4/21 Instance: Me and Yous

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4/21 Instance: Me and Yous

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Apr 21, 2015 5:40 pm

Day after [Instance]Seeing Double.

<CaptMarvel> Carol sat in an unused classroom, cup of coffee in one hand and a file in the other. Her feet were propped up on a desk and she was frowning as she read through the file. She was a perfect copy of her other self in every mannerism. The native Carol had wandered off to deal with some construction incident and left her to do some reading on what they knew so far about aliens.

<Cessily> Cessily arrived early for her lecture, which was something she usually tried to prevent. Unless she knew she had to use the projector, then these precious extra minutes spared her having to fight with the glitchy school electronics while being watched by an audience of restless students.

<Cessily> A smile lit up her shiny face when she saw she wasn't the first person to arrive. Carol sat with her back to her, so Cessily didn't waste the opportunity to sneak up on her girlfriend to pull her into her arms - even though she did wonder about the other woman's funny outfit.

<Cessily> "Hey there," Cess said, and pressed her lips to Carol's cheek. "Did you decide to keep me some company during class today?"

<CaptMarvel> She couldn't help it. She flailed. The coffee and the file both left her hands and spilled out onto the floor (fortunately in opposite directions) and she tried and failed to find a quick answer to that question, "Uh..."

<Cessily> Letting out a startled squeak, Cessily attempted to catch Carol's coffee, but even with her wildly flailing noodle arms of liquid silver, she only managed to get the empty cup, aimlessly tossing her own bag in the process. "Oh no! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to startle you."

<CaptMarvel> "It's fine... I probably shouldn't even be in here, I just found an empty room with a chair and sat down..." She chewed her lip, putting her feet down and turning to gather up the papers. "You must be Cessily..."

<Cessily> "Of course I am," Cessily said, looking and sounding surprised. "Or were you expecting another silver redhead I don't know about?" Her brow furrowed as she looked at Carol's clothing another time. "Wait- something's not right here."

<CaptMarvel> "Nope... you'd be the first silver redhead I've ever met..." She straightened up, sticking her hand out, "Hi... the other me said I should introduce myself as Captain Marvel to avoid confusion but I guess we're past that point..."

<Cessily> "The other you?" Cessily blinked. "Oh no, you finally did it, didn't you? You managed to drink enough to break your mind."

<CaptMarvel> Carol slowly shook her head, lowering her hand and looking around Cessily to the door. Still no sign of her other self. "And here's where I wish I was a telepath..." she muttered to herself. "I came through the portal in the basement... does that help?"

<Cessily> "The port- ooooh!" Cessily's eyes widened. "You're a Carol! I mean, a different one! Like, bizarro-Carol. Wait- I didn't mean to say that. Wow that's so cool!" The silver redhead grinned.

<CaptMarvel> She laughed, "Wow you babble. That's adorable." She turned to finish gathering up the papers and put them on the desk her feet had occupied then looked mournfully at the coffee puddle. "Your Carol's going to help some idiots not fall to their deaths."

<Cessily> "Oh. Yeah, she does that a lot." Cessily went to the sink and grabbed the sponge for cleaning the chalkboard. She crouched to wipe up the spilt coffee. "So you're really from another world like this one? How is it over there? Do you have french fries?"

<CaptMarvel> "Yeah we have fries," she laughed, "And superheroes." She thumbed at her chest, "It's a bit like here only more.... flashy I guess. And people don't hate the ones with super-human abilities to the point of making them hide like this... I've been reading up."

<Cessily> The shiny teacher looked like a young girl in a toy store. "Really? That's so... awesome! You mean, the people actually cheer for you and don't just refuse to serve you because they know you're different? Do all of you get cool costumes like yours? I totally like the colours, by the way."

<CaptMarvel> She nodded to Cessily's questions, "All our costumes are individual. Mine is modeled after where I got my powers from... but it wasn't always this nice. For a long time, I didn't have pants. It was a sore point."

<Cessily> "No pants?" After wiping up the spillage, Cessily tossed the sponge back into the sink. "I wish I could have seen that. I tried suggesting that during the last team conference to make the uniforms more bearable in the summer, but the idea fell through."

<CaptMarvel> Carol laughed, "I'll show you...." she used her powers to return her costume to its former booted and black and gold glory. "Had a different codename then too... got an upgrade."

<Cessily> Cessily giggled, a grin appearing on her face. "I like it," she said. "It's cute! Though I see why it wouldn't make for the most practical surperhero costume. I bet it looks great at parties. I'd show you mine, but believe me when I say you're not missing out on much."

<CaptMarvel> "It looks better when I do this..." she concentrated, the power flickering a little as she assumed her Binary form. "See? Much better."

<Cessily> "Oooh, that's so cool!" Cessily beamed with excitement, which was partly due to the other Carol's glow reflecting off her shiny features. "You can just go Super-Saiyajin whenever you feel like it?"

<CaptMarvel> She nodded and gave a half shrug, "Provided I have enough energy in reserve anyway." She powered down and changed her costume back to the red and blue. "It takes a lot out of me."

<Cessily> "You didn't have to make the effort just to show me then," Cessily said, a sheepish smile on her lips. "But I really appreciate that you did. That was awesome." She gestured at the empty cup. "Shall I make you another one?"

<CaptMarvel> "Eh, I can't see me needing to use that much power here." She shrugged, "More coffee would be awesome though, thanks."

<Cessily> She smiled at Carol's counterpart and took the empty cup. "It's the least I can do after I pounced you," Cessily said, as she went to her desk, opened the bottom drawer, and produced a small coffee maker. "And no effort at all, since I always keep one of these in my classrooms."

<CaptMarvel> She laughed, "Wow, I can see why she likes you." She followed Cessily to her desk and sat down on the corner of it.

<Cessily> Cessily set up her coffee maker and filled it with fresh water from the sink. "Well, I hope that's not the only reason." She grinned and sat down in her chair, while the small machine began brewing. "So, there's no other me in your reality?"

<CaptMarvel> "Well there could be, I just haven't met her. I could look you up when I get back if you're curious?"

<Cessily> "You would?" Cessily asked, before thinking about Other-Carol's offer. "I'd really love to know if there are other mes out there, and what they are like. Who knows, maybe I'm gold in your world."

<CaptMarvel> She laughed, "Maybe, you never know." She glanced at the door, hearing footsteps in the hallway.

<Cessily> Cessily handed Carol her fresh coffee when the machine was done. "So is there anyone else then? I mean, do you have a partner? If you don't mind me asking, that is." She glanced towards the door. "I had hoped there'd be more time before the students turn up."

<CaptMarvel> Carol nodded, "Yeah... I have a girlfriend who I live with... have for a long while now." She offered a smile, "And I have a daughter... which totally freaked your me out."

<Cessily> "Really?" Cessily's eyes lit up. "Awww, that's awesome. How old is she? I'd love to meet her sometime." She snickered when she imagined how her Carol must have taken that news. "And I would have loved to see Carol's face when you told her."

<CaptMarvel> "She doesn't look the age she is... there was some weird growth spurt in her first year because of weird genetics stuff... I could probably bring her, she can take care of herself but I don't want to scare people."

<Cessily> Cessily smiled. "I'm sure once they have gotten over their surprise there's another Carol from a parallel universe, oversized kids won't shock our students too badly."

<Cessily> "You know, I really wasn't sure how to feel about that wormhole in our basement at first, especially after those naked smurfs dragged me through, but now I hope we can keep it somehow. It would be so amazing going to other Earths."

<CaptMarvel> "Well your Brood kid seems to have no intention of closing the portal so you might get your wish... and it's not that she looks older than she is that I'm worried about..." she wrinkled her nose, "Maria's... she's a force of nature."

<Carol> It turned out the footsteps didn't belong to students after all and Carol poked her head through the doorway, "There you are... oh... hey..." She gave Cess a grin, "I meant to leave you a message..."

<Cessily> "Hey, Carol!" Cessily turned around and returned the grin. "If it's about the other you walking around the school, don't worry, I already noticed." She waved. "Want a coffee, too? I'm making some to help me make it through the next class."

<Cessily> She looked back at the other Carol with a smile. "Well, now I'd definitely like to meet her someday, though maybe someplace else if you think that would be better."

<Carol> "Coffee would be awesome. People are stupid today." She crossed the classroom to them, picking up the file on the way. "Who're we meeting?"

<CaptMarvel> "My kid... and I think maybe somewhere with not so many people because she'll get distracted... or at home?"

<Cessily> "I think we're being invited over into a strange alternate dimension," Cessily replied, putting another cup under the coffee maker. "One where you're apparently a mommy. Can you imagine how crazy that place has to be?"

<Carol> "I've been there. It's weird. Did she tell you she has chickens in her back yard? And a space ship?"

<Cessily> "No, she didn't," Cessily replied, her eyes going wide again as she turned to the other Carol. "Why didn't you tell me of the chickens?" She looked back at her Carol. "And why don't we have any?" And back to the other one. "Oooh, a spaceship?" Back to hers. "There is one on Jack's roof, I heard."

<CaptMarvel> "It didn't come up..." she shrugged, "I only have them because I rescued them... and the spaceship is how I got my powers but she tells me she didn't have that happen..."

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "Still haven't figured that out."

<Cessily> Cessily frowned. "But didn't Rocket say you're part alien, too?" she asked, while preparing Carol's coffee. "I mean, that other part, it has to come from somewhere, right?"

<Cessily> "What I'm trying to say is, maybe there is a spaceship on this world, too, and we just haven't found it yet."

<Carol> Carol gave a shrug, "Apparently she touched it and it gave her powers on the spot.... I don't remember doing something like that. I could have, I guess, but I have a lot of blank spaces in my memories."

<Cessily> "Sounds like we have a mystery to solve," Cessily said and handed Carol her cup, giving her a reassuring smile along with it. "Maybe find something to fill those blank spaces."

<Carol> Carol took the coffee and returned the smile, "Well I suppose I could ask Rogue if she knows of a way to put it all back in my head..."

<CaptMarvel> "It might not have happened the same way..." she looked between her other self and the silver girl, "I didn't have powers until I was already working for SHIELD."

<Cessily> "You're working for SHIELD, too?" Cessily asked. "Seems like some things about you two are different, while others are very similar." She smiled at her Carol. "Maybe we can pick up some clues from your other you about what might have happened in your past."

<CaptMarvel> "It's not a long story... I touched something I shouldn't have and got super powers. I got lucky - everyone else that touched the ship after me didn't fare so well."

<Carol> "I had powers at least since I started training at the academy - that's way before SHIELD picked me up..."

<Cessily> While her own coffee was brewing, Cessily tapped a finger against her chin and looked thoughtful. "Maybe it was something else that triggered your powers then," she suggested. "Or something that happened much earlier in your life, and you simply don't remember anymore."

<Carol> Carol nodded, looking down at her coffee, "That's what I was thinking... could have happened when I was a kid for all I know. I used to do all kinds of crazy things... a year ago I'd have just asked Steven."

<Cessily> With a small smile on her lips, Cessily reached out to give her girlfriend an affectionate squeeze. "We'll find it out," she assured her. "Hey, maybe you had your very own encounter with ET in your childhood and no one told you about it."

<Carol> She laughed, shaking her head, "That'd be something, huh?"

<Cessily> Cessily picked up her own coffee, cradled the cup between her hands, and snickered. "You didn't happen to have befriended any raccoons as a kid, did you?"

<Carol> "Oh don't even..." Carol shook her head, reaching over to give Cess a small shove. "If I never see another raccoon it'll be too soon."

<CaptMarvel> "Is he really that bad?"

<Cessily> "I think he's actually kinda cute," Cessily replied with another snicker. "But alien or not, he does have the manners of your average raccoon."

<CaptMarvel> "I kind of want to meet him now... is that masochistic of me?"

<Carol> "Little bit."

<Cessily> Cessily laughed. "If you do, let us know, and don't tell him you're from another dimension."

<CaptMarvel> She glanced at her other self, "I feel like he might notice the difference."

<Cessily> "If he's been in Melati's supply again, I wouldn't be so sure about that," Cessily replied. "Anyway, that's where I would start looking for him. And if you can't find him around alcohol, I'd try our pantry next."

<CaptMarvel> "I'm not going to go look for him right now - I have all this reading to do," she gestured at the file her other self was holding. "Maybe another day."

<Carol> "Yes, another day when there aren't idiots who can't put scaffolding together."

<Cessily> "How fortunate for them we have superheroes who can fly," Cessily said and leaned over to press a kiss to her Carol's cheek. "Anyway, when you decide to look for our resident alien, try with those places anyway, because I don't think he will have moved much."

<CaptMarvel> "I'll do that," she laughed, "But I should probably make sure to bring an escort... he might want to sell me for parts too."

<Cessily> "I'm not sure if you'll need the protection, but I'm also not gonna say he won't try to do that." Cessily chuckled, before taking another sip of coffee. "So, any of you want to stay for my lecture? The students should be here soon. I wouldn't mind having a bigger audience."

<Carol> "What's it on?" Carol passed her other self the file.

<Cessily> "Mutants in contemporary amateur art," Cessily replied and looked excited about it. "That means fanart."

<Carol> ".... I think I'll pass, thanks. I've had enough surprises for one week."

<CaptMarvel> "Yeeeeah, I've seen some of that stuff. No thanks."

<Cessily> Cessily laughed. "Okay, suit yourselves," she said and waved. "I'll see you later then, Carol."

<CaptMarvel> Straightening up, she finished her coffee and turned for the door, "Nice to meet you, Cessily."

<Carol> "I'll catch up," Carol told her other self before turning back to Cess, "Need some help setting up before I go?"

<Cessily> "Oh thank you, and yes place." Cessily smiled at her girlfriend. "You know how much the projector hates me."

<Carol> "I do," she leaned and pressed a kiss to Cess' cheek before getting up to sort out the projector for her. She was used to that piece of technology.

<Cessily> Cessily took another sip of coffee and warmed her fingers on the cup, waiting until the other Carol was out the door. "So, how are you holding up?" she asked their own version. "Finding out you're an alien, meeting your other self, space raccoons... it's been a wild ride for you lately."

<Carol> "You have no idea," she laughed, "But I'm doing okay... I've accepted that I might never know how this happened to me... I'll work something out."

<Cessily> "I'm sure you will." Cessily smiled. "And if it's any help to you, I've come to accept that for whatever reason, we're obviously meant to experience whatever weird things the universe can come up with. I don't think there's really any point to even being surprised anymore, so I think I will just roll with it from here on."

<Carol> "That's not such a bad way to be," she offered Cess a smile, turning the projector on, "And you're all set."

<Cessily> Cessily smiled and shrugged. "Worked out great for me so far," she said, and gave Carol a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you so much."

<Carol> "You are welcome. Have fun traumatising your students." She picked up her coffee and headed for the door, "See you later!"

<Cessily> Cessily flashed a grin. "Thanks, I will," she said, suspiciously cheerful. "See you!"
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