5/6 Instance: Viper in the Nest

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5/6 Instance: Viper in the Nest

Post by Svartfreja » Wed May 06, 2015 2:06 pm

Timelined for a few hours after [Instance]Strange Bedfellows.

<Bobby> He eyed Carol warily from the driver's seat of his truck. "So you're sure you don't know what this is about?"

<Carol> She shook her head, "Nope, no idea... you?" She absolutely hated being a passenger. It would be faster if she picked the truck up and flew it there but nooooooooo....

<Bobby> "Jess just asked me to come over, and she said it was important, and I've known her a long time... she sounded upset." He downshifted at a light.

<Carol> "Well you're her friend... so you can be invited over for no reason... but I don't know why I'd be invited..." she wrinkled her nose, "Unless it was something really bad..."

<Shaw> "No, thank you, Matsu'o. Keep me posted." Sebastian thumbed off the phone and looked up from his tablet at the invited intruder in his work room. "Nothing." This was bad, and they needed to move.

<Viper> "Don't panic, we'll find them." Viper glanced over from her spot on the floor, her holographic screens displaying numerous lines of enquiry all at once. "Track this for me, would you?" She nudged one of the screens his way, turning it upright so he could actually read it.

<Shaw> He slid off the edge of the sofa to join her on the floor, staring at the screen. Of course he used similar holographic tech in some applications, but for the most part he left such flash and bang to Tony. Still, he couldn't help but admire it. Silently.

<Viper> "I'm hijacking a drone, just a moment." She'd already hacked into a few satelites but he could see that for himself. "I also have software running to check security cameras for their faces, they're here," she nodded to another screen that was currently facing the floor and her.

<Shaw> "The chip stopped functioning in an industrial area on the outskirts of Tokyo, but its last known location was in a water treatment facilty, so its rather evident that the chip was removed and flushed." He rubbed his face, putting pieces together as he spoke.

<Viper> "I'm checking everything between the first location and the airport, all possible routes." She glanced over at him again, "Perhaps you should take a break?"

<Shaw> "I can't." He turned his attention back to the screen, forcing himself to focus.

<Carol> She eyed the house as they pulled up outside. Well, they'd arrived in one piece, the rest of the day was looking questionable. "Am I at least allowed to knock on the door?"

<Bobby> "Maybe. That how they do it on the home world?" He poked his tongue out at her and got out of the truck.

<Carol> "One day I'm going to shove you through a wall and you won't even see it coming." She climbed out and shut the door behind her, crossing to the house to press the doorbell.

<Bobby> "And make my wife cry? I never knew you were so heartless." He followed her up the steps and waited patiently.

<Shaw> He checked his phone when the security system beeped in the moments before the doorbell sounded. "Aha, here they are."

<Viper> Parting her screens, Viper sat up, glancing toward the door, "I suppose I should wait here."

<Shaw> "Mmm." Sebastian stood to start downstairs. "Keep me posted," he said, pausing. "Please," he added as an afterthought.

<Bobby> Downstairs, Bobby stared up at the tree, which was starting to show a few buds. Brave little tree. "Widget!" he greeted when the robot opened the front door.

<Viper> She inclined her head in acknowledgement and got back to work, lying back down and drawing her screens back together.

<Jessica> Jess wasn't far behind Widget and she offered Bobby a smile, and Carol too. "Thanks Widget..."

<Carol> Carol eyed the robot. This was the weirdest house in the whole city. Nothing could beat this place for weird. As if to underline her unspoken point, Sharky bounded out to say hello.

<Bobby> "Hey, babe! What's up?" He hugged Jess, heading in without invitation.

<Shaw> Sebastian arrived in the foyer and smirked slightly at the expression on Danvers' face. "Thank you both for coming. Let's go upstairs, shall we?" He didn't wait for them to catch up before he started back upstairs.

<Jessica> Jess returned the hug then took Bobby's hand to pull him up the stairs after her.

<Carol> Carol took the initiative to herd the dogthing inside and close the front door before she followed them, frowning at Widget, "Don't suppose you know why we're here?"

<Bobby> He laughed, hearing Carol's question and the robot's whistling response. That thing was some roller wheels away from R2.

<Shaw> Sebastian stopped in the living room and turned, waiting for the others to catch up. He checked his phone.

<Carol> "Is that so? Well I'm not sure that'd look good on him..." Carol replied to Widget, inventing his side of the conversation because she had no idea what all the whistles meant.

<Bobby> He was still snickering at Carol's commentary when he reached the living room with Jess. He looked around, confused. "What's wrong, Jessie?"

<Jessica> Jess gave Sebastian a helpless look, how could they word this without causing a freakout of gigantic proportions? She gave Bobby's hand a squeeze, "Don't freak out..."

<Carol> Glancing at Bobby, Carol folded her arms. As soon as someone said those words, she knew it was something that should result in freaking out. She braced herself.

<Bobby> "That's a terrible thing to say. You know that right?" He shook his head and laughed, but... nobody else was laughing. Well, fuck.

<Shaw> "It should come as no surprise that I track Hope's movements, when necessary. She, Agent Sum, and Shinobi are missing, for at least eight hours since the tracking device went offline, so likely for longer than that." He took a deep breath and looked at Carol. "They are likely in Japan."

<Carol> She stared at Sebastian for a long moment, "Fuck! What the hell?!" She covered her face with her hands and started pacing while she thought about damage control.

<Jessica> Jess chewed her lip, squeezing Bobby's hand again. Don'tfreakoutdon'tfreakout....

<Bobby> "Fucking Japan?! Why!? And they went through David to get her! How the fuck does that happen? Goddammit Shaw! The fuck are we gonna do? The fuck are we doing? Tony's going to nuke them back to the stone age!"

<Shaw> Sebastian endured Drake's tirade and looked at Carol.

<Jessica> Jess was glad she was keeping hold of Bobby.

<Carol> She stopped pacing holding a hand up to Bobby, "What happened? What do you know?"

<Shaw> "We were told they were in New York, and after the fact I did confirm they were there, as late as 24 hours ago, and at the Hellfire Club." Sebastian took a deep breath, attempting to stay calm himself.

<Shaw> "But, they never returned to their hotel room last night. Then today, her tracker notified me they were in Japan."

<Bobby> He swore again. What the fuck.

<Carol> "Okay. What do you need from us?" She nudged Bobby with an elbow - freaking out was not helpful.

<Shaw> "Primarily, from you, we need time," he told Carol. "You know how Tony would react."

<Carol> She nodded, "I can give you that. I'll warn you if anyone's getting suspicious." She looked between him and Jess, "What are you doing about it?"

<Shaw> "I, of course, have my own resources, and I'm gathering them." He glanced at Jessica. "And we have an ally."

<Bobby> "What ally? Now is not the time for you to pull this woo-woo shifty shit. We gotta go get her and quit this fucking around!"

<Jessica> "It's Viper." Jess knew this would not have a good reaction but ripping the bandaid off all at once was just faster.

<Bobby> His head whipped around and he just stared at her. "Viper." His jaw set and he tried. He really tried. "Oh, you mean the Viper who killed her fiance!? The Viper who killed my wife!?"

<Shaw> "Drake..." he said, tone warning.

<Jessica> Jess looked down at the floor, releasing Bobby's hand at last, "She's the best chance we have at finding them quickly."

<Bobby> "And what will stop her from finding her and just keeping her for herself? Huh?!" He backed away from her, shaking his head. "You?"

<Shaw> "Stop this. Now. You will not speak to her that way."

<Carol> "This isn't helping anyone. Jess is right. Without SHIELD's help, Hydra's the best chance we've got - They're everywhere."

<Bobby> Now Carol got a hard stare. "So you're just fine and fuckin' dandy with this?"

<Carol> "Of course not! But, unlike you, instead of freaking out about it, I'm considering our other options and none of them are this good."

<Bobby> He swore and stomped over to the window, staring outside and watching his breath frost the glass.

<Shaw> "I'm not overfond of the woman either, you'll recall, but as Carol said, she is our best option to do this quickly and quietly." He moved over to Jessica and slid his arm around her waist.

<Jessica> "Bobby..." Jess watched him, "It'll be fine... She hasn't asked for anything to do this. She's just helping.... but if you're worried about her intentions, ask her yourself."

<Bobby> Ice tracks spread over the window and he turned around. "Ask her myself?"

<Carol> "Bobby." Carol moved closer to him, "Calm down." She positioned herself near Sebastian and Jess in case there were any temperature shifts.

<Bobby> "Don't! Don't you tell me to calm down!" He closed his eyes long enough to pinpoint the only other source of body heat in the house.

<Viper> She was well aware of the developing situation downstairs, Yukio's surveilance system was convenient like that, but she was onto something and had no intention of stopping until she was done.

<Shaw> Sebastian stepped between Drake and the stairs, though he knew exactly what the man could do.

<Bobby> "Back the fuck up, prince of darkness. Like you're any goddamn better than that fucking snake."

<Shaw> There wasn't time for this, and his temper was rising. "Does this find Hope more quickly?"

<Carol> "Bobby! Seriously, this is not the time."

<Jessica> Jess chewed her lip, "Bobby... please just... take a breath."

<Bobby> He clenched his fist, partially shifting, and the ice cracked.

<Carol> Stepping close to Bobby, Carol caught his arm, "This is their home."

<Viper> For a moment, Viper simply stared at her screens, taking it all in. Then she pushed them aside and got up, heading quickly for the stairs.

<Bobby> Though he wanted to shrug her off - and like hell was he going to admit Shaw was right - he looked away from the other man with a disgusted huff.

<Shaw> Hearing movement, Sebastian turned to head the woman off at the stairs.

<Viper> "I have found something," Viper informed the company at large as she reached the landing.

<Shaw> "Yes? You found them I hope you mean to say."

<Viper> "I will need to verify with agents on the ground but, yes, I think we may have a location." She looked over his shoulder for a moment before raising an eyebrow at him in question.

<Bobby> "Hope or no Hope I'm not fucking going anywhere with her!"

<Jessica> "No, you're not." Jess spoke up again, "We are. You're staying here with Miriam."

<Viper> Viper gave a roll of her eyes at Bobby's outburst but refrained from comment.

<Shaw> "There is a possibility, however slight, that this could be an elaborate distraction to lure us into a trap, and there could be a strike made at Miriam." He glanced at Jessica.

<Shaw> "I would prefer my daughter were with someone capable of protecting her," he said, meeting Drake's eyes. "Someone I know would care for her, and protect her from all harm."

<Bobby> His eyes narrowed at Shaw as he slowly assessed what the man was and wasn't saying. Then, his eyes flicked to Viper and back. "Understood."

<Viper> "I will make arrangements to have the location scouted." She turned to head back upstairs.

<Jessica> "Thank you," Jess called after her.

<Bobby> He watched the woman go, glaring daggers at her back. "I got a bad feeling about this..."

<Carol> "You guys sure you know what you're doing with her?" Carol looked between the Shaws.

<Shaw> "I will go verify her findings through my own connections before we go, but it will not be as thorough as I would like." He shook his head, rubbing a hand over his stubble. "We don't have the time."

<Shaw> "In fact... thank you, both, for your understanding, but excuse me." He closed the space to Drake and offered the man his hand. After a moment, he accepted.

<Bobby> It was weird, and he didn't like it. Bobby's nose wrinkled, but he returned the shake just as firmly. Then, he was gone.

<Jessica> Jess watched Sebastian go back up the stairs then pounced Bobby for a hug. He hadn't turned Viper into an ice sculpture after all.

<Bobby> He oofed at the tackle hug, then returned it tightly. He was trained to hug by the best. "I don't like it, but for Hope and you and your baby shark..." Bobby gave a helpless shrug and kissed her on the cheek, loudly.

<Jessica> Jess smiled and snuggled Bobby, "Thank you... I really appreciate how hard that was for you just now... I promise, Hope's coming home. They all are."

<Bobby> "I hope so," he said, giving her another squeeze. "Well... could return Sharky Junior to his native habitat..."

<Jessica> "I am not above zapping you." She squeezed back before letting go of him.

<Carol> "Okay, before you explode a SHIELD agent... I'm going to go write a fake report...."

<Bobby> "And it looks like I'm babysitting a smaller baby than usual."
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