4/19 Instance: Special Date: Part 1

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4/19 Instance: Special Date: Part 1

Post by JackSkulls » Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:54 am

Timeline: Current

<Kat> Kat was putting the finishing on her makeup as she waited for Chris to pick her up. They were finally headed to their date night at the art museum that she had given him for Valentine's Day. She slid in her earrings and waited.

<Christopher> Chris suited up and was ready to go. He made his way over to Kat's room and gave a soft knock. He was quite curious to see how his date would be dressed tonight, he hadn't seen her dressed to impress yet.

<Kat> Kat opened the door and was greeted by a very dapper looking Chris. She smiled a bright smile and leaned him to kiss him. "Hey! You look great."

<Christopher> He returned her kiss and then just stared for a minute. "Well.... damn you pulled all the stops out." Chris took her in for a second before giving her another kiss. "Excited?"

<Kat> "Just a little. I am excited to get all dressed up. I am even more excited to see you so handsome." She walked over to get her clutch off the floor near her vanity. She started to bend over, but thought better of it because her dress was indecently short. Instead she stooped down. Clutch in hand, she walked back to the door, "Ready?"

<Christopher> "Aww and here I thought I was getting dinner and a show." Chris teased her. "So which car would you like to take? Vette, Limo, Tesla?"

<Kat> "Maybe later." She bit her lip and winked at him. Grabbing his hand she lead him out. "Let's take the Tesla. After all, you are the ultimate designated driver." She giggled.

<Christopher> "That I am. I forgot my inhibitor." Chris gave her hand a squeeze and followed her. "You want to drive it there give it a little test before you're too intoxicated to drive?"

<Kat> She squealed in delight. "Really? I would LOVE to drive." She turned and looked at him. She snapped her fingers in his face. "Hey! My eyes are up here. Do you think I can drive in these shoes?" She glanced down at the ostentatious six inch heels that she had strapped on her feet.

<Christopher> "You sure you don't have some hidden somewhere down there?" His head gave a quick nod downwards. "I really wouldn't mind investigating." He hoped the laugh he gave after was enough to tell her he was just trying to poke fun at her. "Or you can take them off. It's pretty clean in there I had it detailed the other day."

<Kat> Kat rolled her eyes at his joke. "Tell you what, If I take the shoes off the outfit fails. Why don't you drive, and I'll take you up on you offer another day."

<Christopher> "I think the outfit only succeeds because you're in it, but if that's what you want." Chris kissed her cheek and lead her to the car so they would actually make their reservations.

<Kat> They arrived at the restaurant in just enough time. The maitre'd led them straight to their table. Kat's eyes sparkled. "I'm glad we got to do this." She said as she sat down in the chair that had been pulled out for her.

<Christopher> "Me too. All sexual jokes aside you look beautiful tonight." Chris sat in his chair and ordered them a bottle of wine.

<Kat> Kat grinned. "Thanks. You look very nice yourself." She took a small sip of wine. "Mmmmm. The wine is excellent. Great choice."

<Christopher> "I always look good." Chris grinned. "Wine is about the only thing I know. Tastes good even when I can't get drunk."

<Kat> "Aren't I lucky that my narcissist knows his wine." She joked. The waiter came and went with their decisions which were perfectly paired to Chris' wine selection. Kat bit her lip and just stared at Chris. She didn't want to talk about the things that had been happening lately. It all seemed too bizarre.

<Christopher> "You okay Kat?" He gave her a slightly worried look. "Still not sleeping well?"

<Kat> "I'm okay. I finally wised up and put a memory foam mattress pad underneath my bed and put it on risers so that I don't feel as trapped when I phase through my bed. I thought about sleeping on the floor to start with BUT that means I'd probably end up going through the floor and into the room below me. Not a good plan."

<Christopher> "Kat...." Chris' look became a little more worried. "Borrow my inhibitor for a night or two. I want you to get some real sleep okay?"

<Kat> "No thanks. I'll figure it out. Perhaps I'll talk to one of those fancy professors that we have at school who can help me with this issue. I slept pretty good last night. Basically, I've got a bed under a bed." She took another sip of wine.

<Christopher> "Well Cess is pretty good if it's something mental. I can talk to her later for you. But I swear anything she tells you about me is a tall tale." He smiled a little and took a big sip of wine.

<Kat> "Maybe I will, maybe I won't." Kat wondered what kind of stories Cessily could share about Chris. Asking Cessily about Chris might not be a bad idea... she thought. Their food arrived. "This looks delicious."

<Christopher> "It does, thank you again for this. I'll have to drag you down to Georgia to catch a bite at my favorite place."

<Kat> "Road trip sounds fun! Although, the food would have to be damn good to warrant a trip to the south." She smiled. "So up for walking around the museum after we finish?"

<Christopher> "Well I was thinking about flying down, it's faster, but maybe the next break I'll rent us a more comfortable car and we can enjoy it."

<Kat> "I like the idea of a road trip." She grinned. "We will have to narrow down the details later." She finished up her food.

<Christopher> "You just keep your parents from sending the police after me and I think everything else will be easy." Chris poured himself some more wine. "And yes I think checking out the museum after would be nice."

<Kat> "You don't have to worry about that. They think I am safely nestled in a dorm room at MIT spending my hours locked away in a robotics lab." She swallowed what was left of her wine. "To be honest, my parents would probably cut me off if they knew that I was actually back at the school that they thought was dangerous. I just have to be careful."

<Christopher> "I won't even touch that with a ten foot pole." Chris sipped at the wine enjoying it and his food. "I'm guessing I won't be meeting the parents anytime soon then eh?" He laughed a little.

<Kat> Kat grimaced. "Probably not. My parents have no idea there is a you. And I liked to keep it that... at least for a little while." She sighed as she realized how bad that it sounded. "Look its nothing about our relationship, it's all about my parents. They are very overprotective and would loose their shit if they knew that I was dating a professor who also happened to be a mutant."

<Christopher> "Not to mention all the crap I've managed to get myself into. Plus it's fine, you don't want to meet mine. They're... well horrible, that's about it." He sighed. "I can wait till you think you're ready to introduce me Kat. I'm pretty much a parents worst nightmare besides the rich part."

<Kat> "Well that's settled. Nobody is meeting anybody's parents. Ready for the art?”

<Christopher> "Definitely. And double definitely." Chris finished his wine, got up and offered her his hand to help her up.

<Kat> Kat took his offered hand and smoothed out her dress with her free hand. "I'm looking forward to this exhibit. I heard there is some beautiful impressionistic paintings. Shall we go?"

<Christopher> "Lets." Chris kissed her cheek and led her off towards the exhibits.

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