4/16 Instance: Home Away From Home

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4/16 Instance: Home Away From Home

Post by Slarti » Thu Apr 16, 2015 5:08 am

Timelined right after Separation Anxiety

<Shaw> Sebastian fiddled yet again with a few settings as he turned into the long drive up to the school. Miriam was asleep, as she always tended to be the moment she was placed in a carseat, and so he was mentally tallying modifications he still wished to make to the Tank, as Jessica called it.

<Jessica> Jess still disliked the tank but the wider roads outside the city made it feel a bit less like being driven around in a brick. It was also easier to deal with when she didn't have to steer the thing. She looked over at Sebastian then checked on their sleeping daughter again.

<Shaw> "Perhaps we can follow her example on the jet, yes?" He smirked over at his wife and circled the parking lot, surveying the school. It still looked like a lunatic asylum.

<Jessica> "We might have to - self preservation and all that." She pushed a hand through her hair, looking up at the building. She missed the crazy.

<Shaw> "Mmm. I have chosen to pretend I do not see, nor hear, any of what they're doing," he said with a nod.

<Jessica> "Probably for the best," she laughed a little, "We could try staring at them if they get too handsy. See if it puts them off."

<Shaw> "That would be an entertaining approach." After a moment, he grinned. "We could offer to critique their performance."

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Oh yeah, that'd go down so well with my former job." She shook her head, still giggling.

<Shaw> "Mmm," he agreed, pulling into a space and shifting to park. "And mine, I suppose."

<Jessica> "Pfft, you can't call that a job." She gave him a playful shove once they'd stopped moving.

<Shaw> "No, it was more of..." he pretended to search for the right word, then narrowed his eyes at her with a pleased nod. "It was a calling," he said with a smirk.

<Jessica> She laughed and gave his shoulder a small zap, "You're so awful."

<Shaw> Sebastian bowed his head in agreement and chuckled, unbuckling himself and jumping down from the vehicle - it was a trick, even with his height. Pocketing the keys, he circled and opened his wife's door.

<Jessica> Jess' exit from the vehicle was much more graceful thanks to her flight powers and she offered him a smile, "Try not to wake her up."

<Shaw> "Most definitely not, especially in an enclosed space." The back door opened with a push of a button on his key fob and Sebastian climbed into the back seat to unbuckle the baby.

<Bobby> That giant black thing was im-fucking-possible to miss. Bobby finished off his bottle of Mountain Dew and tipped it into the trash on his way out of the door to meet them, as coatless as ever.

<Jessica> Jess looked round at the sound of feet and smiled, hurrying over to give Bobby a hug (and also put a bit of distance between her and imminently screaming baby). "Hey!"

<Bobby> "Hey hey, Jessie!" He hugged her tightly and gave her a little wriggle. "Sorry, Paigey is still at the hospital - duty calls. Will your shark leave baby Jessie with me, y'think?"

<Shaw> Carefully unbuckling the child, he listened in with a smirk. So far, the child remained asleep.

<Jessica> "I should think so," she laughed, pressing a kiss to his cheek, "There will also be a tiny other shark to add to the fun." Sharky leapt out of the tank on cue and rolled in the grass, having entirely missed the paved section of the parking lot. He shook himself off then bounded up to say hi.

<Bobby> He dropped Jess for the newcomer. "Dog thing!"

<Shaw> Mission accomplished, Sebastian jumped down lightly with Miriam cradled in his arms. He gave Jessica a self-satisfied look.

<Jessica> Sharky enthusiastically greeted Bobby and Jess giggled, "I'll be right back, gotta get Miriam's luggage."

<Bobby> "Luggage? Does she have, like, an entire set?" He laughed and played with the weird dog. "You better not eat Yoda! Better not! I'll flash freeze your shiny ass!"

<Jessica> Sharky took on his monkey form and gave Bobby his best innocent look. "We... didn't know what to pack..." Jess fished the bags out of the tank-car.

<Bobby> "Wow, I guess not," he agreed, looking up at the bags. "Y'know, I have a kid... soooo, we kind of already have a lot of stuff..."

<Shaw> "Drake," he said, acknowledging the other man as he approached. "You do, but you do not have my... kid."

<Jessica> "Well there are some things she likes more than others so we packed those... and it never hurts to have spares of everything else..." Jess' nose wrinkled, "We've never left her before..."

<Bobby> "She'll be fine, babe. We'll treat her like she's our own. Hell, better than our own, since Paige probably won't put her down. Like, ever."

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Probably not, if our trips into the city with Miriam and Ripley are anything to go by."

<Bobby> "I know! I heard all about mommy bonding time. Fun, huh? It'll be better when Miriam can toddle around and play too."

<Jessica> "Oh I don't know about that - running around after Ripley's a full time job, I'd need Jamie's power to run around after two of them."

<Shaw> Sebastian smirked to himself, kissing Miriam's soft hair. "You would do wonderfully, koibito."

<Bobby> Nose wrinkled at the shark's comment, he turned back to Jess with a grin. "See, you've got the dark prince's vote!"

<Jessica> "He's biased - I'm sleeping with him." Jess gave a shrug.

<Bobby> "Riiiiiiight. Okay, well - gimme that." He took one of the bags. "Ready to go in? We set Rip's old crib up for her."

<Jessica> Jess nodded, letting him take the bag, "I'm sure she'll be comfy."

<Bobby> "Of course she will, because I bet she'll be sleeping in the bed with Paigey and I'll be curled up in the crib!" He laughed and led the way inside.

<Shaw> As this was his house, he allowed it, trailing behind Drake and Jessica with the peacefully sleeping baby.

<Jessica> Jess laughed too and gave him a shove, "You would never fit in there."

<Bobby> "Hey you don't know that. I happen to be very bendy."

<Jessica> "You forget, I know how small it is."

<Bobby> He suddenly wasn't sure if they were talking about the same thing anymore and paused on the stairs to turn and give her a hairy eyeball.

<Jessica> Jess returned the look with a slow innocent blink of her own.

<Bobby> "Well, I can't say it was the cold." He narrowed his eyes at her for a moment, daring her to say anything else, then continued on to their door.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, giving him a shove. "You're so ridiculous."

<Shaw> Sebastian snorted in agreement, but regretted it when Miriam jerked.

<Bobby> Opening the door, he ushered the Shaws inside and yelled at Yoda to get him off the sofa. "Shh! No bark! There's a new baby!" Tail wagging, Yoda waddled up to Jess.

<Jessica> "Hello!" Jess crouched to pet the real corgi and fuss his floppy ears. "We brought you a friend to play with too!"

<Shaw> The friend in question shot through the door ahead of Sebastian, and Yoda danced in place and started barking, nearly tripping over himself to back away.

<Jessica> Jess shushed Yoda and picked up her excitable silver version, "Sharky, chill out, there's plenty of time for that. Let him get used to you first." She giggled a little, "Looks like he's not sure what to make of you."

<Shaw> Miriam awoke with a wail and Sebastian winced, wondering how elongated yap dog might taste roasted over an open fire. He attempted to shush the girl, but an interrupted nap was never a good thing.

<Jessica> "Uh oh! Look what you did!" She ruffled Yoda's floppy ears again and set Sharky down, "Play nice." She turned for Sebastian to help him with Miriam.

<Bobby> "Yoda! You brat!" He scooped up the dog and locked him in the bathroom with a chew toy. "He'll calm down," he told Jess and Sharky Senior when he came back down the hall, rubbing a hand over his hair. "Sorry. Promise he doesn't generally bark that much anymore." He gave the silver dog thing the side-eye.

<Jessica> "He'll get used to Sharky," Jess smiled, moving to Miriam and using her happy state to influence her daughter.

<Shaw> Sebastian smiled at Jessica, giving Drake a more dubious look. "I'm sure," he said, tone dripping condescension. "Perhaps ours can break him for you," he added, ramping up a grin.

<Bobby> "Or maybe I'll find out what temperature breaks him," he said, eyes narrowed.

<Jessica> "No you won't!" Jess snapped. Honestly, the pair of them would never knock it off. "No one will be breaking anyone."

<Bobby> He raised both hands. "Joking!" Mostly. "I like your dog thing, just don't want his overgrown counterpart ordering mayhem in my house."

<Shaw> Sebastian just chuckled darkly and passed Miriam to Jessica.

<Jessica> "He'll be good - he's always good." Jess cradled her baby and shushed her quietly.

<Bobby> "That one?" He pointed at the silver corgi, who danced in place and came running. Bobby laughed and shook his head. "That I can believe, but if you're talking about that one," he jerked a thumb at Shaw. "Newp."

<Shaw> Ignoring Drake, he made himself at home and wandered their apartment, inspecting the premises.

<Jessica> "Well... he can be very good when he wants to be," Jess offered with a grin that had a slightly dirty edge to it.

<Bobby> He gagged, miming a noose around his throat while across the room, Sebastian smirked.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "You asked for that." She looked at the bags, "Where are we putting those?"

<Bobby> "I'll get 'em." He was happy for the break and grabbed two bags, leading them to Ripley's room now that the baby seemed calmer. He opened the door to the aggressively pink room, decorated with snowflakes and a Millennium Falcon hanging from the ceiling.

<Bobby> "Here we are," he said, moving over to the crib set up in a cleared space on one wall. "The crib she'll probably never sleep in," he laughed.

<Shaw> Sebastian followed, picking up the last bag and stopping in the doorway. Oh yes, he could tell who decorated this room.

<Jessica> Jess followed the both of them, ".... I feel like I should be wearing sunglasses."

<Bobby> He turned around and grinned, giving a helpless shrug. "It's cute."

<Shaw> Sebastian snorted and set the bag beside the rocking chair.

<Jessica> "It's so very pink... I mean, I shouldn't be surprised... but damn." She laughed a little, shaking her head.

<Bobby> "Nope, you sure shouldn't be." He laughed and moved over to her, holding out both hands in offer. "Want me to take her, or you guys want a minute alone to say bye?"

<Jessica> Jess looked at Miriam then up at Sebastian. They were never going to leave at this rate. She sighed and shifted Miriam to hand her over.

<Bobby> He smiled and mimicked an excited Paige clap for a moment. "Baby! Come here, little shark girl!" Carefully, he took the baby and cradled her to his chest. Dammit, she was cute.

<Shaw> Sebastian moved in behind Jess and slid his arm around her. She'll be fine. He's a moron, but he's a dependable one.

<Jessica> Jess laughed softly, nuzzling Sebastian and sliding an arm around him (and giving him a discrete zap for his comment). "She's not a shark yet, she doesn't have any teeth... did you know sharks have teeth in the womb and eat their brothers and sisters before they're born?"

<Bobby> He'd been busily snuggling and cooing at the baby until Jess said that, then he gave Miriam a suspicious stare before turning it on her parents. "Yeaaaaaaah. Okay, shoo! Go to England and do your... whatever it is that I really don't want to know about since it's probably illegal."

<Jessica> "Sorry... too much telly..." Jess wrinkled her nose.

<Shaw> "It's not illegal," he said with a toothy grin at Drake. "Yet."

<Bobby> "Yeah, yeah, it's always shark week somewhere."

<Jessica> "Yep... and there are many other weeks out there to be filled with other horrifying and useless facts."

<Bobby> "Yeahuh." He let Miriam rest on his shoulder, where she noticed his hair and started trying to grab at it.

<Shaw> Sebastian disentangled himself from Jessica and stepped forward, offering Drake his hand. "Thank you. We are, all jokes aside, in your debt for keeping our daughter safe."

<Bobby> A little surprised, Bobby took his hand and met Shaw's eyes for the shake. "No problem." After a moment, he let go and grinned. "Have fun storming the castle!"

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