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4/2 Instance: Search Party

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2015 6:19 pm
by Starfish
Timeline: The morning after "Not That Easy".

Christopher: Chris had just gotten a cup of coffee and sat down at his desk to start grading papers. The day hadn't been too long but the fact that he needed to talk to Cess was still in the back of his mind.

Cessily: "Oh good, there you are," Cessily said, and sounded relieved, as she poked her shiny head into the room. "I've been looking for you."

Christopher: Chris jumped a little and spilled some coffee onto a few papers. "Shit!" He frowned a little. "Welp looks like I'm starting over on that." He moved the coffee covered paper into the trash can so it wouldn't get on anything else. "Hey Cess, did I uhmm miss an apointment? My calender didn't say anything." He pulled out his phone to check the date.

Cessily: "Oh my, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." Cessily slipped through the door and pushed it close behind her. "And no, nothing like that." The young counsellor paused and reached up to run her fingers through her crimson hair. "Actually, I'm here because of Carol..."

Cessily: "You haven't seen her by any chance, did you?" She looked at him with hopeful eyes.

Christopher: "Yeah, just the other day. Went out to the bar and had some drinks together. Thank god I remembered to take the inhibitor off this time. You haven't seen her in a while?" Chris chewed his lip a little, maybe that's what sparked the kiss....

Cessily: After the expression of relief passed from Cessily's face, she bit her lip and nodded. "Longer than usual," she admitted, and plopped down on a chair opposite of Chris's desk. "I mean, that's nothing too out of the ordinary, considering her job, but usually she tells me if she won't be around for a while."

Cessily: Putting her hands on the desk, she fidgeted with the phone she held in her fingers. "It's just... she hasn't been returning my calls, so I was getting a bit worried..."

Christopher: "Yeah... I think she's upset about something. Found her crying... That's why we went to the bar, she didn't want to talk about it so I figured drown our sorrows?"

Cessily: "She was crying?" The worry crept back into Cessily's voice. What had made Carol cry? And why hadn't she come to her? "How is she? I mean, is she okay now? Did you take her home?"

Christopher: "Well... I uhmm didn't take her home." He frowned. "Physically I'd say she's fine... Sorry Cess I'm going to need a few drinks for this, I have well almost everything, do you want anything?" He got up, grabbed a glass he'd brought to his classroom and poured some mysterious liqour out of a decanter.

Cessily: "No, thanks," Cessily replied, her hands and phone in her lap, while she looked ahead into the distance. "How can you be sure?" Her head turned towards Chris. "Have you seen her today? I'm just really worried..."

Christopher: "Not yet, but if I see her I'll tell her to go talk to you and that your worried. If you want that is." Chris sat back down with his glass, the bottle and put on the inhibitor. "We kinda got too drunk the other night. Her and me, we ended up sparring. It was mostly us just flailing at each other drunk and we ended up kissing. I'm sorry Cess. I came to my senses pretty damn quick and stopped her... I swear I didn't mean to."

Cessily: "No, it's okay, I'm going to check on her myself," Cessily replied, before she even had processed the rest of what he had said. "Oh..." She bit her lip, and something in her chest tightened. "Don't worry." She smiled. "It's fine, Chris."

Christopher: "You're supposed to be cussing me out or slapping the shit out of me Cess..." Chris took another drink. "At least yelling at me for how stupid I am."

Cessily: Cessily opened her mouth, but only a sigh came out. "I don't know, should I?" she asked after a moment and looked up at him. "I mean, I could have done without knowing that, but right now, I'm just worried about Carol."

Christopher: "I'm sorry Cess. I wasn't trying to hurt you, just drunk mistake, and I still have to tell Kat." Chris chewed his lip. "Physically I'm about one-hundred percent sure she's okay. She took off the inhibitor so she's basically invulnerable again. But I dunno where her mind is at right now. I thought she was just upset about something but now, not so sure." He didn't know if he should go give her a hug or let her punch the shit out of him for a little whil

Cessily: "I know, Chris, and I don't blame you." Cessily assured him, even managing a small smile. "Can't say I'm not feeling a little jealous, but I'm not really one to talk when it comes to do doing foolish things."

Cessily: Her expression darkened, and she pressed her lips together for several seconds. "I just wish she had come to me, or at least said something." She glanced back at Chris. "I think I should check on her."

Christopher: "Yeah, I think she definitely needs to talk about something. Can't see why any rational human being would kiss this ugly mug when they've got yours to kiss on." Chris tried to pull off a fake smile. "Kinda more and surprised you didn't hit me or slap me...."

Cessily: "You should know me by now," Cessily replied, her lips curling upwards. "Besides, I appreciate your honesty. If it makes you happier, though..." She stretched her right arm across the desk and knocked Chris into the shoulder, though it was barely more than a friendly bump.

Cessily: "There, better now?"

Christopher: Chris laughed a little. "Cess you're the best you know that?"

Cessily: Cessily laughed. "I try to not let it get too my mind." She tilted her head and shrugged. "Besides, I now have one kiss free."

Christopher: "Wait what? I hope you don't mean from me cuz I really don't think Kat'll be okay with that. I'm pretty sure my ass is already still in the fire for this.... I'm thinking lots of pretty jewels chocolate and ice cream. And probably groveling."

Cessily: She couldn't help but chuckle again. "Too bad, then I'll have to find someone else." She gave him a smirk as she rose to her feet. "It's cute you thought I meant you, though."

Christopher: "Can't say I don't envy Carol just slightly." Chris gave her a smile. "But Kat makes me pretty happy. So I think I'll refrain from stupid decisions from now on.... Like getting stupidly drunk with my best friend's girlfriend."

Cessily: Cessily returned the smile. "I think Kat would appreciate that very much." The silver woman rose from her chair and reached across the desk to squeeze Chris's shoulder. "Thanks for being so honest with me. I think I should go find Carol now."

Christopher: "Yeah, I'm sorry it happened in the first place Cess. I hope you find her in better spirits than I did. Try the un-used sections of the school. It's where I found her the first time."

Cessily: She pressed her lips together and gave him a concerned look. "That bad then?" Taking a deep breath, she ran a hand through her hair. "Thanks again, I'll try there. Hope I can find her before we have to organise a search party. Hopefully she remembered to take off that armband before doing anything stupid."

Christopher: "Never seen her cry before.... And she did unless she put it on again. Hope you find her Cess."

Cessily: Cessily clenched her jaw and forced another smile. "Neither have I," she said. "And thanks, I hope so too." She gave Chris a little wave and quietly slipped out of the door.

Christopher: "Bye Cess." Chris gave her a wave back.