4/6 Instance: Kreepy Garbage

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4/6 Instance: Kreepy Garbage

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Apr 07, 2015 3:01 am

Timelined for a couple of days after [Instance]Out of the Dark.

<Rocket> While carrying the extra large popcorn tub of popcorn, Rocket was thoroughly enjoying himself as he explored the school. It was like going through an old restored building showing how people lived back in the day. And for him, this was the funniest thing ever.

<Rocket> He had already been kicked out of the hangar bay when he couldn't stop laughing at their space ship designs and even their flying deathtrap they used on a regular basis.

<Rocket> And going through the science classes, he couldn't stop snickering at what they were teaching. The poor guy was banished from ever attending lectures again. Which lead to the little guy wandering aimlessly for the next thing to bring joy to his life.

<Carol> Carol had finally ventured out of the depths of the basement and cleaned herself up. She was back in her uniform and looking much more like herself, cup of coffee in hand as she read over her to do list for the day. The kitchen had been quiet, students were in classes, and the hallway had been empty when she'd started going through her list.

<Rocket> As he passed the kitchen doors, he paused when he spotted a familiar face. "Well well, haven't seen you all day... or all yesterday either. Been busy?" he asked shuffling into the room while he kept stuffing his face. "Popcorn?" he asked, holding up the immense bucket nearly as big as him.

<Carol> Carol shook her head slowly, "I'm good, thanks..." she set her list down, "I've been pretty busy, yeah."

<Rocket> "Still not one for talking much, yeah? Don't worry, I'll do most of the talking," he said as he stood on his toes to put the bucket of popcorn on the table and pushed a chair closer to get on it. "Been beating people up?" he asked.

<Carol> "No... I want to but I'm not really allowed," She took a sip of coffee and turned the list over on the table so he couldn't read it.

<Rocket> "Pfft, not allowed to? Lady, you're not allowed to do anything only if you'll get caught doing it." he said, giving a pearl of Rocket wisdom before shoving a pawful of popcorn in his mouth.

<Carol> "This I would get caught doing." She sighed, "Have you decided what you're going to do yet?"

<Rocket> "Oh, didn't I tell you? I put in some extra leave time with my job, so I'm taking a break and just having fun here on Earth. Last few days I stuffed my face with junk food and drooled in front of the tv with your movies and series." *popcorn chompchomp* "Next up, I think I'll go see what's so dasted specail about that big green lady holding the broken lightsaber in New York."

<Carol> "For learning about it or just to go look at it? Because if you just want to learn about it, google would be easier."

<Rocket> "To go looking at it. Her head reminds me of Knowhere." he replied.

<Carol> "Nowhere?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

<Rocket> "Yes, Knowhere."

<Carol> "... I feel like you're messing with me."

<Rocket> "Oh, right, no, I mean Knowhere with a K. Not no as in nowhere with a no, Knowhere as in Knowhere with a know, you know?"

<Carol> "... Right. So what about it reminds you of this other place?"

<Rocket> "Just the head. Knowhere is a giant floating head in space."

<Carol> Carol wrinkled her nose, "Ew... why? Why would you name that?"

<Rocket> "Hehe, no, you don't understand, when I say giant, I mean it's so big that it's like a massive space station now. It's the head of a long dead celestial being. You know, those giant guys that used to rule the multiverse eons ago. Bodies as big as planets and were basically gods? Yeah, one of them. But just the head."

<Carol> "That's still kind of gross..." She took another sip of coffee, "But no, I didn't know about those giant things."

<Rocket> "Nah, it's not as gross as it sounds." he said, fiddling with his wrist communicator to get a hologram of Knowhere up. "It's actually kind of pretty." he added as the head floated and rotated.

<Carol> Carol's mug (or pieces of it) and the remains of her coffee fell to the floor as she got another odd sensation of familiarity. She shook it off, "Damn it..." She went to dry her hands and dump the broken mug in the sink.

<Rocket> Rocket frowned. "You okay there? Didn't know it was that pretty that you'd have that kinda reaction."

<Carol> "I'm fine... Just... some of the stuff you've shown me on that thing... seems familiar."

<Rocket> Rocket's frown deepend, "Really? Cause it's connected to the Galactic Network, if you wanna see more stuff on it, I can show you. Just don't be holding anymore cups when I do."

<Carol> "Sure... I just don't know why I feel like that. I'm not an astronaut or an astronomer, I don't know other stars... but apparently I do. Somehow..."

<Rocket> "Well let's then start with a something easy. How about this." he said pulling up another series of images. "Here we got Xandar, head quarters of the space police, here's the Nova Corps, here's the Nova Corps jail, here's the shower, me holding a shank to a big guy who's into small furry people... let's just skip to another planet."

<Carol> "Go slower," she was glad the SHIELD uniforms were stain resistant... and black. She took out another mug and poured herself a fresh cup of coffee.

<Rocket> "Slower, right, how about, oh here we got your solar system from the outside. You can't actually see your planet unless you zoom in a lot."

<Carol> "No not.... what you showed me before was fine... just slow down with the images. It's a lot to process all at once."

<Rocket> "Right, okay, hmm, how about this. Me and my friend Groot blowing up an evil corporation ship near Brood space. They tried to capture and sell Brood as living weapons. Here's Groot and I blowing up a Church of Truth ship."

<Rocket> "Bunch of crazies. Here's Groot and I blowing up a space station. Oh, here we are blowing up a Kree prison, that was a fun one. That's also the day I met Groot."

<Carol> "Wait!" She leaned closer to the image, "You mentioned Kree before, right? Showed me an image of their homeworld?"

<Rocket> "Yeah, hang on, I was getting to a giant asteroid we blew up." Rocket complained. "Fine, fine, here we go, Kree planet. A whole planet filled with jerks. Super powered jerks."

<Carol> That familiar sensation was back again and Carol reached a hand out to touch the hologram. "Why do I feel like this is important...?"

<Rocket> "...right, okay, how about more Kree? Here's one of the more famous Kree, also the reason why I ended up in their prison. Don't ever mess with this guy, well unless you got a good reason and a big gun. Ronan the Accuser."

<Carol> "Pfft, I don't need... guns..." that weirdness seemed to intensify, "Okay... you're from space, so you've probably seen a lot of strange stuff, right? Is there anything you've seen that would explain why all of this stuff seems so familiar to me?"

<Rocket> Rocket shrugged, "I dunno, off the top of my head, uhh, you were abducted by aliens and probed in unfortunate places. You had a mindlink when you dreamt one night and saw through the eyes of someone with psychic powers. You are secretly a Skrull with amnesia. Take your pick."

<Carol> The mention of the word 'Skrull' caused some intense hatred to bubble inside her from nowhere and there was a second mug casualty. "Don't say that again."

<Rocket> "Maybe you should switch to styrofoam cups instead." Rocket suggested.

<Kat> Kat headed to the kitchen in search of coffee. She was exhausted from the lack of sleep she was suffering from. Between studying for her classes and practicing her phasing, she had very little time for sleep.

<Kat> She walked into the kitchen and saw the raccoon and the shield agent. The sight took her off guard and she laughed a bit at the sight. "Excuse me... uh. Do you mind if I get some coffee?"

<Carol> "Yeah..." she wrinkled her nose, deposting the bits of mug in the sink with the other one. She startled a little at the other voice and turned around, "Uh... yeah, help yourself before it ends up on the floor..." she plucked the roll of paper towels from the counter and pulled off a bunch to soak up the puddle.

<Rocket> "Popcorn?" Rocket asked.

<Kat> Kat wrinkled her nose at the raccoon's offer. "Uh. No thanks." Kat stepped around the mess on the floor and found a mug. She poured the coffee and took a sip and sighed. "Thanks. Sorry if I interrupted this, uh, well... whatever this is."

<Carol> "I don't know what it is..." Carol frowned, "Rocket... when you got here, the voice on your watch said something about Kree."

<Rocket> "Yeah, Groot said they were picking up a Kree signature, faint one, so chances are it's probably just a descendent of their hybrids that they loved making a long time ago." Rocket explained, tapping at his wristwatch. "Want me to track it down for you?"

<Carol> Carol glanced over at Kat before looking back down at Rocket, "Please, it might help."

<Kat> Kat leaned against the counter watching the interaction. She wasn't very fascinated in what they were talking about, but the tech in the watch was outstanding. She decided to stick around and see if she could get her hands on it, or at least a closer look.

<Rocket> Rocket put all his attention on his watch, sliding a thumb on the screen and getting a hologram keyboard in front of him, which then came a hologram screen to work from, and right next to the screen, a sphere that turned into the earth, which zoomed in to the area where they were.

<Rocket> "Just a second longer." He said, pinpointing the precise location of the signature in their area. "Okay, got any Kree students?" he asked as the map zoomed in on to the school.

<Carol> "As far as I know, you're the only alien on the grounds.... unless you count Danger... Well and Broo I guess."

<Rocket> "Nah, look, let's just get a better view here." Rocket tapped and made the image of the school's roof go into an xray type of view. "See that blue dot there, that's the Brood hybrid. Aaaand that's me... and that's you two..." Rocket looked up at the other two, squinting. "One of you two are part Kree."

<Kat> Rocket's words snapped her back into focus. She'd been staring intently at the holograms. "Kree? As in Alien?" Briefly, Kat thought she was hearing things.

<Carol> "Really?" She glanced at Kat, "Any way to narrow that down to which one?"

<Kat> Obviously she hadn't been hearing things. She poured herself another cup of coffee. "Well? Who is it?"

<Rocket> "Oh for the love of garp." Rocket climbed on to the table, pointing his wrist at the one girl. "Scanning-scanning-scanning, aaaaand... wait a few seconds.... Nope, no Kree in you. Also, hello, name's Rocket. Now your turn." Rocket turned to Carol and started scanning.

<Carol> If it wasn't Kat, logically it was her. But Carol waited anyway while quietly thinking it explained a few things, "Kree wouldn't happen to have some sort of genetic memory thing going on in there, would they?"

<Rocket> It didn't take nearly as long before the watch beeped and a screen popped up into the air. "Well there you go. Congratulations, it's a Kree. Mazel tov!"

<Kat> Kat was relieved it wasn't her. She took another sip of coffee. "Uh, Rocket, I'm Kat. Probably should've introduced myself before you scanned me." She eyed the agent, wondering what her reaction to the news would be.

<Rocket> "Don't worry, you're not the first girl I scanned before getting her name." he winked at her, then looked back at Carol. "And to answer you, I have no idea."

<Carol> Carol decided she needed to sit down and pulled out a chair to do just that, "How could this happen?"

<Rocket> "Well that just depends on what species you are. But the one way most species go about it is with a male and a female. Want me to pull up some videos?" he asked.

<Carol> "You do that, you're going through that wall." She pointed to the one behind him. "I know how sex works."

<Kat> "Pass. Nobody needs to see what creepy alien sex looks like. We know about the birds and the bees." She hopped up onto the counter.

<Rocket> "Your loss, because if you go into the love life of some aliens like the Tikalee then wouldn't want to look away. It is the most freakiest thing ever."

<Kat> She shook her head. "Absolutely not my loss. That just sounds...gross."

<Carol> "Yeeeeah, no thanks... I meant how did that happen like... how? How did no one notice there was an alien... and now I'm curious how much and which side it's on... And it's freaking me out a little bit."

<Kat> "If it's any consolation, you are handling the news much better than I would've." Kat hopped down off the counter and reached for the coffee pot. "Do you want some more coffee?"

<Carol> "I'll just break it again..." The lights flickered and she frowned, "I'm only handling it well on the surface."

<Rocket> "Well, I think I gave my share of bad news for today. I'm gonna go watch some more movies." Rocket said, climbing off the table and on to the chair, grabbing his bucket of popcorn. "Try to breathe, Carol. You look a bit too pale for your species." and with that Rocket slipped out of the kitchen.

<Carol> "... One day his furry ass is going to find itself with my foot lodged up it."

<Kat> "I don't doubt it. He didn't exactly sugar coat the whole thing. And even if I hadn't interrupted, I think he'd have been just as harsh." She sat down at the table across from Carol.

<Carol> "Yeah, he has no tact... but what else can I expect from a racoon? Creepy garbage eaters..."
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