5/4 Instance: Strange Bedfellows

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5/4 Instance: Strange Bedfellows

Post by Svartfreja » Tue May 05, 2015 2:54 am

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<Shaw> The television was on and Miriam played in her bouncer, but Sebastian's mind was elsewhere. Checking the time, he looked over at Jessica. It was time to try again.

<Jessica> Jess glanced over at the movement and nodded to his look, reaching for her phone again. A few calls later, she shook her head. Still no answer on any of the three phones.

<Shaw> Sebastian's head hit the back of the sofa with a soft thump. Tanaka hadn't heard of their arrival and hadn't seen them in the Tokyo club, though he promised to investigate. That was hours ago.

<Jessica> "Have you head anything from Tanaka?" She chewed her lip, getting up to check on Miriam.

<Shaw> "No." He raised his hand to look at the screen of his phone anyway, then rolled his head sideways to look at the screen of the tablet on the sofa arm.

<Jessica> "Call him again?" She chewed her lip, she'd been worrying in the back of her mind about it for the past few hours.

<Shaw> He nodded and sat up, pulling up the last number called and waiting for it to connect.

<Jessica> Jess watched his face, letting Miriam hold her finger while she waited.

<Shaw> "Tanaka," he started when the man answered on the second ring, continuing the conversation in Japanese.

<Jessica> Jess listened to both sides of the conversation, growing steadily more concerned. When Miriam started whimpering, she realised her empathy was leaking and reined it back in, giving her daughter smiles and tickling her feet as a distraction.

<Shaw> This was not good news. He watched his wife and daughter and frowned at Miriam's reaction. This was affecting all of them now. Ending the call, he sighed and tossed his phone aside. "There's no sign of them. No record they arrived, either via commercial flight or private."

<Shaw> "And certainly no US government flights."

<Jessica> "There's no way she'd go there on a commercial flight..." she sighed, "Check the tracker and see where they are?"

<Shaw> "Oh, if she believed it would keep her mission a secret she would," he said, smirk in place. "Or, she would try. I would hope Sum would have stopped that." He reached for the tablet.

<Jessica> "Yeah... I would hope so too..." She retrieved her finger from Miriam's grip and went over to him.

<Shaw> He activated the tablet and made a horrified sound. "That can't be right."

<Jessica> "What's the matter?" She sat beside him, her anxiety rising again.

<Shaw> "The tracking device is no longer active." He swallowed heavily and started a diagnostic.

<Jessica> "What? How could that happen?"

<Shaw> The device beeped and he swore, starting it again. "It's been neutralized."

<Jessica> Jess attempted to stay calm, "Neutralised how?" She was afraid to ask but she had to.

<Shaw> "It was in a chip, implanted in her arm. It's the inhibitor neutralizer." He covered his face with his hands. "Oh... God..."

<Jessica> Jess drew back from their link to try and block out Sebastian's anxiety and stop her own from getting worse. She reached into her pocket for her phone again, "I'm calling Viper, okay?"

<Shaw> He just nodded, numb. If she went after Oyama, she could be dead. Shinobi could be dead. Beware the ides of March indeed. "Oh... little Stark, no..."

<Jessica> "Don't. Don't even start." Her tone was firm. "Put Miriam into bed and take a breath." She got to her feet and dialled Viper.

<Shaw> It took him a moment, but he nodded again and got to his feet, picking up Miriam and holding her close.

<Jessica> Jess got straight to the point because Viper had no patience for anything else and she joined her in the living room moments later. "... That was quick." She hung up the phone.

<Viper> "I wasn't doing anything important."

<Shaw> With Miriam settled in her crib, he realized he didn't want to leave her alone.

<Jessica> Jess frowned at the floor when Sebastian's footfalls didn't start back toward the stairs, "Wait here..." she hurried down to him.

<Viper> Not really inclined to just stand around, Viper picked up Sebastian's abandoned computer and took it with her to the kitchen to get some coffee.

<Shaw> His fingers curled tightly around the crib rail, the wood creaking in protest.

<Jessica> "Sebastian." Jess stopped in the doorway, leaning against it, "She's fine. Come upstairs."

<Shaw> "I told Tony I would keep her safe, koibito..." He watched Miriam kick, looking up at him with her large blue eyes. They were starting to change, looking a bit more like Jessica's.

<Jessica> "Well you're not going to do that very well standing around in here, are you?"

<Shaw> "I realize you're right, and what you're doing..." He blinked, rapidly, straightening up and trying to calm the litany of possibilities playing in his mind.

<Jessica> "And you're going to let me? Or are you going to ignore me?" She straightened up also and watched him.

<Shaw> "Let's go." He turned around to face his wife, taking her hand and starting for the door.

<Jessica> She gave his hand a squeeze and started up the stairs, hearing Viper in the kitchen now. "Viper's here."

<Shaw> "I know." He followed the sounds to the kitchen and caught the woman with his tablet. "Making yourself right at home?"

<Viper> "I was under the impression that time is of the essence." She leaned against the counter, making no move to return his property.

<Jessica> "It is." Jess went for the kettle.

<Shaw> "Jessica told you the situation?" He drew in a breath. "I have the last known transmission coordinates. The tracking device went offline more than an hour ago." Something which should have triggered an alarm, but nothing was working as it should today.

<Viper> "Mmhmm, I see that." She set the tablet on the counter when the coffee was ready, turning to help herself. "I have a few bases in the area I can contact if you would like."

<Shaw> "I've contacted my people at the Toyko Hellfire Club, and there are others I can activate..." But... "Your help would expedite matters tremendously, and..." He glanced at Jessica. "We must keep this from Tony, until we know more."

<Viper> "I'm hardly likely to call the President and tell him what I'm up to now, am I?" She laughed, shaking her head, "I will see what I can dig up. Is there any other information you can give me?"

<Shaw> "You know about the threat she intercepted in England, of course, so it's likely she was investigating that. And, of course, the threat came from Kenji Oyama." He gave her a flat stare.

<Viper> "I see. I'll begin my investigations there then." She sipped her coffee, "I will share what I find as soon as I find it. Can I trust you to do the same?"

<Shaw> "Yes," he said without hesitation. "We need to find them as quickly as possible."

<Viper> "Have you somewhere we can work?" She picked up his tablet again and offered it out to him.

<Shaw> Taking his tablet back with a nod, he gestured for her Viper to follow him and started upstairs for his work room.
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