4/19 Instance: Empty Assurances

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4/19 Instance: Empty Assurances

Post by Slarti » Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:44 pm

Timelined immediately after Then Fall Caesar

<Shaw> Closing the door behind Shinobi, he turned back toward the kitchen and loosened his tie. Pausing in the doorway, he watched Jessica at the table for a moment and offered her a slight smile.

<Jessica> Jess returned it somewhat weakly then looked back down at her tea. "Why can't anything ever go as planned...?"

<Shaw> "Oh, love, this is according to plan," he said, whipping his tie free with a hiss of fabric. Strolling into the kitchen, he paused to squeeze her shoulder and then went to get himself some coffee. "It's the Hellfire Club - it's hardly unexpected."

<Jessica> "In our house? I don't like this... It's not right. We're supposed to be safe here."

<Shaw> Sebastian placed his mug on the table and slipped his arm around her. "Point of fact, Tony's people fall under that category as well, though I believe Sum will take care of that."

<Shaw> Returning to the table with his coffee, he dragged a chair around to sit beside her. "No, I don't like it, and someone will pay dearly for sleeping on the job."

<Jessica> "Our bed, Sebastian..." she leaned against him. "How am I supposed to sleep in there now?"

<Shaw> I know, koibito. He turned toward her and kissed her through her hair. You'll sleep with me, of course. As you always do. As you always will.

<Jessica> She cuddled against him, "I hope you're right..." She closed her eyes and took a deep cleansing breath, trying to will herself calmer.

<Shaw> "Of course I'm right." He closed his eyes, summoning a serenity he didn't entirely believe himself. "We will deal with this."

<Jessica> "But we don't know who it was or how they got in here... or if they're coming back..."

<Shaw> He glanced at the door, then gave her a significant look. Love, we know who it was.

<Jessica> No we don't. It was better if they didn't know because, if they did know, she knew who it was and that was more terrifying than not knowing.

<Shaw> He holds me responsible for the death of his nephew, though it was Sarkissian's doing. He slowly rotated his coffee mug on the table, then picked it up to take a sip. I believed he didn't know of Shinobi's existence, but I could be wrong.

<Jessica> What does threatening us get him? She nuzzled his shoulder.

<Shaw> It could simply be a message that he doesn't accept my claim as Lord Imperial, not that I needed such a theatrical statement to realize this. But, he's of the old guard. He smirked and gave her a slight squeeze. Literally.

<Jessica> I wish he could just come out and say it so I can smack him in the mouth. I don't care how old he is.

<Shaw> It may become necessary to do more than that. Still, her mental tone made him smile and lean down to see her face.

<Jessica> She lifted her gaze to him, What?

<Shaw> You want to smack him. He brushed their noses together.

<Jessica> He's threatening the person I love, of course I want to smack him... and his stupid granddaughter. She would dearly love to kick her ass again.

<Shaw> Yukio would do a tad more than smack, love.

<Jessica> Good. She straightened up to take a sip of her tea.

<Shaw> I'll look into it, and we'll attempt a more diplomatic solution first, but... He took a drink of his own and smirked. There's only one wrinkle, of course.

<Jessica> The part where running someone through with a katana is a bit illegal?

<Shaw> Sebastian laughed, then sobered and heaved a sigh. The part involving Shinobi.

<Jessica> She nodded, echoing his sigh, What are we going to do?

<Shaw> I don't know. He needs to know, and now he needs to know the entire history as well. And there was no telling how he would react to this information. He may be inclined to do the job for Oyama.

<Jessica> No... I don't believe that. Whatever else happens, we're his family...

<Shaw> Sebastian gave her a doubtful look.

<Jessica> What? He's come a long way...

<Shaw> Yes, he has, but I've done little to endear myself to him. He stared down at his cup. As Hope pointed out in her terribly subtle fashion, it would best if you or she were to tell him.

<Jessica> Of course it would... but I don't think he'd hurt you... things have gotten better lately. She reached up to brush his cheek with the backs of her fingers.

<Shaw> He tilted his head to meet her touch. It's surprising, koibito. Even knowing now how much you have improved my life. You, and Miriam, and Hope...

<Jessica> He shares your DNA, he's just as capable of changing his mind as you are. She leaned close and kissed him softly.

<Shaw> Tilting his head, he returned the kiss.

<Jessica> What's our next move? She stroked his cheek gently again and turned for her tea.

<Shaw> I've already alerted Yukio and Tanaka will be investigating. We'll need to be more cautious, increase security at home. I'll not wait for him to make another move, and Shinobi can no longer be used as a bargaining chip.

<Jessica> I told Viper... before I called Bobby. So I'm sure she'll be conducting her own investigation...

<Shaw> We may need to make use of her, much as I am loathe to do so. He smirked and took a drink. Perhaps I should have made an example of him tonight, for the world to see.

<Jessica> We didn't have any proof... We can't do anything without that or it'll come back to bite us later... She sighed, curling around her mug, But I know Viper will help us if I ask her to... are you sure you want to get her involved?

<Shaw> It may be necessary, or at least expeditious. He and his granddaughter and perhaps his grandson are most likely still in the UK, and efforts are underway to halt them here. So, we'll wait before involving Sarkissian.

<Jessica> I'll talk to her tomorrow... right now it makes me feel a little better to think she's outside somewhere watching.

<Shaw> He managed to school his expression. "Oh, I'm sure she is," he said with a chuckle and picked up his coffee again.

<Jessica> "Tell me you don't have more faith in her abilities than those secret service slackers and I'll call you a liar." She bumped his shoulder with her own.

<Shaw> "Perhaps." That brought up another point, unfortunately. "However, there was no sign of forced entry..."

<Jessica> "That narrows the possibilities a lot..." she sighed.

<Shaw> "Indeed it does. While I track the technologies Oyama trafficks, there is no way to catch them all." He braced his elbow on the table and rested his chin on his hand, staring at the back door now. "And it need not be technology."

<Jessica> "Either way... one of them was in my house. That's not happening again."

<Shaw> He turned his head to meet her eyes. "Agreed." After a moment, he smiled and moved in close again, giving her a wave of reassurance and a gentle kiss. "We'll take care of this, koibito. I'll not leave you."

<Jessica> "You better not." She wrapped her arms around him, "I don't want to do any of this without you."

<Shaw> "You will never need to." He returned the embrace, pressing his lips to her temple.

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