4/15 Instance: Cross-Dimensional Coffee

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4/15 Instance: Cross-Dimensional Coffee

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Apr 15, 2015 9:42 pm

Day or so after [Instance]SHIELDed.

<Broo> Broo hummed a rather happy song while he worked in the dark, the only light coming from the goggles he wore that shone on anything he looked at. He padded from one side of the dark room, to the other, before pulling a switch causing something to start to hum as well in the darkness.

<Carol> Carol had been thinking about her recent news for several hours, which was not neccessarily a good idea but she had come to a conclusion. She needed more information. She was loathe to seek out the obnoxious raccoon again but there was maybe another way so she found herself in the basement, her own way lit with energy glowing at her hand. "Broo...? You down here?"

<Broo> "I am!" he called, "Hang on, turning the lights on in a few seconds." he added as he turned a dial. The machine's humming changed pitch, and suddenly the the hole in reality appeared again, a multicoloured emptiness of light. An unusual way of describing it, but it described it to a T. Broo quickly ran over to the wall and turned the lights on by the switch. He made a mental note to install a clapper in the basement.

<Carol> Carol blinked in the light and lowered her hand, reabsorbing the energy, "And playing with the thing I wanted to talk to you about..."

<Broo> Broo pulled his goggles up on to his forehead. "I... I wasn't playing with it in here. And Miss Kincaid said she wouldn't tell anyone about that." he replied.

<Carol> "... I'm going to let that go because I have bigger problems right now and I can ask her what the hell later..." She pushed a hand through her hair, "I actually was wondering if you'd found something in there that might help me..."

<Broo> "Oh, right. Well, what do you need help with?" he asked. "If it's concerning some very unusual ring worms, then I can definitely tell you now that they are most fascinating."

<Carol> "... Ew. And no.... Ew..." she wrinkled her nose. "It's something about me. Have you met any other mes out there? Mes with powers?" she chewed her lip, taking a step toward the portal and eyeing it.

<Broo> "Yes. There's also one of you that looks like a white mink." He helpfully added.

<Carol> "... Awesome." She looked back over at him. "Any that might know something about alien races?"

<Broo> Broo paused for a moment with an open mouth about to speak. "Yeees. Yes, that would be Earth 2169, she seemed very helpful, but rather upset as well. I think she did not want the extra headache that came with more aliens and alternate universes, as she put it."

<Carol> "Great then we'll have something in common right away..." she heaved a sigh, "I guess you couldn't... send me there? Maybe?"

<Broo> "Actually after the other two students' mishap, I had made sure there were several precautions set in place, one of which is that a person has to wear one of these..." Broo said, quickly opening a drawer on the makeshift storing unit, "... there we go, one of these to even be able to go through the portal."

<Broo> Broo held up a wristwatch which would have fit snugly in what could have been called junkpunk. "It changes the energy flow in the person wearing it, making them sync with the hole. Otherwise they will just go through it like so." he demonstrated waving his hand through the floating hippy light show.

<Carol> "That is a very good idea... it won't mess up with my powers will it? The energy tends to break most technology after a while in close proximity..."

<Broo> "Oh, no no, different kind of energy. There's a whole spectrum of energy in anything at any time. I could give you the number to the energy's frequency, it's basically its name, but you might need a pen and paper to write the thirty two digits down."

<Broo> "So the device will stay safe, it runs on that energy. Very environmentally safe as well. Come to think of it, I could actually invent a rechargeable battery for cellular devices and such that recharges on the body's energy. Another day." he decided.

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "That's fine... just as long as it's immune to the EM energy I put out everywhere." She held a hand out for the device, "While I have free time..."

<Broo> Broo handed her the wristwatch. "I have to warn you, the second you go through, I will have to close the portal. Just as a safety precaution. Do not worry though, when you need to get back, just press the button on the side and hold it. It will remotely activate the machine on this side and open the portal near you."

<Carol> "And you're sure it works?" She turned it over in her hands, locating the button. "Even if I'm another reality away?"

<Broo> "Oh, yes, it is based on the technology that Mr Vaccarro had used to go work for some superhero team in another dimension. I think they go from one dimension to another putting wrongs to right. He seemed very happy with the idea. Also I tested it out a few times."

<Carol> "Okay then..." she put the watch on her wrist, "They better have coffee in this other reality..." she eyed the portal, "I left a note in my office so if anyone asks where I am... Just don't let them come after me."

<Broo> "Coffee, the one you're going to, yes. Strangely enough there's a reality where coffee is illegal. They have bronze statue of liberty. Oh! I should show you my collection of liberty statue pictures. I try to get one for each reality I visit. There's one with a gold statue, and it's actually a female buddha. The one with the mink version of you has a copper feline statue of liberty."

<Carol> "Maybe another time..." she stepped toward the portal, "Just point it in the right direction and I'll be out of your way for a little while."

<Broo> Broo turned to the machine's console and typed in the co-ordinates. The portal's light pulsated for a moment and changed colour several times until it stabilized. "There we go. Oh, you'll have to just press the button once to make sure it is active. The little light on it will go on. Then you can just peek through and if everything seems safe, just take a jump through it."

<Carol> Carol nodded, pressing the button on the watch and showing Broo the light was lit before she poked her head through the portal. Looked like their world for the most part. She straightened up, "Seems fine... see you later..." she headed in.

<Broo> Broo watched Ms Danvers just float right into the hole. He waited several seconds longer to make sure everything was fine before he pressed a button on the machine. The portal wobbled and flickered, shrinking down to the size of a tiny shiny floating pea before it flickered out of sight.
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