4/14 Instance: Out of the Bag

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4/14 Instance: Out of the Bag

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Apr 14, 2015 9:40 pm

Timelined for the day after [Instance]Kreepy Garbage.

<Kat> Kat sat opposite Chris with a mound of paper on the desk between them. They were actually working on grading papers and feedback for Chris' biology classes. She yawned and covered her mouth with a shaky hand. Too much caffeine and she still needed more.

<Kat> "Do you have any red bull or coffee... something?" She asked.

<Christopher> "I can start a fresh pot." Chris got up and went to the coffee pot to get a new one started. "Cream, sugar, black?"

<Kat> Kat smiled gratefully. "Black. I need it as strong as possible. Haven't been sleeping much. Too much to do." Kat waited patiently while the coffee brewed and was incredibly thankful when Chris handed her a fresh cup. Gesturing her hands out across the desk, she asked "So... where do you want to get started?"

<Christopher> "With you taking a nap first.... Why haven't you been sleeping?" Chris took the cup back from her. He still felt like she had taken the whole him kissing Carol thing a lot better than he'd imagined.

<Kat> "Absolutely no naps. Sleep is for the weak." She yawned again and took a big sip of coffee. "Not enough time to sleep. I have to study, grade your papers, practicing phasing so I can keep my drunkard boyfriend on his toes, ya know the usual." She paused. "Oh! And now I have to figure out how to convince this creepy raccoon named Rocket to give me his watch. It's seriously cool tech."

<Christopher> "Uhmm.... what?" Chris just stared at her. "And seriously you don't have to push yourself. I can manage. I don't want you to hurt yourself." Chris went and got himself a cup of coffee for himself.

<Kat> "I'm not pushing myself I promise. Besides, I keep waking up on the floor under my bed. Apparently, I've been phasing through my bed as I sleep. I'll figure that out and then I'll be golden." She looked around. "So... these papers?"

<Christopher> "You could sleep with an inhibitor on?" Chris patted his lap, "we can take a break." He gave her a warm smile.

<Kat> "Maybe. But I don't really trust them. After all, you end up kissing other women and with raging hangovers with them. Hmm. Maybe that's you." She giggled a bit and got up and went and sat on his lap. She snuggled into him and laid her head on his chest. "Mmmm. This is nice."

<Christopher> "Hey that's the alcohol..." Chris slipped his arms around Kat and gave her forehead a kiss. "The inhibitor just makes it easier to stay drunk."

<Carol> Carol had had a full day to come to terms with the news that she was a bit alien but it still hadn't really sunk in. However, she had other issues she needed to deal with and they were a little easier to fix so she crossed the lawn from her office in the hangar to the main building.

<Kat> "If you say so." Kat stifled a yawn and leaned up and kissed him gently.

<Christopher> He returned the kiss and pressed his forehead to hers. "You're falling asleep on me."

<Kat> "Not falling asleep." She insisted and kissed him again.

<Carol> She debated going to the kitchen for coffee but then she remembered that her target had coffee and headed straight there. Raising a hand to knock out of vague courtesy, she paused in the doorway. "What the hell?"

<Christopher> "Well you're sure perking.... Welp, that cat's out of the bag." Chris looked up to see Carol in the doorway of his classroom.

<Kat> Kat jumped out Chris' lap. "Uh, hi." She studied the face of the woman at the door. "Hey! I know you! You are the girl that was in the kitchen with that creepy raccoon."

<Carol> "... Please tell me we're not paying her just so you can sleep with her." She stared at Chris for a moment then turned her attention to Kat, "... Girl? How old do you think I am?"

<Christopher> "Not in the slightest. This was the plan before me and Hope broke up. And not that it's your business but we haven't done anything."

<Carol> "Good to know." She leaned against the doorframe, "Coffee fresh?"

<Kat> Kat boosted herself up on Chris' desk, knocking over some of the papers. "Sorry. Woman that was in the kitchen with that creepy raccoon." She scowled at Carol.

<Christopher> Woman I accidentally kissed. Chris thought to himself. "Coffee is fresh yes. Are you okay?"

<Carol> "Carol," she supplied, "SHIELD liason. Seriously, how do people not know this?" She rolled her eyes, going to help herself to coffee, "I don't know how to answer that question."

<Christopher> "Yes, no? Those are good starts." Chris grabbed the papers and fixed the pile.

<Kat> Kat shrugged. "I'm Kat. The sleep deprived girlfriend and TA. Nice to meet you. Well I guess we already met, kinda. But that was awkward." Kat's mouth was going so fast, she finally had to clamp her hand over it so she'd stop talking.

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little at the hand clamp. "And someone in bad need of a nap."

<Carol> "We met when you got here - I was on Hope duty that day." She found a wall to hold up while she drank her coffee, "Yesterday I found out I'm part alien so... how do you think I should answer your question?" She raised an eyebrow at Chris.

<Kat> "That's right. Sorry, didn't recognize you. I was a bit... preoccupied." She yawned again. "I think that it's time for me to go take a nap. Chris, check on me later k? Make sure I'm not stuck under my bed or something..."

<Christopher> "What....?"

<Carol> "What?" Carol blinked at Kat.

<Kat> Kat sighed. "I've been practicing my phasing. So much so I guess I keep phasing through my bed when I sleep. Nothing I can't handle." She took one last sip of her coffee, gathered up some of the papers, and kissed Chris.

<Christopher> "You're, what.... And yeah I'll make sure you're not halfway to China. I'm serious, check out borrowing an inhibitor, or I'll strap one on you myself."

<Kat> "Yeah, yeah. Bye Kree Carol. Later Professor." She winked at Chris and headed out the door.

<Carol> "If you're struggling, talk to Professor Maximoff - he's the expert on mutations around here. I'm sure he can help you out... Inhibitors are kind of a last resort."

<Kat> "Will do. Thanks." And with that, Kat disappeared down the hallway.

<Christopher> "For last resort I keep getting them handed to me for drinking parties...."

<Carol> Carol watched her go then turned her attention back to Chris, "You're not a student with power issues."

<Christopher> "No I'm a teacher that has issues using his powers."

<Carol> "You do not have issues. You can control your powers. Are we seriously going to have this discussion right now?"

<Christopher> "Carol you have no idea." Chris just sighed. "I've had plenty of practice with my powers that's not the problem, but no I'm sure you're not here to talk about my problems."

<Carol> "Actually I am... like your problem with saying things to people that would be better left to their girlfriends."

<Christopher> "She came to me. And I'm not lying to my best friend. I'm sorry if you have a problem with that."

<Carol> "You didn't have to lie! You could have just not said anything! Cessily told me you just blurted it out at her like... what the hell? As if I don't have enough to deal with... I'd have told her, you know? In my own damn time."

<Christopher> "That's still lying. I told Kat instantly too." Chris rolled his eyes. "I know you're mad at me Carol. But I'm not in any way shape or form remorseful for what I did. Me and Cess have always been open with each other and that's not about to change now. I'm sorry I beat you to the punch on telling her."

<Carol> "You made her worry... a lot. I don't want her to worry about me... so you are definitely not allowed to tell her about the alien thing until I figure out what the hell to do about that. Okay?"

<Christopher> "I made her worry because we were both worried." Chris sighed. "And you're the one that made it worse Carol. Did you expect her to not worry when you avoid her all the time?"

<Carol> "I avoid when I can't talk about it because if I don't avoid I'll talk about it... or do something else stupid... like kiss people in gyms."

<Christopher> "Carol I'm sorry about all of that. But you shouldn't just avoid people. That's definitely how you make things worse."

<Carol> "It wasn't like I was going to avoid people forever! Just until I figured it out for myself. But God forbid I take some time to myself for a few days to work through things!" She rolled her eyes.

<Christopher> "You avoided her long enough to scare the shit out of her Carol. You should have seen how freaked out she was when she came asking me if I'd seen you. If you need time to yourself tell her next time if you don't want her to worry just tell her that."

<Carol> "I don't know how to tell someone that without them asking me why..." she frowned. "It's my stupid job. Everyone around me is always suspicious all of the time... and now they'll have a reason to be, I guess." She looked down at her coffee. What was going to happen when she told Fury?

<Christopher> "Well next time tell me and I'll tell her for you so she doesn't worry as much? I don't know Carol, leave a note or something. It's not like you're not entitled to some time to yourself."

<Carol> "I'll make sure to tell you loudly and clearly then because you obviously suck at taking a hint." She put her coffee down, "And I'm serious... do not tell her about this latest thing... at least until I figure out what to do about it... obviously, I have to tell Fury but I don't know how that's going to go."

<Christopher> "Well one minute you're crying in a stairwell and the next you're kissing me and getting mad when I stop you. Sue me for being worried about ya. I do consider you a friend Carol." Chris just rolled his eyes and went to get alcohol, he needed to at least be buzzed to manage this conversation.

<Carol> "Erratic behaviour is a sign I need a timeout. For future reference." She pushed a hand through her hair, "Look... I know all of this is my fault, okay? I make poor decisions when it comes to my personal life, that's just what happens... but I do like to be able to choose how and when I fix it."

<Christopher> "You weren't the only one who had to fix things Carol. You didn't force me into that position and I had to apologize to Cess and Kat for letting it happen. I wasn't going to hide this from them until you showed up and told her yourself. I probably could have done it a better way but she showed up and it just came out."

<Carol> "Ugh, whatever, I don't even care about that anymore, it's already done. Just don't do it again, okay? I would have told her just like I'm going to tell her about this other thing but I need to work out how because this could have a lot of consequences... they might want to run tests or something..."

<Christopher> "It'll be okay Carol." Chris sighed and found a bottle to give to her. "No kissing this time." He poured his straight into his coffee.

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "I'm on duty... I have to do stuff today, besides it won't work right now."

<Christopher> "Well if Kat or Cess comes you're welcome back for off the clock drinking then. Cuz we don't make smart choices when drunk."

<Carol> "Maybe I should get drunk then I can see whether or not I decide to tell Fury and we'll know which one's the right decision."

<Christopher> "So whatever you pick while drunk is the wrong decision? Unless you had some ingenious scheme to get Cess and Kat on board with a partner swap thing, when you kissed me." Chris just laughed at that knowing his girlfriend would not be on board no matter what Carol tried.

<Carol> "Yes, drunk decisions are bad. They are universally stupid... at least where I'm concerned."

<Christopher> "Same here. They just do not work out for you." Chris drank down the coffee booze concoction and then poured just alcohol into his mug.

<Carol> "I should probably tell you not to drink while you're working..."

<Christopher> "Is there anyone in this school that would listen to that?" Chris laughed a little.

<Carol> "Maybe like... one person."

<Christopher> "Yeah Paige is pretty nice. I'm sure she'd listen."

<Carol> "Then two people... maybe three."

<Christopher> "If you say so, and I don't have any more classes today, that's why me and Kat were grading. So I'm good to drink."

<Carol> "Well, I'll close your door then... and I guess I should leave you to it... take my part alien ass somewhere else..." she straightened up.

<Christopher> "You're fine Carol. I should go make sure Kat hasn't phased into the basement anyways. I just expected that little chat to get worse."

<Carol> "The only way it'll get worse is if you do it again. No more blurting stuff out. Keep a lid on it. I'll get to it in my own time. It's not keeping secrets, it's giving me space. Okay?"

<Christopher> "Yeah, yeah, this isn't the same thing I can keep this secret for you. Take care of yourself Carol."

<Carol> "I'll do what I can..." she sighed and headed back out into the hallway, pulling the door closed behind her.
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