5/4 Instance: Should Have Known

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5/4 Instance: Should Have Known

Post by Slarti » Tue May 05, 2015 1:33 am

Timelined a day after Pancakes for Two and King Takes Rook

<Jessica> Jess lay on her back on the sofa with Miriam on her chest, reading a book on her tablet computer. She yawned and shifted to peer at Miriam who was, predictably, fast asleep. Maybe she should consider doing the same?

<Shaw> At the far end of the sofa, Sebastian stretched out with his bare feet propped on the coffee table. The day had been quiet, peaceful. It was nice. While Jessica read, he caught up on his emails, lowering the tablet to look at her when she shifted.

<Shaw> He wrapped his hand around her ankle. "Sleepy?"

<Jessica> "Yeah... but I spend all day sleepy lately so..." she yawned again and reached carefully to put her tablet on the table.

<Shaw> "So, you should sleep, yes?" He brushed his thumb over her skin.

<Jessica> "Probably... but..." she nodded to Miriam. "I don't want to disturb her..."

<Shaw> "Koibito, she sleeps like a stone," he said with a soft laugh. "Would you like me to move her?"

<Jessica> She nodded, looking deliberately pathetic about it, "Pleeeeease."

<Shaw> He laughed again, setting his tablet aside to get up when the device beeped. What was that? "One moment," he said, picking it back up to tap the screen with a frown.

<Jessica> She sighed and feigned falling asleep right there.

<Shaw> Catching that from the corner of his eye, he smirked, but was quickly distracted by the message on the screen. "Hope is in Tokyo..."

<Jessica> "She's what?" Jess blinked her eyes open again and tried to sit up.

<Shaw> "She's in Toyko..." He pulled up another program and ran a diagnostic on the small tracking device.

<Jessica> "What the hell is she doing in Tokyo?" She was awake now. Damn it. She held Miriam to her and withdrew her legs from him so she could put her feet on the floor and sit up.

<Shaw> "I wish I knew..." He reached for his phone, then reconsidered and looked at Jessica. "Perhaps you should try to call Shinobi?"

<Jessica> "Sure... phone... where did I leave it...?" She looked around, absently patting pockets.

<Shaw> He sighed, debating calling their provider to ping his phone. "He lied to you."

<Jessica> "Or they were in New York and now they're not..." This had Hope written all over it. "Damn it! I knew something was up."

<Shaw> He dropped the tablet into his lap and rubbed his hands over his face. "She couldn't leave it alone. I should have known."

<Jessica> "When have you ever known her to do anything that's good for her? Or leave anything alone?" She got up from the sofa and started pacing.

<Shaw> "That's true enough." He let his hands fall and looked up at her. "I'll take Miriam. Find your phone, love? I'll call Tanaka if we can't reach them."

<Jessica> She nodded, going to him to pass off the baby before turning for the kitchen.

<Shaw> Sebastian carefully took Miriam and settled her. The girl snuffled and stirred but quickly went back to sleep. He bent and kissed the top of her head, holding her close.

<Jessica> Locating her phone on top of the freezer, Jess collected it and located Shinobi's number, hitting call as she crossed the hallway.

<Shaw> He looked up, watching her while he patted Miriam's arm and the baby wrapped her tiny hand around his finger.

<Jessica> Jess frowned, hung up and hit dial again.

<Shaw> Now trapped by his daughter, Sebastian just echoed his wife's frown. "No?"

<Jessica> "Straight to voicemail... phone must be off." She flopped back down on the sofa, "I could try Hope?"

<Shaw> "Yes, please." A litany of Hope's possible excuses for going to Japan filtered through his mind.

<Jessica> Jess did so but got the same result. "Well she obviously knows she'd be in trouble because her phone is also off... I suppose I should be hopeful that David is with them but I feel like I should be mad at him because he should know better than to let them do this."

<Shaw> "He damn well should." Shaking his head, he held Miriam close. "Do you have his number?"

<Jessica> She nodded with a sigh, scrolling through to find it. "Someone is going to take a lot of shit for this."

<Shaw> "Indeed. As they should. He should know better... she should know better, though she never does, and Shinobi would follow her anywhere." He sighed.

<Jessica> Jess made a sound of frustration as the voicemail message played in her ear, "Also off."

<Shaw> "Right." He stood carefully. "Would you like to take her? Or I can put her down. I need to call Tanaka."

<Jessica> "I'll take her..." she crammed her phone into her pocket and held out her hands for their daughter.

<Shaw> He disentangled their fingers and passed the girl to her mother. "Thank you, love." Kissing her forehead, he reached for his phone. "I'll just have him look around a bit, make sure they're not out of their depth..."

<Jessica> "They'll be well out of it when I catch up to them," Jess muttered, pacing again with Miriam.

<Shaw> "I would like to think that she would not make a move against Kenji Oyama alone, but... how she could take Shinobi there..." He shook his head and went into the kitchen to make a very uncomfortable call.

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