not that it's really helping... well that's not her fault either she's great at that stuff."

<Carol> "Yeah... must be hard to be objective with your friends though..." She looked away down the stairs, "I guess it's hard to talk to a friend too..."

<Christopher> "Yeah it's hard to tell her all the shit that happened. Though Cess has to be the least judgemental person in the world."

<Carol> "Yeah she is that..." Carol nodded, "But I get it being hard to talk about stuff..."

<Christopher> "Yeah." Chris sat down next to her. "Mostly just feel bad because it's the same thing each time, I tell her I feel responsible and she basically tells me I'm a dumbass in much nicer words."

<Carol> She let out a short laugh, shaking her head, "Yeeeeah, I get that too."

<Christopher> Chris pulled out a flask and took a drink to steady himself. "It'd help if I didn't keep having these damn nightmares." He wasn't going to tell her about the flashbacks he was having during the day.

<Carol> Carol's eyes followed the flask until it came to a stop, "Yeah... it's hard to think straight when you're not sleeping right."

<Christopher> "Yeah... I think I have more coffee than blood in my veins lately." Chris noticed her looking at his flask and offered it to her.

<Carol> "That's how I live," Carol knew she shouldn't but she accepted the offer and took the flask for a sip. "If it wasn't for my powers, I wonder how I'd get through a day."

<Christopher> "I.V. Of coffee?" Chris waited for her to hand it back and took another sip. "Yeah I bought myself some supplies for my office so I have it there and ready. Don't need students asking me if I had a long night with such and such."

<Carol> "I just hook myself up with some electricity, works better than an espresso." She leaned against the wall, pushing a hand through her hair. "Kind of wish every problem was that easy to deal with."

<Christopher> "Same works with me to a point with kinetic energy. Give me a good punch and I'm lit up for a bit, but I can't store it sadly."

<Carol> "I don't mind punching you every hour or so if it'd help," she offered with a small smirk.

<Christopher> "I might like that." Chris shot a smirk back at her. "But I definitely could use a sparring partner that I don't have to pull my punches with."

<Carol> She nodded, "Yeah, me too... One that isn't afraid of me would be preferable but I'll take what I can get."

<Christopher> "Takes a lot to scare me Carol. I got my throat ripped out my first or second year here by another student."

<Carol> "How nice for you." She reached to take the flask for another drink.

<Christopher> "So it's a date, well a sparring session. Don't wanna make Cess Jealous." Chris laughed a little. "And man you have nerves of steel or something usually I tell people something like that and they just stare at me."

<Carol> "Usually you're talking to people that aren't in the military," she pointed out, handing the flask back again, "I hear messed up shit like that every day of the week... leaves you kind of jaded."

<Christopher> "Yeah.... Remind me not to ask you what you consider a horror story." Chris just stared at her for a second before taking back his flask and taking a long drink.

<Carol> Carol swallowed and looked down at her lap, "A horror story for me right now is finding out your brother's entire unit got taken out at once and nobody fucking told you."

<Christopher> "Shit.... That why you're hiding out here with all the supernatural beasties?" Chris leaned over and gave her a hug. "I'm sorry."

<Carol> Carol tensed up at the hug and screwed her eyes shut. She was not going to start crying again. "One of several reasons... and don't tell anyone I told you that. Not even Cessily."

<Christopher> "Lips are sealed, promise. Do you want me to give you some alone time?" Chris moved back to give her some space. "Or we can go out and hit the bars and forget our worries for the night?"

<Carol> "That. Let's do that.... and please hide my keys."

<Christopher> "Taxi it is!" Chris smiled. "Should we let anyone know we're going?"

<Carol> "Why? So they can show up there to drag my ass back to my office and piss me off some more?"

<Christopher> "Well I meant would Cess worry about you." Chris held out his hand for her keys. "We can take my car. I sober up pretty fast."

<Carol> "She's used to me not coming home..." Carol fished in her pocket for her keys and handed them over.

<Christopher> "Alright well let's go have a good night. Gotta fight back against the bad."

<Carol> Carol offered a smile, pulling herself up with the help of the stair rail and starting down to the ground floor. "Don't fight too hard though... that's how we get arrested."

<Christopher> "Yeah... I don't need an arrest record." Chris laughed and put up his fist like he was going to fight her. "But we can get drunk and come back and whoop each other."

<Carol> Carol laughed and gave him a small shove, "Yeah, I'll kick your ass and you'll lie about it to all of your friends."

<Christopher> "Nah I'll just make some excuse like the sun was in my eyes." Chris shoved her back.

<Carol> "Better wait til tomorrow morning for that then or your story will hold no water at all," she laughed again.

<Christopher> "Plus I wouldn't be too hurt losing to someone that is a good bit stronger than me."

<Carol> "I am way stronger than you... and every other person I've ever met." She sighed, "I kind of hate it."

<Christopher> "We could always both go depowered. See who's got skill on their side."

<Carol> "I'd still kick your ass. Seven different ways."

<Christopher> "If you say so." Chris gave her a grin saying he believed otherwise.

<Carol> "Military training," Carol pointed out, "Also other stuff that I don't recall learning ever."

<Christopher> "I've been taking martial arts classes since I was five. Though I did just start Krav Maga so you might have the upper hand there. But I have some other tricks up my sleeve."

<Carol> "I've passed all my advanced hand to hand classes... also I fight dirty."

<Christopher> "Pfft and how do you think that'll help you if I know you're going to fight dirty?" He laughed.

<Carol> "You don't know how low I'm willing to sink."

<Christopher> "Welp, if you break anything I'll just take off the inhibitor. This is gonna be fun."
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