4/17 Instance: Rebranding

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4/17 Instance: Rebranding

Post by Slarti » Sat Apr 18, 2015 3:24 am

Timelined the day after All's Wellies that Ends Wellies

<Hope> After a long day of touring London, Shinobi and Hope had ended up in Paternoster Square, home of the famous London Stock Exchange. Coincidentally, the pub they had chosen was called The Paternoster. After securing the corner booth, Hope had settled in and was taking her time looking over the menu.

<Shinobi> Shinobi was more interested - at least at the moment - in looking through one of the large windows near their booth. It was just dusk, and the square was packed with people. It had been a great day, and with his arm securely around Hope and his feet kicked up across the booth, he blew out a contented breath.

<Hope> Hope glanced over at him at the breath, stealing a quick cheek kiss. "I have to tell you something."

<Shinobi> The kiss made him smile and look at her, gaze flicking between her eyes and lips. "Yeah?"

<Hope> "You're cute." She grinned up at him, wrinkling her nose.

<Shinobi> He laughed, eyes now drawn to her nose. "Am I now?" His smile softened and he leaned in to give her a kiss. "You're beautiful."

<Hope> She smiled as she kissed him, holding his cheek gently with her hand. "You are. And I love you."

<Shinobi> I love you, he responded, experimentally sharing his feelings as well.

<Hope> Hope rested her forehead against him, swallowing hard and letting out a shaky breath. She focused, letting him feel her own emotions as well.

<Shinobi> It was almost overwhelming, and he closed his eyes, his own breathing ragged. He turned a little toward her to embrace her with both arms, his hand finding her hair.

<Hope> Sighing contently, she leaned against him, smiling for a moment. I'm happiest when you're around.

<Shinobi> Me too. It's crazy, huh? He laughed softly and relaxed back into the booth, urging her to settle back against him. We were supposed to be enemies.

<Hope> She went with the urging, nestling into him. We were. We still could have been if you had made some different choices. Or if I had. Instead, I landed in your arms. Her arm rested around him as she just sat with him.

<Shinobi> Lucky me. He sighed again, just as happily, and after a moment reached for the menu that'd nearly slid from her lap. Picking it up, he scanned through the offerings, although with the dim light he had to squint.

<Hope> "I think I'm going to get the steak and chips. We had fish and chips last night." She pointed it out on the menu. It seemed tame compared with the rest of the menu.

<Shinobi> "Pig, pie and pickle?" If he moved the menu back a little he could see it. "Ew. What's camenbert? Should we consult google?"

<Hope> "If you are brave... go for it," she laughed. "We should have brought the Brit with us. You know... to translate."

<Shinobi> "I'm not sure if I'm that brave." He made a face and nodded toward the table where David lurked. "He's old, maybe he knows?"

<Hope> "I'm sure he does..." but she hated interacting with David on her date. "I'm sure we're smart enough to figure it out. Or pick something safer."

<Shinobi> "Google." He nodded, nose wrinkling as he read down the page. "Beets. No." Shifting the page again to see better, he glanced at her. "Is there anything else you're allergic to?"

<Hope> "Nope. Just peanuts. Not even other kinds of nuts, though I tend to avoid just to be safe." She leaned forward to take a sip of her water.

<Shinobi> "So, I could develop an addiction to Nutella and we're okay?" He gave her side-eye and flipped to the bar list. It was impressive. The entire place was impressive, really. It was a pub, but it had a coffee bar, wifi, and very few old leathery locals.

<Hope> "No. Then you'd have to share it," she laughed, grinning at him. It was as she sat back against him that she realized how far the menu was away from him. That was... odd.

<Shinobi> "I think I could manage that." He gave her a grin and squinted at the menu again. "Maybe I should try a naughty plate?" The listing on the menu made him snort, amused, but he wasn't eating anything he couldn't identify. That included the wild boar.

<Hope> "You are the naughty plate," she teased, kissing him briefly. "What sounds good to you? We can always find a McDonald's if you just aren't feeling it."

<Shinobi> "Not that I'm complaining, but you keep comparing me to food." He pursed his lips and surveyed her.

<Hope> "Huh..." He had a point. "My two favorite things. Not shocking," she smirked at him.

<Shinobi> His laugh was low and he fished in his pocket, pulling out one of their new British peppermints. It dangled from two fingers while he shifted the menu again and kept reading.

<Hope> "I love that you carry those around now," she laughed, reaching for it.

<Shinobi> "I like the taste." He smirked, letting her have it. "It reminds me of you."

<Hope> She grinned as she opened the wrapper, popping the mint into her mouth. "Oh really now?"

<Shinobi> "They smell like you, too. Just like my pillows." Tilting his head, he glanced at her for just a moment, smirk breaking into a wicked grin. "When they turn back up, anyway."

<Hope> That made her laugh. "I like the way they smell when I steal them better."

<Shinobi> The confirmation was touching, though he had already guessed the truth. "You can keep stealing them, or just... stay with me, you know."

<Hope> It gave her pause. She looked up at him, thinking that over behind her own shields. She briefly made a note to thank Sebastian for his help. "I do seem to end up down there most every night anyway," she pointed out, smiling.

<Shinobi> "You do," he agreed, pretending interest in the menu now.

<Hope> "It's where I should be," she stated finally, leaning against him to read the menu with him.

<Shinobi> "It is." He smiled to himself, hoping if she sensed his relief it was wrapped up enough in his happiness to pass. Putting on a smirk, he tightened his arm around her. "They have cheeseburgers, so I'm good."

<Hope> "A cheeseburger!? Obi!" She laughed at him, kissing his cheek. "See this? This is one reason why I love you. You are true to yourself." She pressed her forehead against his cheek, smiling contently.

<Shinobi> "What?" He laughed too, rubbing her upper arm. "It'll order it with pulled pork and pretend it's barbecue. No onions."

<Hope> "No onions," she agreed, laughing. "And nothing. I just... it's just nice seeing you be you. I know that sounds stupid."

<Shinobi> It made him look at her curiously. "Who else would I be?"

<Hope> "Sometimes people put on acts. They pretend to like things just because they are with someone."

<Shinobi> "Oh," he laughed. "That seems... like too much effort." After a moment, he sighed. "I'm through with pretending to be someone else."

<Hope> "Good." She nuzzled him. "Because I feel in love with you. Kind of attached now. Just a little.”

<Shinobi> "Just a little, huh? Well, we'll have to work on that." He smiled, tipping the menu down when he saw a waiter approach. "You ready?"

<Hope> "You bet," she grinned, ordering her food finally... and coffee... and a scotch.

<Shinobi> After placing his order, including his own scotch, he kept the menu to decipher the dessert offerings.

<Hope> Hope was definitely reading his mind on that one. Something... chocolate.

<Shinobi> Chocolate, he agreed, smirking at her and picturing a few uses for chocolate that were certainly not restaurant appropriate. That's a fantastic idea.

<Hope> Smirking back at him, Hope added to those uses. Isn't it fantastic?

<Shinobi> He groaned. Yes, except we're in public... Shifting in the booth, his hand drifted down to her side and work beneath the edge of her shirt to brush her skin with his fingertips.

<Hope> I suppose I can behave, she sighed, resting her head against him. Until we get back to the house, that is. She smirked, looking up at him.

<Shinobi> Yeah, but the house has parents, he said, expression souring a bit. Still stroking her soft skin, he turned his head to kiss her through her hair, completely unaware someone was approaching their table.

<Manager> The man slowed, taking in the curiously intimate scene.

<Hope> Well.... nobody says we can't make a stop at a hotel first, she reasoned, taking his hand and lacing their fingers, palms pressed together.

<Shinobi> You have the best ideas. He squeezed her hand and raised it to his lips, kissing and nibbling.

<Hope> Hope grinned at him, biting her lower lip slightly. I have inspiration. The attention on her pressed at her shields. She glanced over, noticing they were being watched finally. We have an audience.

<Shinobi> Let the old pervert watch. He realized she wasn't talking about David when he looked over to the middle-aged man hovering nearby. Sitting up, he shifted his grip, arm wrapped around her shoulder, and met the man's eyes.

<David> David had also noticed the attention and was on alert.

<Hope> Hope, never one for tact, just smiled at him. "Hello."

<Manager> "Good evening, ma'am," he greeted the redhead with an upper-class English accent, but turned his attention to the other occupant of the booth. "Mister Oyama, I'm so sorry. No one informed me you had arrived." The man half bowed, the gesture awkward.

<Shinobi> Shinobi gave Hope a look, but attempted to hide his confusion. "I'm sorry?"

<Hope> Mister... oh hell. She steeled her mind and let confusion take over her face. "I'm afraid you have us confused with someone else." Sebastian was going to hear about this as soon as they got back.

<Manager> He bowed again, now clearly nervous as he fingered his tie. "I can have your regular room prepared, sir." After so many years of service he was used to peculiarities, but the accent threw him.

<Shinobi> "I'm sorry, but she's right." Shinobi sat forward, inspecting the man. "I'm not... what was that name again?" He needed to hear it. The first time he wasn't sure what he'd heard.

<Hope> Hope gave David a panicked look, relieved somewhat when he got to his feet. Her instinct to protect Shinobi was overwhelming her, forcing her to think. She had to think.

<David> "They said you are mistaken. Move along."

<Manager> He turned, somewhat surprised, then took a hard look at the man and back at the booth. Straightening his jacket, he addressed the agent. "Sir, this is my restaurant."

<Shinobi> What did he call me? Shinobi moved, sliding to the edge of the booth seat.

<Hope> Oysomething. Maybe they don't get many Asians around here?

<David> David just started at the man.

<Shinobi> Yeah, maybe... But what if... "Hey, Sum, stand down for a minute." He got to his feet and edged between them. "Sir, what was that name?" he asked the man again.

<Manager> Surprised, he stepped back and looked up at the young man. He had made a grave error. "The lady is quite right - I mistook you for someone else. Please forgive me."

<Hope> Hope snuck out her phone and sent Sebastian a quick text. [Need to talk. ASAP] She turned her attention back to Shinobi. What's up, Obi?

<David> With a glance to Hope, David did as requested and sat himself back down with his tea, watching the manager like a hawk.

<Shinobi> What if it's not just a mistake? He nodded at David in thanks and turned back to the man, expectant. "It's fine, just..." Shinobi offered his hand. "I'm Shinobi Shaw, actually, but I would be very interested to hear about the man you mistook me for."

<Manager> When he'd been notified the American president's daughter was in the restaurant tonight this was not what he'd been expecting. It was evident he needed to read more tabloids. "Ah." With a false smile, he shook the young man's hand. "It's a pleasure, Mr. Shaw. I'm afraid it's very simple. In this poor lighting, I made an error. I assure you I meant no insult."

<Hope> What else would it be then? She sent another quick text to Sebastian while Shinobi was occupied. [He was just mistaken for someone important.]

<David> David shot the man a glare. "Did you also mistake me too? Would you like to offer me a room as well?"

<Manager> Scandalized, he flapped a hand. "Not at all, sir!"

<Shinobi> This wasn't helping. Shinobi shot David a glare, although it was probably the most plausible explanation. What if he knows someone in my family?

<Manager> "I'll have you know," he said, still huffing as he turned to gesture at Mister Shaw, "he is the living image of Oyama Yusei. I know my best customers." The color drained from his face the moment the words left his lips.

<Hope> "Are we supposed to know who that is?" Hope asked the manager, sending Sebastian one last text. [Kill me now.]

<David> David rolled his eyes and went back to his tea. Damn Japanese.

<Manager> He stared at the Stark woman, drawing himself up by his own lapels. In for a penny... "He is the acting president of Oyama Heavy Industries, of course. Now, if you'll excuse me."

<Shinobi> Oyama. He knew the name, of course, but... he looked like an Oyama? Perplexed, he just watched the man retreat. Sebastian had an affair with an Oyama? It made... sense.

<Hope> "What the hell kind of name is that for a company?" Hope wanted to know.

<Shinobi> He shook himself and looked back at her. "They're..." Realizing he shouldn't speak it too loudly, he licked his lips and moved back to the booth, sitting beside her heavily. "They're Yakuza."

<Hope> "That's a terrible name for a company. Somebody should rebrand them, Yakuza or not." Hope reached for her water, all but downing it.

<Shinobi> "Yeah," he said with a slight chuckle. "You're right. It's a pretty shitty name." Resting his elbows on the table, he rubbed both hands over his face.

<Hope> Hope rested her head against his back, rubbing his arm. "Are you alright?" She set her water down.

<Shinobi> "Yeah." It was something he'd need to look into, maybe confront Sebastian. He reached back to touch her, then frowned. Are you okay? I can't feel you.

<Hope> Oh, sorry, here, she let him back in, leveling out the connection again. Over-reinforced there.

<Shinobi> He nodded and shifted to sit back, sliding his arm back around her. That was weird. Still mulling it over, he looked around to see if he could spot the man again. Shinobi turned his head to nuzzle her. What if I'm an Oyama?

<Hope> Then you're lucky you're more of a Shaw since Tony would never let me date a member of the Yukaza? Hope offered, nuzzling him back. I know that feeling though... that thinking you found your family feeling.

<Shinobi> Laughing a little, he nodded. I should google him and see if that guy's right... or if he really does just think we all look alike. He moved to see her face and smirked.

<Hope> You know... We're supposed to be on a date, She kissed him softly, sliding her fingers through his hair.

<Shinobi> We are. Again, you're right. He smiled into the kiss and tilted his head to deepen it. One hand moved to her neck, stroking her jawline with his thumb and guiding her movements.

<Hope> She relaxed in the kiss, moving close to him. Now this is a date.

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