3/31 Instance: Not That Easy

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3/31 Instance: Not That Easy

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Mar 31, 2015 7:57 pm

Timelined for the wee hours of the morning after [Instance]Sharing Steps.

<Carol> Still feeling decently buzzed, Carol climbed out of the car once they'd stopped at the entrance to the school and, almost immediately, slipped on the ice and fell over. "Hoooly shit... since when has it been this icy?"

<Christopher> Chris had gone along with Carol and worn an inhibitor as well and when he got out of the car and saw his parking job he realized he shouldn't have been driving. "About five seconds after we got shit faced?" Chris laughed a little and went over to help her and almost fell himself.

<Carol> That would probably hurt later, but for now it was just funny. She got to her feet with Chris' help and eyed the parking job herself, "Maybe I should have kept my keys, huh?"

<Christopher> "Pfft I see no flashing lights coming after us. And no dings in the car." He gave her a sloppy grin as he leaned up against the car to support himself as a wave of dizzy hit him. "Though a cab would have been a good idea."

<Carol> "Pfft, do you have any idea how much they overcharge just to take you all the way up the driveway? People around here are still scared of this place." She patted his shoulder heavily then headed toward the entrance.

<Christopher> "Pfft rich trumps all." Chris stuck his tongue out at her. "And hell I'm still scared of this...." His train of thought got cut off by the pat and her walking away, his eyes wandering a little before he realized what he was doing and moved to catch up to her.

<Carol> "It's not haunted! You're all wusses." She shook her head, then lost her balance again and steadied herself on the doorframe. "Note to self: do not walk and shake your head at the same time."

<Christopher> Chris just laughed at her this time. "And hey I'm no wuss! I'm living in the school now, not in a warded trailer on the lawn. But, especially after my own monsterization, I ain't takin' chances with that shit!"

<Carol> "The only place I would advise not visiting would be Broo's lair in the basement. God only knows what he's doing down there. I make Erik go."

<Christopher> "Yeah... that kid is scary smart! He made me a working sonic screw driver." Chris wondered where he put it but after pondering for a second forgot what he was thinking. "So! Since we got kicked outa the bar, pop by my office for more booze?"

<Carol> "Sure... my office is... out there..." she gestured vaguely behind them toward the hangar.

<Christopher> "I have a couple bottles hidden about mine... if my students didn't manage to find them. I need to get a strong box to hide my things in." Chris stumbled off towards his office, giving Carol something to laugh at this time as he weaved about the halls.

<Carol> Carol kept herself steady by trailing a hand along the wall as she walked, giggling a little each time he almost fell over. "Maybe we should get you stabilisers."

<Christopher> "Pfft I've got master kung fu reflexes I'm not gonna fall. Miss ice butt." Chris turned to stick his tongue out at her and walked backwards right into a wall.

<Carol> Carol laughed harder, "Yeah, nice reflexes there mr ninja."

<Christopher> "Oh shush you." Chris got to the door of his office and fiddled with the keys to unlock it. "At least I'm not gonna have a bruised butt tomorrow."

<Carol> "Who says I will? I can just take the cuff off before I go to sleep, you'd never know I fell on my ass tomorrow."

<Christopher> "Except I saw it happen." Chris blew her a raspberry and went to search his office for booze. "Hmm I've got rum, some tequila.... uhh whatever this is." He held up the bottle with a torn label.

<Carol> "Mystery booze? Let's be adventurous." She leaned against the doorframe.

<Christopher> "Fingers crossed it's not turpentine." He sniffed it. "Nope smells like gin maybe?" Chris grabbed whatever would work as cups for them and poured her a hefty amount. "To the death of our livers and kidneys!"

<Carol> "I'll drink to that." She moved over to the desk and picked up her drink, raising it to him briefly before taking a healthy sip.

<Christopher> Chris started to sip at his but ended up tipping his head back and downing it all. "I'm going to hate me tomorrow." He grinned and poured himself some rum this time.

<Carol> "You'll be fine," she waved it off, "Just take off the cuff before you go to sleep, then the hangover happens while you're unconscious."

<Christopher> "Okay sticky note. Remember to take cuff off." He said to himself as he wrote himself a message he would never be able to read and stuck it to his forehead.

<Carol> Carol laughed again, "That's gonna fall off in about five minutes."

<Christopher> "Well a staple would hurt like hell." Chris laughed with her when the sticky note did exactly what she said it would and fell off.

<Carol> She giggled, "It'd be funny to watch though."

<Christopher> "How 'bout I staple a note to your butt reminding you not to fall on it." He stuck his tongue out at her and then took a sip of his drink this time.

<Carol> "I don't need reminding," she flicked a paper clip from his desk in his general direction. Normally she'd have hit him with it but, in her drunkeness, she missed.

<Christopher> "Sure you don't." He flicked a paper clip back at her missing horribly. "Damn and here I was hoping getting drunk would make my bad aim better somehow."

<Carol> "That never happens," she shook her head, "Even people with good aim suck when they're drunk - case in point," she pointed at herself.

<Christopher> "Psh I'm just too cute to hit." Chris did his best blue steel impression but couldn't hold it for long without laughing.

<Carol> Carol laughed, "Oh yeah? Wanna test that theory?"

<Christopher> "Bring it blondie." Chris almost fell back in his chair trying to egg her on.

<Carol> She laughed at his expense yet again, downing the remains of her drink, "Not in here, don't wanna break anything."

<Christopher> "Pfft you just don't wanna fall on your ass again. Okay, gym it is?" Chris managed to get up and down the rest of his drink without stumbling.

<Carol> Carol nodded, turning for the door and picking up the mystery booze on her way. They might get thirsty, after all.

<Christopher> Chris noticed her grab a bottle and grab one of his own. "Always room for more booze." He followed her out of the room not even bothering to shut or lock the door for fear of dropping the bottle.

<Carol> Carol's feet knew the way to the gym, drunk or sober, and they arrived relatively quickly. She flicked the lights on and crossed to the mats in the middle of the room, setting her bottle down on a bench.

<Christopher> "You sure you're up to this without the whole invulnerability thing?" He teased her as he threw a couple of what he thought were quick jabs.

<Carol> Carol shooed him toward the mat, "I know what I can handle and I can handle you." She rolled her eyes and sat down on the bench beside her bottle, "Lemme just get my shoes off."

<Christopher> "If you say so. I'm not gonna hold back cuz you're a girl." Chris managed to get his boots off without falling and threw them away from the mat, his bottle already set down somewhere he could see it or he'd lose track of it.

<Carol> Carol was reminded that she hated boots when she was drunk as she struggled with the laces. Eventually she managed to undo them enough to get her feet out of the boots and then she decided her efforts earned her a drink.

<Christopher> "Careful there or you'll never even make it over here." Chris wobbled into one of his stances.

<Carol> Carol eyed him over the top of the bottle and took another swig before she got to her feet.

<Christopher> "Show me whatchya got." Chris bounced around a little and almost fell when he lost his balance. "Okay falling because you're an idiot doesn't count...."

<Carol> "It totally counts." She wiped her hands on her jeans then pushed her fingers through her hair, moving into the middle of the mat and dropping into a stance. This was not her first drunk rodeo, she could manage enough balance to look like a badass.

<Christopher> "Fine, I'll just have to make it look good." Chris took a few deep breaths to steady himself and moved back into his stance.

<Carol> "As good as your drunk ninja skills?"

<Christopher> "Better than your drunk skating skills. Damn, ya know this would have been a perfect time for me to know drunken boxing."

<Carol> Carol laughed, "Pretty sure you can accidentally manage a fair immitation right now..." she stepped into his space a little.

<Christopher> "Pretty sure I could also fall over any second." He went to sweep her leg since they were both off balance already.

<Carol> Her reactions were not what they should have been and she stumbled into him while trying to avoid that manoeuvre, losing her balance at the same time.

<Christopher> Chris definitely wasn't quick enough to dodge her either, all he managed to do was catch her and fall backwards. "Bum rush for the win?" He asked awkwardly, looking away so his face wasn't pressed into hers.

<Carol> She laughed, not even bothering to try and pick herself up, "Does this mean I win?"

<Christopher> "Pfft nope!" He rolled her over to pin her. "I never give up!"

<Carol> She made no effort to resist but she did pout mightily. "Cheater."

<Christopher> "Pouting is not a move that will win you this battle." Chris laughed a little.

<Carol> "I do not have the coordination to move your heavy ass off me right now so I'll just wait til you have to go to the bathroom or something..." She stretched her arms up over her head and shifted beneath him to make herself more comfortable.

<Christopher> "Pfft who's cheating now?" Chris leaned back off of her so she could sit up. "Call it a draw?"

<Carol> "You forfeited, I just won." She pushed herself up on her elbows but that was as far as she could manage.

<Christopher> "Not even slightly." He gave her a gentle shove. "Still have your legs pinned." Chris stuck his tonge out at her.

<Carol> The shove made her flatten back out on the mat and she wriggled her legs in an attempt to free them. "I'm never going to admit defeat."

<Christopher> The wiggling just caused him to tighten his legs so he wouldn't fall. "Neither will I. Sounds like a stalemate."

<Carol> She groaned, "You're going to make me work for my victory..." She pushed herself up into a sitting position, resting her weight on her hands for a moment so that she could wait for the world to stop spinning.

<Christopher> "What kind of martial artist would I be if I just gave up?"

<Carol> "One that is drunk." In order for her to relinquish her grip on the floor mat, she had to swap that anchor for something else - Chris would have to do. This had the added bonus that she could attempt to pull him off balance.

<Christopher> "Woah." Chris almost fell forward with her added weight. "I definitely think I'm either too drunk or not drunk enough for wrestling."

<Carol> "Awesome." Carol grinned and gave a proper tug on his collar to throw off his balance properly.

<Christopher> "Shit, shit shit...." Chris tried to hold himself up for as long as he could but failed falling on top of her. "Looks like I pinned you again."

<Carol> The fall had loosened his grip on her legs and, with another shift, she managed to roll them over so that now she was sat on him instead, "You were saying?" She planted her hands either side of his head, "I may be drunk but I can still defend myself."

<Christopher> Chris acted like he was struggling, but mostly he was trying to keep the room from spinning. "Looks like I get to wait you out now."

<Carol> "Yep." She settled in for the long haul, keeping his legs pinned between hers and laying her weight on his chest. Actually it was kind of comfortable so she decided to lie down on him.

<Christopher> "You fall asleep and I win." He poked at he arms. "I think this is the slowest wrestling match ever."

<Carol> She made a sound of protest at the prodding and lifted her head enough to look at him, "I don't want to wrestle anymore."

<Christopher> "Looks like I win then. But the victory booze is too far away." He frowned.

<Carol> "You don't win... I'm on top of you..." she lifted her head, propping it up on her hand and resting her elbow on the mat somewhat off balance.

<Christopher> "Only cuz I'm letting you stay there." In the back of his head something was telling him this wasn't an good position to be in.

<Carol> "That is not how it works. You win if you pin the other person for... some time. I totally did that. Ner." She prodded him in the shoulder with her free hand.

<Christopher> "Psh I pinned you just as long earlier." Chris contemplated rolling her over.

<Carol> "And I got myself up." She flopped back down again, the effort of holding herself up was too much in her drunken state.

<Christopher> "Oof, hey now." He protested but didn't do anything to move her.

<Carol> "Anyone ever tell you you'd make a good matress...? If the teaching thing doesn't work out you could try that for a career..." she mumbled, shifting again to relax her hold on him with her legs as he wasn't making any effort to escape.

<Christopher> "Yeah but I think I would have trouble finding jobs. I think more people would prefer a nice bed." Chris rolled her over and pinned her again.

<Carol> She eeped a little in surprise at that turn of events, "No fair!" Well now it was on. She rolled over beneath him and attempted an escape.

<Christopher> "Pfft you're just jealous of my skills." Chris pinned her arms behind her and tried to catch her legs.

<Carol> "If I wasn't drunk you'd be so doomed..." She twisted sharply to throw his balance off and try to free her arms at the same time.

<Christopher> "Pfft you'd already have given up if I was sober."

<Carol> "I think you're underestimating my competative nature..." She wriggled again, finding some coordination somewhere and freeing up her arms at last. In one swift movement (which surprised her as much as him) she'd knocked him over again and was back on top. "I am too good at this for you."

<Christopher> "At being a drunk ninja? Maybe I'm not drunk often enough." Chris laughed a little.

<Carol> "I'm a ninja all the time, drunk or sober. It's obviously a gift." She grinned victoriously, leaning close to his face, "Are you going to accept defeat now?"

<Christopher> "Because of severe handicap." Chris rolled his eyes. "I will admit defeat."

<Carol> "You can make all the excuses you like, I won't believe a single one." She considered moving back but she didn't mind the proximity. Instead, she leaned closer, very slowly, until her lips were just barely brushing his.

<Christopher> Chris felt her lips press against his and, in the moment, without thinking he pushed back against hers. His hands slowly slid up her legs to hold her waist.

<Carol> Caught up entirely in her victory rush and alcoholic haze, she shifted to press herself against him, her lips parting to deepen the kiss even as something in the back of her mind was calling for her to stop.

<Christopher> Carol deepening the kiss was enough for Chris to snap back into reality and pull back from her. "I... Carol... uhmm yeah we..." His brain was fried from the alcohol and spark from the kiss. "Definitely shouldn't have." Chris finally managed to get out.

<Carol> Knowing he was right didn't lessen the disappointment any. She sat up and pushed a hand through her hair then got somewhat unsteadily to her feet. "Sorry..."

<Christopher> "Y..yeah me too." Chris sat up. "So, cross drunken wrestling off the list of things you should do when you're taken huh?"

<Carol> "Guess so..." She sat down on the bench where she'd left her bottle and picked the bottle up to have another drink.

<Christopher> "And here I thought you hated me." Chris let that awkwardly slip out.

<Carol> Carol coughed, mid sip. Shaking it off, she watched him for a moment, "I don't know why you'd think that."

<Christopher> "Well we didn't get along too well when I was dating Hope."

<Carol> "Just because I don't like something you're doing and am vocal about it, doesn't mean I don't like you..."

<Christopher> "Duly noted." Chris moved to his bottle and took a drink.

<Carol> "Actually... if I'm being openly harsh to you... it's generally a good sign."

<Christopher> "Ahh.." He took another drink. "So.... uhmm...."

<Carol> "I should go..." she pushed herself up to her feet again and headed for the door, minus her boots and the bottle.

<Christopher> "Hey, you forgot your boots." Chris grabbed them and followed her.

<Carol> "I don't need them..." she took the inhibitor cuff off and stuffed it in a pocket while she headed for the front door.

<Christopher> Chris just sighed. "Shit happens Carol. Heat of the moment, both drunk. It was an accident.... right?"

<Carol> "An accident? Oh sure, I fell on your face..."

<Christopher> "With how much we've drank... But you know that's not what I meant." Chris pulled his inhibitor off too and felt his healing factor kicking in quickly. "We were drunk, you do stupid things when you're drunk, it's a given."

<Carol> "Yeah... I do really stupid things when I'm drunk." She pushed the door open, stepping out into the grounds barefoot.

<Christopher> "You and me both." Chris sighed and followed her out, still holding her boots. "You should have seen my forge before I got everything cleaned up the last time I got plastered."

<Carol> "What did you do? Throw up in it?" she started across the lawn that still had quite a thick layer of snow in patches.

<Christopher> "Burned about ten pantings and some other things I was working on.... basically anything that reminded me of Hope."

<Carol> "At least that's constructive destruction..."

<Christopher> "Yeah, for the most part, had to replace a few things. Drunken forging is not a good idea just so you know."

<Carol> "Drunken anything is not a good idea for me, apparently... you'd think I'd learn my lesson."

<Christopher> "If it was that easy, I think the liquor industry would go out of business."

<Carol> She stopped and turned to face him, "Why are you following me?"

<Christopher> "Cuz we're friends?" Chris stopped too. "And I have your boots."

<Carol> "I told you I don't need my boots!" She turned her back on him again, "And I already messed up enough for one night."

<Christopher> "Alright Carol, sorry I'll leave ya alone. I'll leave your boots in the gym." He sighed and turned to head back to the school.

<Carol> "Don't you get it? Following me just makes me feel worse..."

<Christopher> "Yeah, sorry. I suck at trying to fix things too. I'll see ya around Carol."

<Carol> Carol kicked at the snow and made a sound of frustration, "It's not you, okay?"

<Christopher> "Takes two to kiss Carol." He stopped for a moment.

<Carol> "This isn't a thing you can fix... and I started it."

<Christopher> "And I could have stopped you before we actually kissed. And the whole awkward hate ourselves thing can be fixed."

<Carol> She shook her head, looking over her shoulder at him, "It can't... because I can't be sure I won't do that again."

<Christopher> "Pfft it's easy to not kiss people. I'm sure you can handle that. If it helps, I'll put a few piercings back in then I'll just be down right repulsive."

<Carol> "If it was that easy, I wouldn't have done it." She pushed a hand through her hair and started to walk again.

<Christopher> "Well the whole us being drunk didn't help. And I'm just about sober now."

<Carol> "The damage is done..." she didn't turn around, making a straight line toward the hangar. She'd sleep in her office tonight. No one would question that as odd behaviour.

<Christopher> "Yeah... well, talk to you later Carol." He sighed, back to the office to drink more and sleep off this shit night.
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