4/18 Instance: Rock-a-Bye Baby

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4/18 Instance: Rock-a-Bye Baby

Post by Slarti » Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:48 pm

Timelined while the Shaws are in England

<Paige> After a 24-hour shift at the hospital, the last thing Paige wanted was to be awake. The reason she was, however, was totally worth it. Ripley was fast asleep in her bed. Bobby had been also when she had slipped out, hearing the cries of the infant who was staying with them. Sharky and Yoda lay at Paige's feet while she rocked with Miriam, smiling down at the little girl.

<Bobby> Once upon a time, he was trained to wake up the moment Ripley so much as farted. Now, however, he was out of practice with this whole baby thing and it took him a few minutes to wake up, then a while longer to realize Paige was already taking care of it.

<Paige> Paige smiled more as she watched the baby drink her bottle. "You were hungry weren't you sweet girl?"

<Bobby> Still... Heaving a sigh, Bobby rolled out of bed and raked both hands through his hair, padding down the hall to find her.

<Paige> She cooed, rocking gently. She hummed a little, stroking the baby with the hand that cradled her.

<Bobby> "D'awww," he whispered from the doorway, tiptoeing into the room. "Baby!"

<Paige> Surprised, Paige looked up quickly. As neither dog had barked, she wasn't alarmed at least. She smiled happily at him. "Husband!" She kept her voice low, not wanting to wake Ripley.

<Bobby> "Almost," he said with a quiet laugh, crouching beside the rocking chair. Miriam gripped the bottle with both hands, her eyes on Paige while she drank. "She's cute. You know, for a shark."

<Paige> "Yeah... I wanted to see how it sounded," Paige giggled softly, looking back down at Miriam. "She's beautiful, Bobby. Just beautiful."

<Bobby> "Yeah.... yeah, I suppose she is." He reached over and petted the girl's hair, looking up at Paige. "So... it sound okay?"

<Paige> Paige bit her lower lip as she grinned, nodding her head. "Yeah... yeah it does. I can't wait to use it for real."

<Bobby> He grinned in return and raised up just a little to give her a kiss. "Wife."

<Paige> Paige grinned in the kiss, lingering. "And how did that feel?"

<Bobby> "It felt... tingly." He picked up one of her long blonde curls and twirled it around his finger, kissing her nose.

<Paige> Giggling again, Paige smiled at his kiss and watched him with her hair. "Tingly like... a good tingly?"

<Bobby> "The best tingly!" He laughed a little at the giggles and located one of Ripley's little chairs to drag over to sit beside her.

<Paige> Face flushing, Paige looked down at the baby again, smile stuck on her face. "Yeah... I like that kind of tingly."

<Bobby> "Everybody likes that kind of tingly," he said, watching Paige instead of the baby. After a moment, he shuffled closer and rested his chin on the arm of the gently rocking chair, swaying with the motion.

<Paige> With Miriam feeding herself, Paige was able to free one arm. She ran her fingers through Bobby's hair, smiling softly. "You give me the good tingly."

<Bobby> He turned his head just enough to be able to speak - and not lose the pettings. "Well, we can't get too tingly with the babies here, but it's nice to think about, yeah?" Bobby gave her a brow waggle.

<Paige> Her face blushed bright red as she giggled a bit. "Yeah... I like thinking about it." A shocked look came across her face, more blushing immediately followed.

<Bobby> "Yeaaaaaah, you do," he said with a quiet laugh, rocking her chair a little for her. "Love it when you blush like that, babe."

<Paige> Which only made her blush more. "I'm glad for that at least?" she asked, laughing softly and nervously.

<Bobby> "That you blush, or that I like it?" He gave her a wicked grin, raising himself up to lean in and kiss her.

<Paige> "Both," she mumbled in the kiss, returning it as she carefully held Miriam.

<Bobby> "There's nothing sexier than when you do that," he said, peppering her with small kisses, then pulling back to pretend to think about it. "Well, one or two things, but not much."

<Paige> She laughed more, blushing and leaning in to rest her forehead against his, pausing her rocking. "I like being sexy for you, my Bobby."

<Bobby> "Well, that's a good thing, and you totally succeed. You are made of win." He looked down at the baby when she grew restless and moved back. "Uhoh, better rock, mom."

<Paige> Paige giggled a little and handed him the empty bottle, moving Miriam to her shoulder to burp her. "I'm on it, Daddy."

<Bobby> "Heck yeah you are." He took the bottle and gave it a sniff. Gross.

<Paige> "I know I keep saying this... but I really can't wait until we have another baby."

<Bobby> "Yeah," he said, looking up with a grin. "Me too, babe." Placing the bottle aside, he moved to rest his hand on her belly. "Soon, I'm sure... and who knows? Maybe now?"

<Paige> Smiling over at him, she nodded as she patted Miriam's back. "I sure hope so. You need a little boy. Or another girl."

<Bobby> "I'm good with either," he laughed, working his fingers up to tickle her a little.

<Paige> "Bobby!" She hissed, giggling and squirming.

<Bobby> He stopped and patted Miriam's back as well, then the baby's diapered butt.

<Paige> Paige sighed contently, watching him. "I love you. Very much."

<Bobby> "Double for me." He grinned. "I love you, and Rip, and if there's anybody in here..." He poked her belly again, gently, then stared at the baby's back. "And what the heck, I'm feeling generous - I even like her."

<Paige> "Awww you like little Sharkette?" Paige grinned at him, wiping Miriam's face after she burped. The baby settled on her shoulder, allowing Paige to run her hand through Bobby's hair.

<Bobby> "Yeaaaah, despite her sketchy dad. You can't help it, can you, munchkin?" He stroked the girl's soft little cheek and purred a bit for Paige's benefit. "So."

<Paige> "Soooo?" Paige asked, smiling and playing with his hair. She looked down at his big blue eyes, marveling at how much she loved the color.

<Bobby> "So, this time next year we might be in here rocking our own munchkin." He bumped his head against her hand.

<Paige> Her grin was slow, but huge. "Yes! Though... we might have to find a way to get another bedroom... You know. If it's a boy."

<Bobby> "Eh, it wouldn't matter. Not for for a while, anyway." Bobby shrugged and returned the bright grin. "Not while they're little. He'd just have a little boy part, anyway," he laughed.

<Paige> "Bobbbyyyy! You can't have little boy parts with little girl parts in the same roooom!" She poked his nose with the tip of her finger.

<Bobby> "What difference would it make? They'll be brother and sister!" He wrinkled his nose, eyes going crossed to see the finger.

<Paige> "Because ewwwwww!" Paige made a face at him.

<Bobby> "Eeeeeew?" he mimicked, screwing up his own face and then giggling.

<Paige> Paige giggled with him. "Ok maybe while they are really tiny. But then we get them their own rooms."

<Bobby> "Okay, that sounds better," he said, still giggling himself. "Don't give our future son a complex about his teeny tiny penis!"

<Paige> "Heeeey be nice about his non existent yet tiny penis!"

<Bobby> "It's just a baby penis, he has plenty of time." By now Bobby was afraid he might wake up Ripley with his laughter and sat back on the floor, picking up one of her plushies to cackle into its fur.

<Paige> "You're going to give him a complex!" She snickered right along with him.

<Bobby> Bobby just waved a hand and laughed, rocking a little.

<Paige> Paige giggled at him, looking over at Ripley to make sure she was still sleeping.

<Bobby> "Yeaaaaah, we just won't have giggle fits mocking him once he's born." He lowered the stuffed bear and shook his head with a straight face - mostly. "That'd be bad."

<Paige> "Of course we will. We'll just do it after he's asleep."

<Bobby> "Haaaaaa... I love you."

<Paige> "I love you too!"

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