4/19 Instance: Then Fall Caesar

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4/19 Instance: Then Fall Caesar

Post by Slarti » Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:42 pm

Timelined a few hours after I am the Law

<Shaw> Shifting the car into park, he let out an audible sigh. It was over, finally. He looked over at Jessica and smiled slightly, unsnapping his seat belt and opening the door. Pocketing his keys, he moved around to open her door.

<Jessica> Jess waited for him, as usual, but especially tonight because she figured she owed him that much after their weird evening. She offered him a smile and took his hand as she got out of the car, giving it a gentle squeeze, "Thank you."

<Shaw> "Thank you, koibito." He raised her hand and kissed it.

<Shinobi> In the back seat, the corner of his lip lifted slightly at their continuing display.

<Hope> Hope just stared out the window, her hand tangled with Shinobi's.

<Jessica> Jess reached for her keys in her purse, heading for the front door, "Early night?"

<Shaw> "Most definitely." He cast a glance at the car, but decided not to comment. They knew enough to lock it and come in, when they were ready. As we were most rudely interrupted earlier.

<Shinobi> "Hey." Shinobi squeezed Hope's hand. "We're here."

<Jessica> Yeah... that was awful.... She gave his hand another squeeze before she unlocked the door and headed inside.

<Shaw> Indeed. Rather pointedly, he pressed the button on the fob and the car gave a short honk. Smirking to himself, he went inside and stepped behind Jessica to help her with her coat. Angling his head, he nuzzled into the crook of her neck. And best forgotten.

<Jessica> She smiled, leaning back against him, Keep going like that and I'll forget all about it very soon.

<Hope> Hope nodded, keeping a firm grip on Shinobi's hand. "Do we have to go inside?"

<Shinobi> The honk made him shoot a glare at the door, then he looked back at Hope. "Unless we want to sleep in the car." Head tilted, he considered that. "Or hotwire it."

<Shaw> That is the intent. Reaching around her waist, he unbuttoned the coat, pressing kisses beneath her ear.

<Jessica> Laughing softly, she stepped out of the coat when the last button was undone and started up the stairs, "Have to catch me first!"

<Shaw> "I do love a challenge." Grinning, he hooked the coat onto the rack quickly and started after her, stripping off his own on the way.

<Hope> Hope smirked. "Should keep setting off the alarm. Poor mr. super hearing!" She looked over at Shinobi finally.

<Jessica> at the top of the first flight, Jess abandoned her shoes so she could hurry up to the top of the house where she flicked on the bedroom light... and came to a dead stop in the door way, her blood running cold.

<Shaw> After nearly tripping on them, Sebastian scooped up her shoes and took the stairs two at a time, then nearly slammed into his wife at her sudden stop. "Jessie!" He could feel her distress in the link and quickly looked around her to see what had her attention. When he saw it, he swore.

<Shinobi> "Mmm, tempting." He leaned forward to look at the dash and the steady blink there.

<Hope> Sighing a bit, Hope caught sight of the look David was giving her. "I guess we could go on in. Get some sleep. You're so staying with me. I know we already decided that, but yeah. Definitely now."

<Jessica> Jess stared almost transfixed at the bowl of rice sat in the middle of their bed, the chopsticks standing upright in it leaving a clear message. As if the fact that someone had been in the house was not enough. "Hope..."

<Shaw> He was already on his phone, stalking toward the bowl. The first urge to smash it and sweep it from sight was strong, but foolish, so he turned back and stared at Jessica. "We need to sweep the house. Call Drake, just to be sure. I'll get Sum."

<Shinobi> "Well, yeah." He smirked at her. "We already knew that." Bracing himself, he opened the door and the car alarm sounded. "Satisfying, isn't it?"

<Hope> Hope grinned as she kept his hand, sliding out behind him. "It really is."

<Jessica> Jess shrieked at the sound of the alarm outside when she was already on edge and bolted for the stairs.

<Shaw> Stark! He was closer to the window, and looked outside, expecting mayhem and saw... nothing. What in hell!

<Hope> Hope winced, grabbing her head. You locked us in! Don't yell at me!

<Shinobi> "Hope?" He turned and gripped her shoulders, searching for an injury. "What's wrong?"

<Hope> "Sebastian isn't happy with the alarm." She rubbed her forehead, straightening back up.

<Jessica> Jess was at the front door now and relieved to see they were both okay, "Come inside!"

<Shinobi> "He doesn't need to yell in her head for it, for fuck's sake." He looked up at Jess, wondering what was wrong.

<Shaw> Just do it. He turned from the window and started for the stairs himself. Tell Sum to check the perimeter for signs of an intruder, then get in here.

<Hope> Oh now you take me seriously? Hope rolled her eyes, obviously annoyed. "Go on in. I'll be right there." She squeezed Shinobi's hand and headed for David.

<Jessica> "Something's happened, he's not angry..." she moved out of the way so they could come in.

<Shinobi> Shinobi wasn't moving, and looked between the two women. "What happened?" he said, addressing Jess.

<Shaw> He swore, moving to check the kitchen door, though he heard nothing but himself and Jessica in the house. Just do it!

<Jessica> "Someone's been inside the house and left us a message now get inside before I pull you in here myself."

<Hope> Ugh keep your pants on! I am I am! Hope got to David and relayed the message, which got him on his radio immediately.

<Shaw> The door was secure, and he moved to check windows as he spoke to Yukio.

<Shinobi> "I'm not leaving her out here, David or no David." He stared at Jess. "She was right then."

<Jessica> "Seems like it." She grabbed his arm and pulled.

<David> David was with Sebastian on this one. And someone was going to get their ass reamed for slacking on the security. He'd see to that. Arm around the redhead he calmly walked with her, pointing out things to look for. She loved to know how things worked.

<Shinobi> Shinobi just gave Jess a look and phased free, but turned to see Hope and David coming up the walkway. Straightening his jacket, he ran his hand through his hair. "Yeah, anyway."

<Jessica> "Just come inside!" Jess turned for the kitchen and grabbed her phone from her abandoned handbag, firing off a text to Viper before she did anything else.

<David> As they finally arrived, David handed off Hope to Shinobi. "The team is sweeping the outside. I'm going to look inside."

<Hope> "So did something happen then?" Hope asked Shinobi.

<Shinobi> "I don't know what it is, she won't tell me." He put his arm around Hope and stopped just inside the door, looking around for anything out of place.

<Jessica> "Because you won't bloody well come inside! Shut the door!" She headed for the kitchen to put the kettle on while she dialed Bobby.

<Shaw> Listening to the argument, he nodded at Sum. "Nothing so far. I'm going upstairs. I've contacted my own people."

<David> Nodding, David took off to sweep with Sebastian.

<Hope> "So... what?" Hope focused, realizing something really must have happened.

<Paige> While Bobby was... occupied, Paige picked up his ringing phone. Smiling at the caller ID, she answered it for him. "Jessiepie! How's London?! Did you get to go see Big Ben? I know it's just a clock but it's a COOL clock!"

<Jessica> Jess just glared at Hope as she balanced the phone between her shoulder and her ear and grabbed some mugs for tea. "Actually Big Ben is the name of the bell and I've seen the Houses of Parliament a few times now... but that's not why I'm calling. Is Bobby there?"

<Hope> Hope glared back and pushed at Sebastian's mind. The fuck is going on?

<Shinobi> "Yeah, see... that's what I got." He nodded at Jess and led Hope into the kitchen. It was well lit and seemed safe, so he pulled out a chair for her and went to check the door himself.

<Paige> "Weeeellllll yes. Technically. But um... He's... he might be... He's having a princess tea party! Oh my gosh you should see him! He has on the Elsa dress and everything!"

<Jessica> ".... Take pictures. Many. But this is important... something's happened..." She chewed her lip dropping teabags into a couple of the mugs and reaching for the coffee jug.

<Hope> Hope plopped herself down in the chair and rested her head on her arm, her elbow on the table.

<Paige> "Ohhhh no! Is everyone okay?! BOBBERZ!" She called out, a bit too close to the phone.

<Jessica> Jess winced, swapping the phone to her other shoulder because now her ear was ringing, "... Ow."

<Shaw> Someone was inside the house and left us a message - left me a message. He cocked his head, hearing Jessica on the phone, and that wasn't Drake.

<Hope> What kind of message? Finally she was getting somewhere.

<Shinobi> The door was locked and there was no sign of forced entry - no marks anyway. The window was the same, and he looked into the back yard, spotting a Secret Service agent but nothing else. Shaking his head, he returned to the table and stood behind Hope, his hands on her shoulders.

<Bobby> Giving Paige a quick kiss, Bobby took the phone. "Hey, what's up?"

<Shaw> He was hesitant to respond and as he and Sum had reached the room in question, he pointed to the rice bowl, giving the agent a significant look. "I haven't checked for traps yet."

<Jessica> "Hey!" She was relieved to hear Bobby's voice, "There's been a security breach here... someone left us a message inside the house and there was some sort of threat at the club earlier... I know there's not much you can do from there but can you check the house?"

<Hope> Hope leaned her head back, resting against Shinobi. This was chaos and she just wanted to go to bed.

<David> David moved closer, inspecting the area and the bowl of rice. If they had made it beyond security and into the house... they wouldn't be stupid enough to leave prints. David picked up the bowl of rice and started eating it. Screw the Japanese and their superstitions. But it was delicious rice. Damn.

<Shaw> Sebastian stared at Sum, almost surprised he didn't gape at the man like an idiot. Your agent is insane, little Stark.

<Jessica> Jess' phone beeped quietly in her ear, indicating she had a reply from Viper so she checked it while she filled the coffee machine.

<Bobby> "Sure," he said after a pause. "Everything okay? Hope's okay?"

<Jessica> "Everyone's fine and Sebastian's checking the house with David... we're just a little stressed out." She returned the phone to the space between her shoulder and ear, turning to make the tea while the coffee brewed.

<David> He looked over at Sebastian finally. "What?"

<Shinobi> "They still haven't said what the threat was, have they?" He stood in place, looking around although there didn't seem to be any threat evident now.

<Hope> "They are ignoring us," Hope pointed out. "Though why I don't know."

<Jessica> "Because we're trying to work on damage control right now to protect your ungrateful hide." Jess turned to give Hope another look, "Sorry Bobby."

<Bobby> "No big, sounds about right. I'll check on the house, or maybe call Rogue to do a check there? Maybe I should stay close to Miriam? If somebody knows she's here."

<Hope> Hope started to get up, but the weight of Shinobi's hands kept her in place.

<Shaw> "I realize you're unconcerned with poisons, but the point remains that it very well could be." He shook his head, dismissing the concern. "Dispose of if as you will then."

<Jessica> "Keep your family safe... thank you for looking after Miriam, I better go now... I'm glad you're all okay. Let me know if you find anything... and enjoy your tea party."

<David> David paused mid-bite, looking down at it. "That's why I was testing it." Totally sounded legit. He went back to disposing of the rice.

<Bobby> "No problem, babe. The cold never bothered me anyway. Keep me posted." He signed off and turned back to his girls.

<Hope> "In the fucking time it took you to talk about having a tea party you could have fucking told us what the fuck is going on!"

<Shinobi> "Hey, just ignore her." He tightened his grip, watching Jess and fighting the anger bleeding over from her mind. "Just - not helping, but I agree. What the fuck?"

<Jessica> "While I'm on the phone? Really?" Jess kept her back to them and leaned on the counter while she prayed for patience. "There was a bowl of rice on the bed with upright chopsticks in the center."

<Shaw> Sebastian turned back to give Sum a doubtful look. "Enjoy your midnight snack, by all means."

<Hope> Hope just gave her a blank stare. "Seriously?! You people think I am overreacting, but you turn the fucking house upside down over a bowl of rice?!"

<Shinobi> That sounded familiar, for some reason, but he wasn't sure why. "That's... a Japanese thing..."

<Jessica> "It's a bad omen! In Japan, you don't do that because it resembles incense at a funeral. It's an omen of death."

<Shinobi> "On... your bed?" That was rather important to clarify.

<Hope> "Of course there's death coming! Did you not hear me at the club!?" Japanese thing huh? At least she had a target.

<Jessica> "Yes. Whoever it was was inside this house.... Yes I fucking heard you at the club! And felt it too, thank-you-very-much!"

<Shinobi> "Shakespeare and a Japanese death threat?" That was random.

<Hope> "Then maybe you should fucking listen to me instead of telling me I'm overreacting! Does no one remember how many war tactics were forced into my mind?! I know how to plot. I know treachery. I know strategy. I told you he would be betrayed. Clearly the Tokyo club is at work. You're wasting your time searching the house and grounds."

<Jessica> "And I was feeling all of your anxiety and trying to calm us both down! Of course I was going to tell you you were over reacting! Just as much for myself as for you! Do you think I want people making death threats about the father of my child?!"

<Hope> "I would hope not! Otherwise we'd be having a very different conversation!"

<Shinobi> "Hey!" He pitched his voice to carry in the room and get their attention, then dropped back to his normal tone. "Is this helping? Jesus, just quit yelling."

<Jessica> It was a good job she wasn't a telekinetic - things would have started exploding by now. As it was, she had to keep tight rein on her pheromones and electricity crackled around her hands before she got that back under control too. "I don't know why I'm being yelled at!"

<Shinobi> "Because you're there." He moved to take Hope's hand and tug her up. "Come on, let's just go cool off. This won't help anything."

<Hope> Hope got up and headed for the door. "My ungrateful hide is done." She snapped at Jess, sending David a mental note that she was going back outside.

<David> "Why couldn't Tony have had a boy?" David whined, taking his rice with him as he went after her.

<Jessica> "Hope..." Jess moved to go after but stopped herself, "I didn't mean it..."

<Shinobi> Shinobi looked back at Jess and shook his head, falling behind Hope to try to warn her off. "Just give it a while."

<Shaw> Sebastian completed his check of the room and followed the agent.

<Jessica> "Tell her I didn't mean it... I was just scared and she was too... impatient... tell her I'm sorry..." She turned back for the tea with a heavy sigh.

<David> "Did she just go back outside?" David paused mid-bite. Damnit. He picked up his pace to join her outside.

<Shinobi> "I'll tell her." He was already halfway out the door as well when he saw David coming down the stairs with a bowl of rice. The hell? "Is that... the rice in question?"

<David> David looked down at his snack, then back up at Shinobi. "Don't judge me."

<Jessica> Jess had to laugh at that, the tension lessening considerably, "Would you like some tea with that?"

<David> Grinning, David nodded. "Let me go help the erupting volcano before she self destructs. Then tea. With biscuits?" he asked, giving her a bit of a sad face.

<Jessica> "Of course biscuits," she assured him, "They'll be here... waiting.... assuming I don't eat them all."

<David> "Acceptable." He patted Shinobi on the shoulder, then went after Hope.

<Jessica> Jess picked up her own tea and went to sit down at the table. She would not be sleeping tonight.

<Shaw> Sebastian was close behind the agent and paused at the bottom of the stairs, meeting Shinobi's eyes. "This is serious, but... not uncommon."

<Shinobi> "That's not surprising, but Hope is upset you blew her off." He looked out the door at David's disappearing back. Though he couldn't see Hope, he could feel her. Upset was an understatement.

<Shaw> "I know. I'll speak to her later. She's... new to this world." He reached over and gripped his son's upper arm for a moment. "It will be fine. Go take care of her."

<Jessica> "There's coffee if you want to bring her some..." Jess offered, wrapping her hands around her own mug of tea.

<Shinobi> "Yeah I'm not sure if more caffeine is what she needs right now." But he'd need some soon, that was for sure. "I'll check on her and get some if she calms down." Surprised by his father's actions, he gave him a curious look and went outside to find Hope.

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