4/16 Instance: Separation Anxiety

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4/16 Instance: Separation Anxiety

Post by Slarti » Thu Apr 16, 2015 5:06 am

Timelined Tuesday, March 6

<Shaw> His own packing was more or less complete, since Sebastian was accustomed to traveling lightly. However, packing for an infant was another matter. Standing in the nursary, he stared into a drawer and frowned.

<Jessica> Jess was awesome at packing fast and under short notice. She was largely done besides the things for the club functions, they were laid out on the bed awaiting hangers and covers. Now she was checking the house over to make sure it wouldn't fall down while they were away.

<Shaw> How much did one tiny person really need? He wasn't sure, and Miriam wasn't helping. The girl kicked happily in her bouncer, gumming a toy and watching Sebastian pack and unpack a bag.

<Jessica> Jess looked in on them on her way down from the kitchen and cocked her head on one side, "How are you not done yet? Her clothes are tiny!"

<Shaw> "I'm not sure what she might need." He turned to look at her, clearly at a loss.

<Jessica> "The seasons aren't going to change while we're away so just stuff that she's wearing now. We won't be gone that long..." she laughed a little, going over to help him. "Just enough that if she throws up on something she has spares."

<Shaw> "I suppose." He picked up a small bottle of liquid fever reducer. "But what about this? Does she need all of this?"

<Jessica> "She's going to be with a doctor the entire time, on the grounds there are two other doctors. I think we can leave that here."

<Shaw> Since she had a point, he put it down with a faint sniff. "Well, she needs toys at any rate."

<Jessica> "Just put her favourite ones in there," Jess finished sorting clothes out and went to organise diapers and bottles.

<Shaw> Sebastian dropped into a crouch in front of Miriam, reaching a finger out to rattle the colorful bar above her head. "What favorites do you want to take, little love?" The baby squealed and reached for a dangling pink butterfly.

<Jessica> "All the insects," Jess smiled, "That's my girl."

<Shaw> "Indeed she is," he chuckled, fluttering its wings for her. "I will pack your bug collection then, yes?"

<Jessica> "Especially the spider," Jess reminded him, counting out diapers and chewing her lip absently.

<Shaw> "Of course!" He hummed a bit of the Itsy Bitsy Spider and found the small plush arachnid, gently patting it on her tummy.

<Jessica> Jess laughed a little, packing up the bag, "That should be enough... if they need more I'm sure we can reimburse them...."

<Shaw> "True enough." He sighed, playing with the baby. "I suppose I'm just... trepidatious of leaving her, even in such good hands as Paige's."

<Jessica> "I know... I'm not really thrilled about it either but we can't bring her with us and we've waited too long as it is...."

<Shaw> "Precisely." He sighed, offering Miriam his finger. The girl latched on, squeezing and giggling.

<Jessica> "She'll be fine... and we're only a phonecall away... and a plane."

<Shaw> "A private jet, at that," he admitted, debating the efficacy of considering one of Sarkissian's teleportation devices, since he'd been distracted from his work on his own design.

<Jessica> "Yes... so it's not that bad... She'll be okay...." Jess wasn't sure who she was trying to convince now.

<Shaw> "She'll be okay," he repeated, finally picking up on the change in Jessica's tone and looking up at her.

<Jessica> Jess caught him looking at her and shook it off, offering him a smile.

<Shaw> She'll be okay, he repeated, smiling and then turning to pick Miriam up.

<Jessica> I know... She closed up the luggage for Miriam and picked up the bags.

<Shaw> The baby immediately latched onto his hair, and he laughed, joining his wife. "She will," he said, tone far more confident.

<Jessica> "There's a healer at the school... what could go wrong?"

<Shaw> "Nothing. Nothing will go wrong. And, I'm certain you have Sarkissian watching as well." As much as he hated to admit it, the woman had her uses.

<Jessica> "She watches everything, she's a super spy." Jess leaned to press a kiss to the top of her daughter's head.

<Shaw> Sebastian hummed, unimpressed, and gave Jessica a kiss as well.

<Jessica> She laughed a little, at the tone, "You're just upset because she makes you uncomfortable."

<Shaw> "That's a fine statement of the obvious, love," he laughed, working to detangle baby fingers from his hair.

<Jessica> "I don't know why she makes you uncomfortable... I mean, I do but... it shouldn't..." she wrinkled her nose, reaching to help him.

<Shaw> Miriam squealed and reached for her mother's hair instead. More to play with! "It shouldn't? Whyever not?"

<Jessica> "Because... if you know how to word things, it makes it kind of easy to get a particular reaction out of her..." she caught Miriam's flailing hands and shook her head, "Noooo, nice try missy."

<Shaw> "I'm uncertain of that, because, as you well know, I've made a career of manipulating people and she often defies my expectations for logical action." He smiled at Miriam's antics.

<Jessica> "Because you expect an emotional response. She's never going to give you one of those."

<Shaw> "Perhaps you should lend her some," he said, turning his smirk on his wife.

<Jessica> Jess frowned, "I don't even know if that's possible..."

<Shaw> "It was a joke, love." He stepped in and gave her a quick kiss. "I am capable of that, from time to time."

<Jessica> "Mmhmm," she nuzzled him gently, "Not usually where Viper's concerned."

<Shaw> "Yes, but she's not here. Currently." He kissed her again, smiling. "Is she?"

<Jessica> She shook her head, "Nope... she could be across the road though, spying with her ninja friend."

<Shaw> "Mmm. Speaking of, has she been behaving herself?" The last thing he wanted to deal with was another incident.

<Jessica> She nodded, "I believe so... pretty sure she knows I'd strangle her for real if she caused more drama."

<Shaw> "I considered firing her, but someone with her unique qualifications is difficult to find." He smirked.

<Jessica> "So keep her on retainer just... somewhere else."

<Shaw> "I'll consider it. Although, she might flee into your Viper's nest."

<Jessica> "Would that be so bad? Viper appreciates her skills too."

<Shaw> "I prefer for her to be mine exclusively, although I already fear that's been shot to hell."

<Jessica> "Yeeeeah Viper won her over with her little present."

<Shaw> "Yes," he said drily. That reminded him, and Sebastian shifted, listening to Miriam gurgle in his ear. "Should we send Sharky with Miriam?"

<Jessica> Jess chewed her lip, considering that, "I don't know... she'd definitely be safe then.... but Widget would get lonely..."

<Shaw> "Love, Widget was alone for weeks when we..." He cleared his throat. "Last year."

<Jessica> "I know... and I felt bad... and the house was a wreck."

<Shaw> "Yes, but this time it's just for a few days," he reasoned, starting for the hall to whistle for the dog.

<Shaw> Miriam squeaked, mimicking his whistle.

<Jessica> "Yeah... he'll probably be alright..." She made a mental note to go check on Widget before they left though.

<Shaw> "Well, we don't need to take your pet to the school. What do you think?" He turned back to look at Jess when Sharky skittered down the stairs and nearly bumped into his ankles.

<Jessica> "I think I'd feel better if he was there..." she looked down at the silver dog-thing, "What do you think, Sharky? Can you look after Miriam for a few days?" Sharky yipped and wagged his tail.

<Shaw> "Well, there's something to be said for pet sentience," he chuckled. "Thank you, Sharky."

<Jessica> Jess laughed a little, "There is so much. He's a good dog-thing." Sharky's tail wagged all the harder for the praise. "Okay, let's get them in the car so at least that's one thing we can check off the list and then I can stop worrying about it."

<Shaw> "Agreed." He bent and held out his free arm for Sharky, who quickly took the hint and morphed into his monkey form, bounding up to Sebastian's shoulder. "Shall we?"

<Jessica> Jess picked up the bags, "Before we change our minds."

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