4/28 Instance: Pancakes for Two

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4/28 Instance: Pancakes for Two

Post by Slarti » Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:21 am

Timelined a few hours after A Change of Plan

<Shaw> His first cup of morning coffee was poured and the kettle was hot for Jessica's tea. Fetching her favorite mug and tea, he kept a wary eye on the toaster, waiting for it to pop up.

<Jessica> Jess was freshly showered and loosely dressed (she had a robe and underwear on) and was now checking on their daughter. She lifted her from the crib and went to sit with her in the rocking chair, pausing half way to it when she noticed something amiss. Did you turn the baby monitor off last night?

<Shaw> The toaster popped up and he frowned, mid-sip of coffee. Had he? No, I don't believe so...

<Jessica> Weird... I don't remember doing that either but maybe I did it when I was half asleep... She covered a yawn and closed her eyes, relaxing back in the rocking chair while she fed Miriam.

<Shaw> Perhaps we never turned it on when we returned? He retrieved butter from the refrigerator and a few jars of jellies and jams. Would you like me to bring you some tea?

<Jessica> She'd almost dozed off in the chair and jerked awake again, Please, that would be nice. She was unbelievably tired.

<Shaw> He finished her tea while he waited on another batch of toast, realizing that the yawn he stifled wasn't from his own jetlag. Loading everything onto a tray, he started for the nursery.

<Jessica> She could smell the nice toast smells creeping down the stairs and smiled, shifting to sit up a little more in case she fell asleep again.

<Shaw> "Here we are," he said, keeping his voice soft, and placed the tray on the table by the rocking chair. Sebastian bent and kissed Jessica's forehead, and then stroked a finger over the back of Miriam's head. "We should stay home today."

<Jessica> She nodded, "I'd like that... spend some time together just being normal."

<Shaw> "That would be a unique experience," he chuckled, handing her a mug of tea and picking up his own coffee.

<Jessica> She took the cup carefully so she wouldn't dislodge Miriam, "It would. I live in constant hope of this magically happening."

<Shaw> "Someday," he said, and lowered himself to the floor, watching his wife and daughter.

<Jessica> "Soon..." she offered him an optimistic smile then decided to take a sip of her tea.

<Shaw> "Soon," he agreed, taking a drink of his coffee. After a moment, he fished his phone from the pocket of his pajama pants and looked at the time.

<Jessica> She glanced down at Miriam then offered Sebastian her tea to take.

<Shaw> Distracted from his phone, he took the tea and watched them.

<Jessica> Jess reached over her shoulder to pull a cloth down onto it and then shifted Miriam to the same shoulder. "So... what normal things shall we do today?"

<Shaw> "I don't know,” he said archly. “We have so little practice at normalcy." He placed her cup back on the tray and picked up a piece of toast.

<Jessica> She laughed softly, "I know. We'll have to practice.... maybe watch some movies?"

<Shaw> "That's an idea," he said with a chuckle. "You know, I do believe the Drakes were attempting to assimilate Miriam. When I arrived, they were watching that cartoon with the snow queen."

<Jessica> "Yeah that sounds about right. Paige seems quite taken with her," she turned her head and brushed a kiss to the side of Miriam's head. "Who can blame her?"

<Shaw> "Paige can make her own," he said, tone light as he took a bite of toast, then paused to sniff it.

<Jessica> She laughed again, "She can." Frowning a little, Jess turned her head toward the door, "You forget something upstairs?"

<Shaw> It took him a moment, but then he swore beneath his breath and scrambled to his feet, sprinting to the stairs.

<Jessica> Giggling Jess muttered to Miriam, "He's trying." Mostl sure Miriam had no more gas, she got up from the rocker and went to get her daughter changed and dressed, only pausing for a sip of tea and to steal a bite of toast from Sebastian's abandoned slice.

<Shaw> Back in the kitchen, Sebastian was dumping two slices of burned toast from the toaster into the sink. There was no worse smell, in his estimation.

<Jessica> Everything alright up there? She was happily pulling faces for Miriam to entertain her while she was getting changed and dressed.

<Shaw> Yes! His tone was perhaps a tad too falsely confident while he cleaned up the mess.

<Jessica> Are you sure? She let out a soft laugh, tickling Miriam's feet once they were in her clothes.

<Shaw> If nothing else, this might lure Hope and Shinobi out to make sure the house isn't on fire, yes? With the kitchen mostly back to normal, he padded back down the stairs to join them.

<Jessica> First time for everything... She bent to pick Miriam up again, cradling her against her shoulder, "Now maybe mummy can have some breakfast."

<Shaw> "Which it perhaps might be best if mommy cooked," he admitted, offering to take Miriam.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, passing Miriam over, "Maybe I'll make some bacon and we'll see if that lures your brother and sister from the basement." Pressing a kiss to Miriam's head, Jess picked up her tea again and turned for the door.

<Shaw> Sebastian could hardly argue with bacon either, and followed, deciding he would go turn on the television and check their DVR. That was appropriately domestic, yes? Absently, he listened for signs of life from downstairs.

<Jessica> Jess went to the fridge to pull out the necessary for breakfast and get started cooking.

<Shaw> He sang quietly to Miriam, locating the remote control in the living room and pausing to glance at Sharky as he skittered by. He could hear Widget stirring as well, but still nothing from the basement.

<Jessica> For her part, Jess was too busy counting out eggs for pancakes to listen for noises in the basement - she was too tired to focus on more than one thing at a time.

<Shaw> Sitting down with the baby, he settled Miriam on his shoulder, but didn't turn on the television. Tapping the remote on his knee, he closed his eyes and listened.

<Jessica> Making pancakes. Want some? She grabbed a mixing bowl from the cupboard.

<Shaw> Yes, please. He patted Miriam's back when she tugged on his shirt, and lowered his shielding. Hope wasn't in the house. After another moment, he knew Shinobi wasn't either.

<Shaw> Alarmed, he jumped up, holding Miriam close, and shot to the kitchen. "They're gone."

<Jessica> "Gone? Gone where?" She looked up from stirring the pancake mix.

<Shaw> "I don't know. They're not in the house." He concentrated for a moment. "I can't sense them nearby. Nor Sum."

<Jessica> "I would say text them and ask where they are but... they may not answer you... where's my phone?"

<Shaw> "I'll get it," he said, not even arguing with her assertion, because it was most likely true. Keeping Miriam, he made a quick trip to the bedroom and back.

<Jessica> Jess moved to wash her hands and dry them then took her phone to text Shinobi and ask him where they were.

<Shaw> Cradling Miriam, he watched her phone impatiently.

<Jessica> Reply received, she opened it, "They're in New York for some cooling off space..." She replied with a request to leave a note next time so they don't worry and set her phone down on the counter. "So pancakes for two."

<Shaw> "New York?" He frowned at the phone, then back at Jess. "Who told you?"

<Jessica> "Shinobi... I figured he'd be more inclined to answer me." She gave a small shrug.

<Shaw> With effort, he managed to stop his eye roll. "Alright then." He gave Miriam a pat. "At least it will be a quiet day."

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