4/8 Instance: To the Stars And Back

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4/8 Instance: To the Stars And Back

Post by Starfish » Wed Apr 08, 2015 7:52 pm

Timeline: After "The Danger of Rockets".

Danger: Trees, street signs, and traffic lights streaked by as the unusual motorcycle navigated the winding road, dodging and waving past any other vehicles in its way. Its blue headlights didn't give off much light, but Danger was able to navigate the darkness without any effort.

Danger: "We are almost there," the machine said, swerving towards the brightly lit sign showing above the treeline. They left the woods and aimed for the large building with the bustling parking lot out front. "The Jackalope is right ahead."

Rocket: "You know this place is much more impressive now that I'm not drunk." Rocket told the machine that he was straddling. The second they came to a stop, Rocket tapped at the device at the back of his neck, and his helmet clicked and clacked, folding back into its tiny form, revealing his head. He combed his fur with his little claws and jumped off the bike.

Rocket: "They having a weird party? Everyone's in really weird clothing." Rocket said, noting the pajamas everyone was wearing, some rather revealing.

Danger: "As far as I am aware, their attire is not out of the ordinary for this establishment," Danger replied, while her body disassembled itself into innumerable flexible parts. Exotic metals and plastics reshaped itself, until the motorcycle once more looked like decidedly humanoid and female.

Danger: "The Jackalope frequently hosts social gatherings requiring its patrons to adhere to certain dress codes." The robot stepped to Rocket's side and glanced down at the small alien. "The theme may vary any given night, but all have one thing in common - they are all centered around sexual activities."

Rocket: "What?! Why haven't I been told this before? Why didn't I see it the last time I was here?! What a crap deal this is, been here how many days and I find out about this now." Rocket yelled, stomping his way to the front doors. He glanced up over his shoulder to Danger, quickly adding, "By the way, it's kinda hot the way you transform."

Danger: Danger tilted her head to look down at Rocket. "Thank you," she said, sounding surprised. "I did not expect anyone to find my internal mechanics to be appealing to any organic being. Other than Broo, that is. Most humans have only an eye for the shape of my external covering."

Rocket: "You kidding, right? Got a chubby just seeing your servos twist around and link it." Rocket said as they got to the front doors which slid open to the entrance room. "Hey, down here!" Rocket yelled when the doorman didn't even pay attention to him. "I need to get to your roof, my ship's parked there."

Rocket: The guard, a really big guy who clearly was a mutant with muscles that could bring down a raging gorilla. "Sorry, but we have a dress code." Rocket looked down at himself. "This is the only thing I wear. You want me to wear something else?" The doorman cleared his throat, "It's a pajama party." he grinned, gesturing at himself and the pajamas even he had to wear. Rocket frowned. "I sleep naked. I'm covered in fur."

Danger: "I am capable to take any physical shape imaginable," Danger said, following Rocket. "If you like, I could demonstrate it you later." The machine girl turned towards the mutant bouncer Rocket was arguing with. "And I am a robot," she stated the obvious.

Danger: "I consider clothing to be superfluous entirely, so I am afraid I do not even own any." Placing a hand on her hips, she assumed a deliberately more suggestive posture. "I am certain a compromise can be made."

Rocket: "Hey, we got some loaners over at the coat check if you want, but I don't think we got any that's toddler sized." The guy looked over to the coat check girl wearing a My Little Pony nighty that was too short to be classified as a dress. She held up something that would fit Rocket. "Congrats, we may have something for you. And for you, ma'am, I guess you're fine as is."

Rocket: Rocket was swearing under his breath as he walked into the club, wearing a baby one piece with his normal suit swung over his shoulder, and giving the laughing doorman the finger.

Danger: "Thank you," Danger said as she strode past the bouncer, aware of his gaze on her swaying hips. The attention appeared to make her movements more confident. "Perhaps you should have opted to enter naked, as well," she told Rocket, not hiding her amusement when she saw his attire.

Rocket: "I think you're right. Look, over there, there's a giant rabbit that's not wearing anything!" Rocket said, getting more peeved taht he was suckered into wearing what he was wearing. He just stormed directly to the stairs at the back that lead up to the roof.

Danger: "That giant rabbit is Jack O'Hare, the owner of this club," Danger said as she followed behind the pyjama wearing alien raccoon. "He is a former student of our school, and a friend. He has agreed to keep your ship safe here at the Jackalope. You would remember had you not poisoned your brain the other night."

Rocket: "I was thirsty, and people were having a good time. There was music and... why am I defending myself against a machine that can't even get drunk?" he said while going up the steps. When they got to the roof of the club, the first thing Rocket noted was the giant tarp pulled over his ship, the second thing he noticed was the lack of cloaking his ship should have been under.

Rocket: "Oh for goodness sakes, I can see my ship. The cloaking should still be on!" he ran to the Rakk'nRuin and yanked the tarp off, climbing on to the side and activating the hatch to open, disappearing inside. Seconds later he yelled "Quill you flarki'n d'ast hariless monkey! I'm gonna kill you!" Rocket's head popped back into view. "The genius took my cloaking tech's glarping batteries! I told him one! Take one! He took them all!"

Danger: "Will this be a problem?" Danger asked, her eyes - and numerous other senses - scanning the alien craft on the Jackalope's roof as she approached. "Fortunately, it seems your spaceship remained undetected. Disguising it as a heap of scrap appears to have done the trick."

Rocket: "Heap of scrap?! This is better than anything you'd see anywhere on this wet dirt piece of rock called Uurf. What a stupid name the people came up for it." he complained as he disappeared back into hsi ship. "You coming in?!" he called out.

Danger: "Earth," Danger corrected, and followed Rocket's invitation, her steps accompanied by the ring of metal on metal. "I had imagined it to be more spacious," she admitted, once poking her head inside to take a look around. "Then again, I suppose you don't require much room for yourself."

Rocket: "Yeah, only take it out when it's just me or with Groot, and he can get smaller when we're travelling. Hey, hang on, you can just transform smaller." Rocket said while he stripped out of the one piece, scratching and combing his fur over his body with his paws to get it looking and feeling right.

Danger: "You are right," Danger replied, and the female robot appeared to contemplate the little alien's suggestion. "If I am to accompany you, I would prefer not to bump my head for the entire duration of our journey - and before you suggest it, I also would prefer not to be stashed into your cargo bay."

Danger: Wires, gears, and plates rearranged themselves, the lifeless metal and plastic of Danger's body resembling living tissue as she adjusted her shape, until her physical form matched the image in her mind. Having reduced her height and slimmed down her frame, she looked like a younger version of her old self.

Danger: "Is this adequate?" the robot girl asked the naked raccoon.

Rocket: An eyebrow lifted as he watched Danger, shuddering at the change. "Damn, I am so gonna enjoy watching you do that more." He pulled his jumpsuit on, flinching as his zipper nearly caught his own gears and widget. "You know you'd look better with a tail, right? Can't go wrong with tails." he said as he searched through a storage box. "So, are you contemplating coming along then?"

Danger: "You think so?" Danger asked, accompanied by another clicking and whirring sound. The next moment something long, metallic, and snake-like curled behind her back, and she turned around to award Rocket a look at the feline appendage she had added to her backside. "I suppose it can have its uses."

Danger: "And while I am reluctant to trust you, it becomes evident that you have been speaking the truth regarding your alien origin," she said, looking over her shoulder. "And by extension, my own heritage. If you have been truthful so far, I am inclined to believe your claims regarding the Shi'ar."

Danger: Danger looked away and lowered her gaze. "If what you say is true and they are coming for me, I would endanger my friends if I waited for them here. It is not my desire to meet them, but all other options start to look worse by comparison."

Rocket: "Now that's cute." Rocket turned back to the box. "You know I keep telling people stuff but nobody believes the cute furry guy. Aha, there you." Rocket said as he found a spare battery for the cloaking tech. While he installed it, he looked back at Danger, "So, you wanna ride my rocket?" he asked, patting the hull. "It's a one way trip though."

Danger: "Then we have reached the crucial point of our negotiations," Danger replied, turning around to face Rocket. "I am afraid this will be unacceptable. Make no mistake, I do not intend to surrender to the Shi'ar. I am merely willing to meet with them to dissuade them from pursuing me further."

Danger: "Once they are dealt with, in any way that I deem necessary, you will take me back here. "Her tone was direct, her expression unwavering. "These are the conditions under which I am willing to accompany you."

Rocket: "Yeah... I think we'll need to renegotiate this negotiation. Like, what am I supposed to get out of this. They're going to pay a ton of creds. Plus, I really doubt you can stop a whole planet of Shi'ar from doing whatever they want to do."

Danger: "Why not?" Danger asked, considering it a legitimate question. "I am very confident in my capability to deal with any conceivable situation. If I may remind you, devising strategies and tactics to challenge even superior adversaries is what I was created to do."

Danger: "Besides, if you are worried about your ship and your own fur, I do not plan to engage them in combat unless it can be avoided. As for your payment, I am sure there are ways to compensate for your loss. I guarantee our school will reward you for your assistance, and you would have my eternal gratitude."

Rocket: "That's all dandy and nice and lovely and sugary happy, but you can't buy ship parts with gratitude and there's nothing on this planet that I can think of that I would want." Rocket replied, while climbing over to the cockpit and flips some of the switches, checking through the diagnostics.

Danger: Danger contemplated his answer, before turning towards the open hatch. "Very well," she replied, and left the small ship on the same way she had entered.

Rocket: Rocket grumbled, sighed, breathed, then turned the switches off, before opening the cockpit's hatch and standing on the seat. "Wait! Wait. hang on. Wait. I'll agree to your terms, if during the trip there I get to think of something I can get in return. Heck, maybe we can brainstorm a good reward that'll make both our lives easier."

Danger: Danger stopped in her tracks, and for a moment stood in silence right outside the spaceship. "This seems fair to me," she said, looking over her shoulder at Rocket. "After all, I am unable to predict what my request will end up costing you, and I do realize I am asking for a lot in advance."

Danger: She turned around. "Neither of us has any reason to trust the other, and both of us have everything to lose. I understand this makes an agreement between us difficult." The robot tilted her head. "May I suggest something else then? It is something I learned from the humans. A promise."

Danger: "You promise to help me return to Earth, and in turn I promise to compensate you in any manner of your choosing, as long as I do not object to it for ethical reasons," Danger suggested. "We would both be honour bound to our word, for what it will be worth."

Danger: "Considering neither of us is a legal citizen of this world, however, I doubt a more formal agreement would hold any more weight, however."

Rocket: Leaning against the cockpit's side, Rocket thought about it for a moment. "I don't usually do this, lady, but you got a deal." he said, smirking. He didn't even realize he said lady instead of machine. "And personally I think we should celebrate our new venture together."

Rocket: With that, his outfit's zipper went back down and he kicked his suit to the back of the ship before climbing out the cockpit and sliding down the side of his ship. He tapped his wrist watch and the ship beeped twice, before locking up and activating its cloaking.

Rocket: "Let's get down there and celebrate with drinks and furry pajamas."

Danger: Danger watched Rocket as he strolled across the roof, his little furry butt exposed to Earth's night, and quickened her own steps to catch up with the alien raccoon. "A great idea, even though I am sorry for having to disappoint you," she said. "I doubt anyone is here for the drinks and pajamas. Most people come here for the sex."
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